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Would you go to Calaway this year?

2020.06.18 01:32 IndigoRuby Would you go to Calaway this year?

Currently they are phase 3 when it comes to opening. I see Heritage Park is opening June 27, I assume just the restaurants and museum side of things and not rides. Correct me if I am wrong.
I have season passes to Calaway that will be good for 1 year from the date they actually open. I am not sure what I am hoping for! I am just trying to think about what a day there might look like this summer. Will you go? Do you have a season pass?
Anyone have inside info on when they may open? Any other thoughts on this?
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2020.05.01 08:13 AutoModerator May 1-3

(Please keep in mind that Caroline managed to do all of this without any kneecaps.)
Mark William Caroline Gotschall Calaway, better known by the ring name The Undertaker, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to the WWE. Widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, Calaway began his her career in 1987, working under various gimmicks for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and other affliate promotions. After signing for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1989, he she enjoyed a brief stint as a mid-card perfomer named "Mean Mark Cruel Caroline" Callous, before joining the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) in 1990. He She is the longest-tenured wrestler in the company, having been performing for 30 years.
In the WWF, Calaway was rebranded as "The Undertaker" and gained significant mainstream popularity as a horror-themed, macabre entity who employed scare tactics and held links to the supernatural. His Her character transitioned into a biker in the early 2000s, before returning to a refined version of his her previous gimmick in 2004. The Undertaker is known for The Streak, a series of 21 straight victories at WWE's flagship event, WrestleMania.
Calaway was born in Houston, Texas Falls Church, Virginia, on March 24, 1965 December 10, 1991 December 10, 1999, the son daughter of Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Catherine Truby. He she attended Waltrip High School Episcopal High School, where he she was a member of the football and basketball teams. Calaway graduated in 1983 and began studying at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas New York University on a basketball scholarship. In 1985, Calaway enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University in Forth Worth, Texas St Edmund's College, Cambridge where he she majored in sport management and played basketball for the Rams in the 1985-1986 season as a center. In 1986, Calaway dropped out of university to focus on a career in sports and briefly considered playing professional basketball in Europe, before deciding to focus on professional wrestling.
Calaway is a fan of boxing and mixed martial arts. He She has practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu and earned a black belt in 2011. His Her striking gloves and Hell's Gate submission (a modified gogoplata) were also inspired by mixed martial arts. [citation needed]
Calaway has made several donations of politcally conservative causes and Republican candidates and has worn clothing stating opposition to the US national anthem protests to Direct Relief. Take that, Natalie!!
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2020.04.27 18:03 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 1, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
NOTE: Sorry about no post on Friday. Real life shit got in the way.
  • WWF finally took the plunge and went through with the long-rumored brand split this week, all while Steve Austin was sitting at home. Austin walked out after Wrestlemania and didn't appear on TV this week for the draft. He was expected to be the #1 pick fro Raw, so they changed the angle and explained that he couldn't be drafted due to a contract situation. Austin still has a year left on his WWF deal, so he can't go anywhere, but he isn't hurting for money so he can sit at home and be just fine. Austin's issues date back a couple of months and he was vocally unhappy about working with Scott Hall and the NWO in general. Morale in the company has sank since those guys came in, got main event spots, and started getting everything they wanted creatively and professionally. Some in the locker room see Austin's walkout as him protesting the state of the company, with an unhappy locker room that no longer has any leverage since all the other companies are dead, and Austin is the one guy with enough "fuck you" clout that he can stand up to Vince. Most of the wrestlers are said to be on his side, though the NWO guys and Triple H and co. obviously don't feel the same. But it goes back further than that. Austin was telling people 6 months ago that he would go home if the job stopped being fun.
  • Anyway, Dave breaks down the rosters of each show. Triple H and Jazz (men and women's champs) will float between both shows and work about half the house shows for each brand. Raw gets the IC, Euro, and Hardcore champions. Smackdown gets tag titles and cruiserweights. Several notable names were undrafted. Rhyno, Mike Awesome, Steve Blackman, and Chris Kanyon are all injured and weren't placed anywhere. Developmental names like Randy Orton and Ron Waterman are expected to be called up soon, among others. If Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio are brought in, they'll likely be on SD with the cruiserweight division (Dave says Guerrero canceled his NJPW bookings for April which is a pretty solid sign that he'll be returning soon). Many of the lower-card wrestlers had no idea where they were going to end up and had to log on to later that night to legitimately find out their futures. Tag teams like the Dudleyz and the APA were split up in the draft. Dave can't see the logic in splitting the Dudleyz and hopes it's the beginning of an angle that eventually reunites them. As for the APA, that's fine. Faarooq's career is winding down anyway and they've been talking about pushing Bradshaw as a single's star for over a year.
  • Raw is missing its top draw (Austin) and is pretty weak overall. Lumbering giants like Undertaker, Kevin Nash, and Big Show all ended up on Raw so don't expect a lot of great matches coming out of that brand. Plus they drafted Brock Lesnar to that brand, so his impressive size isn't going to stand out as much among those guys. With the cruiserweight division, plus guys like Jericho, Benoit, and Angle, you can bet Smackdown is going to have the better matches. Plus they have The Rock and Hogan for star power. But much like Raw, Smackdown might be in danger of not having its top draw either. Rock is expected to be gone for much of the summer to film another movie and he's continuing to get more and more movie offers, which means more time away from wrestling. And Hogan can't be a long-term weekly top draw anymore, no matter how much nostalgia popularity he has right now. Which means it's vital that they finally commit to pushing Angle, Jericho, and Benoit as real top stars.
WATCH: Linda McMahon introduces the first WWF Draft
  • Dave reviews the latest UFC show, with Josh Barnett winning the heavyweight title from Randy Couture in an upset. Long detailed recap full of the usual news and stuff, but it's MMA sooooo...
  • And the next story is about Cael Sanderson of Iowa State becoming, record-wise, the single greatest collegiate wrestler in U.S. history by winning his 4th NCAA championship and ending his college record at 159-0. So MMA and college wrestling. On to the next...
  • AJPW notes: after long negotiations, AJPW failed to secure a new TV deal. The normal TV season in Japan is starting next week and they were hoping to have a deal signed by now, but no luck. Also, they're interested in bringing in Super Crazy for their junior heavyweight division but it'll likely depend on whether he gets an offer from WWF instead (neither happens right now. He spends the next 2 years bouncing around NJPW, CMLL, and Zero-1 before he finally ends up in WWE in 2005).
  • Already halfway through the issue and past the major stories. This seems like a slow issue wrestling-wise, but the UFC and Cael Sanderson stories were both big chunks so....sorry this one kinda blows.
  • NOAH junior champion Naomichi Marufuji dislocated his knee when landing wrong on a moonsault and had to be stretchered out at a recent show. No word on how long he'll be out of action for (must have been a pretty bad injury. Looks like he comes back 2 weeks later, wrestles a match to drop the title, and then is out of action for the next 10 months).
  • Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Masahiro Chono won the vacant tag team titles at the latest NJPW show, beating Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi in a tournament final match. The titles were, of course, vacated when Keiji Muto jumped ship to AJPW, leaving his partner Taiyo Kea and the belts behind. Nagata ate the pin here. And in fact, Nagata also recently did several submission jobs to Tadao Yasuda at some shows and Dave jokes that Nagata is getting the Chris Jericho push. You know, beat him to death for months on end until the fans see him as a midcarder, then put the title on him with almost no build-up, and then wonder why he's not over and blame him when business is down (indeed, Nagata wins the IWGP title just a week or two after this and even though he holds it for 13 months, business goes in the toilet. And it's through no fault of Nagata's).
  • Antonio Inoki announced that he is bringing in Chyna to the NJPW 30th anniversary show at the Tokyo Dome in May. Remember a week or so ago when Inoki talked about how successful WWF's recent show in Japan was and admitted that maybe he has some stuff to learn from it? This is it. Inoki realized the huge popularity WWF has in Japan right now and reached out to one of their biggest stars of the last few years to bring in as a celebrity guest. The idea they teased in the press is that she would come in and work a match and probably defeat one of NJPW's lower card guys, which Dave thinks would be a horrible idea (yeah, that would suck. Better idea: how about she goes over Yuji Nagata and Jushin Liger in her first match, how's that sound Dave? Because that's exactly what we get. Fuckin' Inoki, man...)
  • NJPW's latest show in Tokyo did a disappointing attendance number and Dave says that's what happens when you make Tadao Yasuda your world champion. No matter how much publicity he got off his upset MMA victory a few months ago, and no matter how nice his underdog comeback story is, he flat out sucks as a pro wrestler and the crowd sees it and don't buy him as champion. Even worse, they had him go over Tenzan by submission. With NJPW's depleted roster, Tenzan is one of the only cool, not-washed-up wrestlers they have left. Anyway, this sets up a Yasuda match with Nagata at the next show in Tokyo and if NJPW has any smarts at all, they'll get that belt off him and onto Nagata ASAP (they do, thankfully).
  • Bobby Heenan is currently recovering from surgery to remove his lymph nodes. following his recent cancer diagnosis and is said to be in good spirits.
  • Various notes: Goldberg filmed an episode of the HBO show Arli$$ recently. Ken Patera did an interview and said the strongest men in wrestling from his era were Andre The Giant, Bruno Sammartino, Ivan Putski, Billy Graham, and Tony Atlas, in that order, and praised Bruno for being extra impressive because he never used steroids. Shane Douglas' Time Warner contract is expiring in a few weeks and it's rumored he'll be working with XPW as a wrestlebooker.
  • Jerry Jarrett's new promotion is expected to start in June and there continue to be rumors that Vince Russo will be ghost-writing the show. Dave says the differences between a Russo show and a Jarrett show should be pretty glaringly obvious within the first few minutes of the first show, so we'll just have to wait and see (I don't know if he was involved in the very first shows or not, but he joins the company within the first month).
  • Remember the WCW KISS Demon? Well his real name is Dale Torborg and he now works as a coach for the Florida Marlins baseball team (his father Jeff is the manager of the team). Anyway, Torborg recently got into a confrontation with relief pitcher Antonio Alfonseca that is rumored to have gotten physical and resulted in Alfonseca locking himself in a trainer's office to get away. Everyone on the team is being hush-hush about the incident. Alfonseca apparently has a bit of a reputation of being hard to deal with, but since the incident, he's allegedly been on his best behavior because apparently the KISS Demon put the fear of god in him (here's a news article from it at the time. Alfonseca ends up being traded to a new team a few days later, although the Marlins denied this incident had anything to do with it).
READ: 2002 ESPN article about Torborg incident
  • Ring of Honor has announced some new rules for its promotion. For starters, they're bringing back tag ropes (yeah, during this era, that was a small thing that sorta just got ignored by everyone for years). They're also not doing any count-outs. ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky said that outside-the-ring counts always go really slow and referees have to stall or find excuses to break the count and no one likes count-out finishes anyway, so why even have them? So now, you can fight on the floor all you want. Dave says AJPW pretty much did the same thing in the 90s. ROH also wants to have very little outside interference or ref bumps and clean finishes.
  • Apparently, Jake Roberts is being investigated in England by the RSPCA for animal cruelty. After a recent show there, someone complained that he was being cruel to his snake at the show. The next night, the RSPCA sent an agent to another show Jake was working to watch and they weren't happy with what they saw either, so they've opened an investigation (yeah, as a kid, this was of course the coolest thing ever. But as an adult, I hate watching the way animals have been used in wrestling over the years. Jake used to just throw that snake around like it was nothing, fling it across the ring, people would fall on it, land on it, step on it, whatever. Remember the scene where Jake locked Ultimate Warrior in a room full of snakes? Go back and watch it now, Warrior is just kicking the shit out of these poor little snakes. Or another example, I remember watching a British Bulldogs match a few months ago and they had Matilda the bulldog jump off the ring apron to the mat below. That's a 3-4 foot jump. As someone who has owned bulldogs, that is terrible for their spines. As a kid, all this stuff was whatever. But as an animal-loving adult, watching all that old footage now makes me real uncomfortable).
  • An indie promotion in Pittsburg called IWC had a tournament called the Super Indy Tournament featuring Chris Hero, Christopher Daniels, Low-Ki, Colt Cabana, and some kid named CM Punk.
  • Early estimates for the WWA PPV in Las Vegas are around 31,000 PPV buys. Keep in mind, early estimates are always about 10-25% higher than what the final number ends up being. WWA needed 35,000 just to break-even on this show so even with the inflated number, they didn't do it. So the show is undoubtedly a money-loser, but no idea just how badly yet (spoiler: pretty badly).
  • Notes from Raw: it was the WWF Draft show! Dave calls it "the latest Russo-like reset of the promotion." Rock was drafted #1 for Smackdown while Undertaker was drafted #1 for Raw. It was announced that Austin wasn't eligible for being drafted and will be a free agent, so they'll figure that out later. Dave says, if you follow the storylines, it makes no sense why Ric Flair would pick Undertaker as his #1 pick (this being the guy he just had a bloodbath with at Wrestlemania and they didn't even bother to explain why Flair picked him). With his next pick, Flair selected the NWO. Once again, just a few weeks ago, Flair was ready to sign over his share of the company and leave the WWF entirely to keep Vince from bringing in the NWO. And now, with no explanation, he's drafted them to Raw. Billy & Chuck and the NWO got drafted together as a team, but the Dudleyz got split apart. Why?! None of this makes sense and Dave is so frustrated with how little thought they put into this after having a year to plan it. (Rewinderman short rant: everybody talks about all the reasons WWE has declined in popularity over the last 20 years and there's always different theories. Bad booking, not creating new stars, not pushing the right people, etc. etc. But I have my own theory that I never hear anyone say: I think it's the lack of attention to detail. Ever since WCW went out of business, Vince has been painting in broad, dumbed down brush strokes, over-explaining dumb, simple storylines, with none of the attention to detail that makes people get invested in a story. Anyway, enough of my opinions). Brock Lesnar came out and beat up a bunch of people again, which he's been doing on every show since his debut. In this case, he threw Rikishi around like a rag doll and Dave says that's one strong fella. They did an angle where Stephanie lost a match and was forced to "leave the WWF" and she was dragged out by security while the crowd sang the goodbye song to her. But Dave says they did this exact same thing with Stephanie in November and that lasted all of 5 weeks before she was back so don't get too excited (sure enough, she'll be back 3 months after this).
  • Notes from Smackdown: Rico Constantino debuted as the stylist for Billy & Chuck and Dave says that's a dead-end gimmick if there ever was one. He also got a haircut and looks like a totally different person from his OVW days. Rico is a fantastic wrestler and everyone from OVW to front office guys like Jim Ross have gone to bat for him and said he's ready to be a star. But he's small and he's on the older side, so this is clearly where Vince sees him (yeah, even Bruce Prichard later said that pretty much everyone in the company saw star-potential in Rico.....except Vince). Edge vs. Booker T had a rematch that was much better than their Wrestlemania match. And X-Pac debuted (with "a new physique", wink wink) and joined the NWO and they beat down Hogan and got major heat because Hogan is so over right now.
  • Kevin Nash and Scott Hall showed up several hours late to the Smackdown tapings in Ottawa and the first thing Nash did upon arrival was complain loudly to anyone who would listen about Rock calling him "Big Daddy Bitch" the night before on Raw, saying Rock double-crossed him and Nash hadn't approved that line. Considering all the times Nash went against the script in WCW, needless to say, there were lots of rolled eyes at that. Especially after showing up late also. To make it up to him, during the tag match on Smackdown, they had a spot where Nash yelled "Who's the bitch now?" at him and Michael Cole made sure to bring attention to it on commentary so nobody missed it, so now they're even and now everything is okay I guess. Dave says Nash and Rock smoothed things over between them later because Nash is smart enough to know that making an enemy of The Rock isn't in his best interest. But he was extremely pissed about the line.
  • Variety reported the new movie Rock is going to be filming later this year will be called Helldorado. It's an action-adventure movie and Rock plays a bounty hunter who heads to the Amazon jungle to capture someone and ends up joining the guy to trying to retrieve something from a local mine (close enough. The movie ends up being renamed The Rundown).
  • Paul Heyman has dropped significant weight since he was last on TV back in November. Even if they're not a wrestler, Vince wants everyone on television to be "cosmetically presentable."
  • Assorted WWF notes: Lita is filming an episode of the FOX show "Dark Angel" soon (spoiler: this turns out very poorly for Lita). Steve Blackman is still out with a neck injury and now he gets crippling migraine headaches when he tries to work out or take bumps and Dave says it's possibly career-threatening (indeed, it forces him to retire). Chris Jericho's band Fozzy will be performing at WWF New York next week. The Rock is about to be featured on every TV show and on the cover of every magazine in existence over the next few weeks as part of the Scorpion King promotion.
  • Dave talks about the current second season of Tough Enough and how interest is way down from the first season. He also kinda gives it a brief review and just says it's boring and nothing really entertaining happens. In the first season, Tazz was the hard ass tough guy trainer to Al Snow's nice guy routine. When Tazz did it, it felt like he was doing it to teach the students respect and was trying to do it in a positive way. This season, Bob Holly is the "bad cop" and he comes across like a complete asshole who is bullying people without any intention of doing it in a way that makes them work harder or become better wrestlers (yeah, you think it's bad now, just wait until season 3 when he starts beating the shit out of Matt Cappotelli).
  • WWF is going to be working with the Ozzfest concert tour this summer. WWF wrestlers will sign autographs and introduce bands at many of the tour stops and several of the bands will perform on Raw later this year. "That's what happens when there's no Nitro," Dave deadpans.
  • Regarding the multiple hardcore title changes at Wrestlemania 18, there was discussions about having some of them happen at the CN Tower in Toronto. With the idea that they would brawl into the elevator and end up fighting out onto the outdoor observation deck (like, 100 floors up). But a few weeks before the show, for whatever reason, WWF changed their mind and decided not to pursue it.
  • Bret Hart recently agreed to work Jacques Rougeau's next indie event at the Molson Center. If you recall, just a few months ago, Rougeau drew a crowd of more than 10,000 to one of his indie shows there. When Vince McMahon found out Hart was going to work the show, he tried to pull a power move and get the Molson Center to give him an exclusivity deal, which would block Rougeau (and anyone else) from being able to run the building. Didn't work and Rougeau's show will go forward as planned as of now (Vince used to do that shit all the time in the 80s to Jim Crockett).
  • Rey Mysterio hasn't signed with WWF yet but it's considered just a formality. They gave him a low-ball contract offer, far less than he would make just working indies. Of course, it's just his downside guarantee. When you factor in gate money, merch money, video game money, etc. then he stands to make far more than he would on the indies. But if he gets hurt, he'll be sitting at home making very little money. On the other hand, if he gets hurt on the indies, he'll be making no money so better than nothing. Anyway, sounds like Rey shot down the first low-ball offer but they're expected to agree on a deal soon.
  • Dave has seen more of the TSN Off The Record interviews they did with several WWF stars last week. Ric Flair talked about how much of a disaster WCW was and put over Vince. Dave says that this isn't just Flair publicly kissing the boss's ass. Privately for years, Flair has only said good things about Vince McMahon, dating back to his first run in the early 90s. Even all the years he was in WCW, Flair only had good things to say about him. During the interview, Flair was asked to name someone who could have been an all-time great but didn't have the work ethic. Flair said he couldn't think of anyone off the top of his head, leading Dave to write, "I was screaming Barry Windham but nobody heard me." Jim Ross was next and blamed the environment in WCW for the backstage problems Hall and Nash caused. Dave points out that Hall and Nash caused all those same problems in WWF before they left in 1996 so that doesn't exactly check out. Undertaker's interview was interesting for the rare experience of seeing him out of character, just being Mark Calaway. When asked about something he hates about how the business has changed, Undertaker talked about the internet spoiling things and how it hurts the product when fans know about things in advance. Dave, of course, disputes this and gives an example using the show Friends. Before this season of the show started, TV Guide reported that Ross was going to wind up being the father of Rachel's baby and it was common knowledge. But the ratings were still through the roof for the "reveal." He also jokes that they could have swerved everybody and made it Gunther instead. Then he says if Russo was writing the show, he would have made himself a character called The Scriptwriter and made himself the father of Rachel's baby. (I've never watched Friends, these references are lost on me)
  • Latest on WWF pay cuts: aside from the very top guys, the company is trying to get most of the roster down to $125,000-or-less per year downside guarantees. Those who work full schedules will still make a lot more than that with PPV/ticket/merch percentages, plus they're doing more house shows this year and with the split rosters, more guys should be working more dates. Plus they raised the price of PPVs so the PPV pay-offs will be bigger. So these pay cuts won't really hurt the full-time stars. But of course, if you get hurt and you're sitting at home only collecting your downside, that's gonna be a lot less money now. So that sucks. On the flip side, WCW used to do the opposite, where guys were hurt and they still collected their full salary, which led to a lot of guys milking "injuries" so they could stay home and cash big ol' checks. So then WCW decided to start cutting people's pay in half when they were out for too long, and that led to people who were legitimately injured coming back too soon because they had bills to pay. So there's a delicate balance that you have to strike there. Also, as part of the new contracts they're trying to get everyone to sign, they're attempting to lock everyone into 3-to-5 year deals because Vince wants to make sure nobody can jump ship and help one of these new start-up promotions like XWF or WWA or the new Jarrett company get off the ground.
  • Ric Flair is still working on his autobiography that Mark Madden was helping to ghost-write for him. WWF is now attempting to buy the rights for that book away from the original publisher so they can publish it on their own. No word if Mark Madden will still be included or if they'll re-do it (WWF did eventually get it and released it. It has another author listed but still says "edited by" Mark Madden so who knows how much of his contributions made it into the final product).
  • After Naoya Ogawa took pictures with several WWF names at Wrestlemania, he went back to Japan and I guess got the media stirred up about possibly working with them. Some media outlets have talked about WWF running a Tokyo Dome event headlined by Ogawa vs. The Rock. Dave says this is pure bullshit.
WEDNESDAY: AJPW Triple Crown champion Toshiaki Kawada injured, more on WWF pay cuts, business analysis, the history of wrestling/shoot fighting, more on Steve Austin walking out, and more...
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2020.04.22 13:34 Ticket2concert Rascal Flatts will Perform a Pre-Race Hymn for the Virtual Richmond; More Dignitaries Announced
Rascal Flatts, trainer Joe Gibbs and Kelsey Grammer serve as pre-race dignitaries for the Sunday Richmond FOX NASCAR iRacing FOX event via video from their respective homes.
The trio that dominated the Rascal Flatts charts, one of the most influential groups in modern country music, plays the national anthem on Sunday, April 19, before the start of the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series career. Singer Gary LeVox, multi-instrumentalist Jay DeMarcus and guitarist Joe Don Rooney, members of the Grand Ole Opry and the most awarded country group of the past decade, are celebrating their 20th anniversary.
Grammer, actor / comedian and director recognized for his roles in Cheers and Frasier, gives the order to start the engines. Gibbs, a member of NASCAR and the Pro Football Hall of Fame and owner of Joe Gibbs Racing, offers the summons from his home before the start of the race.

