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2020.10.21 04:09 dramatic_wordsmith Turtle Lake, Indiana

Turtle Lake, Indiana Have you heard of a town called Turtle Lake, Indiana? It’s a small, quaint little place outside of Indianapolis. Populated by a lot of family owned shops, backroads, and a few local McDonald’s, it is not the type of town that would make national news. Nothing too strange, I’d bet you could wander the streets for hours and find nothing odd about it. Unfortunately, I did. A couple of years ago, I drove through Turtle Lake. My girlfriend Maria and I were on our way to see a country concert in Indianapolis, coming from the suburbs of Chicago. The tickets were given to us by a friend who could no longer attend the concert, so we figured that the four-hour drive complemented by a beautiful mid-August day would be worth it, and it was. The highway had minimal traffic and the weather was stunning. Temperatures were in the mid-eighties and the hazy bluish sky was dotted with chalky clouds. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. It was shaping up to be a fantastic night, especially since the venue the concert was being hosted at was outdoors. We were making great time, and it wasn’t until our GPS took us off the highway at about five thirty that we started to have issues. The exit directed us into Turtle Lake, a town foreign to both Maria and me. At first, things were fine. There were a handful of cars around us, and the establishments, although dated, appeared welcoming. We even saw a couple gassing up at the Shell station near the entrance to the town. Proceeding as directed by the GPS, we continued to explore the small Indiana town. Eventually, I noticed that something wasn’t right. I realized that it had been almost ten minutes since we had seen another person or car. Also, the previously gorgeous day had started to change. The digital thermostat on my car now read sixty degrees and was rapidly declining. The sky had clouded over and was starting to darken quickly. After another couple minutes, I was forced to flip my headlights on to be able to see the road. As I was making these realizations, the song on the radio began to become grainy and started to fade out until the music ceased altogether. Maria looked over to me and I could tell she had made the same realizations that I had. “It’s okay babe,” I said as I reassuringly put my hand on her thigh. “I’m sure we’re just out of range. We’re out here in the middle of nowhere.” She gave me a smile, but I could tell it was forced. I then slipped a CD into the dash and turned up the volume. The music began to play, and it helped us take our minds off of this town growing stranger by the minute. After about two songs, the music started to become grainy again, and then shut off altogether. Maria shot me a worried look. “What the hell is wrong with this stupid thing?” I said as I banged my fist against the dash to no avail. “This car is old anyway. Probably need to get this thing fixed,” I said as I tried to mask my growing concerns. We drove in silence for a few miles before the radio sparked to life. Instead of the CD player playing music, a voice spoke over the radio. It was so quiet it was almost indecipherable. “Pull the car to the side of the road,” the voice groaned. Maria began to shake. “It’s okay babe,” I said, trying to comfort her. “Probably just some interference. Happens all the time.” I turned the radio off. It immediately flicked back to life. “Pull the car to the side of the road,” the mysterious voice spoke even louder this time. “Pull the car to the side of the road. Pull the car to the side of the road.” The voice increased in volume with every repetition. Maria began to whimper. I didn’t know what to do. The voice continued to repeat its ominous message over the radio. It was almost yelling now. “Pull the car to the side of the road! Pull the car to the side of the road!” You know how in the movies; they’ll sometimes layer a multiple people’s voices over one another to make one super powerful and scary voice? This is what the voice over the radio sounded like. “PULL THE CAR TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!” All the stoplights in front of us turned red in unison. I didn’t hesitate to step on the gas. Maria was now curled up in a ball bawling in my passenger seat. I drove like a madman. I blew through an impossible amount of red lights and stop signs for such a small town. Even as the speed of the vehicle continued to rise and everything outside became a blur, I could’ve sworn I saw the same sign for Mark’s General Store three times. We were now going well over one hundred. Maria begged me to slow down but I yelled that I wasn’t taking my foot off the gas until we were out of this godforsaken town. I breathed a sigh of relief and sent up a silent prayer when I saw a sign for the entrance to the main highway. As we merged onto the highway, the skies immediately began to lighten, and the temperature started to climb. I had never been so thankful to see traffic on the highway. I glanced at the digital clock on my dash. It read five thirty. “Impossible,” I thought. No time had passed from when we entered Turtle Lake to leaving it. We drove in silence until we got to the venue. As we pulled into the parking lot and were directed to an open spot, we were relieved to see crowds of people milling around and making their way to the gate. It seemed as though our nightmare was over. I looked over to Maria and broke the silence. “Are you okay?” “How could I be okay?” She shot back at me. “We were just almost fucking killed by God knows what!” Her tears had washed her mascara down her face. “I know, I know. Let’s just try to enjoy this and clear our minds. We’ll find another way home. I promise.” Maria said nothing but looked reassured. We embraced and then made our way to the gate to pick up our tickets. The man working the gate greeted us. “Where y’all folks from?” “Chicago,” we said in unison. “Well that’s quite a ways ain’t it? How was the drive?” Maria and I glanced at each other. “Good” I lied.

“Well that’s good to hear. You folks enjoy yourselves now.” We thanked him and made our way to our seats.

The concert was fantastic. Our seats were much better than anticipated. The music and lively environment energized us and by the time it was over, it felt like the nightmare a few hours ago was just a dream. As we were making our way back to my car, the realization that we might have to drive through Turtle Lake again set it. Maria and I made eye contact. “Don’t worry. I promised we’ll find a different way home and we will. Even if it takes us a couple hours extra.” Maria looked reassured. I opened the passenger door for her, and she climbed in. By the time I had made my way around the front of the car and into the driver seat, Maria was already nodding off. We had had a long day. I set the GPS to her house and pressed GO. The drive home was pleasant. I kept the radio off so Maria could sleep, but I opened the sunroof and let the cool summer air wash over me. Out in the middle of nowhere with no light pollution, the stars dotted the clear night sky like paint splatter on a canvas. It was a spectacular view. We made it to her house in a little under four hours. I saw no exit for Turtle Lake on the highway. I walked Maria to her front door with my arm around her. We then embraced and said goodnight, and then she went inside and closed her door. Neither of us made any mention of the evening’s events. It just felt like a bad dream. When I got home, I googled Turtle Lake. The images that popped up were no doubt the town we had driven through earlier that evening. Old-fashioned buildings, a few people wandering the streets, a general small-town feel. When I clicked the reviews tab, I noticed something odd. All of the reviews, of which there were thousands, all basically read the same. “Great town. Come visit.” “Must visit.” “Great Place-visit with whole family.” “Come to Turtle Lake now.”

They all consisted of a few words encouraging the reader to visit Turtle Lake. This chilled me to the bone. I had no idea what was going on in that town, but I know it wasn’t natural. I slept with a light on that night, it just felt right.

Maria and I broke up a few months after that night. It had nothing to do with the events that transpired; we had just grown apart and mutually agreed that breaking up was the best thing for both of us. About a month after we broke up, I went to check Maria’s social media on my phone to see what she was up to. I couldn’t find any of her accounts and it seemed like she had disappeared off of the face of the earth. Concerned, I texted her. None of my messages were being delivered. It appeared as though she had either blocked me or gotten a new phone. This struck me as odd, because we were on good terms and promised to stay in touch. About a week later, I ran into Maria’s mom at a coffee shop. She looked like she hadn’t slept in days. Her eyes were swollen from crying and her hair was unkept. I greeted her with a hug and asked how she and Maria were doing. “I have no clue! She just up and left without saying goodbye. She left a voicemail for me and her father and it felt like something was really wrong. Do you know anything about it?” “No-I haven’t heard from her in over a month. I just assumed she blocked me. Can you play me the voicemail?” “Sure.” She fumbled with her phone. She then pulled up the voicemail app and pressed play on the most recent message. My heart dropped in my chest when I heard the voice. It was the same layered voice that Maria and I had heard that night in the car, except now the lead voice was Maria’s. “Going to Turtle Lake. Great place to live. Come visit me. Bye now.” Just as the message played out, my phone started to vibrate. I dug in my pocket and pulled it out. When I saw who the messages were from, I felt a chill run up my spine. Maria had sent me a string of messages. “Hello.” “I am in Turtle Lake.” “Great place to visit.” “Come to Turtle Lake.” 
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2020.10.12 09:06 ImpressiveStandard17 The Ride of Terror (Burnout Legends to Dangerous Driving)

(WARNING: tons of words, about 30 minutes of reading. Includes tons of vulgarity. Viewer discretion is advised)
I've returned home... But with what? I mean, I did buy some games last month, so I pretty much can't be bothered to hide 'em from you guys. What I got was an Xbox One game, but with what? Well, let's see...
...Huh!? Burnout 3: Takedown? What is it, man?
"I gotta tell you the truth! Dangerous Driving is terrible! So terrible, it degraded my mental health! Don't open the fucking game case, you idiot!"
Oh, please! You must be overreacting! Besides, you won't know what game it is until I open it! So what was this game with plain white construction paper that I got from a garage sale? Let's see... *opens the game case* Uh... why did you put the disc on the wrong side of how it's usually stored? ...And by that, I mean the readable part of the disc. *takes the game out of the case, and flips it over*
*sees that Dangerous Driving is the game he bought*
"I told you to not open that, and look what happened."
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! ...Ugh... Aw, sheet, bruh!

Wow... After an unfortunate opening sequence, I am going to be talking about the Ride of Terror, which is an extensive rant, from Burnout Legends, to Dangerous Driving. I do enjoy the Burnout games that eventually got lacking, but I still enjoy the classics. Sounds like a drug addiction.
Their debates usually made about when Burnout, as the series starting going to Hell. I mean, making an arcade racing game once a year about speeding through traffic, taking down other drivers, checking traffic, seeing how skilled you are in Maniac mode like every single year isn't easy. The later installments, the games began to get weak with identity, and trying to maintain innovational new features.
While it never really reached the EA standard they set for themselves from the games, they were still pretty great. The ideas were there, but the execution began to slip by the time Paradise came along. Even though I feel Dominator is criminally underrated by some fans, I didn't feel the same for Revenge. Despite where the tipping point has gone, EA tried to go out still swinging with new features every year for better or worse.
...And then they made a bunch of Need For Speed games. ...And then later, they decided to no longer develop Burnout for Alex Ward and his crew.
Poor Criterion lost their best members and passed the Burnout torch onto probably one of the most controversial game companies on the planet, Three Fields Entertainment... who probably faceplanted onto asphalt. Possibly because of some jackass who glued a steering wheel to his feet. Oh, wait! That's the Xbox wireless steering wheel! Whoopsie!
"Papa EA, why'd you push me into track and field? I never wanted to do this!"
"Why can't you just be like your brother, you scrawny little consucky?"
*TFE sobs*
With a gimmick, and a Burnout license in hand, and experiences only in short games such as, uh... Lethal VR. Dangerous Golf. Danger Zone. And uh... Danger Zone 2 in mind.
Three Fields Entertainment set out on their dream to make Bummed-out racing games. Except the warning was already in one of their previous titles: Danger Zone! Persistent Wrecks! They KNEW what fire they were playing with! Hot Shots Golf! Err, excuse me... Got ahead of myself for a moment there.
Frankly, I don't believe anyone expected much from Legends. It's a typical cash grab that is geared heavily towards the handheld based audience. The sad fact is that almost nobody liked it, nor did almost anybody bought it. With full DS/PSP retail price going to the game, don't really blame people's hesitancy on grabbing this.
Most of the modes in this game are identical enough in nature to Burnout 3, such as Burning Lap, where you have to get through a single lap on a track as fast as possible to get the best overall time. Road Rage, where you take down other drivers, and so on. And then an Eliminator mode, where every racer caught in last place after each lap is out of the race.
They essentially stretched these three premises throughout most of the game. They acted like Survival of the Fastest, where you have to have skill in order to win, depending on what mode it is, all the while boosting, drifting, jumping, and knocking other players off the road. And this proved to be quite a task for me due to limited space on the console, and collisions being so underdeveloped in Legends.
The locations, tracks, however you wanna call 'em are reused tracks from both Point of Impact and Takedown. The Special GP was a nuisance. I ended up getting more pissed off during these courses than any other segment. They're so extensive, so drawn-out, and very frustrating to play with F1 indycars.
"I don't know what the fuck's going on..."
"I can't get back up to speed for some ungodly reason..."
"Mad cuz bad."
"This is cultural appropriation!"
*gets slammed off the road* "Help me!"
*hits a Taxi cab* "Sheet!"
"Alex, why'd you do this to me!?"
"I feel like I'm on the Indianapolis 500, I wish I could Takedown my way outta here!"
"I'm the champion! What now, punks?"
"This isn't going to end well..."
"I can't fucking see exactly where I'm going! How much depth does this game have!? Holy shit!"
"This level may as well have been replaced with trucks wrecking me, because I feel like this game is fucking me in the ass hardcore anyways with this stupid lackluster gameplay!"
"They have all this technology, but can't afford better physics or better quality gameplay!"
"You can also play this game with your friends! No? Okay."
"Unlockable Collector and Legend vehicles, I guess! I dunno..."
I hated Legends less than I thought I would, but I still hated it with an unbelievable passion though, so I guess nice job?
Danger Zone 2 went back to a more traditional form of Burnout's crash mode. Gots some pre-selected vehicles like a sedan, coupe, supercar, hypercar, Indycar, some new ones like a semi-truck and a taxi cab... K, den. Need bug fix updates for this game for better experience, by the way. Stoopid. Medal thresholds are fair enough, some of the placements of vehicles and other objects you might find familiar, which absolutely makes you feel a bit of nostalgia that they were going for.
The main problem with DZ2 is the engine it operates on: Unreal Engine 4. I found it pretty UNREAL to use this engine, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you feel like you're on ice, sometimes you have some sort of moon gravity, sometimes you glitch through the rails, no biggie!
Collisions are especially annoying! Reactions when you hit walls are problematic, steering is super mobile, it's just a mess... Also, no support for this game ever since it was released because fuck us, right?
TFE: We love games!
Consumer: Not anymore... Not YOUR kind of games. Your games are cruel. Soulless.
Dangerous Driving rumors circulated, much to the depression of the informed Burnout demographic. Others, BLISSFULLY IGNORANT... IGN articles foreshadowed many bleak things, like having a small amount of vehicles, rehashing parts of tracks, and a new feature I'll go over in a few.
However, they did mention most of this was to simply hearken back to the Burnout 3 days, making decisions to leave out features that came after that game because they thought it was "too wacky" for whatever reason, I really don't know.
From what I've gathered from the E3 showing was that it looked like a clunky, soulless husk of what Burnout games once were. least BEFORE it was actually released. Instead of a slew of new revolutionary features being implemented, they had a few new ones. Keep track of the amount of features, vehicles, tracks, etc. across the series.
So Dangerous Driving has the Persistent Wrecks feature, which means that any wrecks of rivals stay on the track for the rest of the event. Heatwave and Pursuit, only really done by Burnout 2. But you're really not going to keep Traffic Attack from Burnout Revenge? Really? Come on, guys!
They really emphasized on things, like online multiplayer post-launch, an online Ranking system, and so on. Lengthy music playlist, ranging from rock, hip hop, and punk genres from the 2000s and 80s. They also confirmed that there would be no leaderboard support at all of the PC version of Dangerous Driving! YEAH, CONSOLE MASTER RACE!!!
Reactions to the trailers of the game were negative, with people slamming on it harder from looking like a Playstation 2 game and the gameplay looking as mediocre as ever. While I do agree that Dangerous Driving and the Burnout games prior definitely could've looked better, the graphics weren't the reason why it got popular back then. EA and Criterion weren't perfect on them in the classic Burnout games.
They got popular from the fluid gameplay, features, replayability, and dynamic tracks. Three Fields Entertainment's strength came from... their intro screens, I guess?
Allowing Three Fields Entertainment to create another Burnout-related game with the same Unreal Engine 4, it's like letting a monkey take care of your house and leaving books of matches everywhere. And you DEFINITELY know that it's not gonna end well!
A telling sign of a game developer's faith in their product as whether or not they actually release review copies to media outlets. EA or TFE did not. Not to mention, straight-up refusing to release a demo of Dangerous Driving prior to launch, and they said that they'd rather focus on the game development and the final version. This can only mean bad things. I'd rather not spoil it for you, regarding the Burnout fans, so let's get a move on.
Dangerous Driving was martyr'ed with problems the day it was released. A quick patch trying to resolve problems like crashing on the menus. The game was probably warning us before we took the plunge. The game itself crashing, losing all save progress itself, framerate and graphical problems, physics being wonky and the lap counter not working, online capabilities being greatly limited, only being able to connect to one player, if any, 6 players online! Yeah, totally legit...
"Waiting for 1 other driver..."
*30 minutes later*
"Welp, I'm kinda wasting my time here."
Mostly Heatwave, Pursuit, and Eliminator being omitted for multiplayer and included Race and Road Rage being drastically misrepresented and skewed from the original concept. For Race, the objective is to finish before anyone else to win.
Instead of Eliminator being the same format as Burnout Revenge, it acts like Burnout 3. Every racer caught in last place after each lap DISAPPEARS off the track. No one's vehicle explodes before they get there! Nobody gets sent to the fiery pits of Hell after getting absolutely incinerated, crushed, humiliated, knowing they have inferior driving game and skill compared to your almighty self!
*ahem* So yeah. They definitely missed the mark on staying faithful to the game modes and understanding what made them fun and replayable. How are you not gonna have Time Attack, either!? Burnout 1 had Time Attack, and that game first came out in 2001!
While watching the game gave me good insight, I intended to play the Xbox One version for myself. Some things, you have to go by your lonesome. Some things you need to play for yourself to truly see how low the bar can be set. Examples:
-Action 52
-Superman 64
-Paperboy 64
-Disgaea Infinite
-Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
-Duke Nukem Forever
-Hot Wheels World's Best Driver
-Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
And now, Dangerous Driving!

When I first opened the game case, I noticed that it didn't come with an instruction booklet. Welp, guess I'm going in blind... Remember when the games had the hype as hell intros? The badass rock music with all these flashy shots of the vehicles, takedowns, and wrecks? Well the intro here is so basic and quick, you just jump right into it. It's lukewarm at best, like when you leave a smoking hot cup of coffee on the counter for half an hour.
So when I got to the main menu, immediately my heart sank. I was aware that there wasn't going to be an online mode initially, but there's also no local multiplayer mode, either! Part of what I treasured dearly about my interest of the Burnout series was playing offline with my friends for hours on end. How am I supposed to play with my friends by using an unbalanced vehicle selection with this shit?
Not to mention the Crash mode is also absent, which is the reason why the Danger Zone games exist as individual modes. But the biggest insult of all is that the only DLC vehicle you have is the VIP Sedan. You're only gonna make that a pre-order bonus and not a free DLC later on down the road!? The only reason why I bought this fucking game is when the hero's on a fucking half shell!
Epic Games is more like Epic Fail Games not having leaderboard support! There's even in game controls, so that's great! Loading screen hints, which give you some info on the what's what of the game. It also shows you the vehicles that you usually unlock from progressing through the Career, so that's another thing.
To be real, the people that said it looks like a PlayStation 2 game were wrong. This game, by no means, looks like an up-to-date 2019 game (because it was released in that year). The tracks look especially plain! ...and bizarre.
From my personal experience, I didn't know that they kind of chose the more notable graphical and framerate issues, but... Hey, remember when you had many different variations of the vehicles? Yeah, those were good times.
Hey remember the trailer that makes it look there's still a ton of vehicle variety? Yeah... There isn't.
In all honesty, the older Burnout games didn't have that many of the same cars that had unlockable upgraded versions.
But here, you're just slapping on additional parts on top of these same vehicle models to "differentiate" themselves from each other! It's like they decided to go with the customization style comparable to some old flash car customization game!
Why did they do this? Hell, Burnout Legends had way more variations of cars in the same vehicle class than this! In Dangerous Driving, you can be like a speed demon on wheels!
Not to mention these vehicle models are recycled trash from previous Three Fields games. You also have a fairly limited selection of colors on them altogether! What a ginormous letdown!
I'd like to take a moment to refer to something I call the EA Event Principle. In some instances, they have events that are meant to be challenging. But for some, it's an annoyance. For others, it's a welcome test. In either sense, it's usually not challenging to the point of being impossible. Other events are just plain ridiculous and stupid. However, these aforementioned events are usually fun, so let's talk about it, shall we?
If an event is like 100% Difficult, it has to be 100% Fun in order for it to be an interesting or good event. There are exceptions, but EA adheres to this for the most part.
With that out of the way, let's hop into the Career mode.
Right off the bat, you notice the music is not present, though the game does have a Spotify playlist. Some of it is okay, a few of them are great, other songs are terrible. I feel like the ratio of good songs to bad songs are a bit unbalanced in comparison of the games, but that's just my take really.
"Another one bites the dust! Err, fuck! God damn it!"
It must be said that Dangerous Driving is perhaps the most confused and failed Burnout successor I think we've ever witnessed in all of video game history!
There's a lot of menus, just picking something to play, Burnout 3 style! Vehicle classes such as Sedans, SUVs, Coupes, Supercars, Hypercars, and Formula DDs. These classes you use to advance through the career, so it sorta resembles that of Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge's World Tour modes.
They also have a set number of events in the classes. Every single event has three Medals you can achieve: Bronze, Silver, and Gold while about half of them have a hidden Platinum Medal target, resembling something like DiRT 3. But then you have to take note of some of the game's mechanics. They have oncoming, near misses, boost starts, in-air aftertouch, drifting...
Keep in mind that Three Fields said that they were keeping drifting the same, but instead, opted to change how drifting works! For example, if you perform a drift, you can either press/tap the brake as you're holding the gas and steering, or you can alternate between the gas and brake without holding the gas down, and you can also lower your speed mid-drift as well.
But in Three Fields Entertainmentland, the only way to drift is to hold the gas and steering and press the brake button to perform it, disabling your ability to alternate between the triggers and slowing down DURING your drift!
No way to reliably grind along the guardrails, inability to gain speed by drifting off jumps, and no traffic checking.
Three Fields really must love the practice of taking 1 step forward, and 20 steps backward. Because that's really what they did here! It seems that for the most part, they used Danger Zone 2 as their canvas and just recreated the tracks from the environments, but that's not all! They have the Persistent Wrecks feature: a feature universally panned for causing more difficulty to the races, and being unnecessary!
I believe this feature was only added to make things more "dangerous". That's really the only plausible reason I see this being added!
Take down an opponent driver in a spot, and that driver's wreck is stuck there until the end of the event, occasionally moving because of the dumbass traffic. What they refuse to see is that this makes things unnecessarily difficult! This is like putting a Band-Aid over your shotgun wound and saying, "Yeah, you're probably okay! Go about your day, Little Billy!" The game is still glitchy, and the Persistent Wrecks feature is such a terrible idea!
In the Burnout games, you could reliably ride against the guardrails to help players make a turn if they steered or drifted too late. But in Dangerous Driving, you rebound off the indestructible guardrails! You either need to hit the apex during your drift, or just rely on the high mobile steering.
This reliance on the steering might cause some issues. Not only does it make your lines look super repulsive than some green seafoam shag carpet, if you steer on a tight corner, you're gonna have a bad time! You drift through it, that's fine. Steer through it, and oh, what happens? You crashed into a vehicle that is in the turn! Yes, the traffic is randomly generated and is not scripted! You have to be sure no traffic vehicles are in the turn, so if you want to simply hit the apex or steer through those corners, you're gonna have to be cautious, my friend!
Another thing I enjoyed about the Burnout games was that with each new game release, you're pretty much guaranteed new vehicles. They're always really fun, unique, sometimes a little bit weird, but you're almost guaranteed new cars.
However, for Dangerous Driving, they decided to copy and paste a lot of their vehicles from Danger Zone 2. Alright, I get it, Three Fields... reusing and recycling is good for the environment, but it ain't good for keeping your god-forsaken game franchise alive, okay!?
I'd also like to take a second to talk about traffic collisions. In every Burnout game before Dangerous Driving, You can nick or grind the side of traffic while speeding, and your vehicle would still be going. However, Dangerous Driving plays by the guaranteed crash rule. Did you hear that, everyone? You have to go by that rule! You have to be more careful!
In Dangerous Driving, you can Near Miss the traffic to gain an unusually large amount of boost, but you still need to avoid it. Regardless, it seems that your vehicle wrecks into the traffic no matter how fast or slow you go. This is just retarded! This isn't right! You touch the traffic, you keep going! You don't fucking make it a guaranteed crash, Three Fields! This has been ingrained into my brain for 15 years, now!! What the fuck are you trying to do to me??
Let's head back to the events. Like I mentioned, there are 3 medals the events have, depending on your performance in efficiency: 3rd gives Bronze, 2nd gives Silver, and 1st gives Gold. Some events also have a hidden Platinum Medal target. You need to win the GP to move on to the next vehicle class, somewhat reminiscent of Burnout 3's World Tour events. These events are much more difficult than the ones prior.
The events themselves are a big nuisance and brutal. They're such unformulated, uncreative heaps of slop that by the time you've completed the first vehicle class or two, you've basically seen it all! They'd all probably be 100% Difficult! ALL of them!
Imagine in Burnout Revenge if you're dropped in, and instead of a DJ talking to you the game's like, "Use a Tuned car for Heatwave Just Cause they do better!" That's Dangerous Driving's events for you, except you're doing other shit like Survivals, Pursuits, Heatwaves, and facing off against opponents that are slow as Hell!
You also have your Burning Laps, Road Rages to hunt down other drivers, Races that are boring early on... Is this fucking driving school, man?
"Every crash is counted against you, cunt! Don't do it!"
"Take doen other drivers!"
"Get the best overall time you can!"
"See how far you can go without crashing once!"
This pool of events will last you throughout the entirety of the game. All 9 to 14 of them, depending on the vehicle class. Again, keep in mind that this is less than half the events than Burnout 3: Takedown - a game that was released 15 years prior to Dangerous Driving!
I can appreciate the locations for what they are: representation of a Real Life locations converted into digital format. But even in other games, these types of tracks, other examples being Downtown from Burnout 3: Takedown and Angel Valley from Burnout Revenge, were never my personal favorites. I like tracks with a little bit more flare and beautiful nature to them.
But the locations do foreshadow what follows, though: every single track is too tight and basic to the point of their hindrances. There's nothing that make them pop! Almost no buildings to pass by. It's mostly all just deserts, grasslands, mountains, canyons... basic bitch tracks.
The only exceptions I could think of are the only tracks I play in GPs. The tracks are soulless, dull, have very little quality with the environments, and have almost no buildings to them! No freeways, no crossroads, not a lot of vehicles, either! I mean, no wonder why there's no traffic checking allowed: there's not a lot of vehicles in the tracks!
Point 2 Point Tracks are transitional connections to different locations as you drive through them. The only locations of note are High Dunes Desert and another location I'll talk about very briefly here.
While Cool Water Valley and Dead Rock Canyon aren't masterpieces by any means, at least they didn't recycle track ideas that tried to be origina--
*sees Twin Ferry Lakes in the game*
So we have Twin Ferry Lakes, or as I'd like to call it, Silver Lake 0.5! What we have here is a barebones, stripped down Silver Lake wannabe! They added a few things like a lovely lake, bridge sections that allow drivers to go over the water. All the while, not keeping the off road section to the other portion of the track, the tunnels, and the giant cliff for the 'Gone Fishin' Signature Takedown: they made two identical turns to make up for the loss of those sections!
It just reeks of boredom! Not only are you rehashing major portions of EA inspired tracks, but you're not including notable segments from said tracks and passing it off as original? "Yeah, this is Twin Ferry Lakes, not Silver Lake, because fuck that shit!" Can't just draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa and claim it as your own, you know!
High Dunes Desert: long-ass tracks with the sun in your eyes! Even though Surf Side Island is a conceptual rehash of Burnout 2's Big Surf Shores/Burnout 3's Island Paradise/Burnout Revenge's Sunshine Keys in my eyes, it's still one of the better locations in the game, which isn't really saying much.
Next on my shit list is Eagle Ridge Mountain. Man, THAT location is familiar! Three Fails Entertainment decided to make a mixture of Alpine and White Mountain, turning it into a Frankenstein theme! Two more prominently featured tracks, and way too many Burnout games already!!
"But dude, they're handmade levels!"
Yeah, but how many times are you gonna feature a Grasslands Proving Ground, Dead Rock Canyon, or Surf Side Island before it's no longer handmade?

Surf Side Island
-Burnout 2's Big Surf Shores
-Burnout 3's Island Paradise
-Burnout Revenge's Sunshine Keys
-Burnout Dominator's Ocean Drive
-Burnout Paradise as Palm Bay Heights and Harbor Town
-Dangerous Driving

Grasslands Proving Ground
-Burnout 1's Hillside Pass
-Burnout 3's Vineyard
-Burnout Revenge's Lone Peak
-Dangerous Driving

If you're going going to adopt EA and Criterion levels to the degree that you are, can we at least get something new and fresh please? I wouldn't mind seeing USA Marathon EX again. But what about a revamped Interstate Loop? Burnout 2's Airport Terminal was outstanding! Burnout 2's Palm Bay! Burnout 3's Downtown, Riviera, or Dockside! Literally, any of the Burnout Revenge tracks! Come on, dude!
Lastly is Cool Water Valley, a location I had high hopes for. I initially thought it was going to be a Lakeside Getaway remake, or if not that, I'd at least get a nice area of rivers that I'd enjoy. Well, I was wrong on both counts as well! It's just not fun! In fact, most people found the Hypercar Class Eliminator in this track to be especially infuriating because it'll get littered with Persistent Wrecks quickly! Not only are you driving on ice because of the engine, but you also have the rubberband AI insanity applied to you the whole way through! You also run into the wrecks themselves on subsequent laps! I can't do it anymore!!
This game is an embarrassment! What pisses me off the most is that it's implied that it's continuing off a legendary series! I mean, what's next? Burnout 5!? Burnout Paradise 2!? Burnout and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 3!? Alex Ward's Burnout Game That Completely Loses it's Touch After 10 Years!?
As much shit as I gave Paradise, it had one of the most addicting replayability ever saw! It was fluid, gave the players opportunities to have their own unique style, it played like a true Burnout game, and had it's own charm and personality!
As much as I don't enjoy any of the DJs in the Burnout games, they could've actually added something here that would've breathe some life into the otherwise lifeless game that was Dangerous Driving!

Stryker: Yeah, they put me in the middle of EVERYTHING Burnout on Crash FM!

EA's Burnout games gave so much for being just an arcade racing series. They were my childhood! My passion! My obsession!
You could play the game in an unlimited number of ways. You can perform visually appealing driving lines. Relying on features. You could keep on burning until you're crashed out! You could glitch hunt without the glitches hunting you! And finally, you could speed run it all the same! Whoever else thought that you've played the games every way imaginable, another innovation is formulated! It was such an open series of games that it lent itself well to all these things!
Dangerous Driving didn't lend itself to ANY of that! It was doomed from the very start! It was pretty evident that the developers didn't completely remember what captured us, what drove us to want to keep playing. However, even if they did remember, it was an uphill battle for Three Fields Entertainment, so I find it hard to entirely blame them. They were working on a series that has had it's reputation tainted from awful ports (Burnout Legends), and completely different takes (Burnout Paradise). Some of which, they WERE responsible for.
Using an engine that simply didn't mesh well with the fast paced Burnout 3 style, more so of Revenge or Burnout 2 style. Not to mention, the Xbox One and PS4 versions were released at full retail price. The game is so limited, short, and content lacking for today's standards, that it simply isn't worth $30-40.
Hell, in pails and comparison to Burnout Paradise, it was packed to the brim with content and features! A huge problem I found is that besides the achievements/trophies, once you've gotten all the medals in the Career, you're pretty much finished. You can play with your friends all over the world here and there, but there's really no replay value. You don't get any more vehicles, no music during actual gameplay, no Signature Takedowns, no Crash mode, nothing at all! I would've rather have them take the Danger Zone 2 approach, and then release it at a reduced price.
Although Three Fields did make the mistakes of relying on gimmicks, no longer supporting Danger Zone 2, and failing to accomplish their dream, they did do SOME good things I need to bring up: they gave Vertical Takedowns in a future update, they tried to help resolve the technical issues with the game, gave bug fix patches and tuned the difficulty to make up for the poor reception, and maybe this is just another story of a company making a release faster than it should've been.
Burnout Paradise and its remaster would be the last Burnout game under EA's belt. Dangerous Driving tried to be a faithful recreation of Burnout 3, but missed the mark on what made it great. With this, Alex Ward and his crew are looking to build upon their arcade racing series, but with a sequel in mind and we're left in the dark regarding the lack of information we're getting. With them no longer being affiliated with Criterion and EA no longer caring about the Burnout series... Where could this lead?
Whatever the case, we die-hards will continue to treasure our personal favorite Burnout game.
We will continue to play...
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2020.10.02 22:18 SteamedSpy4 [TECH] CC(X)

Program Outline
Laurentia has access to unprecedented resources, and with this power comes a requirement for unmatched firepower. The Phoenix has made the entire world its responsibility, and it falls to the Navy to develop the firepower to support this ambition. The 33,000 ton Indianapolis-class battlecruiser will deliver this firepower, providing a heavy surface strike counterpart to the aircraft carriers that make up the main striking force of the Laurentian Navy.
Design Overview
The Indianapolis-class battlecruiser will be built around a heavy offensive armament, drawing on the massive power output of the quad C1W fusion reactor plant. VLS armament will be deprioritized, and mainly focused on defensive armament. Aviation facilities will be provided to allow the operation of SA4K Valkyrie or SA13B Skyborg drones, mainly for reconnaissance purposes, in addition to the usual helicopter deck. The resulting warship will be an unmatched superheavy surface combatant, with each battlecruiser serving as a specialized air defense and surface strike counterpart to the paired carrier group.
The Indianapolis-class battlecruisers will be armed with four main weapons. Twin Mk112 railcannons will provide medium-range strike and air defense capability. The main event, however, will be the twin Mk115 heavy electromagnetic missile launchers.
The Mk115 draws design inspiration from the venerable Talos missile system. The Talos missile was the first surface-to-air missile employed by the US Navy; the missile itself was so large that it could not be stored in one piece in the ship’s internal magazine. Instead, the magazine was an assembly line of missile sections that were pieced together on their way to the launch rail; later models included the ability to select nuclear or conventional payloads. The Mk115 launcher will take inspiration from the Talos system with more modern twists. The launcher itself will resemble the older arm launchers of early missile combatants, a reloadable dual missile rail fed by an internal magazine. The new launcher, however, will use a large electromagnetic rail accelerator, launching missiles at high speed. The internal magazine will feature a wide variety of modular munition options, including anti-air seekers and anti-surface seekers, a selection of HGV, fragmentation, kinetic anti-ship, kinetic anti-missile, and armor-piercing warheads, and an array of rocket and air-breathing boosters of varying ranges. This system will allow the Mk115 launcher to fire weapons tailored to the engagement, assembling anything from a long-range hypersonic strike vehicle or a short-range anti-air shell. The onboard payload will, however, be biased towards offensive surface strike, particularly with HGV warheads; modern technology cannot erase the main drawback of the arm launcher, the less-than-impressive rate of fire, and the VLS battery is already intended to be the primary anti-air system. By adding the energy of the railgun battery to the kinetic HGV payload, the Indianapolis-class battlecruisers will be able to provide sustained offensive anti-surface fire at up to 1000 kilometers of range, with far greater magazine depth than conventional weapons. The anti-air capability will also be suitably impressive, even if it is not the intended main payload, capable of engaging enemy aircraft at up to 600 kilometers away and providing an effective ballistic missile defense.
Secondary weaponry will include nearly 300 VLS cells, three Mk66 UV laser CIWS systems, and two Mk67 railgun CIWS systems.
The Indianapolis-class battlecruiser will be equipped with the same L/SPY-1 Janus main radar array and Ancile combat system as the CG-10 Flight III missile cruisers. Onboard sensor support for ASW and targeting will be mainly provided by a pair of SV10R Skua ASW tiltrotors, and half a dozen SA4K Valkyrie or SA13B Skyborg drones.
LNS Indianapolis CCGN-71
Statistic Specification
Builder GD NASSCO, Newport News
Displacement 33,500t
Length 255m
Beam 30.5m
Draft 9m
Power 4x C1W fusion reactor
Propulsion Integrated Electric Propulsion, Four Shafts
Speed 56km/h
Range Unlimited
Complement (Crew) 340
Complement (Helo) 2x SV10R / 1x SV10R, 3x ST11C
Complement (UAV) 6x SA4K / 6x SA13B
Complement (UUV) 16x Mk61 Proteus
Weaponry 192x Mk41 VLS, 80x Mk57 VLS, 2x Mk32 triple torpedo tube, 4x Mk46 Mod 2 RWS, 3x Mk66 LCIWS, 2x Mk67 RCIWS, 2x Mk112 EMRC
Sensors L/SPY-1 Janus main search radar, AN/SQS-53C hull sonar, AN/SQR-19 towed array sonar
Countermeasures NG/SLQ-1 Drownout, AN/SLQ-25 Nixie, Mk53 Nulka
Cost 4.8bn
Ship Launch Date
LNS Indianapolis CCGN-71 2049
LNS Ohio Valley CCGN-72 2049
LNS Orleans CCGN-73 2049
LNS Great Plains CCGN-74 2050
LNS Chicago CCGN-75 2050
LNS Gulf of Mexico CCGN-76 2050
LNS Malmstrom CCGN-77 2051
LNS Philippine Sea CCGN-78 2051
LNS Cheyenne Mountain CCGN-79 2051
LNS Levantine Sea CCGN-80 2052
LNS Piedmont CCGN-81 2052
LNS Nantahala CCGN-82 2052
The Indianapolis-class battlecruisers, each named after a great military victory of Laurentia or of its founding states in the successor era, will enter service in 2049. Each battlecruiser will be installed as the flagship of one of the current Surface Action Groups. Various new support ships will be ordered as part of this commission; in addition to the 24 Mk62 Leatherback USVs needed for direct escort of the battlecruisers, 80 more Mk62s and 80 more Mk63s will be ordered to fill out the existing fleet. The surface aviation complement of the fleet will be filled out with new orders bringing the total SV10R fleet to 176, and the total ST11C fleet to 144. 3.5 billion dollars have been invested in the R&D program, with costs for a number of systems split across the CG-10 Flight III program.
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2020.09.07 05:28 Floodman11 Everything you need to know for the 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans - Ask your questions here!

With only days separating us from the 88th running of the 24 Heures du Mans, it's time again for the Le Mans Primer thread! This is the place if you’ve got any questions about the 2020 Le Mans event, no matter how small! There are no dumb questions about Le Mans!


The Race

The 24 Heures du Mans brings up its 88th edition this year, and is the holy grail of endurance motor racing. After its first running in 1923, the course and cars have evolved to become the premier event in the World Endurance Championship, and the event is recognised as the most prestigious test for innovations in motorsport technology. Technologies such as disk and air brakes, streamlined bodywork, and a variety of engine configurations were trialled and tested at the 24 hours of Le Mans. The Mazda 787b (oh god listen to that sound!) was the first, and so far only car to win running a Wankel Rotary engine, winning in 1991. Audi brought diesel engines their first success in 2006 with the R10 TDI, and then brought Hybrid technology to victory for the first time in 2012 with the R18 e-tron Quattro.
For the first time in over 50 years, the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be held in September, instead of it's normal third-weekend-in-June date. This will mean more night time running, potentially more inclement weather, and a spectacle unlike any other Le Mans event!
This years edition also marks a significant first, and a significant farewell for the 24 Hours of Le Mans Event. Firstly, this year is the first year of the new Hyperpole qualifying format. In this format, all classes are permitted to use the track in the 45 minute qualifying session on Thursday evening. The top 6 cars from each of the 4 classes then progress to the Hyperpole session on Friday morning, which sets the top of the grid for each class. This means that each class will be segregated on the final grid.
Secondly, with the introduction of the LMH regulations starting next year, this is the last edition featuring LMP1 as the top class at Le Mans. The LMP moniker has been used at Le Mans since 1996, where it was used to describe purpose built race machines as opposed to the homologated LMGT1 class, which were based on road-going machinery.

Session Times

  • Road To Le Mans Practice 1 - Thursday September 17th, 08:30 Local, 06:30 UTC, 02:30 ET, 16:30 AEST - 1 Hour - Results
  • Free Practice 1 - Thursday September 17th, 10:00 Local, 08:00 UTC, 04:00 ET, 18:00 AEST - 3 Hours - RESULTS
  • Free Practice 2 - Thursday September 17th, 14:00 Local, 12:00 UTC, 08:00 ET, 22:00 AEST - 3 Hours - RESULTS
  • Qualifying Practice - Thursday September 15 Local, 15:15 UTC, 11:15 ET, Friday 01:15 AEST - 45 Minutes - RESULTS
  • Road To Le Mans Practice 2 - Thursday September 17th, 18:30 Local, 16:30 UTC, 12:30 ET, Friday 02:30 AEST - 1 Hour - Results
  • Free Practice 3 - Thursday September 17th, 20:00 Local, 18:00 UTC, 14:00 ET, Friday 04:00 AEST - 4 Hours RESULTS
  • Road To Le Mans Qualifying Practice - Friday September 18th, 08:30 Local, 06:30 UTC, 02:30 ET, 16:30 AEST - 20 Min x 2 classes
  • Free Practice 4 - Friday September 18th, 10:00 Local, 08:00 UTC, 04:00 ET, 18:00 AEST - 1 Hour
  • HYPERPOLE - Friday September 18th, 11:30 Local, 09:30 UTC, 05:30 ET, 19:30 AEST - 30 Minutes
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Practice 1 - Friday September 18th, 13:00 Local, 11:00 UTC, 07:00 ET, 21:00 AEST - 45 Minutes
  • Road To Le Mans Race 1 - Friday September 18th, 14:15 Local, 12:15 UTC, 08:15 ET, 22:15 AEST - 55 Minutes
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Practice 2 - Friday September 18th, 15:45 Local, 13:45 UTC, 09:45 ET, 23:45 AEST - 45 Minutes
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Qualifying Practice - Friday September 18th, 17:30 Local, 15:30 UTC, 11:30 ET, Saturday 01:30 AEST - 1 Hour
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Race - Saturday September 19th, 09:15 Local, 07:15 UTC, 03:15 ET, 17:15 AEST - 45 Minutes
  • Warm Up - Saturday September 19th, 10:30 Local, 08:30 UTC, 04:30 ET, 18:30 AEST - 15 Minutes
  • Road to Le Mans Race 2 - Saturday September 19th, 11:15 Local, 09:15 UTC, 05:15 ET, 19:15 AEST - 55 Minutes
  • RACE START - Saturday September 19th, 14:30 Local, 12:30 UTC, 08:30 ET, 22:30 AEST

The Track

The Circuit de la Sarthe covers 13.6 kilometres of the French country side. It combines the permanent race components of the Ford Chicanes, the pit straight, under the Dunlop Bridge and through to Tertre Rouge as well as the normal everyday roads of the Mulsanne straight through to Indianapolis and Arnage. The track has gone through many iterations over the years; originally, the cars raced into the heart of the city, turning just before the river Sarthe, before hurtling down the 8.6 kilometre straight. In 1932, the circuit removed the journey into the city, and more closely resembled the track we see today. Here’s a video of Mike Hawthorn touring the circuit with a camera and microphone attached in 1956, one year after his involvement in the Le Mans disaster. The addition of the Porsche Curves and the Ford Chicanes in 1972 added an extra dimension to the high speed, fast flowing track. In the late 80’s, the Group C prototype cars would reach over 400km/h, achieving average speeds of almost 250km/h in qualifying for the entire lap. This is an onboard of Derek Bell’s Porsche 956 in 1983, showing the ridiculous speeds on this configuration of the circuit. This configuration remained relatively unchanged right up to 1990, until FIA mandations required that for the circuit to be sanctioned, it must not have a straight longer than 2km. The 6km Mulsanne straight was cut down into three relatively equal length portions by two chicanes, giving the iteration of the circuit used today. Allan McNish takes you on an onboard lap of the current circuit in this video. McNish is one of the gods of the modern prototype era, winning Le Mans 3 times; once with Porsche and twice with Audi. For a more comprehensive focus on the track, John Hindhaugh’s track walk takes you on a 30 minute exploration of the track, with in depth focus on corners like the Dunlop Esses, Tertre Rouge, Mulsanne Corner, and the Ford Chicanes.
Finally, check out the fastest ever lap in the Circuit de la Sarthe: Kamui Kobayashi's 3:14.791 in 2017 Q2
The Dunlop Bridge
The iconic Dunlop Bridge has been a part of the Le Mans track since 1932, making it the oldest Dunlop Bridge at any track. This part of the track requires a good launch out of the first chicane before cresting the brow of the hill, and plunging through the esses out onto the Mulsanne straight. As the LMP cars are much more maneuverable, caution must be taken passing the slower GT traffic, as Allan McNish discovered in 2011.
Tertre Rouge
Tertre Rouge is the corner that launches the cars onto the long Mulsanne straight. Maintaining momentum through this corner as it opens on exit is imperative to ensure maximum straight line speed heading down the first part of the Mulsanne. The undulation in the road makes for fantastic viewing at night, with some magic images of the Porsches throwing up sparks on the exit in 2014. Finally, this was the location of Allan Simonsen’s fatal crash in mixed conditions in the 2013 Le Mans. The Danish flags will fly at the corner in his memory.
Mulsanne Corner
After the incredibly long Mulsanne straight, the Mulsanne corner nowadays features a subtle right hand kink before the tight 90 degree turn. Here, the cars decelerate from 340 km/h down to below 100 km/h, resulting in a brilliant opportunity to overtake. Again, care must be taken overtaking slower traffic; unaware drivers have caught out faster cars attempting to pass through the kink, such as Anthony Davidson’s spectacular crash in 2012 resulting in a broken vertebra for Davidson.
Indianapolis and Arnage
The Indanapolis and Arnage complex is one of the most committed areas of the track. Hurtling down the hill from the Mulsanne Corner, the road suddenly bends to the right, a corner which only the bravest prototype drivers take flat out, followed by a beautifully cambered open left hander taken in third gear. A short sprint leads the cars into Arnage, the slowest point on the track. The tight right hander was the scene of heartbreak for Toyota in 2014 when the leading #7 broke down and had to be retired after an FIA sensor melted and shut off the electronics. Kazuki Nakajiima was unable to make it to the pits, leaving him stranded on the circuit.
The Porsche Curves
High speed and with barely any run off, the Porsche Curves is the most committed part of the lap. Getting caught behind GT traffic in this section can mean losing phenomenal amounts of time. This was the site of Loic Duval’s horrific crash in practice for the 2014 event. Keeping momentum through the flowing right-left-right handers that lead into Maison Blanche requires 100% commitment and ultimate precision, with severe punishment for getting it wrong.
The Ford Chicanes
The final chapter in the 13.6km rollercoaster that is Le Mans is the Ford Chicanes. Two tight left-right handers with massive kerbs are all that separates the driver from the finish line. Watching the cars bounce over the kerbs in beautiful slow motion is certainly something to behold, but 24 hours of mistreatment can lead to suspension and steering issues. The drivers have to be attentive until the very end, lest they throw it all away in the last minutes of the race. This year, it’s expected that the LMP1 teams will have to flawlessly navigate the circuit almost 400 times during the 24 hours of racing.

The Classes

The WEC consists of four classes on track at once, resulting in four separate races on track each in their own battle for 24 Hours. The classes are split by car type into Prototype and GT, and then further into Pro and Amateur. Each class has it's own set of regulations, driver requirements, and relevance for the Le Mans event

LMP1 is the top class of Sportscars, and features the fastest prototype closed top race cars. The cars rival F1 cars in terms of performance and lap times, and are capable of lapping the Le Mans circuit in around 3:20. The cars in this class are built specifically for endurance racing, and are limited by both instantaneous and average fuel flow, to put the focus of the class onto development of efficiency. This year, Toyota is the only OEM manufacturer, with 3 privateer teams bringing along three different chassis to take a shot at the overall victory. As Toyota's car is a hybrid, and the privateer cars are not, the different types of car have to be balanced by a process called "Equivalence of Technology", or EoT. For more information on how EoT is calculated and applied, check out this article on the Le Mans website For those who have followed the WEC all season, it is important to note that the Success Handicap that has been applied throughout the season will not be applied at Le Mans. Thus, we will see the full unshackled ability of the cars in LMP1 for the 24 Hours!

The second prototype class is LMP2, and provides an excellent platform for endurance racing on a budget. The LMP2 class features a spec drivetrain and gearbox, using a Gibson V8 producing 600hp, and a selection of three chassis to choose from (well four really but we don't talk about Riley). This ensures that the competition in the class is very tight, and often comes down to the drivers and the teams performance instead of just having the best car. The LMP2 category is only just a step down from LMP1, with rivalling top speeds, and can lap in around 3:30.
LMP2 is the first class that must feature amateur rated drivers. The Amateurs must drive for a minimum of 6 hours in the car over the course of the race. This means that there's an element of strategy of when to use your amateur driver throughout the race, as the amateur driver is generally slower than the Pros. The pro drivers in this class range from up and coming talent, former F1 drivers, and some of the best sportscar pilots in the world, and with 24 cars in this class, LMP2 is sure to be a hotbed of action over the 24 hours.

GT class cars are cars that are derived from production models, and feature some of the most iconic cars and brands battling it out at the top of the field. The GTE cars are on the border of aero dependency, and can lap Le Mans in around 3:50
This year, the GTE-Pro entry has been hit significantly by the developments of the Covid-19 situation. Factory backed teams from America, including the Corvette C8.R and the Core-run Porsche GTLM program, have been unable to make the trip, resulting in a three-way tussle between Porsche, Ferrari, and Aston Martin for this year's event. The GTE-Pro class features all-pro line ups, resulting in some of the best drivers in the world racing in some of the most prestigious hardware that racing has to offer.
The GT classes feature a range of different cars and configurations, and to equalise each of these against each other, the class goes through a process called 'Balance of Performance' or BoP. The organisers can adjust each individual car's weight, fuel tank, air restrictor, turbo boost pressures, and aero performance to alter performance levels to enable the different cars to race competitively. This can sometimes be contentious as every team will feel hard done by, but it is a necessary evil to having the variety of cars on the grid.