Rascal Flatts Rescheduled the June dates:

The June dates for the Rascal Flatts Farewell: Life Is A Highway Tour are proactively rescheduled for August as a precaution.
The June 13 concert at the Riverbend Music Center has been postponed to Thursday, August 6. Special guests Chase Rice and King Calaway will join Rascal Flatts for the Cincinnati show. Rascal Flatts Concert Tickets purchased for the original date will be honored for the postponed date.
For Upcoming Rascal Flatts Concert Tickets please visit:
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2019.08.29 09:41 skippy2001 Hulk Hogan Cuts Promos In A Wrestling Ring For Starrcast, Takes Shots At Wrestlers Who Have Gotten Worked

Hulk cut a promo to hype Saturday's live sex celebration and race discussion at Starrcast III.
"Should I be Terry or Hulk Hogan? Hulk Rips shirt I have no idea what I'm gonna say, There's no script, I'm not following a storyline. Its like when I was ad-libbing during the filming of Mr Nanny. I'm coming to hang out with some fans who paid up front and yes, I'll have a live microphone in my hand, so who knows what's going to happen? And that's the thing, every time I have a live microphone in my hand before sex they never know exactly what I'm going to say, and that's got me in a lot of trouble. Oh lord a lot of trouble. I'm hoping to avoid any kind of trouble come Saturday, but you never can tell, we are all a little racist."
Hulk took a basic dump on the mat and joked that Starrcast founder Conrad Thompson would have to pay up for it.
"I just took a dump. That's like $20,000 right there. Thanks, Conrad!"
Hulk ended the video by cutting another promo for Saturday. He knocked other wrestlers who got worked by the King Baron angle, which could be a shot at The Undertaker or WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle or The ghost of Andre, Brother.
"I'm sorry to inform you all that I have worked myself into a shoot, brother," Hulk laughed "That's what everybody does, right? Everybody gets worked. Well I'm not fucking getting worked because I NEVER GET WORKED, because I do what I want. Nobody can fool me with Barons push, tell me who to cheer for, tell me whose wife I can or can not fuck, whether I have to smile to take pictures or not. I will smile because I am actually going to be happy to see you, as long as you are a person I would be happy to date my daughter. But I'm not going to get worked like that dirty stinky giant, that [email protected] [email protected]rk Calaway, or the biggest [email protected] in the business Kurt. Now my good friend and brother Lars Sullivan is gonna talk about some real important things, Brothers. You better listen up. He really gets ... It. "
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2019.03.07 19:04 Branson290 Erwin / Unicoi SNITCH

Daniele calaway and Samantha Roberts are snitching an wearing wires in Unicoi. Daniele fucked my boi over good. Bad enough she dates cops and currently sleeping with a guy from each Dept AT THE SAME TIME and THP Ucsd and Epd but she continues to wear wires and have other guys she has fucked arrested for warrants!!! Be careful on my momma karmas out there.
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2017.04.19 06:07 CagedJuggalo [S] Rewriting History: Survivor Australia

AUTHOR'S NOTE: To Add a little more fuel to these seasons, I decided to mix in some celebrity seasons as well. Not too often, but you'll see when we get there
Kucha 1: Alicia, Elisabeth, Jeff, Michael, Nick Kucha 2: Debb, Kimmi, Rodger
Ogakor 1: Jerri, Kel, Tina Ogakor 2: Colby, Keith, Maralyn Lone Wolves: Amber and Mitchell
Stranded: Seeing as this was filmed just a few months after everyone had seen Borneo, 16 more people chose to live the life and see if they had what it takes to win a million dollars. On the Kucha side of things, we had a bromance between Jeff Varner andf Michael Skupin, who decided that they were final 2 but had to get more numbers, so they decided to go grab Nick Brown, a young man working on graduating from Harvard, Alicia Calaway, a Personal Trainer and Elisabeth Filarski, a woman who wants to make it on Television one day. That leaves the other 3 in Debb, the older female of the tribe, Rodger, the older male of the group, and Kimmi, the one nobody wants to socialize with. Meanwhile, on Ogakor, Jerri and Tina have a female connection and team up with Kel, while Colby, Keith, and Maralyn connect while building the shelter. There are 2 lone wolves in a young female named Amber and a strange guy named Mitchell, but that's not important at the moment, as Ogakor wins Immunity, sending Kucha to vote for the first person out. This victory isn't without a price though, as during the gathering of the wood, Colby and Tina have a minor fight, basically about who truly won the you all know, this is a silly fight, but in this game any minor reason is a good reason to fight. On the other tribe, things were basically cut and dry as Debb basically controlled that nights meal before Tribal Council, obviously mad about the tribes loss, but this pissed tha Majority off and at Tribal, Debb was the first one sent home with 5 votes to Michael's 3 votes.
Suspicion: Kucha gets back to camp, and immediatly Kimmi and Roger have a suspicion that the rest of them aren't willing to play with them, so clearly they are on the outs. Things are not made better as Ogakor wins Reward, but then a crack in the alliance is shown when despite winning nonstop, Tina has a sinking feeling that something bad is going to happen, which does when Kucha pulls off the upset and wins Immunity thanks to him eating the most Tucker, thus gaining appreciation. Tribal Council proved to be chaotic as we had 4 votes for Maralyn (O1 and Amber) and 4 Votes Amber (O2 and Mitchell), but over a huge argument, everyone basically went for Amber, thus cutting the lone wolf off.
Trust No One: With the tribes even, we go into a crucial reward challenge that Ogakor wins, which leads to an infamous historical fight between Alicia and Nick, where even though they are alliance mates, they seem to be completely clashing with eachother as they argue about the food supply, leading to the infamous line of "I Will Always Wave My Finger in Your Face!". As much as everyone wanted to go to Tribal, Kucha pulled off the victory, sending Ogakor to tribal again. There was much scrambling, but Jerri thought she had the winning formula when she went up to Rival Keith, bonded with him a little, and basically told him the plan to vote out Mitchell and make it an even 3-3. Keith however, took it upon himself to bring Mitchell into his fold and let him know what was going on, and at Tribal, in the first blindside of the season, Tina was voted out 4-3 after the hit on Mitchell failed.
The Killing Fields: Ogakor came back to their camp, and almost immediatly there was a tension after Mitchell chose sides. Nobody was talking or fighting, there was just a silence because at this point the tribe was in a 3-2-1 split. Things were made worse when during the reward challenge, Kucha pulled out the victory. Just as things were about to explode however, Ogakor won Immunity because Maralyn pulled lout a last minute trivia win, thus gaining appreciation. Ogakor knew who they were going for, and at Tribal in a 5-2 split, it was Kimmi sent home, leaving Rodger all by his lonesome
The Gloves Came Off: As the tribe comes back, we get a quick confessional from Rodger basically saying that he knows he is next, and just wishes the rest of the group would just be honest to him. At the reward challenge, Kucha pulled out the win, and in a moment of celebration, we see Rodger for the first time happy as all of them are shown cleaning off and he feels so refreshed, like the game just started for him again. However, just as things were looking up, Ogakor pulled out the victory, thus sending Kucha to triobal. Things were inevitable for Rodger, but in a STUNNING twist of fate, Alicia, having enough of losing, isolated herself from the tribe. There is a nice touching scene where Rodger tries to calm her down, but in the process, the Kucha 4 basically realise the time for Alicia is over, and in a 4-1-1 split with Nick and Elisabeth, Alicia is voted out.
Trial By Fire: The Kucha 4 were proud of what they had done, basically agreeing that Alicia needed to go, and worst case scenario, Rodger would be next, however Michael actually pulls Rodger to the side, bonds slightly with him, and basically says "If the Alliance Goes Down, I want the Numbers on My Side". That self prophecy was almost too good, as in a "tribute" to how strong Alicia was, Kucha lost both Reward and Immunity, thus sending them into a 6-4 Merge. There is a quick scene where the Ogakor 3 of Colby/Keith/Maralyn have a small celebration, thus making them a strong alliance, but alas all the good times had to end, as at Tribal Rodger was finally voted out 4-1.
The Merge: This merge was a lot more complex then the last, as 4 of the 10 were in fact The Kucha 4, but the rival Ogakor was in the 3-2-1 split, meaning one wrong move and one wrong step, and a plan could easily backfire. At the first immunity challenge, Kel won, securing his spot at least in the jury. The most important scene happens, as everyone is trying to scramble, The Ogakor 3 basically go up to the Kucha 4, and made up a lie that not only was Mitchell too much of a wildcard, but he turned his back on them, so he needed to go. Kucha listened, and in a complete blindside, Mitchell was voted out 7-3, as him, Jerri and Kel voted for Nick, thinking the tribe was gonna stick together. Jerri and Kel just sit there dumbstruck as the episode ends.
Friends?: Immediatly, there is a scene where Ogakor are basically arguing with the group, thus showing the Kucha 4 what they needed to see: That nothing was safe in this game among "Friends". At the reward challenge, Jerri pulls out the victory, and in a shocking move, took Kucha member Jeff Varner instead of her Day 1 ally Kel. As they sat, Jerri brought up the idea of wiping out the Ogakor 3, and basically guarenteeing her Jury Vote and Kel's. This bond was put to the test as Varner outsmarted the rest of the gang and won immunity. However, in a stunning twist of events, Nick got 2 Votes (Jerri and Kel were stiill aiming for him), 3 Votes for Michael from Ogakor 3 (Thinking that they could overpower the minority), and 4 votes for Jerri from Kucha, making her the first member of the jury.
Honeymoon or Not?: We are in a 4-4 deadlock, and everyone is realizing that this next vote could be the crucial one on who will be the final four and who will be jury. The producers saw this opportunity too, and in a twist, the next reward challenge was four groups of two, meaning that everyone was teamed up with someone from the opposite tribe. The 2 most physical players in Nick and Colby happened to be teamed up and won a nice little reward for them to visit the Great Barrier Reef. In the most critical immunity challenge to date, Maralyn picks up the win, guarenteeing one spot for Ogakor. In a Tribal for the ages, that Jerri was enjoying from the sidelines, 3 of the Kucha 4 turned on Nick with Kel voted for Nick, while Ogakor 3 and Nick voted for Varner (Narrator's Note: I am SO confused why this happened, so if anyone wants to think something up, let me know). On the revote, it was the same, so Jeff explained the rules of a tie and stated whoever has the past amount of votes would be eliminated. Varner had 0 votes while Nick had a few, thus sending Nick to the Jury and, for the moment, sealing Kucha's fate
Let's Make a Deal: In the wake of the first ever Survivor Auction, Kucha falls apart even more as Elisabeth and Jeff have a minor fight about who should've bought what, which the Ogakor 4 are loving. In even more of a one sided affair, Kel won immunity AGAIN, thus putting a small target on his back, but there is a small hope as Varner tries to get Kel to vote for Skupin, BUT in the process, Skupin jumps over to the Ogakor 3 and blindides Varner out 4-3, making him the Third Member of the Jury.
No Longer Just a Game: There are only 2 member of Kucha left in Elisabeth and Skupin, however things look slightly good for one of them as Skupin wins a reward for himself away from camp to be slightly refreshed...that doesn't help anything though as for a third time in a row Kel wins Immunity, which pisses Keith off to the point he isolates himself from everyone. We then get an emotional confessional about him wanting to proove that he wasn't such a loser, because he knows people make fun of his cooking, but he's trying. Elisabeth talks and bonds with Keith, saying that if he wanted, he could name someone and her and Skupin would vote for them. He named Maralyn, and she said "Done", however, at Tribal Council, things played out differently as Kucha voted for Maralyn, Ogakor 4 voted for Skupin, making him the fourth Jury Member.
Enough is Enough: Immediatly, we start off with Elisabeth snapping on Keith, asking what the hell was going on with him, and he fights back, asking if she really cared about him or was just looking to take advantage of a number. During all this though, Maralyn and Colby strongly bond, and make a Final 2 promise to eachother. At the reward challenge, Colby finally wins something and gets a chance to buy stuff for his family. In a crucial immunity challenge, Elisabth actually wins one, basically sending a member of the Ogakor 4 to Tribal. Elisabeth talks with Kel and says that if he could get either Maralyn or Colby on their side, they can easily get rid of Keith. However, Colby and Maralyn both saw Goat, and actually convinced Keith to vote out Kel for being an Immunity threat, thus making him the Fifth Jury Member.
The Final Four: We have Colby, a member of the Ogakor 3 who has not pissed anyone off, Elisabeth, the last remaining member of Kucha who has been ducking and dodging to make this point, Keith, Former Alliance leader turned underdog and is trying to get his footing back, and Maralyn, the last member of the Ogakor 3 who actually has an Immunity win unlike her 2 allies. In a Crucial Final 4 Immunity, Maralyn once again uses her brains and wins, sending the other 3 to see who goes. Colby tries one more time to get Keith to join their side, but Keith has had it with Colby's "Niceness" and snaps, saying that he is completely fake. At Tribal Council however, Elisabeth tries one more time to get Keith out, which prooves to be her downfall, and in a 3-1 vote, sends her to be Juror Number 6, making the final 3 The Ogakor 3. As the final 3 square off, it is revealed out loud during the challenge that Colby and Maralyn does have a Final 2 pact, making this a must win for Keith and in a storybook ending, Keith actually wins when he needed to! Before Keith sets his vote, Colby tries to bond with him one more time, but the damage was done and Colby became the 7th and Final Jury member. With absolutely no bad blood on the final 2 (With the exception of Jerri liking Keith more then Maralyn), this became a close call. Some, like Varner and Kel gave it up to Maralyn for having the gameplay, but not being much around camp, while meanwhile Skupin and even Elisabeth gave it to Keith for doing what he did when he could, and for just being a likeable guy who lost his way on the island....however, it was that final vote from Colby, who had a strong bond with Maralyn that gave her the win in a close 4-3 victory
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2017.02.16 00:59 qngff Welcome to the First Annual Ranky Awards!