Like GTE-Pro, GTE-Am features the same GT cars derived from production models. There are two major differences between GTE-Pro and GTE-Am. Firstly, as the name implies, GTE-Am must feature two amateur drivers per car; one rated Silver and the other rated Bronze. Additionally, the specifications of GTE-Am cars are a season behind the GTE-Pro category. While this had a major affect last year, this year all teams have been able to upgrade to the most recent spec machinery released by the manufacturer teams.
With two amateur drivers, all of a sudden the strategy considerations multiply. Additionally, the variety of Pro drivers in this class range from ex-F1 talent to brand new drivers to the Endurance Sportscar scene. While GTE-Am might be the class focussed on the least over the course of the race, the stories that come from this class are phenomenal, and it's well worth following.

Coming from /Formula1? The guys from F1-Editorial put together this info piece so you can see where drivers you might know stack up in this year's field!

The Legends

Part of the allure of the Le Mans 24 Hours is the history, and the legends steeped in history over the course of it's 85 previous editions. The race has had many headline battles in it's history - periods of time where two or three teams went toe to toe for years, with the drivers, cars, and brands embroiled in these battles given the chance to elevate themselves above the rest, and show their prowess.
Last year at /WEC, we’ve taken our normal Le Mans Legends celebrations to a new level; each week, members of the community have been writing reviews on some of the closest, most fascinating finishes in Le Mans history! You can check out these reports below!
Bonus CookieMonsterFL Write-Ups
This year, we've invited you to celebrate some of the Privateer teams that have made this event special. So far we've featured ByKolles, Pescarolo, and Joest, with another one still to come!
The early races were dominated by the Bentley company in their Speed 6, who won 5 of the first 7 races. Cars were separated into classes by their engine displacement, and the overall winner was based on distance covered. If two cars had finished with the same number of laps, the car with the smaller displacement was declared the winner. The race wasn't run during the second world war, and comparatively very little information is available on the stories of the early days of Le Mans.
After the second world war, teams such as Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Aston Martin became the dominant teams. This era featured the legendary Jaguar D type, the Mercedes Benz 300 SLR, the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, and the Aston Martin DBR1. Jaguar won 5 times between 1951 and 1957, followed by an era of Ferrari dominance. Drivers such as Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio, and John Fitch became household names as Le Mans became a battle between German engineering and British "garagistas".
Ferrari and Ford was the story of the 60's, with Ferrari winning 6 times straight before Ford won four in a row with the GT40 Mk II, taking their first win in 1966. The story of their rivalry is legendary in it's own right - Henry Ford had almost successfully bought out the Ferrari motor company, only to be knocked back by Enzo himself at the 11th hour. In retaliation, Ford planned to hurt Ferrari where it mattered most; on the track. The Ford GT40 was so comprehensively dominant that it won the 1966 edition 21 laps ahead of the next car back - a Porsche 906/6. None of the Ferrari 330P3's finished the race. This battle gave drivers like Bruce Mclaren, Dan Gurney, and Jacky Ickx their first Le Mans victories, and propelled them to the forefront of motorsport stardom at the height of motorsport's popularity.
The 1970's saw the dawn of Porsche, with the 917k taking the brand's first win in 1970, with the same car winning the following year in the hands of Helmut Marko (yes, that Helmut Marko). It would be 5 years before Porsche would win again, with Maatra taking 3 victories in the interim, each at the hands of Henri Pescarolo. Porsche returned with the 936 and the 956/962c dominating the race for the next 20 years. In fact, from 1970, Porsche won 12 times in 18 events, including 7 in a row, and they miiight have been a bit cheeky about it. Amongst these 12 wins, there were 4 for both Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell, and two for IMSA legend Hurley Haywood, as well as the first win for the Joest team in 1984. This era coincided with the introduction, and subsequent destruction of the Group C sportscar formula, widely regarded as the best Sportscar championship regulations of all time. Porsche’s dominance was eventually ended by Jaguar in the XJR-9LM, at the height of Group C’s magic. Ickx's 6 wins at this stage had earned him the nickname 'Mister Le Mans', a fitting title for one of the best drivers in the world at the time.
GT cars became a force to be reckoned with at the end of the Group C era, with classes being split into LMGTP and LMP. McLaren and Porsche had wins in GTP cars, in the F1 GTR and the 911 GT1 respectively, while Porsche, BMW and Peugeot scored LMP wins. 1997 saw the first win for Tom Kristensen, while the following year Allan McNish took his first victory, starting their journeys into the legend books of Le Mans.
The 2000’s ushered in the era of Audi, with all 13 of their wins coming since the turn of the century. GTP was disbanded due to safety issues, being replaced by GT1 and GT2. Audi picked up wins in the R8, the R10, the R15, and the R18, often dominating the might of the Peugeot 908. Audi's dominance elevated not only their drivers to legend status, but also their team managers, car designers, and race engineers. People like Reinhold Joest (team manager), Dr Wolfgang Ullrich (Audisport director), Ulrich Baretzky (engine designer), Leena Gade, Howden Haynes (race engineers) behind the wall and Allan McNish, Tom Kristensen, Rinaldo Capello, Marcel Fassler, Andre Lotterer and Benoit Treluyer have become household names in the sport not only for their wins, but their longevity and domination. Audi's dominance was only broken by a win for Bentley in 2003, running basically an Audi under a British racing green skin, and Peugeot in 2009, before being ended for good by Porsche in 2015.
Between 2015 and 2017, Porsche added to their victories, now holding a record 19 overall victories at the Circuit de la Sarthe. Audi trail with 13, with Ferrari, Jaguar and Bentley holding the next three positions. Toyota finally took their first overall victory in 2018, and backed it up with another last year. Tom Kristensen is has the most victories at Le Mans, with 9 overall victories over his career with Porsche, Audi and Bentley, inheriting the title of Mr Le Mans.

Videos and Documentaries

Entry List

The 2020 Andy Blackmore's Spotter Guide - Proudly supported by /WEC

This year, /WEC is again sponsoring Andy Blackmore's Le Mans spotters guide. Andy Blackmore has been a long time servant to Le Mans and his spotters guides are second to none in terms of information, presentation, and accuracy. We here at /WEC are proud to feature on the spotters guide, and implore you to show your support by following him @andyblackmore and supporting @AERO_Paint on Twitter!

Endurance Chat

/WEC's podcast, Endurance Chat, will have three episodes in the lead up to Le Mans, as well as a Pre-Pre-Race show in the hours before the event. Watch this space for updates!

Streaming and Television

Martin Haven confirmed that Trackside Broadcast will start 15 minutes before FP2 - No broadcast of FP1 at this stage

  • Official stream OUTSIDE US ONLY - The Le Mans package gives you access to all WEC sessions (Qualifying, Warm Up and the Race) with a choice of on boards, cross platform compatibility, and up to 5 devices connected at once. Additionally, replays of the event are free after the event. Official comms headed by Martin Haven, Allan McNish and Graham Goodwin, who in my personal opinion properly nail the tone of the event. Has been known to get overloaded and crash however
  • Eurosport will be broadcasting the full Le Mans event, including Practice, all Qualifying sessions, Warm Up, and the Race, in most markets with local commentary. Note - In the past, there have been complaints levelled at the tone of the English comms, and bias in commentary in various regions. Luckily, Eurosport does provide a commentary free feed too! Check your local broadcaster for times/streaming
  • Radio Le Mans will be streaming live radio for every session
For American audiences, unfortunately the Official stream is geoblocked for your area. You can catch the race on Motortrend and on the Discovery Velocity channel
Any further updates on TV or Streaming distribution will be added as they are released!

Social Media

If you're looking for more interaction, you can find most of the teams, drivers and commentators on Twitter, giving you instant interaction with those in the midst of the event. We have a twitter list for this year's event thanks to victorycb!

Live timing

Be sure to join the discord for alternate timing solutions!

Get Involved!

By far the most fun you can have watching an endurance race is watching it with the official /WEC Discord! It's a lot of fun and a really great atmosphere to watch the race in!
If you want to have a go at picking who you think will be winning in each class, jump into mwclarkson's Fantasy Endurance Contest! It's free to enter, and if you win, you'll get the satisfaction and achievement of being right!
If there's anything you'd like us to add, or need clarification on, please comment below and we'll add it in!`
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2020.08.28 18:09 HaulA28Augl Top Ten G-ay S-ex Da-ting New

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2020.08.15 19:42 TheCowmaster934 RIGTC S4 R3 - Circuit de Spa Francorchamps - August 22 and 7pm EDT (12am BST 23 August) (9am ACT 23 August

Hey its time for round 3! Its Spa!! We will have almost everyone in GT3 cars and the GT4 am drivers will be in either
Now for logistics.
Race Format
Race Rules
Caution Rules
Livery Rules
Series overall
Race Date Alt Date
Bathurst February 15 February 22
Nurburgring May 2 May 9
Spa July 25 July 18
Suzuka August 22 August 15
Indianapolis October 24 October 31
Position Points
1 40
2 35
3 32
4 30
5 28
6 26
7 24
8 22
9 20
10 19
11 18
12 17
13 16
14 15
15 14
16 13
17 12
18 11
19 10
20 9
Lets get ready to have a good time guys! It should be a fun and competitive race!
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2020.08.01 12:10 jagsfanski Offseason Review Series: Jacksonville Jaguars

Before anything, I just want to preface by saying that I am filling in some huge shoes by following the legendary u/JaguarGator9. I am NOT a typical writer nor do I have any experience in analysis, I just wanted to take a stab at analyzing and writing about my favorite team that has been terrorizing my happiness for 15+ years. So, apologies in advance if there are some incorrect points made.
Also gotta give a shoutout to u/PlatypusOfDeath for continuing to run this series and for the formatting help! Also a thanks to u/flounder19 for directing me towards the thread where half of the info comes from and my bro u/MikeFanto4 for giving me the positive reinforcement through the writing of this. With that being said, hope y'all enjoy!

Jacksonville Jaguars


2019 Record: 6-10 (4th in Division)

Coaching Changes


Tom Coughlin – VP of Football Operations/Dictator: This will be discussed in the news section. Please hold.
Jon DeFilippo – Offensive Coordinator: It never really occurred to me until recently (give me a break Jags fans), that the firing of Flip was most likely directly related to Foles (even more so once he got hired by Chicago as QB coach). Once Foles was gone, Flip wanted out and they ultimately “mutually agreed to part ways”. While according to fans it would’ve been nice to see the other coordinator go, it shows that the front office “admitted” their mistake and decided to move on from the experiment.
Scott Milanovich – QB Coach: Milanovich took a job as the HC of the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL. Before his 3-year stint in Jacksonville, he was the HC of the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL where he won the Grey Cup in 2012 and was also named Coach of the Year.


Jay Gruden – Offensive Coordinator – The once HC of the Washington Football Team, Gruden comes into the organization bringing experience in molding younger quarterbacks. A big help is the fact that GM Dave Caldwell brought in a few players familiar with his scheme to assist in adjusting the other players to the playbook. Of all the OC candidates, Gruden is best fit for Minshew’s playstyle due to his West Coast Offense.
Ben McAdoo – Quarterbacks Coach: Brought in to replace Milanovich, McAdoo also brings HC experience to the team. Even though his time in the Giants organization is best left to be forgotten, his experience as an OC and QB coach makes him a prime candidate. He spent two seasons in Green Bay working with Aaron Rodgers and also helped the Giants to the 6th best scoring offense in the NFL in 2015.
Denard Robinson – Offensive Quality Control Coach: Not really a huge hire, but a nice reunion. Former QB turned RB, Denard “Shoelace” Robinson, continues his time in Duval as an assistant. He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2013 draft as an “Offensive Weapon” but played primarily at RB during his time as a player.

Free Agency/Trades

Players Lost/Traded

Player Position New Team Compensation
Nick Foles QB Bears Compensatory 4th round draft pick
Calais Campbell DE Ravens 5th round pick
A.J. Bouye CB Broncos 4th round pick
Marcell Dareus DT Free Agent
Marqise Lee WR Patriots 1 yr / $1,047,500
Jake Ryan ILB Free Agent
Cedric Ogbuehi RT Seahawks 1 yr / $2,300,000

Key Losses:

Nick Foles: After signing him to a MASSIVE 4-year contract worth $88 million, with $51 million guaranteed, the Jaguars thought they had their man in Super Bowl MVP Big Dick Nick. However, that did not live long since Foles broke his left clavicle during a 35-yard touchdown pass to DJ Chark. Once he was replaced by Bomb-Chuckin’ and Mom-Fuckin’ Gardner Minshew II, he was basically left as an afterthought in the Jaguars fanbase…..until the bye week. He was named the starter for the rest of the season and was severely disappointing in his limited time as it, thus resulting in him being benched after 3 games. In his time as a starter, he completed 77 passes for a completion percentage of 65.8%, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, with a passer rating of 84.6. He was largely disappointing in his time here but left the door open for Minshew Mania. Foles was traded to the Bears for a 2020 Compensatory 4th round pick AND took parts of his massive contract and helped us start the return from cap hell. D+ for his play, B for the trade return.
Calais Campbell: I’m like, really upset about this one. I remember exactly where I was when I found out that this glorious human was traded to the Baltimore Ravens for a 5th round pick. Chump change for the 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year award recipient. After being signed to a 4-year deal worth $60 million with $30 million guaranteed in 2017, the man proceeded to become the Mayor of the Defensive Line Formerly Known as Sacksonville. Amassing 31.5 sacks, 77 QB hits and 44 TFL in his 3 years on the team; not only was he a force on the field, he was very much involved in the Phoenix and Jacksonville communities. In 2019, Campbell won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award – given to the NFL player that best demonstrates outstanding community service and excellence on the field. His charity, CRC Foundation, has been helping young people with critical life skills since 2009. Adding to that, he has also hosted many holiday shopping sprees, the JaxPAL Youth Football and STEM Camp and has spent countless hours speaking encouragement to children in area schools. The fact that the Jaguars let him go for a 2020 5th round pick says a lot about what the teams feels about their cap situation. A for play, D- for trade return.
A.J. Bouye: Bouye was signed in 2017 as a free agent from Houston. His final season on the Texans is what attracted the Jaguars the most, landing him a 5-year contract worth $67.5 million with $26 million guaranteed. In his time with the team, he accrued 8 interceptions, 34 passes defended, and allowed just a 64.4 completion percentage when thrown to since 2018. 2017 was by far his best season opposite Jalen Ramsey in which they formed one of the most feared duos that year. He saw significant drop off in the 2 years to follow, leading to the team wanting to move in a different direction. He was traded to the Denver Broncos for a 2020 4th round pick and saving over $11 million from his remaining contract. B for play, C+ for trade return.
Marcell Dareus: Dareus was traded from the Bills to the Jaguars mid-season 2017 for a 2018 6th round pick to help solidify the lone run-defense weakness in what was a near impeccable defense. Although his stats don’t show it, (2.5 sacks, 45 combined tackles, 4 TFL and 5 QB hits) when healthy, he was a stud in the run game. The Jaguars ultimately decided not to pick up his 2020-year option and he remains a free agent. A team struggling in the run game could pick him up for cheap and I’m not 100% sure why he hasn’t been signed by a team yet. Dave Caldwell has said he is open to bringing him back on a separate deal, but hasn't acted on it yet. C

Players Signed

Player Position Old Team Length Salary
Tyler Eifert TE Bengals 2 years $9,500,000
Joe Schobert ILB Browns 5 years $53,750,000
Chris Thompson RB The Washington Football Team 1 year $1,400,000
Al Woods DT Seahawks 1 year $2,500,000
Rashaan Melvin CB Lions 1 year $1,750,000
Mike Glennon QB Raiders 1 year $1,187,500
Rodney Gunter DE Cardinals 3 years $18,000,000
Aaron Lynch OLB Bears 1 year $1,100,000
Cassius Marsh DE Cardinals 1 year $1,047,500
Lerentee McCray OLB Jaguars 1 year $1,047,500
Tyler Shatley C Jaguars 1 year $1,512,500
Keelan Cole WR Jaguars 1 year $3,259,000
Brian Price DT Jaguars 2 year $1,815,000
Yannick Ngakoue DE Jaguars 1 year TAG $17,788,000
Tyler Eifert: Going into the offseason, the biggest hole in an already lackluster offense was the Tight End position. The Jaguars drafted Josh Oliver in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft to help with that, but he went down with a hamstring injury in the preseason and a back injury during the regular season which limited him to 3 games. James O’Shaughnessy was one of Minshew’s favorite targets but went down with an ACL injury early on as well. Tyler Eifert comes in already familiar with Jay Gruden’s offense. The Jaguars are taking a risk in signing Eifert if they expect him to play even close to his 2015 production (52 catches for 615 yards and 13 touchdowns). However, if he stays healthy and can play even half as good, that’s a massive upgrade over what our Tight End group has produced over the past 5+ years. A 2-year contract worth $9.5 million filled with incentives should give Eifert the motivation to stay healthy and contribute immediately. But if he doesn’t produce as expected, the team should be able to release him with little cap hit. C+
Joe Schobert: Schobert from the Cleveland Browns could be considered the teams’ “marquee” free agent, signing a 5-year, $53.75 million contract with $21.5 million guaranteed. He comes into a linebacker corps that hasn’t had a true MLB since Posluszny retired. This addition allows Myles Jack to move to weak side and gives the opportunity for competition at strong side. Schobert gives the Jaguars a leadership type figure in an already incredibly young defense. Since Telvin Smith retired and decided to be stupid (more on that later on) and Poz choosing to hang up the cleats as well, there hasn’t been someone that could command the defense; Jack tried previously but had probably his worst year to date. Schobert solidifying the middle also gives Jack the opportunity to use his athleticism on the outside. Schobert is top 10 in pass coverage, but still needs to improve in the run game (which is something the team has struggled in for years). I feel like this is a boom-or-bust signing, but am cautiously optimistic. B+
Chris Thompson: Leonard Fournette is still this team’s workhorse back. Rumors started spreading that he would be traded prior to the draft, which ultimately fell flat. Just because the Jags are going to rely on Fournette even more, doesn’t mean that Minshew doesn’t need as many weapons as possible. This is another signing that works well with Gruden’s offense since he had played for him in Washington. This also gives Minshew another weapon out of the backfield. On the other hand, this is another signing that is based solely on whether he can stay healthy or not. A one year, prove-it deal worth $1.4 million is smart on the teams end because when healthy, Thompson can still have the capability to make plays. B
Rodney Gunter: A Calais Campbell clone? Probably not, but a man can dream right? The DE from Arizona signed a 3-year deal worth $18 million to pretty much help rotate through his old position, though. He hasn’t really shown much as a pass rusher (11 sacks in 5 years) but will probably be a rotational piece mostly used in run downs. C
Rashaan Melvin: With the departure of Bouye, the team looked thin at the position prior to the draft. The Jags also hit a homerun with their previous CB signing from Detroit, DJ Hayden. Melvin comes in on another one-year deal to compete with last years UDFA surprise, Tre Herndon for the CB2 spot opposite CJ Henderson. In his 4 years with Detroit, Oakland and Indianapolis, he posted 4 INT and 41 Passes Defended and 2 FF. This puts some competition in camp (if there is one) with experience vs. potential. B-
Al Woods: Caldwell goes in again on defense and signs the large run-stuffer from Seattle on a 1-year, $2.5 million deal. The loss of Marcel Dareus put a large hole in the already weak run defense and Woods helps plug it back in with a decent resume stuffing the middle. This gives the Jags a nice rotation between him, Abry Jones and Davon Hamilton. B EDIT: As of posting this, Al Woods has opted out of the 2020 season.


After trading away Jalen Ramsey, Calais Campbell, AJ Bouye and Nick Foles, the Jaguars ended up with a total of 12 draft picks (most in franchise history).
Round Number Player Position School
1 9 (9) CJ Henderson CB Florida
1 20 (20) from Rams K’Lavon Chaisson DE/LB LSU
2 10 (42) Laviska Shenault Jr. WR Colorado
3 9 (73) DaVon Hamilton DT Ohio State
4 10 (116) Ben Bartch OL St. Johns (Minn.)
4 31 (137) from Broncos Josiah Scott CB Michigan State
4 34 (140) from Bears Shaquille Quarterman LB Miami
5 12 (157) from Ravens Daniel Thomas S Auburn
5 20 (165) from Rams (Fowler trade) Collin Johnson WR Texas
6 10 (189) Jake Luton QB Oregon State
6 27 (206) Tyler Davis TE Georgia Tech
7 9 (223) Chris Claybrooks CB/Return Specialist Memphis


C.J. Henderson: There was a lot of speculation as to who Caldwell was going to draft with the first of 2 first round picks. Was it going to be an OL? WR? QB?(for some reason). Dave ultimately went with the heir to the Ramsey throne. Gone are the days of back injuries and in are the days of another Florida school product. This man is 6-foot 204lb and is extremely good in coverage, which is something that the team needs in replacement of Ramsey. One glaring weakness in his game is his tackling, which seems like there is some hesitation and looks to often miss open field tackles. He immediately fills the CB1 role that was previously held by surprise UDFA Tre Herndon. B
K’Lavon Chaisson: Alright, I’ll address the elephant on the team now. Yannick Ngakoue is not playing another down for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I was a believer that they could strike a long-term deal and keep the talented pass rusher but NOOOOO, he just had to beef with the owner’s son and ruin any chance, but I digress. The first of the Rams 1st round picks from the Jalen Ramsey trade yields the replacement for the other man who really wants out. The LSU product brings an incredible motor and raw talent. He has all the physical tools you could need in a DE/LB at 6’3” and 254lbs but has a high ceiling if he works on his technique. A line edged by Josh Allen and K’Lavon Chaisson sounds relentless to me. A-
Laviska Shenault Jr.: There was plenty of WR talent deep in this draft class and I feel like the Jags found a secret weapon in the Colorado prospect. Despite dealing with numerous injuries and not the best quarterback play, he was still able to produce over 2000 scrimmage yards through his SO and JR seasons. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be able to line up all over the field. Gruden will be able to set him up at WR, RB and even Wildcat QB if he’s feeling frisky. At 6-2 220LB, Minshew has versatile target that has the chance to produce really well if he can stay healthy. B+
DaVon Hamilton: The 6-4, 320lb DT was a wall in the center of the Buckeye line. He amassed 6 sacks, 28 tackles (9.5 for a loss) with 1 forced fumble in his redshirt senior season. Hamilton was drafted to help shore up the middle once held up by Dareus, but also now partially manned by Al Woods. His specialty is in the run game, which is something the Jags desperately need. B
Ben Bartch: The Smoothie King comes to Duval. Everyone knows the story of Bartch’s insane smoothie recipe that helped him gain 86lbs. Coming out of DIII St. John’s in Minnesota, he dominated competition enough to earn him a spot at the Senior Bowl. Even though he doesn’t have much experience against NFL caliber competition, Bartch has the tools necessary to grow in the league and become a serviceable backup or eventually challenge current starting RG, AJ Cann. B-
Josiah Scott: On the smaller end of the spectrum (5’9”, 185lbs), Scott has had to overcome his size with speed and knowledge. He’s too small to be anything more than a slot corner; but he can be great depth behind DJ Hayden and helpful in the run game. The Jags lost a lot in the CB department, so I understand the depth pick. C+
Shaquille Quarterman: Quarterman was a 4-year starter and a captain while at Miami. Caldwell really wanted to shore up the run defense this offense and this pick doesn’t stray away from that narrative. He may not be the best in the pass game since he has limited speed, but on running downs he could be very helpful and a leader in the locker room. B
Daniel Thomas: I’m actually a fan of this pick solely for depth purposes. The best backup safety on the team is Andrew Wingard, so any help at the position is good. In his time at Auburn, he notched 5 interceptions, 199 total tackles and forced 3 fumbles. B
Collin Johnson: I feel like Johnson will be an asset in the red zone. His large stature at 6’6”, 220lbs+ will be great for jump-balls. The Jags receiving corp. has almost every kind of receiver you would need except for a big bodied guy to get up after 50/50 balls. While I’m not happy it took Dave this long to get more help for Minshew besides Shenault, this isn’t the worst consolation prize. C+
Jake Luton: Caldwell has had a history of selecting a QB in the 6th round. So, I’m not surprised by this pick. But the question is: will he be another Minshew, or a Tanner Lee? The Oregon State Beaver threw for 42 touchdowns to 11 interception in 3 years there. My money is on him being a camp body or not making the roster at all. D
Tyler Davis: Davis started his career at UConn as a Quarterback but switched to WR as a sophomore and ended up a TE before transferring to Georgia Tech as a TE. His receiving stats leave a lot to be desired but has some strength in run-blocking. In an already crowded position group, he’ll have to really show off to make the final roster. D+
Chris Claybrooks: Caldwell and Marrone both agreed that Claybrooks was drafted for returning purposes. Supposedly running a 4.25s 40 in a video sent to every NFL team, he has the speed to make a difference on special teams. In his time returning kicks at Memphis, he returned 11 for 338 yards for an average of 30.7 – a much higher average than the 24.2 yds/rt the Jaguars did in 2019. B+


Luq Barcoo, CB, San Diego State; Doug Costin, DT, Miami (OH); Nathan Cottrell, RB, Georgia Tech; Ben Ellefson, TE, North Dakota State; Nate Evans, LB, Central Florida; Tavien Feaster, RB, South Carolina; Josh Hammond, WR, Florida; Amari Henderson, CB, Wake Forest; Ross Matiscik, LS, Baylor; Steven Nielson, OL, Ohio; J.R. Reed, S, Georgia; James Robinson, RB, Illinois State; Marvelle Ross, WR, Notre Dame College; Connor Slomka, FB, Army; Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms, OL, Missouri; Kobe Williams, CB, Arizona State; Brandon Wright, K, Georgia State.

Other Offseason News that Affected the Team

Oh my word…..there was so much that happened. I wish I had enough time to go into full detail on everything, but new job has my time extremely limited. I’ll unfortunately have to stick with short synopses on these.
Tom Coughlin Fired
The Tom Coughlin era 2.0 is finally over. The Jaguars have had enough of his dictatorship and days after the NFLPA sent a warning letter to players to stay away, they relieved him of his duties. A few of the grievances included:
  • Fining Dante Fowler Jr. $700k for not rehabbing in Jacksonville
  • Nearly forcing Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith to participate in voluntary workouts
  • Fining Fournette for sitting while inactive during the 2018 finale
But wait! There’s more! Not only did he have a number of grievances filed against him, he:
  • Gave Blake Bortles a deal averaging $18m a year, only to be released
  • Signed Nick Foles to a deal worth $88m, and wouldn’t let it go when it was proven he wasn’t the guy
  • Other general day-to-day nuances that make him an overall unlikable person
Now that he’s gone, the clocks have gone back to normal time and hopefully the morale of the team improves greatly. This is also a final chance for Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell to show that a major factor in the teams lack of recent success can be directly attributed to the Tom Coughlin culture.
Telvin Smith arrested
Oooooh boy……what to say about this one. Former 5th round pick out of Florida State turned top MLB in the NFL arrested and charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor. He retired in 2019 stating that he needed to focus on his family and health. Smith first met the girl in the summer of 2019, recently after she turned 17; and in their 2-month time together, they had sex multiple times in Smith’s car and home. Adding onto that, Smith offered the underage girl $200 to keep quiet, $100 of which she ultimately took. He was released on $50,003 bond. DON’T.FUCK.KIDS.OR.TEENS.PEOPLE.
Yannick Ngakoue
I don’t really know where to start this since so much has happened. Yannick Ngakoue is trying to pull a Jalen Ramsey and tweet himself out of Duval County. Ngakoue has been (and still is) very open about his displeasure towards the organization. Since late 2019, he has tweeted numerous times about wanting to be traded, even calling out Tony Khan (son of owner Shahid Khan) on the site. The team franchise tagged him and tried shopping around. Their asking price was a MINIMUM of a first round pick, but the Twitter tirade ruined basically any chance of that return. There was an offer that included a Pro Bowl player recently, which was declined since the player “didn’t fit their system”. People are split between whether he plays if he doesn’t get traded or sitting out the season, which I guess we’ll see once (if) the season commences.
No 5th year option for Fournette
Just like Ngakoue, the former 4th overall picks’ relationship with the front office has not been the most ideal. He was one of the many players that filed a grievance against the team for the fine for sitting on the bench in 2018 while inactive, which he got back. The Jaguars decided not to pick up his 5th year option, which would’ve netted Fournette $8.43 million. This means that, unless an extension is made, he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2021. The team will most likely not extend him beyond this season since they were even trying to get rid of him this offseason. They had discussions with teams about moving him, but no deal was done. Caldwell ultimately decided that Fournette will stick around and be the RB1 for the 2020 season but has not made any mention of beyond that. This is a contract year for him, and he wants to prove that he was worth the 4th overall selection.
As most of you may know, the Jacksonville Jaguars have another name: The London Jaguars
But in all seriousness, it’s been seeming to the general public that the team will move to London; especially after this year when Khan moved a second home game to Wembley Stadium. The reasoning behind the move is to increase local revenue. The front office believed that the reasoning behind the low revenue was the local market, not the product on the field. No one, not a single fan took this piece of news positively. It seemed like it was doomed from the start, something that could only be slowed down by say a…..pandemic? (un)Luckily so, one such pandemic happened. Creating an international travel restriction and preventing any NFL teams from playing in London. When the season does start, the home games, which would’ve been vs. the Lions and Browns in non-consecutive weeks, will actually be played at home. In other COVID news, former Jaguar great Tony Boselli contracted the Coronavirus and was admitted to the ICU for five days. Things got so bad that he was hooked up to two IVs and needed oxygen to help his breathing. Luckily, he was able to recover mostly and was released on March 30.

Projected Starting Lineup with Camp Battles

Positions won in a camp battle italicized
QB- Gardner Minshew: This is Gardner Minshew’s team in 2020. After a promising rookie season, added weapons and a more workable scheme, Minshew should solidify himself as the quarterback of the future - given he slows down on the turnovers.
RB- Leonard Fournette: In a contract year after his 5th year option was declined, he will be running with a chip on his shoulder. The team looks to run him as much as possible before he leaves.
TE- Tyler Eifert, James O’Shaughnessy: Free agent signing Eifert will fill the starting role as long as he is healthy. I think O’Shaughnessy beats out Josh Oliver for the TE2 spot due to last years chemistry with Minshew.
WR- D.J. Chark Jr., Dede Westbrook, Chris Conley, Laviska Shenault Jr.: This group is easily the strength of this offense. Chark looks to build on a really nice 2019 season, Westbrook and Conley weren’t bad as WR2 and 3, but they weren’t spectacular either. I added Shenault as well because he will be put in at a bunch of different positions.
LT- Cam Robinson: Robinson battled through an ACL injury in 2018 which basically sent his development back over a year. He’s been inconsistent in his time playing, playing well during some games but slacking big time in others.
LG- Andrew Norwell: The coaching staff is still sticking by the second highest paid guard in the NFL, even though he hasn’t been playing like it at all. He missed time in 2018 with a foot injury and has been battling through that since. But ultimately needs to play even remotely like the former 1st team all-pro in order to provide some return on his contract. He has been arguably the worst lineman on an already weak line.
C- Brandon Linder: One of the more underrated lineman in the league. Linder has been a consistent leader on the offense since being drafted in the 3rd round in 2014.
RG- A.J. Cann: Cann is just one of those guys where you kinda forget about him until he has a terrible game and then you remember that he’s actually not good. I’m considering this one a battle because I feel like rookie Bartch can snag a start or two during the season.
RT- Jawaan Taylor: After dropping to the Jags in the second round of last years’ draft, Taylor has lived up to expectations. While having the typical rookie growing pains, he was extremely solid playing against pro-level talent.
DL- Josh Allen, Abry Jones, Taven Bryan/Rodney Gunter, K’Lavon Chaisson: A group that is primed to surprise people. The Good Josh Allen is already a forced to be reckoned with, Abry Jones is a solid piece with some rotational help, Taven Bryan is only getting better at the run while Gunter will help with the pass rush. Finally, 1st round pick K’Lavon Chaisson comes in with an incredible motor to help with the loss of Ngakoue.
LB- Myles Jack, Joe Schobert, Quincy Williams: Myles Jack is on his 3rd position, so hopefully this will unlock his full athletic potential. Schobert will command the defense up the middle and drop into coverage. Quincy did not play well last year as a rookie. I hope he is able to progress this season or we might be in trouble there.
CB- C.J. Henderson, Rashaan Melvin, D.J. Hayden: 9th overall pick Henderson gets the start at the CB1 position. Melvin and Tre Herndon are going to be battling for the CB2 spot, but I give the nod to Melvin solely because he has more experience. D.J. Hayden is another underrated player in the NFL and is quietly one of the top Nickel corners.
S- Ronnie Harrison, Jarrod Wilson: Ronnie Harrison has been really coming into his own over the past season and will only get better. Jarrod Wilson played fairly well in 2019 and was exercised his option during the offseason.
K- Josh Lambo: Lambo is one of the most consistent kickers in the NFL today. Hitting over 94% of his kicks since coming to Jacksonville (while also leading the NFL in 2019 with 97.1% FG made).
P- Logan Cooke: Cooke is top 10 in yards/punt and has no need to worry about losing his job.
KR- Chris Claybrooks: The 7th rounder from Memphis was drafted specifically to return kicks, hopefully he brings the spark that the team desperately needs on ST.
PR- Dede Westbrook: Westbrook was 14th in the NFL in punt returns, he hasn’t been great in the field, but he also hasn’t been terrible.

Schedule Predictions

Week 1: IND (L) – Philip Rivers has had our number over the years (7-2, 24 touchdowns to 5 interceptions); and a team that’s a QB shy from competing now has the Jaguars literal kryptonite. I have my faith in the young defense, but Rivers will probably have a field day. 0-1
Week 2: @TEN (W) – Huh, no annual TNF Titans-Jaguars trash bowl? 2020 is really a weird year and I don’t like it. Here’s hoping that at least one trend sort of-continues: a split in games. The Jags revamped run defense slows down Derrick Henry for a game and CJ Henderson gets his first career pick off of Tannehill. Minshew is going to be the deciding factor in this game. 1-1
Week 3: MIA (W) – If it’s Fitzpatrick, it’s a loss. But I believe Tua takes the job early in the season(maybe?) and has his typical rookie growing pains. One of which is losing to a bad team that you shouldn’t lose to. 2-1
Week 4: @CIN (W) – Just like Tua, Burrow is set to have his growing pains. But this isn’t one of those games. The first overall pick goes into a shootout with The Man, The Myth, The Legend but comes up short due to a questionable play call in the final seconds. 3-1
Week 5: @HOU (L) – Even though Houston no longer has DeAndre Hopkins, Deshaun Watson is still able to work through the Jags D to come up with the win. 3-2
Week 6: DET (L) – Matthew Stafford has a really good week and Jeff Okudah outmatches his top 10 counterpart in another close game that comes down to game management experience. 3-3
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: @LAC (W) – Even though Jacksonville isn’t typically good on the west coast, they’re facing a team manned either by Tyrod Taylor or Justin Herbert. If they’re facing the latter (I’m sticking with a first round rookie start), then they’ll pull off a win they shouldn’t have. 4-3
Week 9: HOU (L) - Just like week 5, Watson goes off again while Brandon Cooks has 150+ yards receiving. Minshew attempts a 4th quarter comeback and brings it close, but ultimately falls short. 4-4
Week 10: @GB (L) - Aaron Rodgers is obviously unhappy with the drafting of Jordan Love and is on a mission to prove that he’s still got it in the league. Even though the rest of the roster is lacking pieces, you can never count out Rodgers. Especially when it’s against lower competition. 4-5
Week 11: PIT (L) – I feel like this could be the start (or continuation) of a decent non-divisional/former divisional rivalry. Big Ben is back and has a good back in James Conner. Besides JuJu Smith-Schuster and Eric Ebron, there isn’t anyone that inflicts fear in secondaries. This game could go either way, but I’m giving the nod to Pittsburgh in a close match. Their defense has enough to slow down our offense, but our defense lacks the “star-power” against their offense to really make up for it. 4-6
Week 12: @CLE (L) – Chubb is good, Beckham is good, Landry is good, Hooper is good. Unfortunately I don’t see us being close in this one. 4-7
Week 13: @MIN (L) – Minnesota, at this point, is looking towards the postseason and will not hold back. Thielen and Cook will carry their offense to 3 touchdowns while the Jags offense falls flat this week. 4-8
Week 14: TEN (L) – The split game. Again….WHY NO TNF?! The Jaguars come into the game tired and eliminated, while the Tacks come into the contest nearing a berth and are hungry for a win. Derrick Henry is Derrick Henry and just runs train. 4-9
Week 15: @BAL (L) - I may be biased but I’m not delusional. 4-10
Week 16: CHI (W) – I’m basing this off my prediction that Foles will outplay Trubisky and stays healthy. Foles plays better than Trubisky, but that’s not saying much. Henderson is able to keep Allen Robinson at bay; and while Khalil Mack will be effective, his impact will be kept to a best-case scenario. 5-10
Week 17: IND (W) – Indianapolis already clinched a playoff spot and is resting their starters for their inevitable 1st round elimination. So, the Jags will win in semi-convincing fashion against a team starting backups. 6-10
Final Record: 6-10. I genuinely believe this team has improved overall despite the major losses throughout the defense. There are going to be a lot of close games, especially if more players opt-out of the season. I feel like many of these games could steer in either direction. Besides Baltimore, Minnesota, Houston and Green Bay, of course. The ceiling of this team could push .500, but the floor could really bottom out at 1 or 2 wins. This team is extremely young and still needs to mesh. Depending on next years draft picks (looking at you, Rams. Please suck, thanks), this team is poised for a huge jump in the near future. This isn’t a full rebuild, it’s a partial one. I do not see this team making the postseason this year, but they could definitely play party-pooper to a couple of teams.


Jay Gruden – Gruden utilizes a West Coast Offensive scheme. This scheme was created by Bill Walsh in the 60’s when he worked for the Cincinnati Bengals as the QB coach. This offense relies heavily on shorter throws spread out throughout the field, eventually opening the top up for the occasional long ball. The use of a mobile QB and a variety of receivers can really help spread out the defense as well and easier for him to make throws.
Todd Wash – Although there have been rumors of a scheme change, and the signing of certain players seem to suggest the same, Todd Wash is still sticking a base 4-3 defense. One of the more common schemes, it involves four down linemen consisting of a nose tackle, a defensive tackle and two ends. Behind the linemen are 3 linebackers: The Mike, Will and Sam linebackers. The Mike, or middle, will line up behind the nose tackle and covers the A gap. The Will, or weak, lines up on the side not containing the TE and covers the B gap on that side. The Sam, or strong, lines up on the side of the Tight End and will contain the C gap on that side. The secondary will always have two CB’s, a SS and FS; the CB’s will cover the receivers, the FS will line up deep on the side of the weakside linebacker and the SS will do the same on the opposite side.
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2020.07.04 23:46 TheCowmaster934 RIGTC S4 R3 - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - July 25th at 7pm EDT

Hey its time for round 3! Its Spa!! We will have almost everyone in GT3 cars and the GT4 am drivers will be in either
Now for logistics.
Race Format
Race Rules
Caution Rules
Livery Rules
Series overall
Race Date Alt Date
Bathurst February 15 February 22
Nurburgring May 2 May 9
Spa July 25 July 18
Suzuka August 22 August 15
Indianapolis October 24 October 31
Position Points
1 40
2 35
3 32
4 30
5 28
6 26
7 24
8 22
9 20
10 19
11 18
12 17
13 16
14 15
15 14
16 13
17 12
18 11
19 10
20 9
Lets get ready to have a good time guys! It should be a fun and competitive race!
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2020.06.20 21:32 vivitar83 Can't get more than 50 down on WiFi (RB4011 + wAP AC)

2.4 Speed test: 5Ghz Speed test: Wired Speed test:
I'm getting terrible download speed with my RB4011 + wAP AC. I've tried multiple different solutions with no luck on improving the download speed.
My config is based on this setup:
What am I missing? I've tried putting every option in for 5ghz and running it as least with as few settings as possible. This is about the best throughput I can get. /system resources monitor shows nothing being pegged on my RB4011 or the wAP. I've searched and searched and tried combinations of everything I've found, borked my network and had to restore from backup several times and had to hold the reset button of shame once lol.
My export hide-sensitive is below... Any assistance is greatly appreciated! I sanitized my SSIDs and serial # but everything else is there.
export hide-sensitive # jun/20/2020 15:25:26 by RouterOS 6.47 # software id = WM6S-I5RH # # model = RB4011iGS+ # serial number = /caps-man channel add band=5ghz-a/n/ac extension-channel=XXXX name="5Ghz Auto" /interface bridge add admin-mac=C4:AD:34:59:41:5C auto-mac=no comment=defconf name=bridge vlan-filtering=yes /interface vlan add interface=bridge name=guest-vlan vlan-id=102 add interface=bridge name=iot-vlan vlan-id=101 add interface=bridge name=main-vlan vlan-id=100 /caps-man configuration add channel.control-channel-width=20mhz country="united states3" datapath.bridge=bridge datapath.local-forwarding=no \ datapath.vlan-id=100 datapath.vlan-mode=use-tag name=2.4Ghz security.authentication-types=wpa2-psk ssid= add channel.control-channel-width=20mhz country="united states3" datapath.bridge=bridge datapath.local-forwarding=no \ datapath.vlan-id=102 datapath.vlan-mode=use-tag installation=any name=Guest2.4 security.authentication-types=\ wpa2-psk ssid= add channel.control-channel-width=20mhz country="united states3" datapath.bridge=bridge \ datapath.client-to-client-forwarding=yes datapath.vlan-id=101 datapath.vlan-mode=use-tag installation=any name=\ iot security.authentication-types=wpa2-psk ssid= add channel="5Ghz Auto" country="united states3" datapath.bridge=bridge datapath.vlan-id=100 datapath.vlan-mode=\ use-tag name=5Ghz rates.supported="" security.authentication-types=wpa2-psk ssid=-5G add channel.control-channel-width=20mhz channel.extension-channel=Ceee country=\ "united states3" datapath.bridge=bridge datapath.vlan-id=100 datapath.vlan-mode=use-tag name=5Ghz_All_Defaults \ rx-chains=0,1,2 security.authentication-types=wpa2-psk security.encryption=aes-ccm ssid=-5G tx-chains=0,1,2 /interface ethernet switch port set 0 default-vlan-id=0 set 1 default-vlan-id=0 set 2 default-vlan-id=0 set 3 default-vlan-id=0 set 4 default-vlan-id=0 set 5 default-vlan-id=0 set 6 default-vlan-id=0 set 7 default-vlan-id=0 set 8 default-vlan-id=0 set 9 default-vlan-id=0 set 10 default-vlan-id=0 set 11 default-vlan-id=0 /interface list add comment=defconf name=WAN add comment=defconf name=LAN add name=VLAN add name=MGMT /interface wireless security-profiles set [ find default=yes ] supplicant-identity=MikroTik /ip pool add name=main-pool ranges= add name=iot-pool ranges= add name=guest-pool ranges= /ip dhcp-server add address-pool=main-pool disabled=no interface=main-vlan name=main-dhcp add address-pool=iot-pool disabled=no interface=iot-vlan name=iot-dhcp add address-pool=guest-pool disabled=no interface=guest-vlan name=guest-dhcp /caps-man manager set ca-certificate=auto certificate=auto enabled=yes require-peer-certificate=yes /caps-man provisioning add action=create-dynamic-enabled hw-supported-modes=gn master-configuration=2.4Ghz name-format=identity \ slave-configurations=Guest2.4,iot add action=create-dynamic-enabled hw-supported-modes=a,an,ac master-configuration=5Ghz_All_Defaults name-format=\ identity /interface bridge port add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=ether2 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=ether3 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=ether4 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=ether5 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=ether6 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=ether7 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=ether8 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=ether9 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf interface=ether10 pvid=100 add bridge=bridge comment=defconf frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged interface=sfp-sfpplus1 pvid=100 /ip neighbor discovery-settings set discover-interface-list=MGMT /interface bridge vlan add bridge=bridge comment=main-vlan tagged=bridge untagged=\ ether2,ether3,ether5,ether6,ether7,ether8,ether9,ether10,sfp-sfpplus1 vlan-ids=100 add bridge=bridge comment=iot-vlan tagged=bridge,ether10 vlan-ids=101 add bridge=bridge comment=guest-vlan tagged=bridge,ether10 vlan-ids=102 /interface list member add comment=defconf interface=bridge list=LAN add comment=defconf interface=ether1 list=WAN add interface=main-vlan list=LAN add interface=iot-vlan list=LAN add interface=guest-vlan list=LAN add interface=main-vlan list=VLAN add interface=iot-vlan list=VLAN add interface=guest-vlan list=VLAN add interface=main-vlan list=MGMT /ip address add address= interface=main-vlan network= add address= interface=iot-vlan network= add address= interface=guest-vlan network= /ip dhcp-client add comment=defconf disabled=no interface=ether1 use-peer-dns=no /ip dhcp-server network add address= comment=main-dhcp-network gateway= add address= comment=iot-dhcp-network gateway= add address= comment=guest-dhcp-network gateway= /ip dns set allow-remote-requests=yes servers=,,, /ip dns static add address= comment=defconf name=router.lan type=A add address= name=gandolf01 type=A /ip firewall address-list add address= list=VLAN101 add address= list=VLAN100 add address= list=VLAN102 /ip firewall filter add action=accept chain=input comment="defconf: accept established,related,untracked" connection-state=\ established,related,untracked add action=reject chain=input comment="Reject DNS from WAN" dst-port=53 in-interface-list=WAN protocol=tcp \ reject-with=icmp-port-unreachable add action=reject chain=input comment="Reject DNS from WAN" dst-port=53 in-interface-list=WAN protocol=udp \ reject-with=icmp-port-unreachable add action=drop chain=input comment="defconf: drop invalid" connection-state=invalid add action=accept chain=input comment="Allow main-vlan/MGMT access to all router services" in-interface-list=MGMT add action=accept chain=input comment="Allow VLAN DHCP" dst-port=67 in-interface-list=VLAN protocol=udp add action=accept chain=input comment="Allow VLAN DNS UDP" dst-port=53 in-interface-list=VLAN protocol=udp add action=accept chain=input comment="Allow VLAN DNS TCP" dst-port=53 in-interface-list=VLAN protocol=tcp add action=accept chain=input comment="Allow VLAN ICMP Ping" in-interface-list=VLAN protocol=icmp add action=accept chain=input disabled=yes in-interface-list=VLAN add action=accept chain=output disabled=yes out-interface-list=VLAN add action=drop chain=input comment="Drop all other traffic" add action=accept chain=forward comment="defconf: accept in ipsec policy" ipsec-policy=in,ipsec add action=accept chain=forward comment="defconf: accept out ipsec policy" ipsec-policy=out,ipsec add action=fasttrack-connection chain=forward comment="defconf: fasttrack" connection-state=established,related add action=accept chain=forward comment="defconf: accept established,related, untracked" connection-state=\ established,related,untracked add action=accept chain=forward comment="VLAN Internet Access Only" connection-state=new in-interface-list=VLAN \ out-interface-list=WAN add action=accept chain=forward comment="Allow Port Forwarding - DSTNAT - enable if need server" \ connection-nat-state=dstnat connection-state=new in-interface-list=WAN add action=accept chain=forward comment="Allow VLAN 101 to talk to Server" dst-address= dst-port=\ 32400 in-interface=iot-vlan protocol=tcp add action=accept chain=forward comment="Allow VLAN100 to initiate VLAN101" disabled=yes in-interface=main-vlan \ out-interface=iot-vlan protocol=icmp add action=drop chain=forward comment="defconf: drop invalid" connection-state=invalid add action=drop chain=forward comment="Drop all other traffic" /ip firewall nat add action=masquerade chain=srcnat comment="defconf: masquerade" ipsec-policy=out,none out-interface-list=WAN add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment=OpenVPN dst-port=1194 in-interface=ether1 protocol=udp to-addresses=\ add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment=Teamspeak dst-port=9987 in-interface=ether1 protocol=udp to-addresses=\ add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment="Server" dst-port=32400 in-interface=ether1 protocol=tcp \ to-addresses= /ip service set telnet disabled=yes set ftp disabled=yes set www disabled=yes set www-ssl certificate=webfig disabled=no set api disabled=yes set api-ssl disabled=yes /ip upnp set allow-disable-external-interface=yes enabled=yes /ip upnp interfaces add interface=bridge type=internal add interface=ether1 type=external /system clock set time-zone-name=America/Indiana/Indianapolis /system identity set name="Core switch" /system scheduler add interval=2d name=Upgrade_Router on-event="run DownloadAndUpdate" policy=\ ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive start-date=ap25/2020 start-time=03:00:01 /system script add dont-require-permissions=no name=DownloadAndUpdate owner=admin policy=\ ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive,romon source=\ "/system upgrade\r\ \nrefresh\r\ \n:delay 20\r\ \ndownload 0\r\ \n/\r\ \n/system reboot \r\ \n:delay 60\r\ \ny\r\ \n/" /tool graphing interface add allow-address= interface=ether1 add allow-address= interface=main-vlan add allow-address= interface=iot-vlan add allow-address= interface=guest-vlan /tool graphing resource add allow-address= /tool mac-server set allowed-interface-list=MGMT /tool mac-server mac-winbox set allowed-interface-list=MGMT 
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2020.06.18 16:47 efa___ The Unsolved Murder of Malvina Krutz -- In January 1958, an unassuming Indianapolis housewife is found brutally beaten and drowned in her bathtub, but police are baffled by "too many clues" and the identity of the "Bathtub Slayer" remains a mystery to this day.