Note: If you don't feel like reading all of this, scroll to the bottom and there will be a TL;DR version. The following is just some silly generic awards show ramblings.
Note 2: Rankers and Winners, feel free to post your acceptance speeches in the comments. Sadly I can't write them for you.
Welcome! Welcome one and all to the Rankies! We've had a long year of Survivor Rankdown and now, it all culminates with this awards show, honoring the great work that has been placed into this project. The rankers are all here in the building, and I know that they're all excited to hear the results and find out if they won!
We've got a great show for you tonight. We've got live musical performances and plenty of fun in store. So I'm going to quit rambling and introduce the first category. Let's kick things off with the Ranky for Best Wildcard Usage!
The Wildcards were a truly chaotic power this rankdown, with idols flying to negate them as soon as possible, or idols completely left out. Every ranker has a nomination here, but only one can win. And the winner for Best Wildcard Usage is.
repo_sado with his idoled Twila Tanner cut at #47!"
Up next, we have the award for Best Exile Island Usage. Exile Island, named after the twist first originating in Panama, held the idol until Yul effectively broke it. It has made appearances since then though, under the new idol rules, and is generally a place a Survivor doesn't want to end up. But here, it's a good thing, ensuring their safety for FIFTY cuts! Six rankers used six Exile Island powers, but only one can take home the Golden Snoo! And the winner is
ramskick, placing Lex van den Berghe 1.0 on Exile Island at #204!
Continuing onwards with our awards in the Powers section, we have the Ranky for Best Vote Steal! Vote steals allowed rankers to straight up remove a character from the voting pool and replace them with whomever they so choose. They provided large boosts to many characters, and what's more, all seven rankers have a nod here. The winner is.
A TIE! oddfictionrambles for his Rocky Reid vote steal at #404 and ramskick for his Janu Tornell idol at #348. Congratulations to ramskick on award number 2!
Stay tuned because after this commercial break, we've got more awards and some exciting musical performances!
Commercial 1
Commercial 2
And welcome back! We've got more awards to hand out so let's get right into it. Our next award is awarded to the ranker who made the best use of another power! The award for Best Tribe Swap! Dating all the way back to Africa, this twist shakes up the game at the most unexpected times, and can really shake up a rankdown. Six were used, but only one can win. And the winner is
repo_sado with his tribe swap at #400! Congratulations on your second award!
Idols. Idols were a HUGE part of this rankdown. They were used for personal gain, strategy, and were the source of a lot of drama, on both used and unused idols! Seven rankers were nominated, but who takes home the Golden Snoo for Best Idol Usage? The winner is
funsized725 idoling Tina Scheer at #379, Russell Swan 2.0 at #187, and Sandra Diaz-Twine 1.0 at #74!
Now comes the big one! The Ranky Award for Best Overall Power Usage! Who did the spectators think used their powers best overall? People have differing criteria, but the votes have been tabulated. The Golden Snoo goes to...
A THREE WAY TIE!!!!!!!! repo_sado, oddfictionrambles, and funsized725 ALL WIN! This marks the third award for repo and OFR and Fun's second awards!
We have to go to another commercial break, but don't change that channel! When we come back we'll have our first performance, plus another award, so stick around!
Commercial 3
Commercial 4
Welcome back! Before we get into the next awards, we have our first live musical performance! Please welcome to the stage performing her hit single Sticky Situation - Baylor Wilson!
Wow what a riveting performance! And now, we honor the spectators, who commented, participated, and influenced this rankdown with insightful comments, or beaten to death memes. Cut Rocky amirite??? But the nominees for the Ranky Award for Favorite Spectator are
and wilburdes
And here comes Baylor with the winner's envelope
Baylor: Thanks qngff! It was a tight race the whole way and all three of y'all are great, but only one came out on top.
wilburdes! Congrats!
Thanks Baylor! And now we turn to the Award for Best Cut Response! We had lots of great ones over the course of the season, but now we honor the best ones of them all! The nominees are
oddfictionrambles full writeup response to the Laura Morett 1.0 cut.
ramskick providing a Rupert-tweet response to Rupert 3.0's cut
jlim201 calling Sierra Reed "better than a pinecone"
oddfictionrambles praising Kass' top spot for Cagayan at the Tony Vlachos cut
sanatomy defending Alicia Calaway 1.0 as a character with depth after gaius called her one-note
sanatomy defending Ami Cusack 1.0 as an endgame character at her cut
And the winner is
sanatomy for defending Ami Cusack for endgame! Read the full comment here
And now, we must go to another commercial break, so don't go anywhere because we've got more Rankies coming up!
Commercial 5
Commercial 6
We're back! Now Let's get into the next award! Some rankers LOVE using GIF's, Images, and Videos in their rankdowns, and now it's time to determine the best! The nominees for Best GIF/Picture/Video Usage are
ramskick - Adam Gentry
jacare37 - Colby Donaldson 1.0
jacare37 - Jan Gentry
jacare37 - Ozzy Lusth 1.0 NSFW
jacare37 - Rocky Reid
And the winner is
A TIE BETWEEN jacare37's Rocky and Ozzy pics! Congratulations on Awards #1 and #2!
Now we move onto the next award, and what a show it's been! Things are exciting folks, and I'm excited to reveal the next category of Way Too High! These awards go to the characters themselves! How exciting! The nominees for the Ranky Award for Character Ranked Way Too High are
#34 - Eliza Orlins 2.0
#77 - Kelley Wentworth 2.0
#331 - Rocky Reid
And the Ranky goes to
Our next award is an exciting one! The R.obbed G.oddess Award for Character Ranked Way Too Low! All nominees were placed into the voting pool and the TOP THREE all get a Ranky! Let's see who the fans thought deserved a higher placement!
#31 - Tony Vlachos
#212 - Shii Ann Huang 2.0
#239 - Robb Zbacknik
#297 Deena Bennett
#318 Scot Pollard
#331 Rocky Reid
#340 Ethan Zohn 2.0
#418 Ralph Kiser
#481 Brandon Quinton
#538 Alicia Calaway 2.0
#548 Shambo Waters
#573 Nadiya Anderson
Wow that's a lot! There are three winners. I'll reveal them from third most to most votes! The fist winner is
Scot Pollard! The Second winner is!
Ethan Zohn 2.0! And the final winner is...
Deena Bennett! Congratulations to all three!
We've got to go to commercial again, but this is our last set! That's right, after this, the Rankies will go COMPLETELY UNINTERRUPTED! Stick around, because you don't want to miss the end of this!
Commercial 7
Commercial 8
Alright! We are back! Before we get into the next rankings, we have another musical guest! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Lisi Linares! (WARNING: Somewhat NSFW)
What a moving performance by Lisi, thank you! Now we get into the best awards, the ones about the write-ups themselves! But first, I'd like to present the Ranky Achievement Award to otherestscott for his work in typing up the great Final Fours!
What makes a write-up stand out. One way is to do something in a unique or original way. This category honors those who made their write-ups different from the norm. These are the nominees for Most Unique/Original Writeup
oddfictionrambles - #251 - Becky Lee
jacare37 - #256 - Nick Maiorano
repo_sado - #400 - Liz Markham
repo_sado #575 - Russell Hantz 1.0
And the Ranky goes to...
repo_sado for his Liz Markham Writeup. Congratulations to repo on his FOURTH award!
Now we move on to the humorous, the comical, the funny, the laugh out loud hilarious writeups that had us all in stitches! That's right folks, it's time to name the winner for the funniest writeup of the season. Here are the nominees for Funniest Writeup
jacare37 - #331 - Rocky Reid
jacare37 - #410 - Anna Khait
oddfictionrambles - #552 - Jonathan Libby
funsized725 - #556 - Natalie Tennerelli
The winner is..
jacare37 for his Anna Khait Writeup. Congrats on your THIRD Ranky!
Now, to honor the cream of the crop, the top tier, the endgamers of Survivor character writeups! We proceed. With the first ever Ranky Award for Best Writeup. The nominees are
oddfictionrambles - #74 - Kim Spraldin
oddfictionrambles - #135 - Tina Wesson 1.0
repo_sado - #253 - Russell Hantz 2.0
jacare37 - #457 - Kelley Wentworth 2.0 (idoled)
gaiusfbaltar - #557 - Phillip Sheppard 2.0
And the Ranky goes to...
IT'S A TIE!!!!!!! Both oddfictionrambles' Kim Spraldin Writeup and jacare37's Idoled Kelley Wentworth 2.0 Writeup received an equal number of votes! Congratulations to OFR for his Third and Jacare for his FOURTH Rankies
It's all come down to this.
It is now time to announce the winner for Favorite Ranker
The winner is
ramskick! Congratulations! You have been named Favorite Ranker by the fans! And congratulations on your THIRD Ranky!
Thank you all for a great season of rankdown. See you in June for Survivor Rankdown IV

TL;DR Version

Favorite Ranker: ramskick
Best Writeup: oddfictionrambles - Kim Spraldin and jacare37 - Kelley Wentworth 2.0
Funniest Writeup: jacare37 - Anna Khait
Most Unique/Original Writeup: repo_sado - Liz Markham
Best Cut Response: sanatomy - Ami Cusack for Endgame
Best Picture/GIF/Video Usage: jacare - Rocky Reid and Ozzy Lusth 1.0
Favorite Spectator: wilburdes
Way Too High: Eliza Orlins 2.0 and Kelley Wentworth 2.0
R.obbed G.oddess: Deena Bennett, Ethan Zohn 2.0, and Scot Pollard
Best Wildcards: funsized725
Best Tribe Swap: repo_sado
Best Idols: funsized725
Best Exile Island: ramskick
Best Vote Steal: oddfictionrambles and ramskick
Best Overall Power Usage: oddfictionrambles, funsized725, and ramskick
submitted by qngff to survivorrankdownIII [link] [comments]

2016.03.01 02:05 GermanoMuricano117 (Final part) Wrestlemania XIV full Review, Austin is crowned in most memorable wrestling show of all time. Wrestling Observer [Mar 28, 1998]