Malvina Krutz
At just about 5pm on the evening of January 29, 1958, 48-year-old Charles E. Krutz arrived home to 5268 Guilford Avenue, a respectable 1 1/2-story home in a quiet neighborhood in Indianapolis's North Side. He had spent the day caught up in seemingly endless meetings and business calls for his job as a sales manager with the Southern Transportation Company and was looking forward to a home-cooked meal and a relaxing evening with his wife and son. Indeed, ten-year-old Charles Leland Krutz, Jr. -- nicknamed "Buddy" -- had already been home from school for about an hour and a half at that point, and was fully engrossed in the evening's episode of "Wild Bill Hickok."
As Charles crossed the room, he asked Buddy if his mother was home. Although Malvina Krutz was a housewife, she was currently overseeing significant renovations to the family home in the aftermath of a house fire the previous December, so it wasn't unusual for her to dash out during the day to meet with a contractor, pick out a new paint color, or deal with the seemingly never-ending pile of insurance paperwork. But that didn't seem to be the case today. Buddy told his father that, when he had come home for lunch earlier that day, his mother had told him not to worry about his newspaper route that evening, that she would take care of it for him. That's where she had been since he'd gotten home, he assumed.
But any relief that Charles might have felt at this explanation was dashed with Buddy's next remark: "I don't like the looks of the bedroom." When questioned further, the boy told his father that, when he had gotten home from school that afternoon, his model airplanes and other toys had been "in disarray" on and around the chest of drawers in his bedroom. Confused and a bit uneasy, Charles hung up his coat and proceeded to the bathroom to wash his hands, after which he would get to the bottom of what his wife was up to.
But his questions were answered more quickly than Charles could have anticipated. Upon opening the bathroom door, he noticed that the shower curtain -- which was usually left open -- had been pulled shut. With a pit in his stomach, he slid the curtain back to find the lifeless body of his wife, 41-year-old Malvina Krutz, lying on her right side, submerged in water. Her head was towards the faucet, and her legs had been bent at the knees. The bathtub had been filled to the overflow valve and the faucet turned off. The water was still warm when Charles came upon the scene, as was Malvina's body. She had cuts to the inside of her lips and was later noted as having bruises on her left eye, on her chin, on each arm above the elbow, and on her left lower leg above the knee. She was wearing a white "sweater-type blouse" that had been torn in the back, a white lightweight cardigan sweater (also torn), panties rolled down to her knees, and a pair of sneakers. A soaking wet pair of torn women's toreador pants -- presumably removed from Malvina's body after she was submerged -- was later found inside-out on the floor of Buddy's bedroom. The young boy -- who chanced not to have used the bathroom since arriving home at 3:35pm -- had unwittingly been just a few feet away from the devastating scene for well over an hour.
Charles called the police, who quickly arrived at the scene to begin their investigation. As a group of detectives pored over the Krutz home in search of any clues, other officers began questioning Charles and slowly piecing together the events of Malvina's last day.
Nothing about Malvina Krutz's life seemed to portend the brutal violence of her death. Neighbors described her as "typically Southern, of warm and friendly nature," while close friends used words like "forceful," "vivacious," and "active" when recounting memories of the late housewife, church worker, and PTA volunteer. She suffered from a chronic back injury, but that hadn’t seemed to hinder her involvement in community initiatives. Mildred Warning, who had actually been to Malvina's home on the day of her murder, recalled her as "a busy person, active in so many things," and mentioned that Malvina was particularly proud of the work that was being done on her home. In fact, getting the chance to see the progress that had been made on the home renovation was part of the reason Mildred had stopped by the Krutz house in the early afternoon of January 29th, along with Florence Cubert, another friend of Malvina's from Northwood Christian Church.
Mildred recalled, "She had been after us to come and see the work being done on her home. She really was proud of it." But, aware of Malvina's busy and often unpredictable schedule, the friends had called the Krutz home at 12:45pm to let her know that they were coming over. However, rather than hearing her friend's voice on the other end of the line, Mildred was met by a man answering the phone. According to Mildred, "It wasn't her husband. I know his voice. I got the impression this man was a workman." She asked if she could speak to Mrs. Krutz, to which the man allegedly responded, "Well, ah…" A bit puzzled, Mildred asked the strange man, who she told police "spoke courteously," to pass along the message to Malvina that she and Florence would be coming by the house shortly. In response, she heard Malvina's voice call out in the background, "Tell Mrs. Warning that I have to take Buddy to school and will pick her up at 1:30." (Another source reports this statement as simply, "Tell her not to pick me up today.")
About an hour later (1:40pm - 1:45pm), Mildred and Florence arrived at the Krutz home, having ignored Malvina's ambiguous requests. As they were driving up, the friends apparently saw a man run away from the house, get into Malvina's 1955 Buick hardtop, and drive away. This certainly seemed a bit odd, but the women dismissed it as a workman taking the car to pick up building materials, which happened not infrequently. After knocking at the front door and receiving no answer, Mildred and Florence went around to the back door, which they found to be slightly ajar. Letting themselves inside, the two friends waited in the living room for approximately 20 minutes before departing, leaving behind a "chiding note" written to Malvina and a coat for her son.
The only other hint that something strange had been going on with Malvina that day came from Buddy. Despite spending most of the day at the nearby School 55, Buddy had come home to eat lunch, per his typical routine. He had arrived at approximately 12:10pm and recalled that the car was in the garage upon his arrival. As Buddy poured himself a glass of milk and hastily ate the sandwich that had been left for him on the kitchen counter, he heard his mother's voice calling from the bathroom. She told him not to worry about his newspaper route that afternoon, as she would take care of it. Pleasantly surprised, Buddy finished his meal and returned to school. According to Buddy, his mother had still been in the bathroom at the time he had left.
**Several sources refer to Buddy as "the last person to have seen Malvina" before her death. This may be semantics, but I wanted to note that I haven't come across any explicit confirmation that he *saw* her while home for lunch, only that they talked while she was in the bathroom.
In the early hours of the investigation, much attention was paid to the various workmen who had been in and out of the Krutz home over the previous weeks. The home had been damaged in a fire on December 16 of the previous year, and Malvina and Charles had hired the Walter DeLacy contracting firm to oversee repairs. Police identified four particular workmen who were confirmed to have been in the house on the day of the murder, but all four men were cleared after questioning, with the last two released from interrogation at 5am on the morning of the 30th. Undeterred, investigators continued to question any and all workmen who had been involved with the Krutz renovation over the past month and a half. This proved more fruitful; on January 31, an officer reported, "we have questioned all of the workmen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all cleared. There is a difference." He went on to elaborate that one man in particular had been, "'unable to account satisfactorily" for his whereabouts during the slaying.
Another focus of the early investigation was Malvina's car -- a two-tone white-over-gray, hard-top 1955 Buick. Both Buddy and the neighborhood's milk delivery man confirmed that the car was in the Krutz garage as late as noon on January 29th. At approximately 1:45pm, Mildred and Florence saw someone get into the car, back out of the Krutz’s driveway, and head north on Guilford Avenue. Upon further questioning, neither woman was able to identify the man who had been driving, nor could they confidently recall anything about his appearance. However, a 16-year-old neighbor who told police that he also saw this man driving away described the driver as Black.
Despite a police dragnet allegedly being dispatched "immediately" after the murder was reported, it was not until the following morning that Malvina's car was found a mere 11 blocks from her home, left abandoned at 4926 North Meridian Street. The keys were not in the car and were not recovered from a search of the area. Curiously, a workman in the area of 49th and Meridian claimed that the car had been parked there since the day before the murder. Two "domestic servants" employed nearby told police that they had actually first seen the car the morning before the body had been found, and that it had stayed there through the afternoon until the morning it was found by police. It is unclear what to make of these reports, as they are inconsistent with the testimony of Mildred, Florence, Buddy, and others, yet seem to have been independently corroborated by at least two observers. Another domestic servant recalled seeing a "light-skinned Negro" driving the Krutz car to the drop-off point at some point during the afternoon of the 29th, after which "the man got out, wiped off the door handle with a handkerchief and walked south." Newspaper reports describe this story as "unconfirmed."
Back on Guilford Avenue, investigators were undertaking an extensive search of the Krutz home. Robbery was quickly ruled out as the motive; Malvina's purse was found hanging from a doorknob in the house with money still inside, and $260 was found undisturbed in a dresser drawer. Further, Charles confirmed that no jewelry or other valuables had been taken from the home. Three fingerprints that didn't match members of the Krutz family were allegedly collected from two doors in the house, including a "clear fingerprint of a left thumb" taken from the bedroom door. This print was never successfully matched to anyone questioned in relationship to the murder, nor were any matches found in local criminal records, civil files, or in the State Police database.
Perhaps the strangest clue in the case was described as "a yellow pencil with strands of hair embedded in the wood." It's not clear exactly where the pencil was recovered, but investigators remarked that the small cuts to Malvina's forehead and scalp "could have been caused by a pencil in the coat or shirt pocket of the killer." Charles Krutz denied ever having seen the pencil, which was inscribed with "White County REMC, Monticello, Ind.", and it was eventually discovered that thousands of similar pencils had been distributed over the past few years by the Rural Electric Membership Corporation, who used the pencils in their offices and branches. In fact, REMC Business Manager Geraldine Brewer remarked that similar pencils had been passed out at the company’s annual meeting, and that they could also be found in the vestibule of the company's office for anyone to pick up. Although investigators stated that they planned to perform a spectrograph test to identify the source of the hair, any such results were not publicly reported.
With regards to the body itself, "extensive testing" revealed that, despite the positioning of the body and its suggestive state of undress, Malvina had not been sexually assaulted. Her official cause of death was determined as drowning, and Coroner Roy B. Storms hypothesized that she had been struck by a blow to the face or head (sufficient to cause a brain hemorrhage) before being placed in the filled bathtub, after which her lungs filled with water. As Storms described, "She had a blow above the left eye. I don't think she fell into the tub. I think it was murder. She had abrasions on her lip, a small cut. She either struck something or somebody struck her. I think somebody struck her." On February 17, 1958, Storms officially concluded that Malvina had been murdered, ruling out any remaining possibility that the death had been the result of some tragic accident.
Investigators also noted "signs of struggle" in Buddy's bedroom, where, in addition to Malvina's torn, wet pants, two pillows had been found on the floor, covered in blood spots and mucous stains. One pillow was near the foot of the bed, while the other was described as positioned between the bed and the wall "as for a pallet" with a chenille bedspread beside it. Two shag rugs had also been found underneath Malvina's body when it was recovered from the bathtub, leading investigators to hypothesize that an initial attack had occurred in the bedroom, after which the attacker had laid an injured or unconscious Malvina on this makeshift cot before carrying her into the bathroom, during which the attacker accidentally gathered up the rugs along with Malvina's body. Disturbingly, investigators pointed to a chrome towel hanger that had been broken off the bathroom wall and found in the washbowl as evidence that Malvina had likely regained consciousness and struggled with her attacker as he moved her into the bathtub. A blood-stained towel was found behind a kitchen door that lead to the backyard and basement, and Charles told police that Malvina's car keys would have been kept in a "plainly visible" bowl on a nearby kitchen cabinet for the attacker to grab on his way out of the house.
Despite the fact that over a dozen of the Krutz's neighbors would have allegedly had a view of the home on the day of the murder, only one neighbor (the 16-year-old who saw a man driving away) reported witnessing anything unusual. Indeed, even though seven people were known to have been in and out of the Krutz home that day (four workmen, Buddy, Mildred, and Florence), none of them had been seen by any of their close neighbors, with the exception of Mildred and Florence, who had been seen by a neighbor living across the street. Of note, two nearby dogs who were said to "bark loudly at persons in the Krutz yard" were not heard barking on the day of the crime. Even years into the investigation, police maintained that they "have always thought that someone who lived in the neighborhood or who passed by the Krutz house that January 29 may have seen the murder, but no one would come forth with information." However, this sentiment is undermined by a newspaper report claiming that only one of the family's four closest neighbors actually confirmed that they had been questioned by investigators.
Several suspects were picked up, questioned, and released in fairly quick succession over the first few days of the investigation. Their names were not publicly released, so it is not entirely clear how many individual suspects were questioned over the course of the investigation, nor which reports refer to the same suspect being questioned multiple times. One man, described as a "strong lead" was arrested on the night of January 30th, but released after a few hours. Although his identity was withheld, he was described as "a workman who has done fire damage repair work on the Krutz home recently." The next afternoon, a hitchhiker and apparent "ex-convict from Alabama" was picked up in connection to the case, but he was also released fairly quickly. A "62-year-old junk collector" was questioned, as were four paper hangers who had recently worked on the Krutz renovation. However, the fingerprints found in the home were not a match for any of these individuals.
Malvina did not have any known enemies, nor had she, to anyone's knowledge, ever been threated or "bothered with prowlers." Detectives reported that they were looking deeper into her background "on the theory that she might have had acquaintances unknown to her husband." Although two new suspects were reported around this time, it is unclear if these suspects actually did have such a personal connection to the victim. In addition, investigators began to question local sex offenders, with Captain Michael Smiley explaining their reasoning: "we know from experience that a peeping tom can become a rapist and maybe even become a murderer." Police questioned one "close friend" of Malvina's who was confined to Methodist Hospital; although they did not release the woman's name or the reason she was questioned, investigators did report that she "could not shed light" on the case. A "former salesman on fuel saving devices" who had worked with Malvina "about 18 months ago" was also reportedly questioned by police, as was "a man who was with a workman at the time some repairs were made." An unnamed woman was also questioned in early February but was released after passing a lie detector test.
On February 3, 1958, lead investigators Det. Sgt. Earl Booth and Det. Sgt. Stanley McDonald made a statement to the public that "things are beginning to fit together. It's not so confusing now." McDonald further hinted at valuable information that had not been made public, claiming that "things [were] liable to start popping" in the days to come. However, the same day, Chief of Police Frank Mueller made the controversial decision to suspend the investigation for two days so that the detectives involved could attend a trial in nearby Franklin. Mueller framed this brief hiatus in a positive light, responding that it "may be well" to get the chance to "gain new perspective on the case." However, members of the public called for the Franklin trial to be postponed to avoid such a disruption, and felt that investigators were not devoting sufficient attention to the case. One letter to the editor, published in The Indianapolis News, lamented, "Under Reilly [the previous Chief of Police], it was normal for investigators to run around the clock. But in the Krutz case, it appears detectives work on it if there's nothing else pressing -- such as a report for the chief or a trial at Franklin." The letter concludes on an even more incisive note: "Perhaps this case calls for more than two men. Aren't there enough detectives to go around? Or could it be that our homicide division kicks the tough cases around until they get lost? Do they work on a case until pressure dies down and then hope the public will forget?"
Mueller rebutted these claims in an editorial the following day, reassuring the public that "the department has and will continue to check out every available clue" and claiming that "we will solve this case when we get all our evidence and clues sifted down." In response to the outcry over suspending the investigation, Mueller placed Detectives Robert Morrison and John Rudd on the case while Booth and McDonald were out of town. However, both officers were described in newspaper reports as "not homicide men, and inexperienced in that field," raising some concern about their appointment. Shortly thereafter, two Black officers -- Anthony Watkins and Oscar Donahue -- were assigned to the case with the task of interviewing members of the Black community who might respond more openly to questions from investigators of color. The two were highly esteemed by their peers, with one officer declaring, “if [the attacker] was a Negro, the pair would find him." However, both Watkins and Donahue were removed from the case after two days with little explanation.
One other major suspect was being considered in the first weeks of the Krutz investigation, and that was Charles Krutz himself. While it has become almost rote at this point for husbands or boyfriends to be viewed as likely early suspects in murders of women, the optics of this case were particularly suggestive. Shortly after Malvina's death, it was revealed that she had filed for divorce from Charles on January 13, 1958, citing "marital misconduct and gross and wanton negligence of conjugal duties" over a period of over ten years. A hearing was scheduled for January 17 regarding a restraining order, but both Malvina and Charles failed to appear in court, after which the divorce suit was dropped entirely. According to Charles, the couple had mutually decided to reconcile, and this claim was "partly confirmed" by Malvina's lawyer. The lawyer, who described Malvina as "a very frustrated woman," also reported having represented her in a previous divorce action in the early 1950s, although this was also dropped after an apparent reconciliation. As they had failed to appear in court on the 17th, the Krutz couple received a court order to appear on January 30, 1958. Malvina was killed one day before.
Charles did not deny this marital turmoil but was able to provide an alibi for his whereabouts the afternoon of the murder. Although he had spent most of the day at work at the Southern Transportation Co., his job as a sales manager had taken him away from the office for a little over three hours. Part of this time was allegedly spent visiting a friend, Charles Fleck, at his rooming house, as corroborated by both Fleck and Josephine Funke, his landlady. However, officials reported that "our detectives are not satisfied with the stories those two [Charles Krutz and Charles Fleck] gave" and asked both men to take a lie detector test. Krutz agreed but asked if the test could be postponed until after his wife's funeral, when he would be more composed. Furthermore, Patrolman James L. Mullen, one of the first officers on the crime scene, reported two discrepancies in Krutz's statements to police. First, while Krutz initially told Mullen that he had entered the house through the front door on the evening of the 29th, his later statements claimed that he had entered through the back door. Second, Krutz apparently told investigators that, upon arriving home, he had taken off his watch and jewelry, but hadn't yet changed his shirt by the time he found the body and called police. However, Mullen reported that the man's shirt had looked "unworn" when he had arrived at the Krutz home.
Regardless, on February 7, 1958, both Krutz and Fleck were cleared by lie detector testing, with police asserting that "nothing indicates they have any knowledge of the murder." Krutz was questioned for a total of 4.5 hours before being released, and reportedly "expressed a desire to continue helping with the investigation."
In the following days, police released information regarding mysterious phone calls allegedly made to Charles Krutz in the days following his wife's murder. Three anonymous calls had been received, all at night and all following the same pattern: a woman with a "slight southern accent" would ask "Is this Mr. Krutz?" and then break the connection after he responded affirmatively. As the workman who had spoked to Mildred Warning apparently also had a "slight southern drawl," police theorized that the two individuals may know one another. In fact, they even stated that the caller "might be in danger of her life," theorizing that "the woman caller knows the identity of the man who answered the telephone and if he is also the murderer, he may take steps to keep her from revealing his identity to the police." However, if this caller was ever identified, her identity was not shared publicly.
On the morning of February 19, 1958, police reported that Robert Smith, a 37-year-old self-employed painter and paper hanger, had been taken into custody. Smith, a married father of seven with no previous arrest record, had been the very first person questioned in the case, but had been released after providing an alibi. However, police revealed that Smith had been "under surveillance ever since," and that they had eventually received additional information that raised questions about his original story (though they would not reveal the specific nature of this information).Smith had worked in the Krutz house on January 23, 24 and 25, but claimed that he had been working at another North Side home on the afternoon of the murder. However, Det. Sgt. Booth reported that he had "absolute evidence to the contrary that shoots his story full of holes as to the time and places he was supposed to have been on January 29."
One critical inconsistency was an alleged sighting of Smith with Malvina "in her car and in a place of business" about a week before the murder. However, despite three witnesses claiming to have seen the two together, Smith denied that he had ever been in a car with Malvina or driven Malvina's car. It is suggested that the two were likely seen together while on an errand to shop for wallpaper, and Smith's reluctance to admit to being in her company likely had much to do with contemporary racial politics: this was less than three years after the lynching of Emmett Till, and Smith -- a Black man -- would undoubtedly be hyperaware of the danger of admitting to any kind of personal intimacy with a white woman.
When a lie detector test was administered on February 20, Smith was consistent in denying all knowledge of the crime and claiming that he had never spent time in Malvina's car or with her away from her home. Smith allegedly passed the lie detector test "on all points except one -- reports he was seen in an automobile within ten days before the murder." However, despite this one discrepancy, investigators considered the results sufficient proof of Smith's innocence. He was released the same day, with Capt. Smiley stating, "He's free. We won't need him anymore."
Just a few days later, on February 24, 1958, a local painter named Leroy Penick was brought before the Municipal Court in regard to Malvina Krutz's murder. According to investigators, Penick (also a Black man) had been "uncertain about dates throughout questioning," and his account of the day of the crime was described as "a maze of mixed-up time elements." Specifically, Penick claimed that he had spent January 29 painting a barbershop, but the shop's owners maintained that Penick had actually been there the previous day. After administering a lie detector test, police reported that Penick "continued to show deception [when] asked questions about the slaying or the scene of the crime," and he apparently had particularly strong reactions to questions about hitting Malvina and about having driven her car. However, Penick admitted to drinking the night before the test, which may have nullified the results. Furthermore, Det. Sgt McDonald reported that Penick had told him that "he had been arrested 18 times and knew results of a lie detector test won't stand up in court."
Investigators searched Penick's house in the hopes of finding yellow paint matching paint found on a rag left behind in Malvina's abandoned car. No evidence was found during the search (although, in a strange turn of events, police arrived to find the house "nearly 200 degrees" and "ready to burst into flames," eventually discovering that the oven had been left on when Penick had been taken into custody days earlier). A final attempt was made to compare paint on Penick's clothing the paint on the rag, but this analysis was inconclusive. On March 2, 1958, the case against Leroy Penick was dropped and he was released from custody, with no evidence ever directly linking him to the Krutz house in the days leading up to the murder.
Disturbingly, Leroy Penick was arrested four years later in relation to the brutal death of his live-in girlfriend, 27-year-old Carol Jean Martin. Penick originally claimed that another man was responsible for the violent beating, then changed his story to claim that she had accidentally slipped and fallen after arriving home drunk and picking a fight with him. On January 26, 1963, Penick was found guilty of second-degree murder and received an automatic life sentence. Although he was re-questioned about Malvina Krutz's murder, no further evidence suggested that he was connected to the slaying.
Over the following months, new leads in the Krutz case "slowed to a trickle." Even lead investigators Booth and McDonald were forced to admit, "We have come up with absolutely nothing." Desperate for clues, investigators collaborated with The Indianapolis Star, who published an offer of a $5000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction in Malvina's murder, as well as in three other local unsolved cases. The call was first announced in early April, and the deadline for receiving reward money was set as May 15, 1958. Initially, these efforts appeared wildly successful, with police reporting that most of the clues sent into The Star so far were related to the Krutz case.
A reader reportedly turned in a set of keys that had been found on North Meridian Street, but these were not a match to Malvina's still-missing keys. On April 11, police told the public that they had a "strong" suspect, and that they had received a tip the previous day that "may help to tighten up the network of evidence." A few days later, Inspector Robert Reilly released a statement that "an entirely new and interesting light [had] been shed on the investigation" by a letter received by The Star. He elaborated by saying that this new lead had "led to a belief of foul play" but that there remained "no motive evident." Another report referenced an anonymous call from a man who "knew something about the murder," but he was ultimately found to be unreliable, as he was unable to share any new information. Intriguingly, one of the final mentions of this hunt comes in a response to a previous tip published on April 16: "Attention Writer 8-8-52 -- What is the last name and address of the woman who was surprised by the intruder?"
On June 12, 1958, a 25-year-old man named James D. Rogers walked into the Gary, Indiana police department and turned himself in for allegedly forging checks and committing "several" armed robberies. Quickly, however, Rogers -- a former line cook -- began to hint at an ever darker past. He knew something about the murder of Malvina Krutz, but he wouldn't talk until police brought "a woman friend of his" to headquarters. Officials acquiesced, and Rogers told Gary PD that a friend of his, identified as a "house painter" had been Malvina Krutz's killer, while he had been at the Krutz home during the murder. Rogers was quickly transferred to the custody of Indianapolis investigators for further questioning, and Rogers changed his story: now, he claimed that he was Malvina's killer.
According to Rogers, he had flirted with Malvina earlier in the day at a North Side restaurant, after which she had invited him back to her home. Said Rogers, "I got mad at her and hit her in the side of the head with a clinched fist. She must have fainted because I don't think it knocked her out. I got scared but I tried to bring her to in the bedroom but couldn't. I thought she was dead then and so I half-picked her up and half-dragged her from the bedroom into the bathroom. After I got her into the bathroom, she wasn't even moving so I put her into the bathtub and then I turned the water on. I turned just the cold water on. But she still wouldn't come to." He then claimed to have left the house, driven away in Malvina's car, parked it, and walked 3 1/2 blocks south before "[throwing] the keys in a yard or vacant lot by a big tree."
Although investigators were excited by a new development in a case that was quickly growing cold, most remained reasonably dubious. According to Capt. Smiley, "For instance, he said after the murder he took her car and left in at 49th and Meridian, wiped the car off and dropped the keys by a tree. We have information that children found some keys, but we have never been able to locate the children or the keys. On the other hand, he claims that on the day of the murder he met this woman sometime in the morning at a café at 52nd and Keystone and went home with her. He says he was there until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, that he was in the bedroom with her when the boy came home for dinner. He says she slipped on a robe left the bedroom and fixed the boy's lunch, and then after the boy went to school, she came back." Smiley continued, "There are some things that don't check there. We will continue to question him."
The next day, investigators administered a lie detector test, noting that Rogers had provided inaccurate details about clothing, phone calls, and "many other small points." Further, Capt. Smiley reported that "with the exception of the car keys reportedly dropped near a tree, he could have read the rest of the murder details in newspapers." Indeed, after the lie detector test suggested deception, Rogers revealed that he had falsely confessed. He had been "sick, confused, unhappy and unsuccessful," leading him to implicate himself in the murder. But in reality, Rogers claimed, even though he hadn't committed the crime, he knew who did, and would give the killer's name to police the following day. He did eventually provide a name to police, but the man was quickly cleared. When confronted, Rogers provided the name of a man he now claimed to be Malvina's true killer, but this lead also led nowhere. After Rogers named a fourth alleged killer to police, a man he had apparently met in April, officials were forced to admit that, not only was Rogers "looking less and less like a prime suspect in the Krutz case," it seemed most likely he had no personal knowledge of the crime at all.
A few final clues trickled in over the months that followed. In July 1958, a second-hand tip was received about someone who "had seen a man going and coming from the Krutz home before the murder who seemed familiar to Mrs. Krutz." The suspect allegedly wore clothing "like that of a painter" and had used the Krutz car on occasion. If this man was even identified and questioned, his name was not publicly released. Det. Sgt. Booth used The Indianapolis Star to address readers who had submitted clues in the Krutz case, writing that "certain portions of the letter signed 'XXX' which was sent to the Indianapolis Star now seem to mesh with certain information I am trying to develop at this time," and "urged the writer to tell more about the man wearing gray coveralls.” He also referenced a recent clue suggesting that the slayer had been a "frequent companion of the dead woman."
In December 1960, Det. Sgt. McDonald released a statement regarding a "lost tip" in the Krutz slaying. According to McDonald, the tipster, identified only as "5000," had written a letter to The Star 2.5 years prior, during the period when reward money was being offered. Although it is unclear why this tip was initially overlooked, the full contents of the letter were published as follows:
"RE MALVINA KRUTZ: The same afternoon on the day of this murder I was in my car at 49th & Meridian heading west waiting for light to change when a slim very dark complexioned man with a mustache was locking car north of (Editor's Note: Writer could mean "Parked facing north on…") Meridian on west side of street. He ran like a speed racer south on Meridian just as light was changing. While crossing street he made a movement towards his cap (painter's type) but seems to toss something toward the west. Some days later making the same trip I drove slowly west on 49th as two small boys picked something out of street on south side of 49th west of Meridian. I heard one say 'Someone has lost their car keys.' I remember another car was parked on west side, Mer. about third house down"
Tips continued to trickle in, and Det. Sgt. Booth remained on the case for at least a few years, having allegedly read over all the evidence at least half a dozen times during his tenure. Between 200 and 250 people were interviewed in connection to the case, and even a year later, Booth apparently spent "75 percent of his time running down leads and tips and rechecking details in the case." But to no avail.
Despite the abundance of suspicious characters and suggestive clues, the case remains unsolved over fifty years later. The most complete theories of the case put forward by officials are that the killer "may have been a collector who came to the house on an errand and decided to pilfer the house upon finding the door unlocked and indications that no one was home" or that he "was someone Malvina knew slightly, and whose presence in the house was known to her." However, more troubling questions concern Malvina's behavior earlier in the day. One newspaper report mused over Malvina's strange behavior when her son came home for lunch: "Why did she stay in the bathroom? She had a reputation for being a good mother, always worrying over the welfare of her son. Was the killer in the house at that time?" Other questions concern the man who answered Mildred Warning's phone call: "If the man was the killer, why did he stay so late when he knew the women were coming? Why did he take a chance being seen in Mrs. Krutz's car? Why didn't the two women become suspicious under these circumstances?" Only a few of the many, many unanswered questioned looming over the still-unsolved "Bathtub Slayer" murder of Malvina Krutz.
[Due to Reddit's character limit, I'm only linking non-paywalled sources in the main post. The full source list is linked below, and contains citations for all newspaper sources.]
Cavinder, Fred D. Historic Indianapolis Crimes: Murder & Mystery in the Circle City. Arcadia Publishing. 2010.
Krutz Murder Suspect Freed, But Police "Not" Satisfied. Indianapolis Recorder. Mar 8, 1958.
Full Source List
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2020.06.14 23:33 DJRungeKutta Help with $1500 USD PC build for numerical analysis (no gaming required).

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I will need a computer for numerical analysis and lots of matrix manipulation at work. I will not be gaming on this PC at all so while a graphics card is useful (maybe?) since I'll need to be able to plug-in a couple of screens, I don't have any plans to install and play any games on this machine. This computer will however need to crunch though simulations and the like using python, julia, and Matlab.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
My budget is $1500 USD.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
I plan on buying this PC within one-two weeks from today (e.g. by the end of July).
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)
I need everything but monitors,a keyboard, and a mouse for this PC. So off the top of my head this means I require: Tower, power supply, motherboard, CPU, memory (lots please!), HDD (SSD preferable), GPU, and a wireless network card. I also listen to a lot of music while I work so a audioports that I can plug headphones and speakers into would be a must.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
I am in Indianapolis, Indiana, and do not have access to a Micro Center location. If there are any other stores some locals could recommend, that would be fantastic.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
I will be using two screens that are provided to me by my work place. I am travelling at the moment so can't tell you the exact model, but I know they require HDMI ports. I also have a keyboard and mouse from Amazon that seem to be pretty standard USB
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
I'd be interested in overclocking down the line (a slight bump up in CPU speed probably doesn't hurt?) but don't have any plans or intentions to overclock straight away. If people think there are some easy gains to be made by overclocking whatever CPU is recommended, I'd be happy to do it. However, I'm not so interested in overclocking that I want to factor extreme cooling measures into the price of this build.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
An SSD would be great, as much memory as possible would also be great.
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
I'll require both Wired and Wifi, no need to find the fastest match for the wireless router since the computer will mainly rely on the wired network.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
No preferences, but I think a full tower would be best. This is a computer for the workplace so nothing too flashy.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
No, a copy of Windows will be provided by my workplace.
Extra info or particulars:

Thanks very much for your help everybody!
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2020.06.09 19:44 DJRungeKutta Help with $1500 USD PC build for numerical analysis redux (no gaming required).

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I will need a computer for numerical analysis and lots of matrix manipulation at work. I will not be gaming on this PC at all so while a graphics card is useful (maybe?) since I'll need to be able to plug-in a couple of screens, I don't have any plans to install and play any games on this machine. This computer will however need to crunch though simulations and the like using python, julia, and Matlab.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
My budget is $1500 USD.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
I plan on buying this PC within one-two weeks from today (e.g. by the end of July).
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)
I need everything but monitors,a keyboard, and a mouse for this PC. So off the top of my head this means I require: Tower, power supply, motherboard, CPU, memory (lots please!), HDD (SSD preferable), GPU, and a wireless network card. I also listen to a lot of music while I work so a audioports that I can plug headphones and speakers into would be a must.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
I am in Indianapolis, Indiana, and do not have access to a Micro Center location. If there are any other stores some locals could recommend, that would be fantastic.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
I will be using two screens that are provided to me by my work place. I am travelling at the moment so can't tell you the exact model, but I know they require HDMI ports. I also have a keyboard and mouse from Amazon that seem to be pretty standard USB
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
I'd be interested in overclocking down the line (a slight bump up in CPU speed probably doesn't hurt?) but don't have any plans or intentions to overclock straight away. If people think there are some easy gains to be made by overclocking whatever CPU is recommended, I'd be happy to do it. However, I'm not so interested in overclocking that I want to factor extreme cooling measures into the price of this build.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
An SSD would be great, as much memory as possible would also be great.
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
I'll require both Wired and Wifi, no need to find the fastest match for the wireless router since the computer will mainly rely on the wired network.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
No preferences, but I think a full tower would be best. This is a computer for the workplace so nothing too flashy.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
No, a copy of Windows will be provided by my workplace.
Extra info or particulars:
OTHER: The build recommended to me in a previous thread ( ) has helped me so much my colleague would like his own build for the same budget! I'm guessing now that a few months have gone by, his PC will be a lot better than mine. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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2020.06.02 21:20 3ChiHemp 3Chi Shipping Updates

Hey everyone! LOTS of emails about shipping recently, so I'm hoping this thorough rundown of what's going on helps answer a lot of questions!
In terms of shipping from our facility, we're back to getting almost every B2C order out within 1 business day, some same day. We hired 2 individuals who do nothing but ship all day and there's rarely anything left over at the end of the day. They don't work Saturdays, Sundays, or major holidays, so if you order after hours on Friday you likely won't get any shipping tracking until Monday, but other than that they're cranking out shipments non-stop.
We did have a huge surge on syringes last week that caused us to run out of syringe packaging inserts, so those shipments were delayed a couple days. But outside of that, it's been running like clockwork on our end in terms of getting shipments from our facility to USPS.
And when you get an email with a tracking number from us that means we shipped your product. USPS comes and picks up packages around 1pm and then we do an additional dropoff at the end of the day. Unfortunately, that's where our control of the situation ends and USPS takes over.
We're seeing a lot of people's tracking updates getting stuck in "pre-shipment" mode implying we haven't transferred to USPS yet, but as noted above, that's not the case. That just means USPS hasn't updated the package info into their system, which seems to be happening to a lot of the packages right now.
I don't know if it's a nationwide issue or just an Indianapolis regional hub issue, but for us, USPS has been a mess since COVID19 hit. When we call USPS to troubleshoot the issues, all we can get are pre-recorded "COVID19" answers.
Some people are having zero issues with tracking or delivery times. Others are getting their packages in a timely manner but receiving no tracking updates. Others are getting tracking updates that don't correspond with actual delivery times (packages arrive before or after the date listed). And then others are just delayed with no tracking updates. We've seen packages shipped all the way to regional distribution hubs only to be returned back to us to have to resend again. We've seen packages shown as delivered that show up 1-2 days later. Just got off a call with an individual who put 2 different orders in with us that both shipped out last Tuesday and one was received last Friday while the other one has not arrived and the tracking still says "pre-shipment".
So USPS is all over the place right now and believe me when I say you aren't alone in your frustrations. I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix this as we easily get 50+ emails a day asking just about tracking right now. And it's gotten to the point we now have to hire someone to handle customer service specifically in regard to these issues because my bandwidth has been completely exhausted. [Please bear with us during that transition as well, as I've tried to hang on to customer service as long as possible because I really enjoy staying front line connected, but it's become impossible to keep up with it and do everything else I need to do to make sure you guys have oil continuing to flow your way. But once that's fully transitioned I should finally have the free time needed to become a regular here and hope to stay front line connected here.]
But we can't put this all on USPS. FedEx and UPS have had their issues too. We use UPS and FedEx for B2B shipments and both of them have been losing packages more often than usual along with delays on their expedited services. We've had overnight shipments take as long as 4 days to deliver and when we call for information on lost packages we get hung up on (or "accidentally disconnected" as they like to say) well over 50% of the time.
I think the shipping services in this country are overloaded right now. I don't think the recent riots in most major cities are going to help shipping times much either considering that's where all the hubs exist. So it wouldn't surprise me to see some additional delays because of that in the short term if you live near a hub where riots are occurring.
All I can say for sure is that we are getting things out quickly on our end and will hire appropriately to maintain that speed. We put a Priority Mail option at checkout to hopefully increase delivery speeds and improve tracking, but just know that USPS says to expect delays with those options as well, so it's not a guarantee that it's going to improve things by much.
Also, as a side note, we aren't running out of oil or in danger of doing so, so that's not an issue.
Some other notes about shipping:

In conclusion, I'd like to just say thank you again for all your support. We're a growing company with a lot of new hires and the vast majority of you have been extremely supportive and understanding of that, the USPS shipping issues, and everything else that has come along with us still operating short-staffed during the pandemic (we're inching closer but aren't fully where we need to be employee-wise yet). Growing in this time hasn't been the easiest thing to do but your support and understanding has made everything a hundred times easier on our end, so thank you, thank you, thank you for being so amazing about everything!
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2020.06.01 23:55 mikeologybio First PC build from console for gaming ~1300 USD

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
Would like to do a ryzen build, from what i've read its upgradable and easy for beginners. Would like one monitor for gaming and the other can be less of a beast. Would like to hit 144fps on cod if its worth it, any opinion here is appreciated. Do not need wifi. Would like to upgrade down the line so I dont mind saving on some components to ball out on others. Thanks for taking the time to read!
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2020.05.28 18:18 TheBonesOfAutumn 28-year-old Indianapolis resident, father of 6, and part time preacher, James Coe, was killed while bicycling to work on the morning of April 8th, 1957. Police discovered the pictures of 6 young girls in James’ wallet, 3 with love letters scribbled on the backs.

ETA: Had to repost because of title error.
On April 8th, 1957, 28-year-old James Coe was killed on his way to work.
Around 5:15 that morning, James climbed on his bicycle and headed to his part time job at the municipal airport where he was a porter. The Indianapolis resident and father of 6, also worked part time as a preacher. But even with both jobs, James couldn’t afford a car and instead, rode his bicycle the seven miles to the airport every morning.
James had made it about 4 blocks from his home on Keystone Avenue, when a truck came speeding up from behind him. The truck struck James, crushing his head beneath the tires, killing him almost instantly. The driver fled the scene.
A 16-year-old girl named Barbara who worked for the Indianapolis Star delivering newspapers, watched the scene unfold from 300 feet away. She told police that the driver of the “apple green van-style truck” had purposely hit James.
She described seeing the vehicle approach James from behind. She said James looked panicked and attempted to move, but the driver altered his course and struck him. Afterwards, the driver of the vehicle stopped a short distance from where James had been hit. He got out the vehicle and approached James body. He picked up something that Barbara could not identify, and tossed it into the back of his vehicle before fleeing the scene.
The girl flagged down a passing truck driver who called for police.
A search of James’ wallet yielded possible clues to his murder. Police discovered 6 pictures of young teen girls, three of which had love notes scribbled on the backs.
One read: ”With love to Ervin. I’m looking forward to that date Saturday night.”
The picture was unsigned.
Ervin was James’ middle name.
When questioned about the pictures, James’ wife, Roberta, told police she had found them months ago, but when she asked James about them he refused to tell her who the teens were, or why he had their pictures in his wallet.
Less than a week after James death, Roberta began to get phone calls from an unknown man threatening her life and the life of her best friend. The phone calls prompted police to intensify their investigation, but their search for the vehicle, and for the identities of the girls in the photos, proved to be fruitless.
James’ case was never solved.
I couldn’t find any information on google about James. All of the information I found came from the newspaper archives. So I’m only including this link per the requirements to post.
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2020.05.17 10:18 Stormrider66 Carter Slade: Monster Hunter (Episode 10)