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Thumbs up 234 (90.3%)
Thumbs down 12 (04.6%)
In the middle 13 (05.0%)
Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels 121
Sable & Marc Mero vs. Goldust & Luna 33
New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack & Terry Funk 30
Owen Hart vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley 28
Taka Michinoku vs. Aguila 20
Tag team Battle Royal 128
Undertaker vs. Kane 71
Sable & Marc Mero vs. Goldust & Luna 10
So when all was said and done, Wrestlemania will end up being one of the most memorable wrestling shows of the modern era. And not for the wrestling.
Not that the wrestling wasn't good, as it was solid, surprising in spots, and some very gutsy performances in others. But the show itself, tremendously well produced, almost designed to be a 13 years after the original rebirth of the new-look World Wrestling Federation and coronation of Steve Austin as the new Hulk Hogan along with an attempt to become the symbolic ushering in a new hot period for pro wrestling. Of course, Austin realistically was given the spot as the WWF's top banana one year ago at Wrestlemania, ironically in a match that he technically lost. And the new hot period of wrestling has been building for more than two years, and much of its success isn't even due to the WWF. But 13 years ago, all wasn't as it seemed either when the original story was written.
Mike Tyson's involvement, the big story, was limited and really predictable, even though most of the recent television was to create a swerve away from the obvious. If anyone wasn't a WWF fan and bought the show specifically for Tyson, they would have had to have been disappointed, although by this point they should be used to it buying Tyson PPV events. Probably most others may have been lured in by the Tyson name, and recognized afterwards his involvement was limited, but probably enjoyed the event as a show. Tyson, at ringside doing basically nothing the entire match, not even doing a tease except for one argument with Austin allowing Michaels to sneak up from behind, ran into the ring as the second ref, after original ref Mike Ciota was bumped, and counted the three after Austin delivered the stone cold stunner on Shawn Michaels to win the WWF title. And like just about every ex-boxing superstar turned wrestling ref gimmick, he got to throw his knockout punch when the heel, Michaels, shoved him afterwards and tried to sucker him with the first punch. It's a story as old as time, from Jack Dempsey to Archie Moore to Earnie Shavers to Joe Louis and will be repeated by the next generation of boxing champions and wrestling promoters. To borrow a phrase from Tyson's ex-promoter, the one that the McMahon family was able to separate Tyson from which may have been the biggest story of the entire Tyson in wrestling escapade, only in America, or at least in American wrestling, could one of the most hated celebrities on the planet be turned instant babyface by slapping the mat three times. And to further explain the story, you see, Tyson really always was a good guy, according to the post match storyline (and surprisingly not pushed on television the next night). Just like in life, he was simply misunderstood. See, he and Austin had concocted this story from the beginning, they would have this fake fight, he'd pretend to join Michaels, but really they were together all along. That's the real truth, or the fake truth, in today's dual reality pro wrestling world. Dontcha get it, he really is a good guy in real life just like everyone else in front of their television sets cheering for their hero Cold Stoned, and he was on the side of right, because, you know, wrong isn't wrong today, it's just misunderstood. Tyson, the celebrity, left with Austin, much as Hulk Hogan did with Mr. T 13 years ago and again, after learning the game, being surgically attached to Dennis Rodman last year. And after all the younger bodybuilders from the Hellwigs to the Lugers and to the totally forgotten Magees who were supposed to be the next Hulk Hogan, Hogan maintained his pedestal in wrestling largely because nobody new came along that was able to take it from him, there is now real competition as to who will be the biggest money draw in the sport.
Of course the media focus was to predictably looked down their nose as to how far Tyson has sunk, like somehow participating in this staged show enjoyed by millions designed to make a few bucks for him, rehab his sully image to a larger segment of society than anyone would care to admit were watching, and in the process become a very powerful pawn in a huge wrestling war was worse than what he's done in real life. Or that the admittedly pathetic display to anyone who grew up as a baseball fan in the 70s. A long since shamed Pete Rose was tombstoned by Kane, which some would have you believe was somehow comparable sinking to a new low after a career of real life misdeeds that landed him banned for life from his sport, his Hall of Fame and wound up with him in prison.
The new WWF, powered by an era in which Rodman can become last year's cultural icon and Tyson can go from being a heel to a babyface with three slaps of the mat and can O.J. be far behind, is in a real life battle, on the same courts that houses NBA franchises, and in the same courts where so many of this Wrestlemania's biggest names, from Tyson to McMahon to Lawler to Rose have more than a little familiarity with.
Officially, Wrestlemania, which for all real purposes sold out the Fleet Center in Boston months ago almost exclusively through mail-order sales, drew 19,028 fans (15,681 paying $1,029,230, the largest gate for any event ever in the new building plus an incredible $273,000 in merchandise which would likely be an all-time record for American pro wrestling of $17.41 per head). It was the largest gate for a pro wrestling event in North America in six years, dating back to the Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice match at the April 5, 1992 WrestleMania at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis. It was also the fourth largest gate for pro wrestling ever; fifth largest ever in North America and likely as it is every year, the biggest in North America of the year. At press time it is too early to get anything but preliminary figures, largely from satellite distributors and very early cable reports, but based on those projections, the buy rate appears to be along the lines of what Starrcade did, with preliminary estimates at between a 1.78 and a 2.0 buy rate, with more leaning toward the former. Unofficially, it appeared that Michaels, who went into the ring with a serious back injury that was believed to need surgery, tried to gut out a classic performance. But perhaps the only stark reality in the show itself got in the way. While attempting to will himself to the level of classic matches that he's become famous for on big shows, Michaels re-injured his back early, gutted out a good, but not great match with a banged up Austin. He had vertebrae damage going into the match which no doubt was aggravated by the early bumps. The pain etched on his face, as if he was willing himself simply not to pass out before leaving center stage, and yet was still able to be entertaining, was the real story of the show. After the show the reports were that he suffered a ruptured disc in his back and would be out of action for long enough, like nine to 12 months, that there are no plans for his involvement any time soon. The next night on television, he was largely written out of the script with Hunter Hearst Helmsley taking over and creating a new DX. After spending the vast majority of the past year on the sidelines between injuries and temper tantrums, it is believed it will be a long time before the man who has often lived up his gimmick as the show stopper will be back in the show.
So the show stopper heroics often reserved for Michaels would have to go elsewhere. But to of all people, Sable? The silicon-laden pin-up wife of Marc Mero, put in the ring as a participant for the first time, was the true show stealer, doing a wide variety of karate kicks that looked better than several WCW wrestlers whose gimmicks were originally supposed to be as martial artists. She wasn't in much. Thanks to some great work by her opposite number, Luna, she did what she could do, avoided what she couldn't, and in a match designed to allure fans by the promise of clothes ripping and nothing else and delivered none of that (but fear no more, because the promise of clothes ripping is once again being dangled for the next PPV), the wrestling itself was better than the vast majority of what is delivered by pros with years of experience. Womens wrestling reborn built around women teasing they'll be stripping? I guess GLOW and David McLane were simply ten to 12 years ahead of their time and Madusa's only mistake in her operations was not making them bigger and doing more angles with her clothes torn off.
The use of the celebrities was most intriguing. Of course Tyson, as the big star, had to be used as a rub for Austin. Rose, who was loudly booed coming out, accentuated that reaction by doing a heel monologue bringing up a World Series from 23 years ago where his Cincinnati Reds beat the Boston Red Sox, until Kane came out and gave him a tombstone piledriver. Glen Jacobs became the luckiest man in the wrestling business since Paul Ellering, being put with a gimmick that won't be allowed to fail, even though once his match with Undertaker got going, it was clear he had no substance. Gennifer Flowers, who looked far too old for the glamorous role she'd been given on the show, was there to allude to the sexual prowess of one Jeff Jarrett, as yet another attempt to make Jarrett a star, despite her looking more like she was Jarrett's mother than his lover.
While there was a ton of media coverage, none was more important than a front page story in the 3/30 New York Times by Kirk Johnson. While negative newspaper stories are generally momentary annoyances in wrestling, the Times carries far more weight. The downfall of UFC, while blamed on many different people, can truly be blamed more than anything else on the series of negative stories over a one week period in the Times, which directly led to the law in New York legalizing the sport being overturned, which resulted in the subsequent dropping of the shows by Time-Warner and TCI. Pointing out the Times pro wrestling story missed the point, as did the UFC stories, is also missing the real point. The story, entitled "Professional Wrestling cuts good guys from the script," led off with a parent, a die-hard wrestling fan, talking about not letting his eight-year-old daughter watch it because of the violence, bad language and sexual overtones. The story didn't differentiate between WWF and WCW until the very end of the story, but did credit the appeal of Ultimate Fighting and Extreme Wrestling for the new direction of pro wrestling, saying WCW has borrowed less from those two entities, but criticized the WCW product for being more violent while at the same time having its strongest growth in popularity over the past year among children and teenagers. It noted several incidents, Kane setting the stunt man on fire, the Brian Pillman-Steve Austin gun angle (although not mentioning either by name), the Outlaws angle dumping Terry Funk and Cactus Jack off the platform in the dumpster and Kane using the tombstone on Pete Rose.
Noted sports columnist Dave Anderson wrote the same story that has been and probably will be written every time a major athlete does a pro wrestling PPV appearance to much media attention. "As proof of human gullibility, the World Wrestling Federation announced the attendance at 19,028; the $1,029,230 gate was the highest one-day arena gross in Boston history," wrote Anderson, who said that Tyson was joined by Rose and Flowers in what he termed "sports sacrilege," waxing poetically about the many great boxing shows in the old Boston Gardens promoted by Sam Silverman.
There were a lot of high points to the show. Trying to historically paint a picture of the WWF of the past and its legacy, with clips of Vince McMahon Sr. (the man who in revisionist history invented the idea of popularizing pro wrestling through television 50 years ago), Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan, and a great montage with former stars like Killer Kowalski, Ernie Ladd, Pat Patterson and Gorilla Monsoon talking about how they could never do the athletic feats of today's wrestlers and now they cheer for the current stars, again as a new way to try and paint the real stars of wrestling as the ones in WWF as opposed to the "stars of the past" in WCW. The announcing saw Jim Ross at his best, which translated means pro wrestling announcing at its state-of-the-art level. He brought the main event, which was a good match, getting it over almost as the stuff classics are remembered as, and even made the poor semifinal match seem like two men in an epic performance. He blew by Jerry Lawler like a runaway train, not allowing him to get in the way of someone who, even more than Michaels, had decided this was his night to prove something.
And what of the wrestling? There were a lot of banged up wrestlers who did about as well as they could have. Michaels and Owen Hart had good matches when they really shouldn't have even been in the ring. Michaels probably paid a heavy price in doing so. Undertaker and Kane was all hype, saved by one missed dive and the piledriver on Rose. The tag team title change with Terry Funk & Cactus Jack beating the New Age Outlaws was everything that it was supposed to be. The mixed tag was, from a wrestling standpoint, the one pleasant surprise. The lightheavyweight title match proved that Aguila is a long ways from being ready. And the Battle Royal was designed as a showcase for the new Legion of Doom, now christened LOD 2000, who unfortunately appear to have gotten the new name not by being futuristic, but because Hawk wrestles like a 2,000 year old man. Still, almost anything in this environment can get over, and no matter how bad they may be in the ring, they'll survive through the sex appeal of Sunny and from their old reputation gained in another era, no different then the Hogans, Funks and Pipers of the world that the pot no doubt will call the cattle black about.
Besides Michaels' back injury, the other major real story was the condition of Earl Hebner, scheduled to take a bump in the main event. Hebner was rushed to the New England Medical Center and at last word was in the Intensive Care Unit due to what was believed to have been a brain aneurism. Apparently he was fine on Friday, but the day before the show was in bad shape and taken to the hospital. Many of the WWF officials visited him in the hospital and reports are that he didn't appear to recognize anyone. He's expected to be hospitalized for at least a few weeks. 1. Legion of Doom (Mike Hegstrand & Joe Laurinaitis) won an awful 15-team Battle Royal in 8:19. The match was so non-descript that they never even bothered telling us who was in there in the first place. The real story was the new look of LOD, with Sunny dressed in very little as the new manager of the duo, with ring outfits that were basic copies of what Antonio Pena was dressing his wrestlers as years ago, Animal wearing shorts, the same face paint, but sans the mohawks and instead with very short crewcuts. Guys were being eliminated so fast that the announcers could barely keep up with it and it didn't matter because nobody cared. I swear I saw Skull Von Crush (Vito Lograsso) lumbering around the ring, or some guy who looked like him, who was never even identified. Savio Vega (Juan Rivera) was thrown out at 1:21, eliminating Miguel Perez as well. Kurrgan (Robert Mallay) was out at 1:41, eliminating Jackyl (Don Callis) as well. At least that's what they said. I never actually could find Jackyl but never saw Von Crush again. Barry Windham, who wasn't in the match, ran out of the dressing room to throw out Chainz (Brian Harris) at 2:11, which eliminated Windham's rival Bradshaw (John Leyfield). D-Lo Brown (A.C. Connor) was next out, eliminating Mark Henry at 2:21. In the funniest part of the match, Henry had no clue what was going on and stayed in for several minutes anyway, as I guess nobody could be bothered to inform him he wasn't supposed to be in. Jacques Rougeau was thrown out about the same time, but Pierre (Carl Oulett) did have a clue and left. Ricky Morton was next at 3:17, eliminating Robert Gibson (Ruben Kane). Jesus Castillo and Jose Estrada Jr. were next out, followed Thrasher (Glen Ruth) going over, eliminating Mosh (Charles Warrington). Finally somebody woke up Henry and he was thrown out. Scott Taylor was out next, his partner being Flash Funk (Charles Scaggs). Henry Godwinn (Mark Canterbury) clotheslined Eight Ball (Don Harris?) out, but before leaving, Skull (Ron Harris) dumped Phineas (Dennis Knight). Probably a bunch of others were around including Faarooq (Ron Simmons) & Kama (Charles Wright) and gone that were simply never mentioned, but it wound up with the new Midnight Express (Robert Howard & Mike Polchlopek) and the LOD. Godwinns ran in and hit LOD with buckets, but LOD came back and simultaneously clotheslined both Midnights out of the ring. To describe Hawk's performance in this match as awful would be to terribly demean every awful wrestler in history. -*1/2
  1. Taka Michinoku (Takao Yoshida) beat Aguila (?) in 5:57. There were great flying moves, but Aguila needs to go to wrestling school. Except for his amazing flying ability, he's worse than a lot of people in their first pro match. Luckily, this was just meant as an exhibition of spots, and it was that, but it paled in comparison with the worst Lucha matches in WCW. Aguila, who actually turned 20 at the end of last year (they still called him 19) opened with an incredibly high moonsault off the top rope to the floor. Taka was said to have idolized Riki Choshu while growing up, which is likely true, although his ring name actually means something to the effect that he was going to be the next Takada. Anyway, he did his running springboard plancha. In between, Aguila showed he couldn't wrestle a lick with some of the most pathetic looking chops, punches, kicks and selling that you'd ever see, certainly on this level of a stage. But he did a running spinning tope that was mid blowing. It was way too much to expect putting a guy with less than one year of real experience, and that being almost nothing but lucha trios matches where he just did his flying spots and got out, to do an American style singles match at Wrestlemania, even limited to six minutes. Taka did about as good a job as possible of steadying the match, but it was a bad idea that couldn't be saved. Finish saw Aguila come off the top rope but was met with a dropkick, and then finished off with the Michinoku Driver II. 1/2*
Gennifer Flowers did a backstage interview with Rocky Maivia basically asking what Maivia would do if he was in power. It was a little overboard and predictable, but Maivia's mannerisms are tremendous.
  1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Paul Levesque) pinned Owen Hart in 11:29 to retain the European title. Chyna is now wearing make-up to attempt to soften her look a little. One of the newspaper reports after the show said that it was if they had taken the head of a woman and screwed it on a body of a man, which is nicer than what would have been said about her two months ago. After some arguing, she wound up handcuffed by Sgt. Slaughter. Hart actually took his cast off that day to get in the ring due to his bad ankle. It was clear he wasn't 100%, and that Helmsley was good but not great. Helmsley worked the ankle much of the match. Hart got a cut on the bridge of his nose. Hart came off the top with a dropkick and got a near fall with a belly-to-belly. Helmsley tried the flip into the turnbuckle spot but flipped early. Hart hit an enzuigiri but sold the ankle and was slow covering for the near fall. Helmsley hit a power bomb off a huracanrana. Helmsley teased the Pedigree, but Hart escaped and teased a sharpshooter, but Helmsley kicked him off, Hart hit the buckles and fell back with a head-butt to HHH's groin. Helmsley again tried a Pedigree, but after a series of reversals, Hart again got the sharpshooter on. Chyna reached in and pulled Helmsley to the ropes for a break, and then threw powder in Slaughter's eyes and gave Hart a low blow. Hart was distracted by this and Helmsley hit him with a knee to the back. As he was staggered, Chyna hit Hart with a low blow and Helmsley finally hit the Pedigree for the pin. After the match Chyna threw a few forearms at the Sarge and threw him over the guard rail. ***
  2. Marc Mero & Sable (Rena Mero) beat Goldust (Dustin Runnels) & Luna (Gertrude Vachon) in 9:11. Mero and Goldust were mainly there to kill time between spots with the women and they were fine in their secondary roles. The first time Sable tagged in, Luna ran away and they never touched. The second time they got in, Sable took Luna down and began pulling on her extensions. Sable threw some nice looking kicks and clotheslined Luna over the top to a big pop. The guys were back in, and Mero did his low blow spot and went for the TKO, but Goldust turned it into a DDT for a near fall. Goldust went for the curtain call but Mero got out of it. Mero did his Mero-sault for a near fall and a Frankensteiner off the top for another near fall. Mero hit a sloppy TKO, as Goldust because of his added weight is a real load to spin around, but Luna saved the near fall. Sable went to cover Goldust, but Luna went for a splash off the top and hit Goldust. Sable then power bombed Luna (we were waiting for the armed guards to cuff her and take her to the womens prison for the next chapter in the soap opera, whoops, that was using WCW rules) and hit a TKO on her for the pin. ***
Before the next match, Tennessee Lee came out with Jeff Jarrett and Gennifer Flowers. Flowers said that she's been with great and Jarrett is great. Obviously she was referring to something other than the TV ratings he delivers. Flowers then did the ring intros for the next match.
  1. Rocky Maivia (Duane Johnson) retained the IC title beating Ken Shamrock via DQ in 4:49. They are trying to give Maivia the same "Chairman" gimmick that WCW gave La Parka and then did nothing serious with. Not much to the match itself. Maivia used a hard unprotected chair shot to Shamrock's face but Shamrock kicked out of the pin. Shamrock came back with a belly-to-belly and an ankle lock and Maivia tapped out. After the match the NOD ran in and Shamrock gave belly-to-bellies to Kama Mustafa and Brown and something that somewhat resembled that move to Mark Henry. He then put the ankle lock back on Maivia, while Faarooq came out and simply watched as Maivia, with blood spewing from his mouth (I'd guess this was the one blood spot on the show which was planned as the others looked to be inadvertent nose cuts), tapped out in agony. A stretcher came for Maivia. Shamrock then suplexed three referees and a guy in a suit. It was then announced the decision was reversed due to Shamrock putting the hold on after the match. Shamrock went nuts again, knocking Maivia off the stretcher and pounding on him some more before leaving. The only funny part was with the cameras off, Maivia, who was stretchered and then took more of a beating, got up and walked to the dressing room. They need to get Shamrock into DX as he's the only guy in the company realistically ready to do a major money program with Austin and with Michaels out DX needs a singles headliner. *1/2
  2. Terry Funk & Cactus Jack (Michael Foley) won the WWF tag titles from the New Age Outlaws (Monty Sopp & Brian James) in 10:01 of a dumpster match. Funk wrestled as Terry Funk instead of as Chainsaw Charlie with no reason being given. Not much wrestling, but it was a typical gimmicked brawling match with some creative spots. Jack did a somersault off the apron into the dumpster although the spot was too slow in being set up. Funk was put int he dumpster first. Jammes used a leg sweep with Jack, who cracked his head on the dumpster. Outlaws kept smashing the lid of the dumpster on both men. Gunn somehow suffered a bloody nose in the battle. Jack came out of the dumpster with the claw on both men. They used what appeared to be a broiler pan as a prop back and forth. Jack then pulled a ladder out from under the ring, eliciting a small but noticeable "ECW" chant. This led to a spot where Jack and Billy Gunn were both standing on the top step of the ladder and Jammes knocked Funk into the ladder and it tilted over and both took a bump from the top of the ladder out of the ring into the dumpster. After they got out, Gunn power bombed Funk into the dumpster. They wound up brawling backstage with Jack hitting both men with hard chair shots and put them on a forklift. Funk got behind the wheel and deposited both of them in a dumpster backstage for the title win. ***1/4
  3. Undertaker (Mark Calaway) pinned Kane (Glen Jacobs) in 16:58. Rose came out, heavily booed, and turned himself even more of a heel in the building with his baseball diatribe bring up bad memories of Red Sox past such as saying he left some free tickets for Bill Buckner but he couldn't bend over to pick them up. Kane tombstoned him to a huge pop and Rose was stretchered out. Undertaker came out with an awesome ring entrance with druids (local indie wrestlers such as Tony Rumble with hoods trying to hide who they were) carrying torches. The match told a story, but was pretty dull since Kane isn't at the level of being out there that long. Mainly Kane delivered punishment to Undertaker, who sold most of the way. Kane sold very little of Undertaker's offense since they are trying to keep him as a monster and he was doing the job. Match during the body didn't have much heat. Kane dropped the ring steps on Taker and threw them on his knees. Paul Bearer threw some kicks. Actually Bearer was moving faster than Hogan. Kane used a choke slam but picked Undertaker up to deliver more punishment rather than pinning him. Then he put him in a lengthy chinlock, as if you can make sense out of that. Undertaker missed an incredible running tope over the top, crashing through the Spanish language broadcast table. Speaking of who was sitting at the table, returning to no fanfare for this show was Hugo Savinovich, who as you can guess, was declared not guilty on charges of raising children in a drug and cockroach infested apartment. Kane continued to pound until Undertaker did a rope-a-dope gimmick. Taker made a comeback and Kane still didn't sell. Undertaker went for a tombstone, but Kane reversed it and dropped Taker with his own move, but Taker kicked out. Undertaker used a choke slam and a tombstone but Kane kicked out. After a legdrop and a second tombstone, Kane kicked out again. After a clothesline off the top, Undertaker hit a third tombstone, but Kane kicked out a second after the three count which left the finish flat (there is nothing that flattens a finish pop more than the loser kicking out just after the third count, although they wanted to make it as though the match was over but that Kane didn't lose). After the match Bearer attacked Taker, who came back and decked him, allowing Kane to hit Taker with a chair and tombstone him on the chair. *1/2
  4. Steve Austin (Steve Williams) pinned Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom) in 20:02 to win the WWF title. Michaels had a ring on a chain around his neck (apparently he just got engaged to a former WWF seamstress who played the role as the shorter of the two women that were chasing Dude Love around over the summer) and dedicated the match to Hebner. Immediately Michaels took a crazy backdrop over the top rope onto Helmsley. Helmsley attacked Austin and rammed him into the guard rail. This allowed ref Mike Ciota to order Helmsley and Chyna to the back. Before leaving, Austin threw Helmsley into the musical equipment that the DX band (who were heavily booed after playing a new wave version of "America the Beautiful," and never did play the promised national anthem after all the booing) had left behind. Michaels then attacked Austin with the cymbals. Austin whipped Michaels into a dumpster left behind from the tag title match. They worked at a pretty good pace but as the match went on, Michaels really looked bad, holding his back, swearing and his face looking as if he was going to pass out. Austin took a backdrop over the guard rail and was hit with the ring bell. After a baseball slide knocking Austin onto the American announcers table, Tyson threw Austin in the ring. Austin argued with Tyson, allowing Michaels to clip him from behind and put on the figure four. The whole place did the "Whoo" chant as Ross had to ignore they were reacting to a wrestler from the rival company in the middle of a hot spot in their biggest match. There were also loud "Holyfield" chants that Ross and Lawler both pretended they didn't know what the chants were. Michaels was holding the ropes while Tyson didn't tell the ref what was happening. Austin reversed it. Austin slingshotted Michaels into the corner for a near fall. Ciota was then caught in the corner and squashed by both men three times. Austin dropped Michaels on the top turnbuckle but Michaels came back with a forearm, apparently his patented flying forearm but by this point he was in so much pain he couldn't get off his feet. He still managed an elbow off the top rope. Michaels went for the superkick, but Austin ducked. Austin went for the stunner but Michaels slipped away. Michaels went for the kick again but Austin caught the foot and then hit the stunner. Tyson jumped in the ring and counted the fall for the win. Austin then gave Tyson an Austin t-shirt which he held in front of him. When Michaels recovered, he saw Tyson with the t-shirt and started arguing. Michaels went to throw the punch, Tyson fired back, Michaels took a more convincing dive than Bruce Seldon and Tyson and Austin left together amidst thunderous cheers. ***1/4
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2016.02.15 23:57 GermanoMuricano117 (Part 3) Road to WM14. Austin wins Rumble, Michael's retains title. Will Mike Tyson vs. Steve Austin become the most publicized match in modern pro wrestling history? Wrestling Observer [Jan 26, 1998]