Start From Episode 1
Episode 9
Episode 10
The sky blackened and a pillar of light erupted in the middle of nowhere. A lone fisherman was fishing in his boat when this all happened in a matter of moments. The man almost had a heart attack when the pillar of light appeared in front of him and something crashed from the sky into the water, it was shaped like a human.
He had to get his bearings when everything turned back to normal like nothing happened. The warm sensation of pee started to run down his leg in fear before he realized what he was doing. “Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me, Cletus?” His southern accent echoed over the lake in shame. “I guess these psychedelics kick in way faster than the kid said they would.” He reached down by his legs and grabbed another beer, staring at the fresh stain on his pants. “Marge is gonna assume I pissed ‘em cause I’m drunk. I said to her I can’t be an alcoholic cause I limit myself to six beers a day nowadays. Get off my back, woman! Who gets drunk from only six beers anyways?”
Cletus stopped talking to himself and looked over where the pillar of light was, it looked like someone floating in the water. “Nope, yur jus’ seein’ things, Cletus.”
Cletus rubbed his eyes and nothing changed. “Shiiiiiit...” he turned his motor on and steered the boat to right beside the body. There was a black woman wearing some sort of Greek toga or something laying in the water. “Miss, yur not dead are ya?”
Noticing her physique, the old pervert decided to try and cop a feel. His hand slowly started moving to her torso when her own hand grabbed him by the wrist. He reeled back in surprise but his arm wouldn’t go with him. Her grip was like being caught in a vice.
“Where am I?”
“The middle of Buttfuck, Nowhere, Miss.”
“Tell me where I really am.” Her grip tightened painfully.
“Ow, ow, ow ok! I get it! We’re about 30 miles east of Enterprise, Alabama!”
“What’s the year of our lord?”
“2010? Christ!”
She released his arm and rose from the water. Two large wings extended and flapped slowly, keeping her above the water. The force of her wings felt like a hurricane and threw Cletus from the boat with force. She flew away into the sky and was gone almost immediately, like a fighter jet.
From the water emerged Cletus’ head, he looked around and there was no sign of her. He did see Bigfoot riding a unicorn on the shore. “Yup, this LSD is some potent shit.”
Elsewhere in Los Angeles: Carter and Rorick Slade were sitting in a conference room with Mike - the man who split from Kenny and Crystal a few years before. Carter had longer hair, no facial hair, wasn’t wearing his now recognizable outfit, and was instead wearing the usual garb of the KSG: black vest with the familiar red dragon on the back. He had a white t-shirt, wristbands, a tied headband, and skate shoes. He was 20 at this time.
The room was full of KSG members and Mike was at the front, a projector was displaying an image of the weather abnormality in the area.
“Thanks for coming everyone, as you can see there was a massive energy spike in Alabama. The Alabama team already went to investigate and the only person they found was a drunk man that was on psychedelics. He made claims of seeing bigfoot, unicorns, fairies and all sorts of shit.”
“Ok, I’ll bite. What’s the correlation? Why bring him up?” Bridget - Mike’s partner - asked.
“I’m glad you asked! Amongst everything he described he gave the most vivid description about a woman with wings that fell from the heavens. That sounds an awful lot like an-“ he paused.
“Angel.” Rorick muttered. He was looking very old and tired at this point in his life.
Another man spoke, “Angel’s haven’t shown their face on earth for almost a thousand years. Why would one show up now?”
Mike continued, “That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Using our limited pool of resources we managed to trace it’s movement. It appears to have settled in Los Angeles here. It was hard to track because it flew so incredibly fast, but I believe we can capture it and figure out what it wants.”
“How?” Another one asked.
“You forget we have the best of the best in the business. Young Carter here has many talents, I’m sure he can get it done easily.”
“Please, everyone hold your applause.” Carter stood up with a smirk. “I’m just one man, but I assure you that I will subdue the creature and extract the information we need from it. It makes sense that it came to the city of Angels after all.”
Rorick glared up at his son with contempt in his eyes.
Carter noticed but ignored him, “Point me where I need to go and I’ll get it done.”
“Crystal? I know you can hear me.” Slade was standing behind Crystal as she overlooked the beautiful garden cast in the glow of the sunrise.
“I’m sorry, Carter. It’s difficult for me to look at you.”
“Why? Is it something I’ve done?”
“Is it something you think I’m going to do?”
She didn’t answer.
He placed his hand on her petite shoulder. She instinctively turned to him. Her eyes glowed their burning purple and her hand reached way up to his face, covered in a flame of the same color. He didn’t even flinch.
“So it’s definitely the second option.”
She realized what she was doing and pulled away - turning back to normal.
“I could always feel something about you that was different. Turns out you have an aptitude for sorcery and the dark arts.”
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!”
“You’re not the first woman that’s wanted to kill me. I have a suspicion you won’t be the last either. Can you at least tell me what’s bothering you? Clearly I’m to blame for some unspeakable tragedy.”
“I’ve been having recurring nightmares and visions of us killing everyone we care about and commanding a horde of monsters to eliminate all life as their new king and queen.”
“Well that’s fucked up. I have no intentions of hurting anybody. I’m sure you remember when I was a kid, I had the biggest crush on you?”
She still couldn’t look him in the eye. “Yes?”
“You never once showed any interest in me. Good on you by the way, you were way too old for me. It would have been weird.”
She almost laughed. He continued, “And from the looks of it, you can’t even look at me and can’t stand my presence. Is that it?”
“Well... that’s not a good way to phrase it...”
“But it’s the right way to phrase it. Look... Once you’re recharged, send us all back to England. You’ll never need to see or hear from me again.”
Crystal looked up finally into his bright green eyes. There was a sincerity and warmth to them that made her question her own feelings and thoughts she had been having.
“Every awful vision I’ve had has come true. It’s for everyone’s protection.”
“Have you ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?”
“Of course.”
“Maybe in your course to prevent them, you become the very catalyst of these visions.”
She considered this, it made sense. Yet, she shook her head, “I think that fate has a set path for everything to go down.”
“Well for what it’s worth, it was great to see you again...” Slade started to walk away.
Crystal’s mind snapped back to the time he was a young boy and did the same thing when she rejected him. ‘How could this man be the harbinger of doom?’ She thought.
“Carter, wait.” He stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn around. She continued, “I don’t.... want... you to go...”
“Our people have a mission to do. Maybe I’ll catch you on the flip side.”
As Slade took off into the house, Crystal felt her familiar sense of overwhelming loneliness creep back into her subconscious.
“Mission report, Agent Bautista. If you’ve tried to ghost us, that would be considered unwise.” Agent M radioed to her. She had managed to sneak into the estate of Candidate Candice Jordan. None of the guards had been made aware of her infiltration, but she was suspended between the narrow ceiling above a patrol waking by inside the house. The threats they gave in her ear were more of an annoyance at that point. They all had full helmets and combat gear.
As soon as the patrol had passed she glanced over to her wrist watch she was wearing. It resembled a miniaturized radar, tracking the movements of anyone close to her. She took exceptional care for this mission not to end like her Siberian mission from her teen years, now that she had experience hunting monsters she was prepared to deal with any threat that came her way.
This mission seemed to be going too easily, something didn’t feel right. Julia dropped to the floor with a near inaudible sound and scanned the door to the office to make sure it wasn’t booby-trapped. She put her finger to her ear, “This is Agent Bautista, it’s hard to sneak and infiltrate with you pricks yelling in my ear.”
“I remind you to watch your tone Agent. You still haven’t earned the trust of The Organization back.”
Julia snuck into the office and noticed another woman enter from an opposite door, also crouched and wearing stealth gear. She was a white woman with brown hair that was cut short on one side and shaved down on the other. The two made eye contact and immediately pulled their knives. The pair instinctually closed the doors behind themselves before engaging in the most silent hand to hand combat they could achieve.
Julia tried to stab the other woman, who in turn dodged the stab and got her arm in a hold. The brunette twisted her arm into a lock and prepared to stab her with her knife. Julia forcefully dislocated her own arm to give herself enough flexibility to roll onto the ground and boot her assailant in the face with consecutive kicks. Each kick loosened the brunette’s grip and knocked her backwards.
The two women stood upright, Julia’s right arm was hanging at her side and her shoulder was severely dislocated. The brunette’s nose was bleeding and similarly off course. The women stared each other down. Julia set her right hand on the desk beside her and gripped another part of her arm with her left hand. The brunette used her fingers on either side of her nose. Almost simultaneously they let out soft grunts as they reset their body parts into their original positions.
Almost as quickly as they had themselves reset they each reached for their sidearm and drew their weapons with lightning reflexes, training their guns on each other. The fireplace lifted up beside them, revealing a secret entrance. Standing in the doorway was a tall white man with slicked back blonde hair and a clean-shaven face. He wore one of the most high end suits one could imagine and was clapping at the two. The women looked between each other and him in confusion, not taking their guns off each other. They both recognized the man.
“Bravo, well done!” He spoke with a smug voice, like he was better than everyone else. “It seems you’re evenly matched! As much as I would like to see this fight reach a conclusion, I’m afraid we need you both alive.”
“Magnus Dawnhammer?” Julia asked, confused.
“The very same my dear. Lower your weapons.”
They hesitated, but Agent M’s voice crackled in Julia’s ear, “Listen to the boss, Agent.”
The brunette held a finger up to her ear at the same time, clearly receiving the same instructions. They both complied.
“Good girls.” Magnus went and sat at his desk and a few of the armed guards came into the room. One was carrying a bucket with the fanciest wine bottle either had ever seen before. They poured some of the contents into a wine glass and set it in front of him.
“I don’t understand...” The brunette finally spoke.
Magnus Dawnhammer - as he was known to the public - was the richest man alive. He owned multiple tech companies and pharmaceuticals. He was a well known public figure as a playboy type who inherited everything from his father.
“What’s to understand dear? I’m the Majority Shareholder and Chairman of the Board for The Organization. I own it! As I own both of you!”
“What game is this? Where’s the target?” The brunette asked.
“Ms. Jordan? She’s in another state altogether. We don’t actually want her dead! We just wanted to test if the two of you were as amazing as I’m told.”
“Why would a human be in charge of demons and monsters?” Julia’s grip tightened.
“Because I own them? Uh, hello?” He looked at her like she was stupid and chuckled. “Everything has a price! Everything can be bought! Best of all? They respect my power! I’m more dangerous than any of them!”
They both raised their eyebrows in disbelief.
“Shoot me, Agent Bautista. Right in my eyeball. You can do that, can’t you?”
Without hesitation she obeyed and the bullet flattened before falling to the ground. He was undamaged.
“How’s that possible?”
“I’ve been alive far longer than any other human. I’m enhanced with the most advanced cybernetics and robotics that you’re feeble minds can’t even comprehend! Agent Hudson, let me have it, use the machine gun!”
“Hudson?” Julia whispered to herself, racking her brain for where she knows the name.
Agent Hudson pulled out her gun without hesitation and aimed the automatic fire at Magnus. He vanished into thin air with one blink and suddenly the gun was ripped from her hands. He managed to cross about 15 feet by the time only one bullet left the gun, which he caught in his other hand.
“This is just a taste of what I can do, satisfied?” He smirked and crushed the gun in his hands like it was paper before walking away back to his fireplace entrance. The fireplace closed behind him.
“Head back to the American base you two and await further instructions.” Agent M instructed.
“I apologize for trying to kill you.” Julia held out a hand to Agent Hudson. They were both visibly shaken by how fast and strong Magnus was.
“It’s not the first time someone’s tried to kill me and it won’t be the last...” she accepted her handshake.
“Julia Bautista, wanna grab a bite to eat maybe?”
“Sounds good to me... name’s Jane Hudson.”
Carter was walking down a seemingly desolate street of the Chesterfield Square part of LA at midnight. He was using his tracking ability to try and locate the Angel, which unfortunately lead him to the worst part of the city. Mike, Bridgette, and a younger Julia and Marcus were accompanying him. Julia was missing her signature ponytail and was instead sporting a shorter, jaw length haircut that was loose. Marcus was similarly missing any of his facial hair and his long dreads were currently cornrows.
“I told you guys, this is a bad part of town.” Marcus looked around nervously.
“Marcus, we hunt monsters man! Why would some street thugs scare you?” Mike laughed.
“This is where grew up man, I was in the shit here before I was rescued from the Lamia.”
“So you’re afraid someone might recognize you?” Julia raised an eyebrow, “Why would you give a shit?”
“Listen lady,” Marcus didn’t know Carter and Julia that well at this point, “You can’t exactly leave the streets once you’re part of them, you get it?”
Bridgette rolled her eyes, “So you did some bad shit, got yourself in trouble! We have the two most lethal people on the planet right now, I’m sure we’ll be ok! Nothing bar’s gonna happen!”
“Well, we’re surrounded.” Carter stopped in his tracks.
Mike looked around and saw nothing, “You couldn’t have warned us sooner?”
“My senses aren’t what they were, MIKE!” He spoke with some bitterness in his voice, “Or did you forget my father made me seal up my... “abilities” a long time ago?”
Mike was the only one with awareness about Carter’s true abilities.
“What the fuck is he talking about, ‘abilities’?” Marcus questioned.
Before he could respond, figures emerged from all around them. Marcus instinctively hung his head down. The figures were all wielding guns, knives, bats and various other weapons. Julia, Bridgette and Mike all shifted nervously and gripped their weapons. Carter grinned and folded his hands behind his head casually.
“This big Muthafucka’s a white boy! Would you look at that?” The gang surrounding them consisted mostly of black men, but there were a few other ethnicities sprinkled throughout. Behind the one talking stood a shorter Latino man and an absolutely humongous black man that dwarfed even Carter, who was full grown at 6’8”. By his count this other man must have been about 7’6” almost a foot taller than Carter himself. The man that spoke appeared to be the leader and was about two inches shorter than Carter, still very tall.
“Still puny.” The mountainous man replied in an unnaturally deep voice.
“Even a school bus is small next to you? Right, Tiny?” Carter replied.
“The fuck-“
The main man held his hand up and ‘Tiny’ fell silent. “Your gonna give us all your shit. Then we kill ya fast.” He noticed Julia and Bridgette. “Maybe we take your bitches too, show them what real men look like down here.” He grabbed at his pants in a suggestive way.
“I don’t know if mines a record holder, but all of the women seem convinced that it could be-“ Carter was mouthing him off before a sucker punch from the gang leader was headed his way. Carter leaned back and unclamped his hands, grabbing the man by the arm and throwing him over his shoulder right onto a car a few feet away, landing right beside Marcus. The motion was so fast that no one really comprehended what had happened.
“Has anyone seen an Angel around here? I swear I parked my Angel somewhere around here, but I don’t remember where!” Carter was still grinning. The other gang members all got ready to kill them when the leader shouted, “Hold the fuck up!”
They stopped as he painfully got off the car, “I haven’t seen this nigga in years, fuckin’ Marquise. You’re with these muthafucka’s?”
“It’s Marcus, Jerome. You always got it wrong...”
“Yo boys, it’s fuckin’ ‘SkidMarc’! Now I’ve seen everythin’! Where’s my fuckin’ money!?”
Marcus felt a lot more confident now, “Up your ass!”
“Kill these muthafucka’s!!!”
Tiny reached in for Carter, but he leapt up into the air and used the Latino man’s face as a platform to kick off of for added height. Up in the air he kicked Tiny in the face and it sent him flying into a group of thugs behind him. Julia shot the guns out of the rest of the thugs hands that tried to shoot them.
Jerome tried to swing a pipe at Marcus’ head and he reflexively deflected it with his katana he was carrying. He followed it up with a leg sweep to knock him to the ground. Just a few years earlier he never would have dreamed that he could fight like he could now. Mike and Bridgette pointed their guns at the gang members to keep them at bay, even though they didn’t have more than a few bullets each.
Tiny got back up and stared down Carter, “Lucky cheap shot. Let’s see you fight like a man.” He charged at him like an out of control freight train.
“You mean like this?” Carter delivered a cross right into his charging face and caved part of his face in at the impact point, making him stop dead in his tracks. Tiny shrieked out in agony collapsed to the ground, holding his shattered cheekbone in his face.
“Maybe I could have went a little lighter... Sorry for your luck guy.” He shrugged. A shadow cast itself over the scene, blocking out lots of the moonlight. The gang members all looked up in fear at the thing hovering there, flapping its wings. Without hesitation, all of them including Tiny got to their feet and ran away. Jerome was the only one left, but everyone’s attention was on the floating figure other than his.
He pulled out his gun and aimed it at Marcus, “I’ll kill you!!!” He screamed. Mike noticed the gun and tackled Marcus out of the way, getting shot in the process. The Angel flew down with intense speed before picking him up by the throat and crushing his wrist holding the gun. Her eyes glowed an intense light and burned Jerome’s eyes from out of their sockets, leaving scorch marks around where they were.
She dropped his corpse on the ground and all attention was on her. Marcus and Bridgette were trying to stop Mike’s bleeding, Julia had a gun trained on the Angel and Carter’s expression was serious. “You’ve proven yourselves worthy of my presence, mortals.”
“Your an angel...” Julia whispered.
“That’s right, and your witch-killing weapons won’t work against an angel of the lord. It’s a sin to even try.”
“You want to talk about sinning? You burned that guys fucking eyes out!”
“Murder is a sin.”
“I’m not dead yet.” Mike coughed out.
Carter would look back on that line later with musings of Monty Python, but at that moment it wasn’t appropriate.
“You’re an Angel, can’t you save him?” Carter questioned.
The Angel turned towards him, realizing his presence for the first time. She felt an immense supernatural power buried way beneath the surface, but it was locked away and mostly inaccessible.
“It’s not within my abilities.” She lied, “Besides, the sisters of fate have decreed this is where his story ends.”
“That’s bullshit!” Bridgette shouted. Mike was bleeding quite profusely.
Carter could vaguely sense the presence of another being. It wasn’t malicious, but waiting patiently for something. His sixth sense was almost locked away completely by the seals on his body. The Angel was staring directly at where he could feel the presence and nodded. The bullet seemed to have severed a major artery.
“Listen....” Mike choked out. “Marcus.... I need you to be in charge of the California division..... You understand me?”
“What? No! What about Bridgette!?”
Bridgette’s tears were streaming down her face. Mike continued, “She refused... It has to be you... I’ve been training you...”
“No way, I’m too young!”
“You’re better than I was..... I believe in you.....” Mike stopped breathing. Bridgette cried out at her loss, Marcus even started to weep. Julia was frowning but didn’t have any sort of emotional connection with them in the time she spent. Even if she knew them better, her ‘conditioning’ from childhood kept her from displaying vulnerability.
The Angel turned back towards Carter, “What’s your name, tall man?”
“Carter.” His eyes narrowed.
“My name is Estiel. May I have a private word with you?”
“I guess that would be alright.” He turned to Julia, “Help them get him home please.”
She nodded, but shot a glare at Estiel. Estiel extended her hand.
“Grab my hand.”
“I’m pretty heavy.”
“I’m very strong.”
He obliged and felt his feet leave the ground in moments. The force she flew away with would’ve likely ripped off the arm of a regular human.
Crystal was standing in her bedroom. The curtains were drawn and the sun was shining through, it was around noon already. The KSG members were spending their time with the witches watching magic or playing games or just enjoying the sun. They likely hadn’t had a chance to relax like that in a while, so Crystal thought it would be best to simply leave them be. The honest truth was that she could have sent them back home that very morning but she insisted that she needed time to recharge.
Crystal looked at the picture frame on her desk, it was the last time she felt truly happy. It was a Christmas picture with her Mom, Dad and all of her siblings. Also in the picture was her Grandma Christine and Grandpa Jack on one side and her Grandma Samantha, her Grandpa David her aunt Cathy, who was a little older than her mother. Of course her bratty cousin Spencer was in the picture too, but they all looked so happy and content.
Next to the photo was the funeral cards for her Grandparents on her Mother’s side as well as her Dad’s and Brother’s. Ever since her younger siblings have moved out and her mother quit hunting monsters, Gale settled down with a new boyfriend Jeff after so many years being single. Another photo showed a mature Gale and Jeff smiling on jet ski, wearing life jackets. A picture of Grant in a graduation gown was a little further than that, he went on to be a physicist at a university.
The last picture was of a rebellious looking Jane in a photo booth. Jane was flipping the camera the bird while sitting next to some other girls dressed similarly. Her natural blonde hair was dyed black and she was wearing all sorts of emo style clothing and wearing a band shirt that said, ‘A Day To Remember’ on it.
‘I do remember that day.’ Crystal thought, ‘Mom phoned me because she couldn’t handle how wild and out of control Jane was. She was only 16 at the time and I had to remind her she went through a similar phase as a kid.’ Jane became disconnected from the family after graduation and left to travel the world with her friends as far as anyone knew.
A knock came from the open door, Crystal turned to see a smiling Isla leaning against the door. Her melancholic expression turned into a smile as she greeted her, “Isla! How are you adjusting?”
Isla’s soft accent left her lips, “I’m still getting the hang of this thing you call ‘balance’! Otherwise it’s fantastic! There’s so many things I’ve been wanting to try besides just the ocean! But... I need to thank you for saving my life, how did you know to come for us? Or bring me a transforming potion?”
“I had a vision that you all needed my help, that’s all.” She smiled, this wasn’t entirely the truth. Crystal made it a point to meditate and try her hand at premonitions once a week.
Crystal foresaw that if she didn’t save them that they would have died in the raid on the compound, unleashing the beast within Slade that would lead to the end result from her very first vision. The only way she could pull a rescue off of that magnitude would have been to enlist the help off a supremely capable being that didn’t need to rely on powers. Calling Slade was out of the question if she wanted to prevent him from causing the end, she had no idea that Slade was even there until later. The only other choice was the half-demon mercenary Aleister that she hired. In the end, she hoped she made the right choice.
“That’s wonderful! Umm.... Can I ever... Go back?” Isla blushed.
“Of course! Transfiguration by design will only last about a week with the small dose you took. It would need a much larger one to be permanent or you could take another potion right away to go back if you want.”
“No... Thank you... I just wanted to be sure I even could. Thanks so much!” Isla beamed at her and then let go of the door frame, walking a little wobbly but ultimately able to stay upright.
Crystal looked back at her photos and sighed.
Slade was standing above his father’s grave after his funeral, wearing a black suit. The grave sight was packed with many people that attended the funeral. He was amazed by how many people his father connected with over the years. The only people not present was Gale and her children, but they sent lots of cards and flowers. Estiel was in a black dress and jacket with her wings hidden underneath. Marcus and Julia were also present, their hair a kind of amalgam of the hairstyles from when they met Estiel and what would become their recognizable looks.
He spent the whole day getting condolences from people and was honestly just exhausted for what felt like the first time ever. It was only a few nights ago that Rorick had died, passing on the Slade name to his son - and by extension, leadership of the KSG.
The funeral was held outside of the headquarters of the Los Angeles KSG headquarters. Slade went inside to go to his room he was staying in alone.
“Hey, Julia. I know he’s been putting on a tough exterior.” Marcus put his hand on her shoulder, “Cracking jokes and flashing smiles, but I can tell that he’s hurting inside. I could see it on has face when I helped him rush his father into the infirmary here. Regardless of what he says or does, he probably needs somebody. Just a thought...” He patted her shoulder and walked to mingle with the others in attendance. At this point, Marcus was in charge of the LA division.
‘Should I accompany him? Or maybe I should just leave him alone?’ Julia was fighting with herself in her head, ‘I don’t want to be pushy, but maybe he needs someone...’
Making up her mind, she bravely marched to his room and went to knock on the door, but it was ajar. She heard talking inside. Peeking inside the door she saw Slade sitting on the edge of his bed, hunched with his arms resting on his knees. Estiel was sitting on the bed, comforting him.
“It’s ok, Carter. I’m here for you.” She said and looked up directly at Julia.
Slade’s voice was even and unwavering, but still melancholic, “Thank you Estiel, I guess I just needed someone...”
Her eyes never left Julia as she stood up with a smirk - not one of overall malice, but of victory over Julia. Julia couldn’t believe that Estiel stayed on earth for these last few years, never mind the fact that she had no idea what the Angel was doing here in the first place. All Julia knew is that she couldn’t trust her, her gut feeling wouldn’t allow it. She rationalized it as jealousy.
Estiel turned around and slipped her dress off. From Julia’s point of view she saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her wings expanded. One wing wrapped itself around Slade and the other reached back for the door, Estiel turned her head and gave one last narrow-eyes look into Julia’s own before closing the door.
‘I hesitated... I missed my chance to tell him how I really feel...” Even though it might come across as desperate or even jealous, she made a point to be a little more blunt and forceful when it came to her and Slade in the future. Maybe Slade would catch on or maybe she was kidding herself, but there was little she felt she could do to change that.
Slade was walking through the main hall Ravencroft Manor and stopped to look at some pictures on the wall. The first was a painting of a very old manor, it had a placard that read ‘Ravencroft Manor. Salem, Massachusetts. Circa, 1691.’ The painting depicted a group of women standing in the yard of the manor. A large green, singular pine tree was noticeably painted beside the manor and it stuck out against the red maple trees in the background, which Slade found odd. A prominent woman was in a different uniform than the other women in the painting. The detail of their faces was uncanny for a painting from back then.
The next was a painting of a completely different mansion. It’s placard read, ‘Ravencroft Manor II. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Circa, 1862.’ It was a very detailed painting like the last, but the women were all wearing newer clothing. There was yet again a head witch with a different outfit and she bore a striking resemblance to the one in the previous picture.
The second last was a photograph with the placard reading, ‘Ravencroft Manor III. Indianapolis County, Indiana. Circa, 1943.’ It was a black and white photo. It was the same story as the paintings: It was a new location and there were many women present. The woman from the paintings was also here.
‘Makes sense the bitch can live forever.’ Slade smirked as he thought to himself. ‘What a coincidence that the first one was right before the ‘Witch Trials’ and the second was the ‘Battle of Gettysburg’. Were they victims of circumstance or the cause of their own demise? They’ve had to run multiple times.’
Slade looked back to the third painting. ‘This one didn’t have a corresponding tragedy within a year of the photo as far as I understand. I remember it was still up and functioning when we lived there. Even my father was weary about staying away from that place. Hard to believe that they were that dangerous when they got chased out of their home that many times.... Unless....’
Something clicked in Slade’s mind, ‘The KSG started the witch trials and they used an ‘act of war’ during Gettysburg to cover up the witch hunt.’
“It all makes sense...” he whispered aloud.
The last photo was recent. The placard read, ‘Ravencroft Manor IV. Salem, Massachusetts. Circa, 2015.’ The photo showed many faces that Slade had seen around here as well as others that had likely moved on. There was two key things Slade noticed about the picture: The lone pine tree was framed almost exactly where the first painting had it, and the autumn leaves of the picture gave way to red maples.
‘This place was built on top of the original place.’
The other noticeable thing in the picture was that Crystal had assumed the position of the head Witch, this other Witch was nowhere to be seen. ‘She could have left, but she’s likely dead now.’
Crystal walked up to where he was. She was a little awkward trying to start a conversation given how their previous one ended. “We’ve had a... troubled.... history....”
“You say ‘we’ as if you grew up in this coven. You were one of us.... errrr... ‘them’.” He corrected himself, knowing he wasn’t a KSG member either anymore.
“Well, they became my family... Look at them outside...” she pointed to the two groups getting along and enjoying the weather. “The Guard hunted the original Salem Witches during the trials and drove them into hiding. They then used the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War to hunt down the next manor.”
“How did the Guard destroy the last one?”
“That’s just it. Peace was practically made between both sides. It was The Organization that did it. As you saw, both sides have a common enemy. The Organization is backing Hell in their side of the war, and you know what? It’s working! The Angels just aren’t as capable at being underhanded and backstabbing enough to gather the souls needed.”
“I can tell you from personal experience that’s not true... But I see your point... we’ll all need to work together to put a stop to this bullshit.”
“Where’s Marcus?”
“Your friend? Kenny took a group into town and promised the mermaid that he would take her to get one of the ‘finest delicacies’ the land has to offer. He even promised she would get to meet one of ‘her people’, whatever that means.”
Slade pondered what this meant and something clicked, “Oh god damnit! He didn’t mean-“
“Starbucks? You brought us to Starbucks.” Marcus was bewildered and disappointed. Kenny was leading a group consisting of Marcus, Isla, Pete and two teenage Witches.
“What is this ‘Star. Bucks.’ You speak of?” Isla was curious.
One of the Witches answered, she had dyed hair and looked like a goth. “It’s this coffee place that spells everyone’s names wrong and attracts lots of hipsters.”
“What’s coffee and hipsters? Are they edible?”
“Well yes to the first one.” Marcus piped up.
The other Witch also added, “Yes to both! Depending on how you look at it!” She looked more like a prep girl, but the two seemed to hang around each other. Marcus have her a ‘stink face’ at her statement. As soon as they walked in the place was filled with Goth looking kids.
“Friends of yours?” Isla sincerely asked the Goth Witch.
“Oh great... it’s convention weekend... Look at these posers...”
“I don’t know, Maya. They might be the real deal!” The Prep girl teased.
“Shut it Genevieve! It’s almost time to order!” Kenny hushed the girls. “See Isla? There’s a mermaid, like I promised.”
Kenny pointed at the painted figure of the mermaid on the Starbucks icon, Marcus figured she would have been mad. He was surprised when Isla started laughing instead, almost losing her balance like earlier.
“That’s adorable! You’re a funny man, Kenny!”
Marcus was impressed by the disaster that was averted.
“Now trust me, try the caramel macchiato. You’ll love it!”
Pete shook his head, “These places always get mah name wrong back ‘ome. I imagine that it will be next to impossible to get mah name this time.”
After they placed their orders they moved to a pickup area. A group of teens approached Maya, one of the guys spoke, “Hey babe, so you in town for the witchcraft convention too?”
“Nope. I live here.”
“That’s pretty sweet, we’re all into Wicca and shit too. Get lit before checking out all the torture shit at the museums.”
“I’m not a Wiccan. I practice Witchcraft.”
One of the girls with her took offense to that statement, “Ummm, Witchcraft is an outdated and offensive term used to describe Wicca and it has hurtful connotations for the practice.”
The first guy spoke up again, “What’s your name beautiful? My friends call me ‘Spider’. We’ll be lighting some candles and bongs and listening to some good tunes in the parking lot if you wanna join us. We could use another person for a Wiccan spell we’re trying.”
“Fuck off creep, I do witchcraft. Black Magic? Hail Satan?” She flashed him the devil horns and then her middle finger.
“Fuck you too skank!” He said as he grabbed his coffee cup and left out the doors.
“Damháinus.” She glared at him and waved her hand. “Your names ‘Spider’, huh? Let’s see how you like that!”
Spider went to take a sip of his drink but an actual spider crawled out of the lid onto his face. He dropped his cup and the lid popped open, freeing hundreds of small spiders. He screamed in a high pitched voice and his friends all noticed spiders in their cups too - they dropped them and ran away screaming.
Marcus’ eyebrows were raised in shock, “That was some evil shit!”
“Marco.” The employee called.
Marcus was afraid to grab it.
“Relax slick, yours is fine. I promise.”
He reluctantly took it and walked to a table. One of the patrons was watching a news broadcast on his laptop. His headphones were in so he couldn’t hear what was being said but the headline read, ‘New York woman found mutilated in quiet neighborhood.’ The sketch artist picture reminded Marcus of that Aleister guy from the other night but the eyes were drawn like cat eyes. ‘Weird...’ he thought and shook his head.
“Mia?” The employee called.
“It’s My-ah!” Maya rolled her eyes.
“Genevieve...” she shook her head.
“I swear they do that shit on purpose.” Kenny scoffed.
Kenny handed it to Isla and they followed Marcus.
Pete was the last one. “Course mine will be all buggered to ‘ell, ain’t it?”
“And finally... Pete?”
“Oh.” Pete raised his eyebrows. “Alright den.”
“Send in the experiments. We need to see how combat capable they are.” Magnus was sitting in a chair in a very large office. Other council members from The Organization were also present in the room. They consisted of demons, monsters and few humans. There was a large screen that displayed the time and the date was July 4, 2013: the day that Slade split off from the KSG.
One demon was standing at the end of the table opposite Magnus. It looked nervous, “Sir... Their abilities are extraordinary. Why would they need all this combat nonsense when their targets can’t fight back?”
“Because I need to be sure they’re the best.”
A vampire at the table glared at the demon, he slammed his fist and stood up. “You’re questioning the boss? Maybe we can test it’s combat data on you?”
“Right away!” It gulped in nervousness. “Any particular targets in mind?”
Magnus raised his hand and the vampire sat back down, “I’ve made sure our pet angel has infiltrated the ranks of the pesky King’s Sacred Guard. She will lead them all into our trap with the elusive Carter Slade in tow.” Magnus grinned, “It’s all coming to fruition.”
Episode 11
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2020.05.15 18:42 pb1707 The Radio Static Challenge

Not the greatest headline to wake up to, but I guess that’s my new reality.
I’ve been keeping a tally of the number of deaths caused by the Radio Static Challenge to date. So far, I have thirty-seven. Thirty-seven deaths on my head. Thirty-seven incomplete families, grieving communities, empty chairs—all on my head.
Anyone would tell me it’s not my fault, that I didn’t intend for any of these deaths. I appreciate the sentiment. I really do. But I’ve made this bed and I can’t fall asleep in it.
Why do they keep happening? Well, the challenge is unwittingly designed to self-perpetuate. Not everyone dies who does the challenge, in fact, a small percentage of people actually die, but the prospect of dying or hallucinating is high enough that it’s seen as a challenge. Can you survive the Radio Static Challenge?
Since I am the accidental founder of the Radio Static Challenge, I’m creating a personal history—something on the record that tells my side of the story.