Sorry about the length on this one, Dave wrote a small book about the 24 hour period from Royal Rumble to Tyson/Austin confrontation in the Warzone the next night.
Cover story on Austin Tyson confrontation. By Dave Meltzer.
After a tremendous angle on the live 1/19 War Zone hour of Raw from Fresno, CA where Austin, the WWF's hottest commodity, and Tyson, the currently suspended biggest drawing card in pro boxing, went nose-to-nose, the WWF received tons of mainstream international publicity. The angle, which started when a heavily booed Vince McMahon brought an even more heavily booed Tyson and his entourage into the ring. Just when McMahon was going to make the announcement of Tyson's role in Wrestlemania, Austin showed up. Austin challenged Tyson while McMahon did his best acting job to appear upset at the "misbehavior" of his top star. Austin ended up flipping Tyson off with both hands, resulting in Tyson shoving Austin, a major pull-apart brawl resulting in McMahon acting completely infuriated at Austin "ruining his deal," acting like he himself was out of control and had to be held back by his son from going after Austin. After a commercial break backstage, McMahon apologized to Tyson for the behavior of Austin, Tyson called Austin a "faggot" (on Barry Diller's USA Network no less) and said that he wanted to fight him.
The WWF then released word, carried by AP worldwide, that Tyson had challenged Austin and that the WWF would be meeting with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (which suspended Tyson for his chomping on the ears of Evander Holyfield in his last boxing match) to see if it would be okay to make Tyson a participant. As mentioned in last week's Observer, Marc Ratner, who heads the Nevada commission and is an avid pro wrestling fan, had already declared that he considered pro wrestling as staged entertainment and felt that Tyson and the WWF would be free to do whatever they felt like doing short of putting Tyson in the ring wearing boxing gloves without it affecting Tyson's chances at getting reinstated to boxing in July. Many media outlets on 1/20 were reporting Tyson vs. Austin as almost a done deal, since Ratner made it clear to media that asked after the angle, the commission, thought to be the lone hold-up, would have no problem should Tyson do the match. However, at press time there was still much speculation as to what actually will happen at Wrestlemania. Other media outlets were still reporting Tyson would referee at Wrestlemania, and the WWF had officially released no information conclusively other than continue the story line which we're told has many weeks to go before everything is clear.
The angle received a tremendous amount of mainstream pub, carried in most newspapers and as a top sports story that evening and the next morning on radio and on shows like ESPN Sports Center and Fox Sports. Nearly all the coverage was derogatory, but that was to be expected going in. The AP story, which ran almost everywhere, actually implied that the angle was a shoot, as did the USA Today mention, in that it said Tyson was going to be a referee but after the confrontation with Austin, he changed his mind and wanted to be a participant against Austin. It was also front page news with a large photo in virtually every sports section in Japan, where Tyson's name has a lot of mystique and where mainstream coverage of pro wrestling events is far more accepted.
But a few things are clear. One is that Tyson's run with the WWF has to end with him being a babyface, which clearly won't be an easy feat considering his status with the general public, but if nothing else, pro wrestling is a world where the public is usually easily manipulated. Tyson was booed out of the building both in San Jose and Fresno when making appearances at WWF shows. The other is that Tyson will take absolutely no injury risk at all in his involvement. Pro wrestling can be as easy or as hard physically as the participants allow it to be. You can do a totally safe match, which would, particularly with a largely untrained participant, likely be boring, although crowds are more forgiving with bigger names, even bigger names they don't really like. Or you can take more and more risks to add excitement. There is no question the original plan for Wrestlemania was for Austin to win the WWF title from Shawn Michaels, but obviously something like this takes precedence. Within pro wrestling in the days leading up to the angle, there were people saying that Tyson would wind up as a participant while most of the word was that Tyson would end up being a referee in the Austin vs. Michaels match. If the latter story was accurate, due to the price tag of the deal (thought to be between $4 million and $6 million with our generally best information leading toward the latter figure as being more accurate when all is said and done), to make Tyson a drawing card in a referee role would have required a series of spectacular angles and a great storyline. Simply put, if the $4 million figure is accurate, the WWF needs 648,000 buys out of Wrestlemania (2.2 buy rate) to make out financially and if the real figure is $6 million it would need about 807,000 buys (2.7 buy rate). These are not figures to break even, but figures to make out based on Tyson adding the revenue offsetting his cost, actual break even would be lower. No matter what, it needs a series of great angles and great interviews (which Austin can provide). It may need even more than that if Tyson will only be a referee. The recent Hulk Hogan vs. Sting match did about a 1.9 buy rate which was the biggest of the past six years. WWF did about a 1.5 buy rate for the Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow match, which was hyped tremendously, but ultimately was a huge disappointment because Taylor's drawing power wasn't nearly as big outside the New York/Connecticut area as the company, being based in that area, expected, plus Bigelow three years ago wasn't the star Austin is today. But Taylor was the catalyst for a period where Raw's ratings made a noticeable upward surge. Nor was wrestling anywhere near as popular three years ago as it is today. At its peak, which would be the Wrestlemanias from 1988-90, the show peaked at about 750,000 buys with a far smaller total universe than is equipped for PPV today. And as much mainstream publicity as those shows received, it would pale in comparison to what would be the case if Tyson was a participant. As a referee, the economics and the promotion of it are a lot trickier. Still, there is a lot more than just one PPV that this effects. You are also talking about attempting to re-establish the WWF as the "brand name" for wrestling in the United States, a distinction that slowly was slipping away over the past year, not to mention to try and take a dent out of the ratings domination by WCW over the past 19 months. You are also talking about the chance to create the next generation of Hogan and Piper's who can get over past just the wrestling audience and expose them to the mainstream and draw for the next 15 years off the name established during this boom period. It worked for Hogan and Piper at the first Wrestlemania. It didn't work for Wendi Richter at the first, nor for Bigelow ten years later when they tried to re-create the formula.
This whole scenario also brings to mind the 1976 boxer vs. wrestler with Muhammad Ali, then the boxing world heavyweight champion and the biggest sports figure of his time, against Antonio Inoki. That event disintegrated into a disaster. First off, while the event got a ton of mainstream media publicity, and probably more than this one will get as far as taking anyone it seriously because Ali then was a far bigger and more respected name than Tyson now and he held the title at the time. But the boxing fans didn't buy the match because they didn't know Inoki and there was still the idea that this was part of a fake pro wrestling promotion. The wrestling fans didn't really take to it because wrestling was regionalized in those days and most of the regional promoters didn't like the idea of the fight since they saw it as something Inoki was doing for himself and couldn't see how it could help their regional business because even if Inoki won, it wasn't like he was going to come and appear in their cities. They didn't want to spend time getting Inoki or the show over, and virtually all didn't push the match that hard on their television as opposed to the angles they were running internally so it really wasn't that big a deal to pro wrestling fans at the time either, even though it was the first promotion nationwide up to that point in pro wrestling history. The result, people for the most part didn't buy the closed-circuit and the event, outside of the Northeast where Bruno Sammartino and Stan Hansen saved the box office, was a financial flop. Because the match was taken seriously and not as comedy as this one will be, the talks about the finish fell apart as has been noted in these pages numerous times, the match turned into a disastrous shoot almost totally lacking in action. Because once the worked aspect fell apart, Ali and his people wouldn't allow Ali into the ring with Inoki unless all kinds of rules were made to handicap what Inoki could do offensively as they feared an injury to Ali that would cost everyone money.
Probably the other show that got the most mainstream sports publicity in the United States on a national basis was the first Wrestlemania, where actor Mr. T teamed with Hogan against Paul Orndorff & Piper in a closed-circuit extravaganza in 1985 that was considered a huge gamble at the time and had it not paid off would have undoubtedly changed the entire course of the history of this industry. It was a gamble that paid off big as it put the WWF, Hogan and Piper over the top in a series of small-time promotional wars against various popular local entities and wound up with the company getting occasional late-night slots on NBC. In this case McMahon will do a tremendous job on his television in getting the match over because he has no choice but to do so, and it comes at a time when interest in pro wrestling in general is at one of its strongest points ever. The media will make snide remarks, but it'll get enough coverage that everyone will know about it. It still may not translate into buys from boxing fans, but unlike Ali-Inoki, it will from wrestling fans and with Tyson added to the mix, there may be enough to make it financially worth while. WCW, which has no problem spending money, bowed out of attempting to steal the Tyson deal largely due to feeling the figures thrown out couldn't be justified. It'll be interesting at the end of March to see not only how the story plays out in the storyline, but at Wrestlemania, and when it comes to financial acumen, which side was correct.
Due to Martin Luther King Day, no ratings information was available at press time for 1/19 when WWF debuted Tyson in the ring doing an interview, something that the company and the USA network had heavily publicized all week. Neither Tyson nor Austin appeared until the final 15 minutes of the show (which also teased throughout a late in the show Undertaker appearance), a period after WCW had already gone off the air, leading one to believe USA drew a tremendous rating in the final quarter hour. To counter the Tyson hype, WCW at first led viewers to believe on Thursday that Hulk Hogan would be handed the WCW title back due to a court order on Nitro, a story line that was never referred to on either Saturday or Monday's show and instead, to counter the Tyson appearance, hyped a Hogan vs. The Giant singles match which Hogan put Giant over clean with the choke slam in.
There are a few schools of thought as to how this will turn out:
Tyson does a singles match with Austin. It ends with some heels, likely DX, interfering and Tyson and Austin cleaning house back-to-back and shaking hands at the end to the big babyface pop that will be carried by media worldwide that Tyson and his people are looking for out of this deal. Perhaps DX could cost Austin the match, in that way they don't have to ask Tyson to lose and people at least get a finish out of the match. Tyson can then not accept an unfair win, once again making him a babyface at the end. This would lead to the Austin-Michaels match perhaps at King of the Ring where Austin would get the title win, which would make up for the loss. Or they can go without a finish although that scenario would seem to make the least sense both for future business and for the ultimate fan reaction to the show, but would "protect" Austin.
Tyson can do some angles before the show that end up with him liking Austin somehow, probably with something similar to the aforementioned scenario, and they can work a tag match together. That way they can do a long match, Tyson only has to do a few well choreographed spots with pro workers the calibre of Michaels and Helmsley and Austin can carry the action. All four get the media rub from being in the ring with Tyson. Tyson can KO Helmsley while Austin can stunner Michaels for a double win.
Tyson ends up as a referee at the end, after doing an angle somewhere that somehow Tyson was "forced" out of the match. Boxing writer Dean Julpe of the Las Vegas Sun on 1/20 wrote a column where he claimed Tyson's p.r. man, Sig Rogich, knew the Nevada Commission really isn't crazy about Tyson being involved in pro wrestling, but doesn't have the legal power in which to stop him because he was only suspended from boxing, so that's why they are publicly stating he can do what he wants. Julpe claimed the trick for Rogich (and the WWF) would be to create a scenario to wind up with Tyson as a referee but having the commission not hold it against him. Julpe wrote, "Mark these words: The WWF will milk this, perhaps even petitioning the Nevada State Athletic Commission for its approval on Tyson's behalf; the commission, however will be noncommittal, not that its members' comments won't fill many a newspaper story; Tyson will eventually hedge on his participation and, at some point before 3/29, Rogich will say his man has reconsidered and is definitely withdrawing as a participant in a wrestling bout and may, in fact, also withdraw as a referee
Rogich, with feigned innocence, can then approach the Nevada State Athletic Commission at Tyson's reinstatement hearing and say, "Gentleman, Mr. Tyson, good man that he is, resisted the monetary gain and the urge to wrestle back in March, demonstrating not only his good intentions but proving he is reformed and deserving of a boxing license."
And let's add one more. Austin turns down the match with Tyson, saying he's going to win the WWF title from Michaels at Wrestlemania. This puts the belt over huge that he turned down a match that would get a ton of publicity world wide because the most important thing is winning the WWF title. Now he can't puss out, so he can say that he's going to Mania to win the title, and then after the match he's going to beat up Tyson. Tyson demands to get as close to the situation as possible and ends up as a ref, with them teasing all along that with Tyson, who hates Austin, as the ref, that Austin has no chance of winning the title, but that if Tyson screws Austin, what will happen live after the match is over? Then when all is said and done, DX attacks both several times, or even just attacks Austin, but Tyson ends up doing the right thing as a referee, leading to them joining forces with the double knockout finish and he counts the three for the title change. Austin gets the title so people are happy. Tyson ends his brief wrestling career with cheers, a scene that makes every newscast in the country that evening and becomes the last impression the public has of Tyson, erasing the previous impression of him eating some ear. They get whatever buys then can out of the lure of an Austin-Tyson street fight but never actually sanction that it will happen. And like everything in wrestling today, they tease one thing and figure out a way to get out of actually delivering it.
While there are many on the inside of this who believe the third scenario is as close to the truth as is out there, $6 million doesn't make economic sense on the surface to pay someone who won't be participating in the match unless you're telling everyone he's definitely going to be in a "fight."
In San Jose, Tyson was in the luxury boxes at the Arena with Shane McMahon (and at some points with Vince McMahon), cheering on the babyfaces, in particular his favorite (at least on that night), "Cold Stoned." The next night, he was all over the television, arriving with Shane McMahon in a limo, good-naturedly shaking hands and telling stories with the old-timers like Pat Patterson, Arnold Skaaland, Tony Garea, Jerry Brisco, Sgt. Slaughter and Blackjack Lanza; doing skits with DX, the NOD, Sunny and finally getting into the ring, and get this, telling Vince McMahon in a booming voice that his favorite wrestler was Vince's long-time enemy Bruno Sammartino to make it look like the situation in the ring was a shoot to set up the angle, which was pulled off magnificently.
Royal Rumble 1998
Thumbs up 69 (49.3%)
Thumbs down 47 (33.6%)
In the middle 24 (17.1%)
Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker 61
Max & Nova & Mosaic vs. Torito & Tarantula & Battalion 32
Royal Rumble 31
Ken Shamrock vs. Rocky Maivia 17
LOD vs. New Age Outlaws 38
Vader vs. Goldust 29
Royal Rumble 24
Max & Nova & Mosaic vs. Torito & Tarantula & Battalion 15
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels 7
Based on phone calls and fax messages to the Observer as of Tuesday, 1/20. Statistical margin of error: +-100%
There didn't figure to be much in the way of surprises to the end results of the 11th annual Royal Rumble on 1/18 from the San Jose, CA Arena.
It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Steve Austin would win the Rumble; and that Kane would cost Undertaker the WWF title match against Shawn Michaels, leading to their first singles match as the Wrestlemania co-feature. So with that, it appeared the job of the show was to constantly tease that wasn't going to happen.
As it was, the Rumble was a good PPV to kick of the endless supply we'll be getting in 1998 ending a streak of bad PPV shows that dated back several months. It wasn't a show of the year, unless we're in for a very bad year from pro wrestling. The card was a basic sellout about a week in advance, totalling 18,542 in the building, the largest crowd ever to witness pro wrestling in Northern California with 16,661 paying $414,373 and another $159,023 in merchandise. For Northern California, the crowd figure broke the all-time record of about 17,000 set for a 1962 match between Ray Stevens and Pepper Gomez at the San Francisco Cow Palace (which actually may have drawn more of a paid attendance because in those days they didn't give away almost any tickets). For gate, it more than doubled the record of $192,000 set on February 23, 1997 for the Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper SuperBrawl show at the Cow Palace. It would be the third largest gate for pro wrestling ever in California trailing only the 1991 (Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter) and 1996 (Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels) Wrestlemanias held in Los Angeles and Anaheim respectively and as best we can tell the third largest crowd in the state ever trailing only the legendary Fred Blassie vs. John Tolos 1971 grudge match at the Los Angeles Coliseum (25,000+) and the famous first $100,000 gate in history for the tremendously promoted Lou Thesz vs. Baron Michele Leone NWA title match in 1952 at Hollywood Legion Stadium (23,000). There may have been outdoor crowds of more than 18,500 in the 20s and 30s when pro wrestling was a big attraction in Los Angeles that I'm not aware of.
There was a surprising lack of heat overall in the show live with the exception of the last 31 seconds of the Rumble itself. Although they popped for Undertaker's entrance and to a lesser extent for Shamrock and Michaels, it was mainly a crowd to see Austin and see the spectacle of the first major wrestling event ever in San Jose and really having a minimum of interest in anything else. The finish of the show where Undertaker was burned came off as more of a special effect than bringing out any sympathetic emotion for Undertaker, although part of that was because many in the live audience could see Undertaker sneak out of side door of the coffin before the fire spot.
With the exception of Tyson, who was booed far more live than any heel on the show, the main focus on the show was the top two matches. The Rumble was an ordinary Rumble match, below average as compared with the standard of the past several years, hampered once again by the WWF's lack of talent depth. There wasn't one spectacular performance in the match, but there were only a handful who were noticeably lame (Mark Henry, Ahmed Johnson, Kurrgan and Phineas Godwinn). There were no standout performances both from a working standpoint nor from a storyline standpoint (ie Kevin "Diesel" Nash or Steve Austin becoming a big star by "owning" the ring). Most of the time there were too many in the ring at the same time, thus not allowing for any real action other than punching, kicking and staying out of the way or focusing all that much on certain people and developing storylines. There were only a few angles, but that was just as well because if they had done any more than what they did, they'd have been forgotten and useless anyway. They started an Owen Hart vs. Jeff Jarrett feud, and had Mick Foley come out as all three characters for momentary comedy. The Rumble itself actually contained 27 wrestlers (29 if you include Foley as three people) with 1:45 between entrances (advertised as two minutes but may have been cut down due to time constraints at that point in the show), a time period that seemed neither too long nor too short.
After the television show went off the air with the cliffhanger ending of Undertaker burning to death inside a casket, in the arena, they made it clear by opening the casket and finding no Undertaker, that he had escaped, and then played an interview with Undertaker on the video wall where he vowed revenge on Kane. Still, haven't we seen that before a few times?
  1. Steve Austin (Steve Williams) won the 27 man Royal Rumble in 55:24 throwing out Maivia. It opened with Cactus Jack (Foley) against Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk). The announcers openly referred to Charlie as Funk, and Funk at one point took the panty hose off his head so everyone could see him as Funk, but then put them back on. The two basically traded fairly hard chair shots, including one spot where Jack gave Funk a chair to allow Funk to hammer him twice. It didn't get over as well as you'd think as ECW has never been on television in this area (well, there was a brief period when it was on a station that actually nobody gets but you know what I mean) so this stuff that would have gotten over great in the Northeast didn't mean as much. In some ways because of nostalgia and who he is, it is great seeing Funk in a major event, but because of his physical limitations and his being reduced to a total comedy garbage style and this not being Japan where his legend makes up for it with the crowd and he's respected for just being Terry Funk, it's also sad. Tom Brandi was the next guy in, and at 2:06 Jack and Funk threw him out, so he was this year's Bushwhacker, lasting all of probably 15 seconds. Jack suplexed Funk onto two chairs. Maivia came in and they did some garbage can spots on him that got a good crowd reaction. Head Banger Mosh (Charles Warrington) was in next. Funk went for a moonsault on him and I still don't know if he hit or missed it as Funk solid it like a miss, and Mosh sold it like he was hit, the announcers called it a miss, and visually it looked like he hit him when he was supposed to miss. Phineas Godwinn (Dennis Knight) was in next. Eight Ball (Ron Harris?) followed. To show that the crowd live really only knew the top stars and didn't care or know anything else, many people popped when he came out thinking it was Steve Austin. Cactus Jack was eliminated at 9:22 missing a shoulderblock on Funk and sailing over the top. Blackjack Bradshaw (John Hawk) was in next. He looked noticeably larger and since he's just signed a new four year contract, Ross was giving him an extra push in the commentary. Owen Hart was supposed to be in next but Jeff Jarrett and Jim Cornette jumped him on the way in. Cornette gave him several tennis racquet shots and Hart never made it in, at least for a while. Steve Blackman was in next. At this point Funk was doing all his classic rope tricks of not quite being eliminated. The crowd was totally dead at this point with the ring filled with guys who weren't over to the live crowd except Maivia who they had already seen earlier in the show. D.Lo Brown (A.C. Connor) was next, and got a reaction going right after Maivia. Kurrgan (Robert Mallay) was in next. I figured they'd make him a monster and throw out a bunch of guys, but really all he did was make his cartoon faces. The problem at this point is Kurrgan's only gimmick is his height and his unique cartoon character face, but with guys like Maivia, Eight Ball, Phineas and Bradshaw in there who are all deceptively huge and tall (but can't get over because when so many guys are 6-5 to 6-7, a 6-6 guy is no longer tall), his size didn't even stand out in the ring although they tried to play his size up in the commentary for all it was worth, because it is all he's worth. Kurrgan threw out Mosh at 18:44. Marc Mero came out with the cartoon character known as Sable next. At 20:17, Kurrgan threw out Blackman. Ken Shamrock was in next. They tried to create an Austin storyline as Jerry Lawler claimed to have info in the back that Shamrock had beaten up Austin and that Austin wouldn't be able to come out. They built to a spot where Shamrock knocked Kurrgan off his feet "for the first time." At 21:47, half the guys in the ring got rid of Kurrgan. Head Banger Thrasher (Glen Ruth) was in next. Phineas Godwinn was looking some kind of horrible throwing the lamest blows at this point. Mick Foley then came out in his Mankind gimmick, gaining revenge throwing out Charlie Funk in 25:22. The AFKA Goldust came in and dumped Mankind in 27:50, giving his time for his next costume change. Jeff Jarrett was next in, but surprise, Owen Hart had recovered and was right there behind him. Jarrett didn't last long, as Hart dumped him at 30:07. Honky Tonk Man (Roy Wayne Farris) was next in, followed by Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna. At 30:47, Maivia gave Shamrock a low blow and dumped him. Chyna went to hit Hart with a crutch but Hart blocked it, but it allowed Helmsley to clock him, knowing him out of the ring at 31:14. Ahmed Johnson (Tony Norris) was next in and he stunk up the joint. Although no worse than Mark Henry, who followed. Henry looked totally lost. Since Henry at this point was working with Johnson, who may have gotten out of the doghouse with his attitude in camp but seems to have actually gotten worse in the ring, their stuff was hideous. And since they were the focal point of this part of the match, whew! Then nobody came out, which they teased was supposed to be Austin trying to give you the impression that he wasn't going to even be in the match. Yeah, sure. The next night they claimed this position was supposed to be Skull and gave a lame injury excuse as to why he wasn't there. Henry and Brown mercifully threw out Johnson at 36:03. Then came the only apparent injury, as Henry threw out Phineas who landed right on the head of ref Jack Doan on the floor at 36:13. Doan legitimately had to be rushed out of the building in an ambulance and the preliminary report was that he had suffered a concussion. Kama Mustafa (former local high school basketball star Charles Wright) was in next. Steve Austin was in next and threw out Mero in 39:34 and threw out Eight Ball at 39:46. At this point Ross said how Mike Tyson could identify with Steve Austin. This glorifying that sociopathic rapist and ignoring every single thing he's most well known for in the commentary and visuals, even though this is all fun and games and we all know what the score is, just doesn't sit well and came off as really tasteless. Then again, it isn't as if wrestling promoters of the past haven't used their television to glorify and change the public's opinion of accused murderers and rapists (although unlike Tyson, no convicted murderers or rapists that I'm aware of) in the recent past either. Judging from the crowd reaction whenever they showed his face, I'm not alone in that thinking. Henry Godwinn (Mark Canterbury) was next in. This segment was most noted for the most pathetic hip-toss in PPV history (Mark Henry on AFKA Goldust). Henry appeared to hurt his knee at this point although kept going on. Savio Vega (Juan Rivera) was next in, joined by his fellow Boricua buddies. Austin then threw Jesus, Miguel and Jose out the middle ropes and they all departed. Faarooq (Ron Simmons) was in next, and attacked all his fellow NOD members. Dude Love followed, and got an initial pop for his music, but it died almost immediately. Based on crowd reactions, it appeared the match had dragged on too long by this point as the crowd was mostly dead even with Austin in the ring. Dude eliminated Bradshaw at 46:41. Chainz (Brian Harris) was in next. At 48:36, Faarooq backdropped Brown out. With the match itself at the 48 minute mark, Ross exclaimed how Maivia had been in the ring for well over 50 minutes. Vader was the last man in. At 50:31, Vader dumped Honky. Crowd was still dead waiting for the climax. It became the Titanic (everyone jumps overboard) finish, as Austin dumped Thrasher at 51:30, Austin dumped Kama at 51:36, Austin dumped Vega at 52:21, Goldust dumped Vader at 52:30, Henry Godwinn missed a charge at Dude at dumped himself at 52:40, Chainz dumped Goldust at 52:51, Austin dumped Chainz at 53:20 and in the funniest of all, Mark Henry kind of left at 53:24. Faarooq was supposed to be boot him out of the ring. He didn't go over and Faarooq, not realizing he didn't leave, just walked away figuring the spot was over, rather than giving him another move to eliminate him. Henry stood their confused not knowing what to do, which at this point you could hardly blame him for, and sheepishly jumped out of the ring. This left Dude & Austin vs. Rocky & Faarooq. Dude put the claw on Austin, who broke it with a low blow. At 54:29, Faarooq kicked Dude out. Maivia just sat in the corner while Faarooq and Austin went at it, and seeing his chance to eliminate both, charged. Of course he "screwed up," only eliminating Faarooq in 54:53. Seeing just Austin against Maivia, it was like the dead crowd was suddenly supercharged with energy. Unfortunately, it only lasted 31 seconds more before Austin gave Maivia the stunner and threw him over the top. **1/2
  2. Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom) beat Undertaker (Mark Calaway) in 20:37 of a casket match to retain the WWF title. Real good work by both, Michaels in particular. Michaels took one incredible bump early taking a backdrop over the top rope and cracking his lower back on the casket as he went over. He was really lucky he wasn't hurt on that one. Undertaker pressed him overhead and dropped him on the floor. Michaels was thrown into the casket but quickly ran out. Michaels took a Harley Race bump over the top to the floor. Michaels was thrown into the casket again. As Undertaker went to shut the lid, Michaels threw white powder into his eyes. This spot was stupid for drama because in the Rumble for almost no reason, Henry threw powder in Johnson's eyes and Johnson only sold it momentarily, and quite frankly, Undertaker really only sold this spot momentarily as well. Michaels hit a nice moonsault block. Outside the ring, Undertaker did the spot where he was whipped into the ring steps and took it on his knees hard. Michaels began dropping the steps on Undertaker's back and gave him a piledriver on the steps making a clanging noise. Helmsley then attacked Undertaker with a few crutch and chair shots. Undertaker was thrown in the casket and pounded his way out, punching HHH in the process. Michaels used a swinging neckbreaker and a sleeper, but Undertaker got out of it with a back suplex. Michaels came back dropping an elbow off the top. Ross made a references to nobody in the industry doing the move like that, as a basic knock on Randy Savage (earlier in the show he made a remark obviously directed at WCW headliners saying that the WWF is for athletes in their primes and it isn't the seniors tour). Michaels hit the superkick and tried to put Undertaker in the casket, but before he could slam the door, Undertaker used the claw to the groin and got out. Michaels then took a Ray Stevens flip bump into the corner, and was nailed by a foot to the face. Undertaker went for a crossbody, but missed and fell into the casket. Michaels came off the top rope with an elbow drop into the casket and the lid closed on both of them. It opened and both staggered out. Undertaker used an impressive looking one arm choke slam, and followed by tombstoning Michaels from the apron into the casket. At this point Chyna knocked down the ref and Los Boricuas and the New Age Outlaws hit the ring and all began attacking Undertaker. Kane's music played and he cleaned house. An explosion was supposed to go off, to set the stage for his turning on Taker, but there was a screw-up on the spot, but Kane turned on him and punched and kicked him a few times before choke slamming him into the casket and Michaels shut the lid for the victory. After all the punishment both had survived, Kane's offense should have been more brutal, at least delivering a tombstone, when it came to finishing Undertaker off. Paul Bearer, who had been kept off the road for a few weeks to build drama for his return, prompting a million ridiculous rumors, came out and locked the casket. Kane took an ax and started chopping away, then poured gasoline all over it and Paul Bearer lit it on fire as the show went off the air. The match itself was really good, but it was taken down by the finish. ***1/2
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2016.02.13 20:31 sandmanviscera List of LIVING WWE Alumni & Active Roster by Age + Twitter Links

Name Age Date of Birth Twitter
Lord Littlebrook 87 Jan 3, 1929
William Shatner 84 Mar 22, 1931 @WilliamShatner
Rene Goulet 83 Jul 12, 1932
Bob Uecker 82 Jan 26, 1934
Jose Lothario 81 Dec 12, 1934
Mr Fuji 80 May 4, 1935
Bruno Sammartino 80 Oct 6, 1935 @SammartinoBruno
George "The Animal" Steele 79 Apr 16, 1936 @georgesteele
Johnny Rodz 77 May 16, 1938 @RodzJohnny
General Adnan 76 Mar 1, 1939
Bill Watts 76 May 5, 1939
Spiros Arion 75-76 ??? ??, 1940
The Baron 75 Oct 17, 1940
Pat Patterson 75 Jan 19, 1941
Ivan Putski 75 Jan 21, 1941 @ivan_putski
Dory Funk, Jr. 75 Feb 3, 1941 @fuanku
Pete Rose 74 Apr 14, 1941 @PeteRose_14
Masa Saito 74 Feb 1, 1942
Iron Sheik 73 Mar 15, 1942 @the_ironsheik
Jimmy Valiant 73 Aug 6, 1942 @BoogieWoogie_jV
Ivan Koloff 73 Aug 25, 1942 @IKoloff
Pedro Morales 73 Oct 22, 1942
Afa 73 Nov 21, 1942
Blackjack Mulligan 73 Nov 25, 1942
Gene Okerlund 73 Dec 19, 1942 @TheGeneOkerlund
Harley Race 72 Apr 11, 1943 @TheHarleyRace
Jimmy Snuka 72 May 18, 1943
Billy Graham 72 Jun 7, 1943
Ken Patera 72 Nov 6, 1943 @KennethPatera
Jimmy Hart 72 Jan 1, 1944 @RealJimmyHart
Jerry Springer 71 Feb 13, 1944 @jerryspringer
Terry Funk 71 Jun 30, 1944 @RealTerryFunk
Rocky Johnson 71 Aug 24, 1944
Bushwhacker Butch 71 Oct 21, 1944
Bobby Heenan 71 Nov 1, 1944
Pete Doherty 71 Jan 18, 1945
Bill White 70 Feb 27, 1945
Ronnie Garvin 70 Mar 30, 1945
Sika 70 Apr 5, 1945
Vince K. McMahon 70 Aug 24, 1945 @VinceMcMahon
Donald Trump 69 Jun 14, 1946 @realDonaldTrump
Gerald Brisco 69 Sep 19, 1946
Tony Garea 69 Sep 20, 1946
Bushwhacker Luke 69 Jan 8, 1947 @BushwhackerLuke
Killer Kahn 68 Mar 6, 1947
Scott Casey 68 Mar 19, 1947
Arnold Schwarzenneger 68 Jul 30, 1947 @Schwarzenegger
Theodore Long 68 Sep 15, 1947 @teddyplayalong
Nikolai Volkoff 68 Oct 14, 1947
Ax 68 Dec 27, 1947
Black Bart 67 Jun 1, 1948
Carlos Colón 67 Jul 18, 1948
Sgt. Slaughter 67 Aug 27, 1948 @_SgtSlaughter
Linda McMahon 67 Oct 4, 1948 @Linda_McMahon
"Outlaw" Ron Bass 67 Dec 21, 1948
Chavo Guerrero Sr. 67 Jan 7, 1949 @ChavoClassic
Ric Flair 66 Feb 25, 1949 @RicFlairNatrBoy
Siva Afi 66 Apr 28, 1949
Tennessee Lee 66 May 14, 1949
Dave Hebner 66 May 17, 1949
Earl Hebner 66 May 17, 1949 @TheEarlHebner
Jumpin Jim Brunzel 66 Aug 13, 1949 @jumpinjbrunzell
Bob Backlund 66 Aug 14, 1949
Stan Hansen 66 Aug 29, 1949
Don Muraco 66 Sep 10, 1949
Mike Adamle 66 Oct 4, 1949 @TheMikeAdamle
Kevin Sullivan 66 Oct 26, 1949
Paul Orndorff 66 Oct 29, 1949
Jerry Lawler 66 Nov 29, 1949 @JerryLawler
Zeb Colter 66 Nov 29, 1949 @WWEZeb
Bruce Hart 66 Jan 13, 1950
Tenryu 66 Feb 2, 1950
Moondog Rex 65 May 2, 1950
Frenchy Martin 65 May 25, 1950
Kamala 65 May 28, 1950
Howard Finkel 65 Jun 7, 1950 @howardfinkel
Bunkhouse Buck 65 Aug 1, 1950
Bob Orton 65 Nov 10, 1950
Jesse Ventura 64 Jul 15, 1951 @GovJVentura
Keith Hart 64 Aug 21, 1951
Skinner 64 Sep 10, 1951
Greg Valentine 64 Sep 20, 1951
Larry Zbyszko 64 Dec 5, 1951
Jim Ross 64 Jan 3, 1952 @JRsBBQ
Mr. T 63 May 21, 1952 @MrT
Hillbilly Jim 63 Jul 5, 1952
Waylon Mercy 63 Oct 14, 1952 @Bigdanspivey
Honky Tonk Man 63 Jan 25, 1953 @OfficialHTM
Sato 62 Feb 13, 1953
Ricky Steamboat 62 Feb 28, 1953 @REALSteamboat
Tito Santana 62 May 10, 1953
Cyndi Lauper 62 Jun 22, 1953 @cyndilauper
Billy Jack Haynes 62 Jul 10, 1953
Stan Lane 62 Aug 5, 1953
Hulk Hogan 62 Aug 11, 1953 @HulkHogan
Paul Ellering 62 Aug 22, 1953
Tatsumi Fujinami 62 Dec 28, 1953
Jim Duggan 62 Jan 14, 1954 @OfficialHacksaw
Ted DiBiase 62 Jan 18, 1954 @MDMTedDiBiase
Tully Blanchard 62 Jan 22, 1954 @RealTullyB
Tim White 61 Mar 25, 1954
Tony Atlas 61 Apr 23, 1954 @tonyatlas
Big Bully Busick 61 Jun 1, 1954
Butch Reed 61 Jul 11, 1954
The Goon 61 Sep 17, 1954
Hector Guerrero 61 Oct 1, 1954 @Lazortron
Lanny Poffo 61 Dec 28, 1954 @LannyPoffo
Jim Neidhart 61 Feb 8, 1955 @Jim_NeidHart
Raymond Rougeau 60 Feb 18, 1955
The Commandant 60 Feb 28, 1955
Mike McGuirk 60 Mar 16, 1955
Vader 60 May 14, 1955 @itsvadertime
Eric Bischoff 60 May 27, 1955 @EBischoff
Jake Roberts 60 May 30, 1955 @JakeSnakeDDT
David Schultz 60 Jun 1, 1955
Red Rooster 60 Aug 12, 1955
Judy Martin 60 Oct 8, 1955
Rick Martel 59 Mar 18, 1956
Dan Marsh 59 Mar 28, 1956
Diamond Dallas Page 59 Apr 5, 1956 @RealDDP
Dink 59 Jul 13, 1956
Tugboat 59 Aug 10, 1956
Ricky Morton 59 Sep 21, 1956 @RealRickyMorton
Jamison 59 Oct 16, 1956
Momma Benjamin 59 Nov 20, 1956
Brutus Beefcake 58 Apr 21, 1957 @brutusbeefcake_
Dave Taylor 58 May 1, 1957
Rob Bartlett 58 May 18, 1957 @TheRobio
Koko B Ware 58 Jun 20, 1957 @RealKokoBWare
Bret Hart 58 Jul 2, 1957 @BretHart
Cpl. Kirchner 58 Sep 7, 1957
King Kong Bundy 58 Nov 7, 1957 @RealKKBundy
Gary Sabaugh 58 Oct 24, 1957
Slick 58 Dec 8, 1957 @SlickWWEhof
Jim Powers 58 Jan 4, 1958
Finlay 58 Jan 31, 1958
Outback Jack 57 Feb 12, 1958
Beau Beverly 57 Mar 22, 1958
Irwin R. Schyster 57 Mar 30, 1958
Nailz 57 Apr 17, 1958
Yamaguchi-San 57 May 5, 1958
Ron Simmons 57 May 15, 1958
Drew Carey 57 May 23, 1958 @DrewFromTV
Barry Orton 57 May 28, 1958
Lex Luger 57 Jun 2, 1958 @GenuineLexLuger
Dan Severn 57 Jun 8, 1958 @danbeastsevern
Tom Lister Jr. Zeus 57 Jun 24, 1958
Damien Demento 57 Jun 25, 1958 @DDementoRants
Robert Gibson 57 Jul 19, 1958
Barbarian 57 Sep 6, 1958
Arn Anderson 57 Sep 20, 1958
Razor Ramon 57 Oct 20, 1958 @SCOTTHALLNWO
Tom Zenk 57 Nov 30, 1958
Dynamite Kid 57 Dec 5, 1958
Mad Maxine 56-57 ??? ??, 1959
Jim Johnston 56-57 ??? ??, 1959
B. Brian Blair 57 Jan 12, 1959 @Killerbee1B
Boris Zhukov 57 Jan 29, 1959
Haku 57 Feb 3, 1959
Lawrence Taylor 57 Feb 4, 1959 @LT_56
Debbie Combs 56 Apr 18, 1959
Sting 56 Mar 20, 1959 @Sting
Michael Hayes 56 Mar 29, 1959 @MichaelPSHayes1
Scott Armstrong 56 May 4, 1959 @WWEArmstrong
Sean Mooney 56 May 21, 1959 @SeanMooneyKVOA
Diesel 56 Jul 9, 1959 @RealKevinNash
Gillberg 56 Jul 10, 1959
Smash 56 Oct 6, 1959 @RealDemoSmash
The Berzerker 56 Oct 18, 1959
Carlos Cabrera 56 Oct 18, 1959 @lavozcabrera
Nick Patrick 56 Nov 9, 1959 @nickhamiltonjr
Leilani Kai 56 Jan 23, 1960 @realLeilaniKai
Animal 56 Jan 26, 1960 @RealRWAnimal
Marty Jannetty 56 Feb 3, 1960
One Man Gang 55 Feb 12, 1960
Debra 55 Mar 2, 1960 @WWEDivaDebra
Barry Horowitz 55 Mar 24, 1960
TL Hopper 55 Apr 12, 1960
Paul Roma 55 Apr 29, 1960
The Mountie 55 Jun 13, 1960 @RougeauJacques
Barry Windham 55 Jul 4, 1960
Marc Mero 55 Jul 9, 1960 @MarcMero
Al Perez 55 Jul 23, 1960
Dean Malenko 55 Aug 4, 1960
David Sammartino 55 Sep 29, 1960
Bobby Fulton 55 Oct 4, 1960 @TheBobbyFulton
Ron Harris 55 Oct 23, 1960
Don Harris 55 Oct 23, 1960
Sycho Sid 55 Dec 16, 1960 @SychoVicious
Vince Russo 55 Jan 24, 1961 @THEVinceRusso
Rick Steiner 54 Mar 9, 1961 @ricksteiner
Brooklyn Brawler 54 Apr 18, 1961 @brawlerreal
Paul Diamond 54 May 11, 1961
The Godfather 54 May 16, 1961 @heGodfatherWWE
Tatanka 54 Jun 8, 1961 @NativeTatanka
Tanaka 54 Aug 5, 1961
Wendi Richter 54 Sep 6, 1961
Phil Lafon 54 Sep 16, 1961
Jim Cornette 54 Sep 17, 1961 @TheJimCornette
Rico 54 Oct 1, 1961
Man Mountain Rock 54 Oct 3, 1961 @ManMountainRock
Tony Chimel 54 Oct 11, 1961 @TonyChimelWWE
Ivory 54 Nov 26, 1961
The Patriot 54 Dec 21, 1961 @DELWILKES
Sniper 54 Jan 9, 1962
Billy Silverman 53 Feb 21, 1962
Jim Korderas 53 Mar 19, 1962 @jimmykorderas
The Warlord 53 Mar 28, 1962
Virgil 53 Jun 13, 1962 @TheRealVirgil
Brakkus 53 Jul 2, 1962
Jesus Castillo 53 Jul 15, 1962
Marcelo Rodriguez 53 Jul 22, 1962 @MarceloAtWWE
Scott Steiner 53 Jul 29, 1962 @ScottSteiner
Velvet McIntyre 53 Nov 24, 1962
Jon Stewart 53 Nov 28, 1962
William Perry 53 Dec 16, 1962 @FridgePerry72
Bob Holly 53 Jan 29, 1963 @TheBobHolly
Mickie Henson 52-53 ??? ??, 1963 @keysref
Brother Love 52 Mar 7, 1963 @bruceprichard
Super Porky 52 Mar 17, 1963 @Brazo_de_Plata
Samu 52 May 29, 1963 @greatsamu
Ahmed Johnson 52 Jun 6, 1963 @AhmedJohnson97
Blake Beverly 52 Jun 11, 1963
The Sandman 52 Jun 16, 1963 @realsandman
Al Snow 52 Jul 18, 1963 @TheRealAlSnow
Giant Silva 52 Jul 21, 1963
Kitao 52 Aug 12, 1963
Steve Blackman 52 Sep 28, 1963 @Steve_Blackman
Sam Houston 52 Oct 11, 1963
Missy Hyatt 52 Oct 16, 1963 @missyhyatt
Billy Gunn 52 Nov 11, 1963 @RealBillyGunn
Bart Gunn 52 Dec 27, 1963 @cruzinfree
Jacqueline 52 Jan 6, 1964 @JackieMooreTx
Konnan 52 Jan 6, 1964 @Konnan5150
Ernest Miller 52 Jan 14, 1964 @ernTHECATmiller
Alundra Blayze 52 Feb 9, 1964 @Madusa_rocks
Ken Shamrock 52 Feb 11, 1964 @ShamrockKen
Adam Bomb 51 Mar 14, 1964
Henry O. Godwinn 51 Mar 16, 1964
Mo 51 Apr 13, 1964
Brian Knobbs 51 May 6, 1964 @NastyBoyKnobbs
Vito 51 Jun 18, 1964 @VitoLoGrasso
Charles Robinson 51 Jul 2, 1964 @WWERobinson
Jerry Sags 51 Jul 5, 1964 @jerrysags
The Boogeyman 51 Jul 15, 1964 @realboogey
Nicole Bass 51 Aug 10, 1964 @MsBigBass
Savio Vega 51 Aug 10, 1964 @SavioVega
Tori 51 Aug 20, 1964
Raven 51 Sep 8, 1964 @theraveneffect
Rockin Robin 51 Oct 9, 1964
Shane Douglas 51 Nov 21, 1964 @TheFranchiseSD
Mr. Hughes 51 Dec 7, 1964 @bigpapiv
Sabu 51 Dec 12, 1964 @TerryBrunk
Steve Austin 51 Dec 18, 1964 @steveaustinBSR
Norman Smiley 50 Feb 28, 1965 @NormanSmiley1
Booker T 50 Mar 1, 1965 @BookerT5x
Lance Cassidy 50 Mar 16, 1965
The Undertaker 50 Mar 24, 1965
Mick Foley 50 Jun 7, 1965 @RealMickFoley
Clarence Mason 50 Jun 17, 1965
Shawn Michaels 50 Jul 22, 1965 @ShawnMichaels
John Laurinaitis 50 Jul 31, 1965 @JohnLaurinaitis
Muffy Mower 50 Aug 21, 1965 @MowerPower
Rikishi 50 Oct 11, 1965 @TheREALRIKISHI
The Tonga Kid 50 Oct 11, 1965 @TheTongaKid
Horace Hogan 50 Oct 21, 1965
Flash Funk 50 Oct 25, 1965
Paul Heyman 50 Sep 11, 1965 @HeymanHustle
Noriyo Tateno 50 Dec 1, 1965
Itsuki Yamazaki 50 Jan 3, 1966
Robbie Brookside 49 Mar 11, 1966 @RobbyBrookside
Scott Putski 49 May 22, 1966
Salvatore Sincere 49 Jul 9, 1966
Mike Chioda 49 Aug 1, 1966 @MjcChioda
Lilian Garcia 49 Aug 19, 1966 @LilianGarcia
Jeff Tremaine 49 Sep 4, 1966 @GORILLAFLICKS
Terri Runnels 49 Oct 5, 1966 @theterrirunnels
Perry Saturn 49 Oct 25, 1966 @PerrySaturn1
Hugh Morrus 49 Nov 10, 1966 @BillDeMott
Chainz Fake Taker 49 Nov 26, 1966
JBL 49 Nov 29, 1966 @JCLayfield
Hakushi 49 Dec 2, 1966
Ultimo Dragon 49 Dec 12, 1966 @TheUltimoDragon
Mens Teioh 49 Dec 16, 1966
Goldberg 49 Dec 27, 1966 @Goldberg
Jeff Jarrett 48 Apr 14, 1967 @RealJeffJarrett
Kane 48 Apr 26, 1967 @KaneWWE
Kevin Kelly 48 May 9, 1967 @realkevinkelly
Heidi Lee Morgan 48 Jun 29, 1967
Sable 48 Aug 8, 1967
Eric Angle 48 Aug 8, 1967
Chad Fortune Travis 48 Aug 13, 1967
Tazz 48 Oct 11, 1967 @OfficialTAZ
Troy 48 Dec 19, 1967 @DarthWatts
Jake Gymini 48 Dec 21, 1967
Jesse Gymini 48 Dec 21, 1967
Jean Pierre LaFitte 48 Dec 30, 1967
Bull Buchanan 48 Jan 15, 1968 @bullbuchanan68
Charlie Hunter 47-48 ??? ??, 1968
Vickie Guerrero 47 Apr 16, 1968 @VickieGuerrero
William Regal 47 May 10, 1968 @RealKingRegal
Mantaur 47 May 14, 1968
Pequeño Violencia 47 Jul 18, 1968
Funaki 47 Aug 24, 1968 @shofufu824
Michael Cole 47 Dec 8, 1968 @MichaelCole
Piratita Morgan 47 Dec 9, 1968
Kurt Angle 47 Dec 9, 1968 @RealKurtAngle
Mideon 47 Dec 26, 1968
Batista 47 Jan 18, 1969 @DaveBautista
Gangrel 46 Feb 16, 1969 @gangrel13
Lance Storm 46 Apr 3, 1969 @LanceStorm
Goldust 46 Apr 11, 1969 @Goldust
Road Dogg 46 May 20, 1969 @WWERoadDogg
Thrasher 46 Jun 13, 1969 @GRthrasher
The Great Sasuke 46 Jul 18, 1969
Triple H 46 Jul 27, 1969 @TripleH
Kid Kash 46 Jul 31, 1969 @DavidKidKash
Dick Togo 46 Aug 17, 1969
Nathan Jones 46 Aug 21, 1969
Just Joe 46 Sep 2, 1969 @TheJoeELegend
The Jackyl 46 Oct 13, 1969 @ECWCyrus
Kurrgan 46 Oct 26, 1969 @WrestlerKurrgan
Alex Porteau 46 Oct 30, 1969 @alexpourteau
Mauro Ranallo 46 Dec 21, 1969 @mauroranallo
Buff Bagwell 46 Jan 10, 1970 @REALbuffbagwell
Snitsky 46 Jan 14, 1970 @BIGGENESNITSKY
Fake Razor Ramon 46 Jan 16, 1970
Conquistador Dos 45 Mar 24, 1970 @facdaniels
Rosey 45 Apr 7, 1970
Marcus Cor Von 45 Apr 13, 1970 @themontybrown
Pete Gas 45 May 29, 1970 @IamPeteGas
Amy Weber 45 Jul 2, 1970 @TherealAmyWeber
Shawn Stasiak 45 Jul 21, 1970 @theshawnstasiak
Spike Dudley 45 Aug 13, 1970
Yoshihiro Tajiri 45 Sep 29, 1970 @tajiribuzzsaw
Miss Kitty 45 Sep 29, 1970 @stacycarterkat
Rodney Mack 45 Oct 12, 1970
Duke Droese 45 Oct 13, 1970
Chavo Guerrero Jr. 45 Oct 20, 1970 @mexwarrior
D'Lo Brown 45 Oct 22, 1970 @dlobrown75
Queen Sharmell 45 Nov 2, 1970 @RealSharmell
Sara Calaway 45 Nov 2, 1970
Dawn Marie 45 Nov 3, 1970 @WWEDawnMarieECW
Chris Jericho 45 Nov 9, 1970 @IAmJericho
Sylvester Terkay 45 Dec 4, 1970 @SylvesterTerkay
Barbara Bush (B.B.) 45 Dec 9, 1970
Rob Van Dam 45 Dec 18, 1970 @TherealRVD
Chyna 45 Dec 27, 1970 @ChynaJoanLaurer
Rodney 45 Jan 1, 1971 @MSPRodney
C.W. Anderson 45 Jan 7, 1971 @ECWAnderson
Victoria 45 Feb 10, 1971 @REALLiSAMARiE
Tommy Dreamer 44 Feb 13, 1971 @THETOMMYDREAMER
Val Venis 44 Mar 6, 1971 @ValVenisEnt
Doug Basham 44 May 12, 1971
Bobcat 44 May 18, 1971
Psicosis 44 May 19, 1971 @PsicosisOficial
Mosh 44 May 28, 1971 @ChazMosh
Mark Henry 44 Jun 12, 1971 @TheMarkHenry
Chuck Palumbo 44 Jun 15, 1971 @ChuckPalumbo
J.C. Ice 44 Jul 5, 1971
Bubba Ray Dudley 44 Jul 14, 1971 @BubbaRayDudley
Joey Styles 44 Jul 14, 1971 @JoeyStyles
Sim Snuka 44 Sep 1, 1971 @SimSnuka
Luther Reigns 44 Sep 22, 1971
Stevie Richards 44 Oct 9, 1971 @bWoStevie
Joey Abs 44 Oct 15, 1971 @mspjoeyabs
Trinity 44 Dec 1, 1971 @actiontrinity
Grandmaster Sexay 44 Jan 10, 1972 @realbrianlawler
R-Truth 44 Jan 19, 1972 @RonKillings
Big Show 44 Feb 8, 1972 @WWETheBigShow
Francine 43 Feb 19, 1972 @ecwfrancine
Little Guido Nunzio 43 Mar 12, 1972 @LittleGuidoFBI
Balls Mahoney 43 Apr 11, 1972
Violent J 43 Apr 28, 1972 @icp
The Rock 43 May 2, 1972 @TheRock
Simon Dean Nova 43 Jun 5, 1972
Heidenreich 43 Jun 28, 1972 @BigJHeidenreich
Canyon Ceman 43 Jun 29, 1972
X-Pac 43 Jul 13, 1972 @TheRealXPac
D-Von Dudley 43 Aug 1, 1972 @TestifyDVon
Jonathan Coachman 43 Aug 12, 1972 @TheCoachESPN
Lou E. Dangerously 43 Aug 19, 1972 @LDAngeli
Matthew Bloom Albert 43 Nov 14, 1972 @NXTMattBloom
List continues in comments below. (Parts 2-4)
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2015.08.07 03:05 dirkdiggler580 WOSW: The Beginning (Part 1)

The year is 2017. WWE is still the premium juggernaut of "Sports Entertainment" with Bray Wyatt holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. TNA was being led by Matt Morgan who became their World Champ after a stint in NXT. The wrestling world was ready for something new after the (quite frankly) stale products that the "big two" were putting out.
Rumours started circulating the news outlets that a new promotion, funded by two anonymous backers, called World of Sport Wrestling was looking to make it's grand entrance with the funding and star power that could rival it's soon to be enemies in the North American scene.
Before people knew it, WOSW had rumoured and confirmed signings everywhere. From the Young Bucks to Rob Van Dam to even The Undertaker himself! It was a flurry of news and many fans didn't know what was real and what was fake. Who were the two anonymous backers that could afford the type of cash to bring in some of their rivals' biggest stars?
It wasn't until long that a TV deal was confirmed either. WOSW was set to be broadcast on MTV, being advertised as "wrestling like you have never seen it before" promising realistic matches, treated like a professional sport. The deal was set and the date was made. On the first Monday of March 2017, WOSW was going to debut it's new TV show "Carnage" on MTV for all of the world to watch.
Presented by Joey Styles, Mike Tenay and Adam Copeland, wrestlers from all over the globe came to compete in WOSW's first ever event. WOSW wanted to offer the best that the world of wrestling had to offer, with small time British wrestlers like El Ligero and Rampage Brown competing on the same card as big names. The two stand out matches of the night were The Hart Dynasty (TJ Wilson/Harry Smith) defeating The Young Bucks to crown themselves as the first ever WOSW World Tag Team champions. Another memorial match was Matt Sydal (who was managed by Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker) against Rocky Romero for the World Heavyweight championship which Matt Sydal won, becoming the first World Champion in the company's history. (RESULTS HERE)
It was the first night of WOSW and it met critical acclaim. Fans dug the new style of hard hitting moves that were presented as reality. WOSW was here, and it was trying to compete with the WWE to become the best wrestling corporation in the world.
Would it succeed?
Stay tuned to find out.
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2015.03.06 22:19 Prefer_Not_To_Say The Allegations Against Bill DeMott - Megathread

Note - As I was writing this, Bill DeMott actually announced that he was stepping down. So I apologise for posting this belatedly but it will be posted for posterity anyway. I think it's important to have these stories available for future reference. DeMott stepping down is good news for all of us!
UPDATE: Bill DeMott stepping down has received coverage in The Washington Post.
This thread is to catalogue the allegations made against Bill DeMott so far and to update with any new developments (I'm in the UK, so any late-night developments in the US will be added the following morning). Not only is this for the sake of putting together a single hub so everyone can find every story easily but also as place for newcomers to find out the entire story without being confused and only hearing bits and pieces.
Basically, the short version is that Bill DeMott has been accused of three things: firstly, berating and insulting the WWE trainees with politically-incorrect language. Some examples include repeated use of the term "faggot", telling a black wrestler to "go back to Africa", telling a Middle Eastern trainee to "go back to building bombs" and more. Secondly, DeMott has been accused of intentionally causing or trying to cause injuries amongst the trainees or making existing injuries worse through neglect or maliciousness. Thirdly, the strength and conditioning coach -- Matt Wichlinkski -- has been accused of repeated counts of sexual harassment and not suffered any disciplinary action for doing so. This is allegedly due to DeMott being unwilling to take action against him.
Kevin Matthews Kevin Matthews first spoke out about Bill DeMott on his MySpace in 2007, shortly after being released from Deep South Wrestling. More famously, Kevin Matthews spoke out against DeMott in 2012 on Twitter, also breaking the news that DeMott has forced talents (Drew Hankinson) to train naked in the past and perform a Stinkface on other trainees (Zack Ryder and Melissa Coates), which was accompanied by a picture of the event (NSFW), with DeMott standing on the outside of the ring. Matthews made sure to note that women were on the receiving end of the naked Stinkface too.
In a now-removed video on Youtube, Devon Nicholson corroborates this story but, in a statement for Figure Four Online, states the talent was not forced to do this but volunteered because DeMott said if anyone did, they would get out of training that day. However, he also assumes that Vince McMahon finding out this type of "training" occurring was one of the reasons Deep South Wrestling was shut down and DeMott was released in 2007 (being replaced by Tom Prichard) before being hired back in 2011.
UPDATE: Devon Nicholson talks about the Stinkface incident in this video, describing it as "sick" and "one of the most disturbing incidents" and he left soon after because he was paid to learn how to wrestle, not to view displays such as that.
Derek Foore (Chad Baxter in NXT) In an interview with The Shoot in 2013, Derek Foore brought up his time in NXT and said that if a trainee messed up in the ring, Bill DeMott would break a yard stick over their back.
Austin Matelson (Austin Draven - ring name, Judas Devlin in NXT) On the 25th of February, Austin Draven had an interview with Vendetta Pro Radio and news came to light of a letter that Draven wrote to Human Resources about DeMott's behaviour. It outlined a lot of wrongdoing on DeMott's part, including racist and homophobic language, mocking another wrestler's death, referring to wrestler Joel Pettyfer (Oliver Gray) as "Joel Pedophile", telling students to kill themselves shortly after the trainees paid their condolences to Mike Graham (who had committed suicide) and more.
The letter also outlined DeMott's acts of intentionally putting students at risk of injury, including Draven himself, Gary Jackson, Enzo Amore, Memo Montenegro, Brandon Traven, Alexander Rusev, Briley Pierce and Oliver Gray.
Draven followed this with a second appearance on Vendetta Pro Radio where he revealed further details about DeMott's behaviour, including the fact that DeMott mocked Judas' letter after Talent Relations betrayed his trust about keeping it confidential. He also mentions that DeMott keeps a gun in his desk drawer and brings up that the strength and conditioning coach was sexually harassing the women but only Paige spoke up about it.
Following this news, Trent Barreta posted "About fucking time." to Twitter, indicating he was aware of DeMott's actions and was pleased someone was coming forward with them.
Ryan Collins (Brandon Traven in NXT) The Sports Courier on Facebook revealed this letter from Brandon Traven, reaffirming many of the points Austin Draven wrote about in his letter, such as Traven being on the receiving end of many of DeMott's homophobic comments. Brandon Traven was released only weeks after writing the letter.
Ryan Nemeth (Briley Pierce in NXT) On Twitter, Ryan Nemeth -- brother of Dolph Ziggler -- spoke about the strength and conditioning coach harassing female trainees and described DeMott as an "enabler" and "protector".
In an Ask Me Anything here on Reddit ten months ago, Nemeth discussed DeMott kicking him in his cast when he had a broken leg (as Draven wrote about in his letter) and delved into more detail about the female wrestlers being mistreated. He stated that after he posted his tweets about the strength and conditioning coach, "Triple H announced to the current locker room that [he] was a bitter liar who was making up stories" and "the girls' jobs and reputations were threatened". This is why he deleted the tweets.
He also added, "people who work there don't want to report things because they are scared they'll be fired for it. which is accurate. and people who don't work there anymore who report things are portrayed as being bitter ex-talent with an axe to grind." This fits with Brandon Traven being fired only weeks after reporting his mistreatment. Nemeth also went on to praise Rob MacIntyre, the strength and training coach who preceded Matt Wichlinkski.
Terra Calaway On Twitter, Terra Calaway wrote about how DeMott verbally abused a Middle Eastern trainee, referring to him as "a terrorist", "Aladdin", "a fat fuck" and telling him to "go back to building bombs". She also discussed how DeMott placed the trainee in a situation that was unsafe for someone of his skill level and how his yelling at Caraway pushed her into a wrestling seminar even though she had not adequately stretched, putting herself at risk.
Ricardo Rodriguez In an RF Video shoot interview in 2014, Ricardo talked about the number of trainees being injured suddenly going up and, when asked why, he joked, "hey Bill ...", referring to DeMott.
Anonymous Female Wrestler Here on Reddit, only three hours ago, a story was posted by a wrestler who worked in NXT with Bill DeMott but chose to remain anonymous. However, her identity was verified by the Moderators.
She describes a climate where everyone was afraid to speak up against DeMott for the sake of losing their jobs. This was the case with "Rob MacIntyre [the previous strength and conditioning coach, who Dave Meltzer explained was a scapegoat for many of the injuries] and at least two divas", as well as a female advocate in Talent Relations. She also reaffirms the point about Judas' letter being mocked by DeMott and goes into detail about Matt Wichlinkski, the strength and condition coach, and his sexual harassment of many of the female wrestlers. She also provides visual evidence, showing an image Wichlinkski took of one of the Bella Twins' posterior and lewd comments he made elsewhere.
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6
Here on Reddit, chillyecho looked into Wichlinkski more and found some more information about his online past, including a picture of Summer Rae's behind during a workout and a lewd comment on Facebook.
Ivelisse Vélez (Sofia Cortez in NXT) Ivelisse posted a tweet that simply stated, "If y'all only knew MY story... You know who I'm talking about. I lost everything for speaking up.. I was the first. The warning to others." From the timing and context, it is clear she is referring to DeMott.
UPDATE: Ivelisse would go on to post a paragraph saying she "had no choice but to suffer in silence" and she is awaiting legal clearance to be able to tell her story.
Curt Hawkins In an RF Video shoot interview in 2014, Curt Hawkins mentioned that people wrote letters to management "all the fucking time" about DeMott -- both for justified and unjustified reasons, according to Hawkins -- and DeMott would tear the letters out of wrestlers' hands as they were writing and post them on the bulletin board.
Drew Donovan In a Facebook post on March 4th, Donovan described the accusations against Bill DeMott as "pretty much one hundred percent true".
Joey Ryan and MVP In a Twitter thread dating back to January 2014, Joey Ryan wrote about John Laurinaitis and others but apart from a mention of DeMott being "a bully" and an alarming tweet from DeMott about the Boston marathon bombing, there were no significant stories about DeMott's actions. However, Ryan linked to Austin Matelson and Brandon Traven's stories on Wreddit and said he "wasn't exaggerating" about DeMott's bullying methods. MVP replied to it shortly afterwards, simply saying, "Damn. That shit is STILL going on?" confirming it also occurred during his time with the WWE.
Bob Holly On Twitter, speaking about a wrestling seminar he did a month ago, Holly states, "two former NXT students were there and said a few things that were the exact same claims that were said against Bill. Sounds like he has been doing it for a while". However, please note that Holly regards this as hearsay rather than confirmation.
Mike Bucci (Nova in ECW, Simon Dean in WWE) In his RF video shoot interview, Simon Dean stated that people were "sick of" Bill DeMott in Deep South, as it was a period where DeMott was fired but kept coming in anyway. He also referred to DeMott as "a bully" who would stiff people in the ring and stated that, although Kevin Matthews was not liked by a lot of people, what he said about Bill DeMott was true.
Rob Naylor, Creative Assistant at NXT Naylor appeared on Wrestling Observer Live on the 6th of March 2015, confirming some of DeMott's comments to be true, including the mockery of Davey Boy Smith's death. He said this occurred in front of 25 witnesses, so it was odd that the WWE claimed they found "no wrongdoing" in a press release about "thoroughly investigating" the matter.
Kenny Omega During an interview with Under The Mat, Kenny Omega discussed his time in WWE Developmental and said of DeMott: "The problem with Deep South to me is that there was a group that were tight with the boss and they would always go out and drink and have barbeques. Then when WWE would say who should we look at? Bill Demott would say oh look at this guy and this guy. Of course those were his buddies…."
A special thank you to all the people who came forward with their stories about Bill DeMott and helped get him to "step down" from his position. It was very courageous of all of you. As wrestling fans, we care about your well-being and the well-being of all trainees who will follow in your footsteps. Although many of us can only read about how tough the wrestling business is, we know it's difficult enough to be a part of without people like DeMott making it harder. We hope we were able to help in our own small way. Thank you for reading.
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2014.08.21 19:58 maxbunag Only 2 left? With Rey Mysterio's pending exit....

...there are only 6 active wrestlers on the roster who wrestled for WCW. They are: Big Show (as The Giant), Chris Jericho, Goldust (as Se7en), Kane (as Bruiser Mastino [thanks wearethat]), (Rob Van Dam (as Robbie V), Triple H (as Terra Ryzing), Undertaker (as Mean Mark Calaway), and William Regal [thanks anoldoldw00denship].
There are also only 2 active wrestlers who wrestled for the original ECW. They are: Jericho and Rob Van Dam.
And just for thought, the Attitude Era (assuming an end date on 4/1/2001), there are only 12 left. They are: Big Show (hardly active), Jericho, Christian (still listed, but not active), The Rock (listed as active but clearly not), Goldust, Kane, Mark Henry (hardly active), R-Truth (known as K-Kwik), Stephanie McMahon (newly active), Triple H (hardly active), Undertaker (hardly active), William Regal (not active, but on roster).
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2014.05.25 12:40 Thumper17 Stings WWE Debut

Now, it's pretty close according to a few sources, some sources say it's hit a snag. Either way, it's gotta happen, the fans deserve a TakeSting faceoff and he deserves a proper final run.
How would you Debut Sting though? Obviously, I'd pay for any surgery/rehab he needs if he's run down. Send him to the spa/chiropractor etc. Have him go through a diet/exercise program to get into as good a shape as possible. This is his last run here, he should be at his absolute possible best. Loosen him up, get him big and strong and have him run some ropes in the WWE training center to tune him up a little bit.
I have two ideas, first.
Around Survivor series/TLC, have Undertaker come out in plain clothes. Not American Badass, not Deadman, not even 'Mean' Mark Callous.
He walks to the ring as Mark Calaway. He get's a Microphone and talks about how thankful he is. How it's been a hell of a ride, how he cherishes all of it. Etc. Etc.
The lights cut, they come back up and a Crow is tied to one of the ring ropes. Mark looks at it in disbelief and then chuckles, putting his hands on his hips and shaking his head like he does. He sets the microphone down and leaves, shaking his head and laughing.
Cut forward a few weeks.
Nothing has happened since Taker walked out. Vince walks out, talks about how godlike he is and how it wouldn't have been possible without the help of a few good men and a few lucky 'streaks'. He announces the first inductee into the 2015 HoF is The Undertaker. Glen Jacobs walks out and he talks about how much fun he had and the opportunities he was given. He says, much like a bigger brother should, Mark has looked out for him and done everything he could for him and that Percy, or rather, Paul would be as proud as a father could be. The lights cut, and back up, and the Crow is back, this time, holding Kanes old glove/mask. Glen reacts much like Mark, but he looks towards Vince. Vince then goes nuts and demands to know who's doing this, unacceptable, etc. Lights cut, and back up. The Crow is gone and in it's place is a package tied to the rope. Vince and Glen cautiously approach, untie it, open it and react in surprise/horroshock. They drop the box and a Scorpion climbs out.
A few weeks later.
Kane has said he is dedicating the rest of his matches to Undertaker and Paul Bearer, and he's been going on a tear. Putting on clinics. He's decided that Bray Wyatt is responsible for the recent shenanigans and calls him out, Wyatt says that while he is powerful, he isn't a foolish man. He wouldn't enrage his prey like this. However, Bray has been using a Crow/Raven like bird lately to reference his follow the buzzards tagline and has cut a few promos with creepy crawly bugs, spiders, scorpions, etc.
Kane calls him out, they work Survivor series, Brays family interfering. Then at TLC, Kane VS the entire Wyatt family. During the match Bray pulls out a black baseball bat and gives Kane a few lovetaps with it. Kane rages out, and kills off Luke and Erick Rowan, chokeslamming them through a table off a laddeTombstoning into a pile of chairs/Last riding off a ladder. Crazy stuff. Tributes to Taker.
Bray eventually get's chucked off a ladder, Kane is still up top, shouting that he's gotten his revenge, he's protected Takers honour, etc. Lights off, lights on. Several black bats are now hanging within arms reach of the ladder. The Titan tron now has a message on it, 'Nothings for Sure....'. Kane flips, starts tearing the bats down, he gets down the ladder tears the ring apart. People start getting up and getting chokeslammed. Bray eats one for his trouble, he's bloody and smiling/laughing, saying "I told you Kane! I told you!"
Kane eventually rages out and leaves the ring. Reff calls for the bell, ruling the match a no contest.
Next Raw, Kane comes out, demanding answers. Lights off, titantron shows pictures of scorpion, crows, graveyard, man walking in the distance, heavy rain. Finally centering on a shadowy figure. Hair over face. He looks up, still covered and then walks off screen. The following message appears on screen.
"Date of Royal Rumble It's Showtime!"
Lights on, Kane says he'll be waiting. Match scheduled for Rumble Kane VS ???
Cut to Royal Rumble. Kane enters, waits impatiently, urges mystery man out. Lights cut, this song plays, and instead of the 1997 message, it's this.
When a man is broken, he withers. He fades and crumbles, until he is nothing but a memory. From the ashes of a Deadman, will rise an incredible Darkness. We look to the skies for a vindicator, someone to strike fear into that which knows none, to strike back against the false and rejuvenate the weary. The battle for redemption has begun, with a new purpose, with renewed strength. Against an army of the Unholy comes the light. This is Sting.
Crowd. Shit. Loses it. (To keep the surprise, it will be rumoured and 'leaked' that it was going to be Uber heel Bad News Barrett, trolling the fans.)
Spotlight on the entrance ramp that slowly pans over to the center of the ring. Sting rappels down. Lights go up, Sting is in his '97 style crow gear, leather Jacket, black and silver facepaint and black and silver gear. Sting is emotionless, Bat in hand, he looks blankly at Kane. Kane circles him and Sting circles back. Crowd is fever pitch. Kane moves in on Sting and sidesteps him. Kane looks back at him and Sting breaks a smile. Drops the bat and eggs Kane on. They have a short match, Sting hits a Stinger splash, but NOT his DDT or Sharpshooter. Sting instead ducks Kanes attempt at a splash and guides Kanes head into the ring post. Schoolboying him for the win in no more then 5 minutes.
Lame, maybe, but let's not give Stings major moves away just yet. Keep some mystery to him.
After the match have Sting work over Kane with the Bat. Then do his 'Woo' taunt. Have him then point to the Wrestlemania sign and scream 'Deadman'. Before the lights cut and he disappears.
Next Raw, Mark Calaway is in the ring, he calls out Sting. Sting appears on the titantron. In some creepy looking graveyard. Mark says he knew it was Sting from the beginning. He says it changes nothing. He's retired and beating on Kane solved nothing. Sting merely says, 'Nothings for Sure 'Taker.' He then points the camera down to the name on the grave. It's Paul Bearers grave. Sting says 'What would he think of that?' he pulls the camera back up to him. 'His Deadman turning down a challenge.' The feed cuts and Taker shakes his head and leaves the ring.
Elimination chamber happens.
The Raw after Elimination chamber Mark comes out for a 'This is your Career' style segment with Vince, Kane, Triple H, etc.
After the segment, everyone leaves 'Taker in the ring. Sting shows up in the Rafters. Taker get's on the Mic. 'Your starting to piss me off.' Sting says he just wants to prove 'Taker is better then what he showed last 'Mania. Sting says he could have beaten Lesnar, he just needed someone to stoke the fire. 'Taker tells him to piss off. Sting just laughs and says 'We'll see what happens. We have a lot of time before 'Mania.'
Next week, Taker is given a spiffy motorcycle as a thank you. All painted up Undertaker style. He gets a little emotional, etc. Lights cut, and on again and Sting is on the bike, looking back at Taker in the ring. Smiling. He peels it up the ramp and spins it around. Then gets off, points his bat at it and it gets set on fire. Undertaker loses it and gets a microphone. 'Now, you just made a huge mistake. You went and you did something no one should ever do. You just plain ol' messed up.' Sting laughs 'What'd I do 'Mark'? 'Taker starts pacing. 'You just pissed me off.' Sting jumps a little, smiling. 'You want a piece of me that bad Stinger? You want your ass kicked that bad? I tell you what, I might not be undefeated, but I still got a hell of a winning record. It'll be me and you, Hell in a Cell, Wrestlemania. This isn't about proving something to you, this is about a good ol' fashion ass whipping, Sting, you will Rest. In. PEEEEAAAAAACCCEEEEE." At this, Taker rolls his eyes back into his head and does the Taker tounge/throat cut and Sting smiles and nods eagerly. "IT'S SHOWTIME, FOLKS!"
Next Raw, contract signing. Undertaker shows up, full on Gothic spikes and leather. Vince and Kane cautioning him against this. 'Nothing left to prove, etc.' Taker just quietly signs the contract. Sting enters. He walks right up to Taker and looks him over, smiling and waving his bat. He moves to the table, signs the contract and then get's back in Takers face. Taker looks down at the bat, Sting follows his gaze and then looks back at Taker. He smiles and drops the bat at his feet. They give us an amazing awesome staredown. Lights cut and they're both gone. Leaving Vince and the crowd in awe.
This leaves the last week before mania free of the Sting/Taker distraction too get all the last minute 'Mania publicity and booking in and lets the hype build.
The match itself wont matter much, but I hope that they can just lay everything on the line, and just squeeze every last ounce of talent and energy and fire and passion into 15 minutes at Wrestlemania and just tear the house down. Leave everything they have left in them in that ring.
The other idea I had was Taker comes out as Taker to cut a retirement speech, sometime right before 'Mania when he's announced for the HoF. Lights cut, Sting shows up and challenges him to prove he's a better man then to go out on a loss like that and they go on to 'Mania. Maybe have some cryptic hints at what people think is Taker returning for that speech, but it ends up being Sting.
You guys have any ideas?
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2014.01.28 18:34 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm Michael Landsberg, host of TSN's Off The Record and advocate of mental health awareness. It's Bell Let's Talk Day so...AMA!

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Hey Mike! What's Jay Onrait like in person? Is he as awesome as he appears on tv? He is a terrible person. No, check that. he is a terrible, evil human being. He spit in my face, kicked my dog, and worst of all, urinated in our studio.
Time to come clean, Landsberg - how many plastic surgeries did you have and which years did you have them? First surgery, Dec. 14 1994 - lip injections. Last surgery, Dec. 19 2013 - tightening of loose neck skin caused by 7 face lifts between 2000 and 2012.
Hey Micheal ive been a huge fan of your show as long as i can remember. Espically the wrestling interviews back during its peak period. Which brings me to my question. How were you able to get the wrestlers to do interviews out of character during a time when they werent doing such a thing? First week OTR was on the air we had Bret Hart on a panel. Vince McMahon saw it and said "you can have any of my guys out of character." It was the first time ever.
Hey Michael, first off I can't thank you enough for the incredible courage you've shown in spearheading the #sicknotweak movement. You are the public face of mental health awareness in Canada and I can't tell you how much of an inspiration you are to us all. My question is how do you do it? Most of us can't gather up the energy to get off the couch and do routine daily tasks when depression is pounding us over the head. How do you find the strength to rally a nation of sufferers and be there to support us when you deal with the same challenges the rest of us do? If you knew the value of sharing, you would do exactly what I'm doing.
Your efforts have encouraged tons of people to open up and you have helped save lives. You are a hero. Thanks. Your words are SO incredibly kind. I'm smiling. And I look dorky.
Do you keep in touch with Chael Sonnen? I do, in fact. As I've told him many times now, I don't want to be his friend! I want him to hate me! Makes for better TV.
If I retweet @Bell_Lets_Talk, will they actually donate 5 cents? Edit: I did it! You can follow me on twitter @LyingPervert. Yes, most definitely. Do it on the count of three! One...two...three.
Did you do it? Don't piss me off!
Hey Michael, as a local Bell employee I am loving the support that the whole country is giving to Let's Talk. My question is what is your favourite memory/funniest story of Wade Belak that people may not have heard before? Thanks Wade saying "I can eat death wings at Duff's," then watching him cry and drink everything in sight, including mayo.
Did you realize the impact, in the pro wrestling world, of getting Vince McMahon to publicly admit he had lied to Bret about the finish in Montreal? Kudos for helping out in raising awareness of mental health issues. Perhaps I still don't realize the impact, but I love Bret. One of the most respectful, humble, and down-to-earth superstars I have ever met.
What do you really think of Pierre McGuire; was he as hated in the studio as much as he is by the majority of Canadian Hockey fans? Loved Pierre...but when you know a guy and he treats you well, you're no longer a typical viewer. But hear this, Pierre haters: he is the best prepared guy in the business.
what do you think of the negative mental effects fighting has on so many hockey players? Do you think it should eventually be phased out of the NHL? Fighting in hockey? It will be gone in 10 years for sure, likely a lot less. You can't claim you're concerned about concussions when you allow people to inflict them.
Hey Micheal, just wondered what's the one thing you would change about mental health in Canada (apart from the stigma)? Thanks for doing this. Easy question. I would change the fact that people in crisis often have to wait 3 months to be seen. Many don't make it.
What is your most memorable interview? The wrestling interviews in the late 90's/early 2000s were fantastic. Way ahead of anyone interviewing wrestlers being out of character. Of all the wrestling interviews, my favorite was the Undertaker. I have never seen him again as Mark Calaway. Chael was definitely my most memorable non-wrestling interview. It's not everyday that you get threatened and walked-off on by a professional fighter.
Why do you wear ungodly amounts of makeup? Do you make that call, or the producer? I make the call! I employ four full-time European house painters to apply my face. Also, I have a part-time dry-waller.
Hey Michael! Wayne Gretzky was on Conan O'Brien last week and the briefly talked about some of Wayne's records. Wayne seemed to think that his record of 50 goals in 39 games would be his hardest record to beat. Do you think this is probably true in regards to all the records Gretzky set? Are there any other current sports records that you think will not be broken in your lifetime? No one in this era will ever come close to 50 goals in 39. But hockey will evolve. One day, there will be another Gretzky-calibre player, and the game will have changed to a goal-scoring game like it was in the '80s.
Hey Landsberg. Been following your #SickNotWeak for a while now and want to say it's really inspiring stuff even for someone who doesn't have a mental health issue! Question: How often do people you interview happen to bring up mental health awareness on their own? Because people know that I speak about it, I think they feel comfortable mentioning it. But more often then not, it's whispered during commercial, or after a show.
Hey, Thanks for this AMA. As a hockey fan I realize concussions are a major part, and was shocked when i heard about Rick Rypien. Who comes to your mind when you think, "They would have benefited from Bell lets talk?" Wade Belak for sure. Not only would he have benefitted, but anyone who heard him or saw him would have benefitted greatly. He would have saved so many lives.
When will you be on Jay and Dan's podcast? I don't know. I have not been able to squeeze them in. They ask me at LEAST 3 times a week, but I find them to be small-time, annoying, and...annoying. So bottom line, Jay and Dan, stop asking.
Hello Michael, thank you for coming to reddit! As someone who just got into the behavioral health field in the US, it's refreshing to see folks like yourself pushing for more awareness on that front! What efforts can you see being made to help dispel the stigma about seeking mental health care? Do they happen at the government level? Community? Let's talk concrete moves. I have a lot of folks call in to me who are afraid to take their children or family members or themselves to treatment because they are not "one of those people." Any thoughts on this and some of the communities this perpetuates? The world needs to be desensitized. The more we talk about our struggles, the less freakish we sound. "I suffer from depression." The more I say that, the more routine it sounds, and eventually (a long time away) people won't be shocked to hear it and be afraid to say it.
I just wanted to say thank you. You truly are one of the best role models a young adult could have. My question to you is, what is the BEST Reuben sandwich you have ever had? Thanks for your kind words. Glad I can help.
Who is someone that you've interviewed, whose mental health concerns you? It would be unfair for me to mention anyone who had confided in me. Most people still won't talk about it on the air. I worry about Andrew Jensen. He is so strong in talking about his struggles. I just fear that one day the illness will fight back.
Hey Michael, big fan. I've always loved your little feud(s?) with Chael Sonnen and it would seem you two are constantly butting heads when you interview him. Having said that, when he was on Jay and Dans Podcast he said that's not the case at all but you and him like each other and send each other christmas cards. Was he just being Chael or is this true? What's your actual relationship like with Chael? All true, except the Christmas cards. That's bullshit. The next time I see him, I will tell him, "I'm not scared of you. We'll just call it a title fight, and you will lose."
Hey Landsberg! what's your workout schedule? Spin class, 4 times a week with my daughter Casey. Boxflex in my basement. 2 hours on the couch every night. The last one is key.
How come you get the most flack for wearing make-up? Seems like dutchy wears quite a bit himself. I get the most flack because I don't deny it. Not saying it's true, but it doesn't bother me. Do you like what I'm using? I'm thinking of going Revlon to Maybelline.
Is there a question you wanted to ask someone but didn't? What was the reason? Many questions I failed to ask because contrary to reports, I am not mean-spirited. But sometimes mean questions need to be asked.
When did you know it was time to seek help and how did you dispel the stigma with your friends and family? I knew it was time to get help when I no longer could experience joy. Never cared about the stigma, never cared what people thought. Perhaps that comes from spending most of my life on TV.
Hey Michael. You've really opened my eyes; if I saw a guy wearing the shirts you wear, I'd never think he's depressed. Anyways, if you got the opportunity to do your show in the states for ESPN or Fox Sports or whatnot, would you do it? I have turned down multi-million dollar offers from eery American network, as well as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
On air, you seem to have an abundance of confidence which makes you magnetic to watch. Have you always had that or is it something you only have on camera? EDIT: Words. I have that confidence when I feel good. When I'm depressed, it disappears. TV gave me confidence. As a teenager, I was scared of many things. Starting with girls.
Hey Michael, I always see you posting numbers on Twitter about how you're feeling on certain days. I'm just curious what they stand for, and how we can figure out our own numbers? Edit: Worded better. Check out @heylandsberg, and I will tweet it now!
Most awkward interview you've ever had? Probably 200 tied for awkwardness. Robert Parrish (the Chief!), though. Nice guy...weird dude.
Hi Mike, longtime fan of your show. OTR is a staple in my day. I'm a big time Canadian basketball fan so I must ask when is Gary Payton, aka the Glove, going to be on again ? #GLOVEDONTLIE When he gets fired from Fox Sports 1. LOL! I LOVE Gary Payton. #MLDontLie.
Is it true you that you filed a complaint against the Dean Blundell show? And if so, how happy are you that he's off the air? Not true. Dean Blundell said some amazingy horrible things about me, but I never responded in any way. Am I happy he's fired? Not a bit. I enjoyed listening to him, and hate to see people fired.
But he is a dick.
Hey Landsberg, who are you closest with from the tsn family? Also, what do you miss most about sportscasting on sportdesk? Outside of work, I don't see any on-air people. Not because I don't like them, but because I don't go out much...perhaps I'm reclusive.
I miss doing highlights. Each one was a chance to create something new and fresh. Since I made it all up on the fly.
You are arrogant and I hate you, but I still love you Perhaps the greatest message ever sent to me.
Hey mike just want to say your doing an amazing job bringing awareness to the issue of mental health it's amazing to see so thank you for that. I also wanted to know who was the funniest person you have had the chance to interview on OTR New Gingrich, for sure. I found the absurdity of his views hysterically funny.
Hey, Landsberg. What really happened between Tmac, vince and Oakley on your show. TMac and Vince were SO happy to speak to each other. Oak was amazing but weird.
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