My friend Dom and I are district managers for a self-storage company in the Midwest. I oversee fifteen sites in Ohio, Dom oversees twelve sites in Indiana. It’s not my dream job, but it pays the bills and allows me to not be behind a desk all day.
Occasionally, Dom and I will team up and hit some of our sites together. We conduct manager trainings, audit financials, interview employees, etc. The job requires A LOT of driving—something I don’t mind. I jump between music, podcasts, audiobooks, and even the radio on my trips. There’s nothing quite like listening to AM radio in rural Ohio, I’ll tell you that.
Although the self-storage gig is my sole source of income, I also run a podcast on the side. It’s a kind of mindfulness, live-in-the-moment type thing. I don’t have many subscribers, but it’s cheap therapy for me. I’ve always needed a creative outlet to function in the real world, and I find it incredibly therapeutic to research topics, write scripts, record and edit shows. There’s nothing more rewarding than when a fan reaches out on Twitter or Facebook and thanks me for a recent episode or tells me a story about how the show impacted their lives.
Two weeks ago, while Dom and I were making the rounds together in Northern Indiana, he complained to me about his always-on internet brain and his inability to focus. He had ADHD as a kid but mostly had it under control by the time he was a senior in college. He’s found that he does fine at work, but when he’s in the car, he can’t get his brain to turn off. He told me he can barely get through a song without skipping. He tries podcasts but can’t focus longer than five minutes at a time. Audiobooks are simply not an option. Silence is not an option, because then he can only think about when he’s getting his next drink.
We were on our second to last stop of the day in Pendleton, Indiana, getting ready to drive to New Castle. We drove separate since I’d be going home to Ohio and he’d be heading south to Indianapolis at day’s end.
In a moment of unexpected inspiration, I came up with a challenge—the challenge. I’d record a brief clip of radio static pulled from the good old AM radio, loop it in a 30-minute track and save it as an mp3. I told Dom to wait for a minute, I ran to my car, recorded the static, uploaded and looped it on my laptop and sent it to his phone.
I proposed that both of us listen to nothing but the static for the full thirty-minute drive. I told him our phones had to be on airplane mode, and we couldn’t listen to anything else. The static had to be loud enough to drown everything else out. Not the safest idea, I know.
I told him that if he commits to the challenge upfront, it would make it easier. He agreed and was actually kind of excited about the challenge. I was too, to be honest.
Before leaving, I started a Facebook live session on my podcast’s page. A handful of my fans hopped on.
“Hey guys,” I said, putting my arm around Dom. “This is my buddy, Dom. And Dom has a problem. One that most of us deal with.”
“Erectile Dysfunction,” Dom interjected. We both laughed.
“Not—no, not that. He has a problem with something I like to call internet-brain. This is something we talk about a lot on the show, but it’s clear that it’s taken a hold of Dom. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the feeling, the anxiety that comes with constantly being plugged in. After a while, our brain is so used to the constant stimulation that our attention span shrinks until it’s—”
“Gone,” Dom finishes and pretends to shed a tear.
“So, I’ve come up with a little challenge that we’re both gonna do on the thirty-minute drive that’s in our very near future. I’ve recorded a loop of AM radio static and we’re gonna listen to it in our respective cars and LOUD.” I turned to Dom. “Okay?”
Loud and clear.”
“So, we’re gonna do the—what should we call it?” I posed.
“The Radio Static Challenge,” Dom said sarcastically.
“Very creative. The Radio Static Challenge. I will upload the static clip to my page right now and we will return and report in thirty minutes.”
“Onward and upward,” Dom said.
I finished the Facebook live session and we got in our cars. My phone connected to Bluetooth and I started the static track. We pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward the freeway. Dom pulled up to me at the first red light and rolled down the window, the static blaring in his car. He pretended to ignore me. I rolled my eyes.
As soon as I hit the freeway, I zoned out. Like, in-a-coma-while-awake kind of zoned out. Driving a car in silence is its own version of white noise, but there’s enough variation in the sound of the tires moving over different surfaces, changing lanes. The sound of cars speeding by, the occasional wind gust, or click of the A/C kicking on. But with static, there are no variations.
And I learned very quickly that the brain doesn’t like it. At least mine didn’t.
After about fifteen minutes of driving mindlessly, the radio static filling the car, I started to hear overtones. First, it was a high-pitched whir—kind of like a boiling tea kettle, then it sounded like a shrill, piercing scream. The overtones seemed to rotate between the two for five minutes before dropping pitch a few octaves. The sound became a deep, guttural sound that came in and out like a sci-fi sound effect. I knew it was a product of my imagination, that the clip I recorded was only a few seconds long and was nothing but static.
The longer I drove, the more my purview began to narrow until I felt like I was driving in an infinitely long tunnel. Thinking back to the experience, I don’t recall passing or being passed by any cars my whole drive, which obviously would not have been true.
At some point, once the hypnotic effect of the static was in full bloom, my mind became razor sharp. In an instant, I had what I’ll call a perfect understanding.
But not in a good way.
I suddenly knew that life on earth is the only life in the entire universe. There is absolutely no intelligent life anywhere else in existence. We are all there is.
I realized that there is no greater meaning to life. We are preprogrammed to survive—that’s how we evolved enough to become intelligent. That’s why we build and develop societies, to survive. That’s why we have children, to perpetuate our kind. Once we have lived long enough to have children and raise them to a point of independence, we are no longer needed.
I understood that our freedom to choose, our free will, is simply a construct. That we are nothing but animals with animal instincts and a brain smart enough to tell itself stories that make us think we’re in control.
For the first time, I internalized that I was born alone, and that I’d die alone, and that I would return to the earth when it’s all over, my mind would fall in an endless pit of blackness.
Of course, I can’t prove any of those claims, but I believe it all. It’s like those realizations bypassed my rational brain and went straight to my soul.
The sound of knocking on my car window snapped me out of my hypnosis.
“You ok in there?” Lee, the manager for the New Castle store asked through the window.
I had made it to the New Castle store in what seemed like a few seconds. Like a few seconds or a few years.
“The hell are you listening to?” Lee asked as I opened the door and stepped out. “Is this another one of those new-age things y’all millennials are into?”
I looked into his eyes for a moment and couldn’t help but feel that his irises contained their own universes—an odd sensation.
Dom arrived thirty seconds later, Twenty One Pilots blaring in his car. He stepped out with his signature dopey grin.
“What happened to the static challenge, man?” I said.
“Oh man, it was great! After like five minutes of the static, I felt like a new man.”
“Wasn’t the idea that we were doing it for the whole thirty minutes?”
“Well, I mean, it worked for me after five, so what’s the point of wasting another twenty-five?” Dom said.
“Whatever,” I said, and we followed Lee into his store.
During the site inspection, I felt unbelievably hollow, like my worldview had been flipped upside down. I’m not religious or anything. I guess I just never cared much for speculating on the unknowable, but now I somehow knew the unknowable.
I walked down the hall to my apartment just in time to see a damn mouse slip under my door. Better find that before I go to bed, I thought, or tonight there will be no sleep. As soon as I stepped inside, I got onto my laptop to take the Radio Static Challenge video down. The video itself had been viewed 1,744 times. There were 54 comments of people committing to take the challenge, and I had 18 messages in my inbox. Something that simply doesn’t happen for a mediocre, part-time podcaster like myself.
My heart sank.
The first message I opened was from Dane Eggett, one of my biggest podcast fans. He told me he had downloaded the Radio Static Challenge file and had done it that afternoon. My heart raced as I read his message, but he wasn’t freaked out or upset, he was grateful. He told me that in those moments, about twenty minutes into the challenge, he was dawned with a profound sense of purpose. He didn’t tell me exactly what his purpose was, but he said that he had never been so at ease with ‘existing’ ever before. He reposted the Radio Static Challenge on his page, which seemed to generate a decent amount of activity.
The messages showed mixed experiences. Or possibly mixed reactions to the same experience. Some were scared, some were relieved, some were dull, many were simply weirded out. Several fans said they shared my post.
I grabbed a beer from the fridge, prompting the mouse to flee from its corner hiding place to my bathroom. I shrugged with indifference.Nothing matters, after all, I thought and returned to the laptop.
After finishing the messages, I decided (again) that it would be best to take the post down altogether. It might be like pulling the rug out from my fans who, undoubtedly, spent a lot of time writing their experiences alongside reposting the challenge. Oh well.
I finished a second beer and left for a late-night grocery store trip to get mousetraps. The thoughts kept coming in. Well, it felt more like my thoughts were disappearing, leaving me with nothing but a dark, empty blank slate. That’s what these horrible thoughts—realizations—were. It’s the knowledge that was always there, but that gets covered up as we’re spoon-fed religion and culture and customs.
Wanting to be discreet, and having an odd fear of stepping on a mousetrap in the middle of the night, I got an Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller, a mouse repeller that plays a certain frequency—one that goes unnoticed to humans, but that makes the mice stay away.
I kept thinking on the drive home about frequencies. Different frequencies spark different reactions in different species. What if the clip of static I took from the radio that day was emitting some kind of frequency that was causing this reaction in people?
That’s the best theory I’ve been able to up with to date.
When I got home, I got the first message. The first suicide note. It was from Dane Eggett. He said that he understands it all, that it’s time for him to go. I didn’t what that meant, and he didn’t respond to my messages asking for clarification. It was ambiguous, but it was enough to prevent me from having a decent night sleep.
My fears were confirmed the next morning, when I got a reply from Dane’s account, only it wasn’t Dane, it was his mom. She said he took his life sometime in the night, likely soon after sending that message to me. I was the last person Dane messaged.
I was crushed. I came clean to Dane’s mom, told her that the Radio Static Challenge was meant purely to be a mindfulness exercise, nothing else. She was understanding and asked if I had taken it down already, I said yes.
What I didn’t realize at that time is that someone, well lots of people, had ripped the video and reposted it many times over. I found about twenty different ripped postings of my clip on YouTube. There were tens of thousands of views between them all. But I don’t think the Radio Static Challenge would’ve had the effect it did if the national news hadn’t picked up Dane’s story immediately.
I guess all the Slenderman and Momo happenings were good business for the news media because they did not shy away from Dane’s suicide.
They had to have known that the way they covered Dane’s suicide would spark more.
Despite having deleted the video early on and creating an apology video, I was blocked on YouTube and Facebook. I get it, I’m the guy who started this thing. Didn’t matter my intentions—it started with me.
Ten more suicides happened that week.
I did an interview with my local NBC station, then one with CNN the night after. I explained the original intent behind the clip and that I never meant anyone harm. I purposely neglected discussing my dark experience with the challenge.
Twenty suicides happened the next week.
The videos continued racking up views. The comments grew darker. What began as a fun challenge became a drug for many. People said the more times they listened to it, the deeper their understanding got.
What pisses me off more than anything is the undying media coverage of the challenge and the suicides. They could’ve prevented this tragedy to a large degree, but they don’t care. It’s good TV, it’s clickbait. Lotta ad revenue.

Now the suicide count is thirty-seven and I’m at a loss. There’s no sign of them stopping, though I’m sure it’ll stop at some point. All viral challenges like these do eventually, right?
There’s an overpopulation problem anyway. You’re doing the world a favor.
That’s just a sample of the dark thoughts I’m plagued with day after day.
I’m signing off now, cause I’m doing the Radio Static Challenge again, only this time, I know what I’m listening for. I’m either coming out of this thing with a deeper understanding of what’s really going on, and can work to stop it, or I will become victim number thirty-eight.
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2020.05.15 11:55 tinybluesatan Indiana Missing Persons (Bite Size Mysteries)

Hello everyone! I am hoping to edit and add more to this post as time (and quarantine) goes on. If you find any more info on any of these cases please feel free to let me know and I'll edit the OP. Ultimately, I wanted this post to exist to shed light on the non-sensationalized cases, that don't even break local news, and the lack of investigation in them.
Christopher Jones
Age: 41
Last Seen: 2/8/2019
Where: Greenwood (suburb of Indy)
Status: Deceased (found 4/8/2019)
Risk Level: High (alleged addict and convicted felon)
Info: He was last seen wearing a red Ohio State sweatshirt and black sweatpants on Friday February 8th. Someone from the city commented on a public missing persons post that they had seen him walking down a major road a couple of miles from the Greenwood mall— this was Friday, February 10th— two days after he was reported missing. Christopher’s partner commented asking if she was sure it was him and the woman says she remembers because she made a joke to her husband that Christopher was in the wrong state (after seeing his red Ohio State sweatshirt). He was found dead on April 8th along the southwest fence of the Greenwood airport. The police say that they don’t suspect foul-play and refused to comment any further.
Weird Thing: In his Facebook likes, there’s a page he liked of a model named Jennifer Daniels. The page was created 2 months after his death.
Birehane Esthete Abate
Age: 36 (37)
Last Seen: 6/23/2019
Where: Indianapolis
Status: Unresolved
Risk Level: High-ish (immigrant)
Info: She was a nanny to a family for 2 years while they were overseas, and she was to come to America to help them for a 5-week stint. She started on 6/14 and never came back from her day off on Sunday 6/23. She was last seen wearing back jeans and carrying a gray purse. She has her head covered with bandana. Most people speculate that she took a bus to Chicago (or another major hub) because she wanted to live in the States. While this may be true, there was NO further investigation into her sudden disappearance. The family she worked for for years did not post anything and police did not post any missing persons posts. I am unaware of the cultural conventions of name variation so I am unable to find any info on her or her family.
Marco & Arcelia Alca(n)tra
Ages: 37 (49) & 12 (24) (assuming mother and son)
Last Seen: 6/13/2007
Where: Elkhart (small town)
Status: Unresolved
Info: None. They couldn’t even be bothered to spell their names correctly in the database.
Loutonia Anthony Alexander
Age: 47 (61)
Last Seen: 12/1/2006
Where: Fort Wayne
Status: Unresolved
Info: Alexander was last seen in Fort Wayne, Indiana on December 1, 2006, the day prior to his 47th birthday. He has never been heard from again. Few details are available in his case. In addition to being listed as a missing person, Alexander has a warrant out for his arrest for failure to appear in court on a marijuana possession charge. He has a criminal history dating back to the early 1990s. It seems many have attributed his disappearance to this. However, most of the crimes seem really petty and strange to actually be convicted of (e.g. not having his rabies shots for his pets). Since the late 80’s he’s been convicted continuously of: marijuana possession, paraphernalia possession, speeding, check deception, nuisance, resisting arrest, assault, theft/burglary. Honestly he seems like someone who had difficulty staying out of trouble but never did anything too bad. His wife Cynthia K. Curry has been repeatedly in small claims court in Fort Wayne (up until 2014) with law firms and debt collection agencies (I’m guessing to pay off his vast array of legal expenses). (Found most of this info through Indiana public records). Even though his crimes were petty, his repeat-offender nature and insurmountable debt may have played a role in his disappearance; however, it seems most have used this to reason away his disappearance. No local coverage.
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2020.05.05 04:50 TheCowmaster934 RIGTC S4 R2 - Nurburgring Combined - Saturday May 16th at 7:30pm EDT

Hey its time for round 2!! We are back to the green hell for another round of
Now for logistics.
Race Format
Race Rules
Caution Rules
Livery Rules
Series overall
Race Date Alt Date
Bathurst February 15 February 22
Nurburgring May 2 May 9
Spa July 11 July 18
Suzuka August 22 August 15
Indianapolis October 24 October 31
Position Points
1 40
2 35
3 32
4 30
5 28
6 26
7 24
8 22
9 20
10 19
11 18
12 17
13 16
14 15
15 14
16 13
17 12
18 11
19 10
20 9
Lets get ready to have a good time guys! It should be a fun and competitive race!
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2020.03.30 22:35 Teabx An overview of Alonso's Racing Career.

Being under quarantine, as most people probably are at the moment, I am struggling to keep myself busy from time to time, so I decided to write an overview of one of my favorite drivers (amongst others) racing career, Fernando Alonso's.
This is kind of long (understatement), so people who don't have an interest in Alonso probably should skip this one.

Chapter 1 : Go-Karting Fernando was born on 29 July 1981 into a working class family in Northern Spain. He also had an older sister named Lorena. Fernando's father was a mechanic working on a mineshaft explosives factory who had a passion for karts and racing in general. He wanted to share one of his hobbies with his children so he built a kart for his daughter Lorena. Lorena however was not interested in racing so the then three year old Fernando recieved the kart.
Fernando would occasionally run laps with this go-kart when his father had the time until the age of 5 when he received a racing license from the local racing federation. Unfortunately his family lacked the funding to fully support his racing career. They were sometimes unable to buy wet tires for the kart and Fernando would run on those wet races using slick tires. Something that helped develop his skills as a driver in wet-weather conditions.
Success was almost immediate with Fernando. He won all eight races in the first karting series he entered, and won the junior spanish world championship 3 years in a row from 93' to 95'. With so many standout performances in his first years, his talent was finally noticed by Adrian Campos who invited him to race with Campos' Formula Nissan Team in 1998.

Chapter 2 : Formula Nissan Initially, it didn't go too well for Fernando in this new category of cars. He crashed in the first two days of testing with the car, however by the third day he was able to match the pole lap-time the Campos' driver (Marc Gene) had achieved earlier that year. Fernando was then confirmed as a driver with Campos Racing for the 1999 Euro Open Movi Star by Nissan series (this is a mouthful).
From then on, he had great performance.s He managed to clinch the title of the series at the final race of the season in which he also sparked interest in Minardi. He would go on to test for that team by the end of the year 1999. He was still struggling with the financial side of things at this point however so he worked as a mechanic and tutor for younger kart racers to make some extra money in preparation for the next step in his racing career.
His entrance in Formula 1 was imminent at this point. He had impressed in the junior series and had displayed great talent, speed and racecraft. He confirmed all of that in the test with Minardi by beating all the other young test drivers by 1.5 seconds. This feat impressed the sporting director of Minardi Cesare Fiorio who had immediately requested Gabriele Rumi (Minardi Boss) to make a contract ready with Fernando before other teams found out about him.
Alonso moved onto the Formula 3000 in 2000 however it was the worst year in terms of results for Fernando. His performance improved only by the end of the season when his English got better and he could communicate with his mechanics. He manged to get a podium and a win at Spa at the last rounds of that season, but it was too late to fight for the championship.

Chapter 3: Formula 1 (Minardi) A combination of destabilization in Minardi and Fernando's career being managed by Flavio Briatore who pulled some strings in the background, he got a seat in Minardi for 2001 alongside Tarso Marques who was slightly more experienced than Fernando in terms of Formula 1 races. Despite that, he managed to outqualify his team-mate in the first round of the season by a margin of 2.6 seconds. A feat that remained a pattern for the whole year.
Although that car was not quick enough to allow him to show any speed during the races, Alonso had several standout performances, like qualifying 18th (out of 22) in Suzuka, a track that he had never raced in previously and finishing the race in 11th, beating cars that were on paper much faster than the Minardi that year.

Chapter 4: Formula 1 (Renault) By the end of 2001, Flavio really wanted Alonso to drive for Benetton (which was being taken over by Renault) as a replacement for Button. However Button kept his seat for 2002 and so Fernando remained in a reserve driver role in 2002. He was later announced as the main driver for Renault in 2003 replacing Jenson Button.
Almost immediately, he showed potential in the Renault. In the second race of that season, he became the youngest ever pole-sitter in Malaysia, unable to turn that feat into victory, something that he managed much later that year in Hungary claiming the record of the youngest ever grand prix winner.He finished that season fifth scoring 55 points, 22 more than his teammate Jarno Trulli.
2004 was not as great for Fernando. One of the factors being the domination of Ferrari which didn't really give that many opportunities for other drivers/teams to fight for pole and victories. Alonso had the chance to do that in Monaco that year, however his teammate Jarno had the upper hand that weekend. By the end of the year, Trulli was not at best relations with Flavio and was replaced by Fisichella for the 2005 season.
2005 was the season in which Fernando got his first Formula 1 title. His team-mate won the first race that year, however it was Fernando who was doing the winning from that point claiming seven victories. He managed to win the title that year despite the McLaren of Kimi being the faster car occasionally. However you can't ignore the fact that his first title came at a season where Ferrari was struggling from a rule change that was specifically targeted to damage them, and McLaren suffering very poor reliability. Fernando was able to prove himself again the following season however.
He started 2006 knowing that he would leave Renault to join McLaren the following year having signed a contract in december of 2005. This season was not as easy as the previous one for Fernando. Although he dominated the early part of 2006, Ferrari and Michael striked back with aero upgrades and improvements from the Bridgestone Tires. Renault also lost a big advantage (mass damper system) following a complaint from Ferrari. There were a lot more tense moments, particularly in Monza where Alonso was given a harsh penalty for allegedly impeding Massa. He fought hard to climb up to third in the race however retired to an engine problem presumably from being pushed to the limits. That was a weekend which left a very bad taste in the Renault team and Alonso. Nevertheless, Fernando managed to win the world championship following a couple of mechanical problems for Ferrari in the last couple of races and became the youngest driver to win back to back titles.

Chapter 5: Formula 1 (Controversial Period) His period at McLaren in 2007 is probably the worst for Fernando in his career. He went to McLaren expecting them to fully support his title-bid and was unpleasantly surprised by the speed of the rookie Lewis Hamilton and the team's unwillingness to support him in the title fight. McLaren seemingly wanting to treat their drivers equally and give them both the chance to fight for the championship. Tension between Fernando and Lewis was increasing with each race, climaxing at Hungary where Lewis had denied team orders to let his teammate pass him in qualifying. Alonso in response blocked the pits to delay his teammate and denying him the chance to set another lap in that session. McLaren had to deal with other problems as well as they were being accused of stealing technical information from Ferrari, a charge that they were found guilty. Apart from the negative image he got from not handling the fight with Lewis as expected, Fernando was also being accused as selling out is own team. Those accusations were never completely proven, nevertheless his reputation started to get a little stained at this point. He ended that abysmal year in third, tied up with his teammate Lewis Hamilton and just 1 point away from the title.
He would go on to rejoin Renault in 2008 which was no longer in the same state he left the team in. The car lacked pace and was unable to fight for wins. Although they did improve the car at the second half of the season, that was overshadowed a little by one of the biggest scandals in Formula 1 at the time, which is now known as "Crash-Gate". Renault were so desperate for a win that season that they ordered their driver, Nelson Piquet Jr, to deliberately crash in the Singapore GP so a safety car would come out to benefit Fernando and allow him to win the race. That decision caused Flavio Briatore to get a ban in Formula 1. As it turned out that decision was pointless as Fernando won the following race in Japan on merit.
2009 was even worse in terms of car performance and there were really no standout weekends for Fernando apart from maybe pole in Hungary and the podium later on at Singapore. By the end of this year however, Ferrari confirmed that Fernando would be joining them as a driver alongside Massa for 2010.

Chapter 6: Formula 1 (Ferrari) His new era with Ferrari began great. He won the first race with the team profiting from a mechanical failure the RedBull of Sebastian Vettel suffered while leading. His title bid was then somewhat halted by a chain of bad races however he jumped back in the second half of the season winning a bunch of races including the controversial victory at Germany in which Ferrari ordered Felipe Massa to move out of the way for Fernando. He maintained his consistency however and found himself leading the championship at the final race in Abu Dhabi in which everything went south. A strategic mistake by Ferrari and Fernando's inability to get past Vitaly Petrov in the race meant that a third title slipped from Fernando once again by the tinniest of margins.
In 2011 it seemed like Ferrari hadn't produced a car that could challenge for the championship. Struggling to get around the blown diffuser they won only one race that year in Silverstone where the use of the exhaust gases was temporarily restricted. Despite being unable to challenge for the title, Fernando kept challenging at the best of his abilities, managing a victory and 10 podiums whereas his teammate could only manage fourth.
2012 was seemingly no different again in terms of performance. Ferrari were struggling with the car particularly early on the season. Unable to match their competitors pace, Fernando took advantage of some rather opportunistic wins such as Malaysia and Valencia. He remained very consistent throughout the season and consistency was king that year, as teams suffered several lumps during the year allowing for one of the best seasons in terms of competition Formula 1 had seen in a while. Because of his consistency, Fernando found himself in the lead of the championship for a great bit of the season. A scenario which was deemed very unlikely at the start of the year considering Ferrari's issues. However, he was unable to resist Vettel later on in the season, especially after first lap incidents in Belgium and Japan. He kept the title hunt until the last race though, and fought for it until the end, however he was once again unable to get the third title for very small margins. As it turned out, that would be Fernando's last chance to fight for a third title.
2013 started a little more promisingly compared to the previous two season. He won three races, including his last (to-date) in Spain. However a combination of Pirelli being forced to revert to 2012 tires (because of several dangerous blowouts that teams suffered during the races with the 2013 tires) which suited the RedBull and Ferrari's upgrades not delivering on track meant that Fernando was unable to fight for the championship. It was at this point that Fernando started losing trust in Ferrari and rumors started circulating that he was looking for other teams, despite the initial assumption being that he was on a long-term contract with Ferrari until 2016.
And 2014 is when it all went downhill. Fernando had already lost two championships due to tight margins with Ferrari, but this time he found himself completely unable to fight for it. The car that was developed for the new regulations was way off the pace-setters of Mercedes. A couple of horrible performances from the team prompted the resignation of the team principal Stefano Domenicali, which was followed by other team members including Fernando. Although he had managed better results than his teammate Kimi Raikkonen for the most part of the season, Fernando decided to look to another manufacturer. He took a surprising decision to rejoin with McLaren as they had lured Honda into the sport in a bid to challenge the benchmark of the new regulations that was Mercedes.

Chapter 7: Formula 1 (Return to McLaren) Although some problems were expected for the new partnership of McLaren and Honda, it is highly unlikely anyone, including Fernando thought that the situation would turn out to be so horrendous. As it turned out, the new Honda engine was severely underpowered compared to the competition as well as painfully unreliable. A strange accident during the test in Barcelona meant that Fernando had to miss his first race in Australia to make a return in Malaysia. Given the performance of the car, he probably shouldn't have bothered. With a best result of fifth in Hungary and no standout performances at any other race, Fernando made his frustration with the team and the engine very vocal, particularly in the Japanese GP when he so (in)famously labeled his power unit as a GP2 Engine.
Although 2016 was relatively better in terms of performance, it was still not a good season neither for Fernando nor McLaren. The engine got more reliable but Honda were still lacking power to the competitors. Being unable to fight for victories for three years now, Fernando started to express more concerns about the direction the sport was heading than for the shortcomings of his car. He was very vocal in that year that he was not very happy with the how racing in Formula 1 was at the time as he didn't enjoy saving fuel and tires having such a big role in the races. If not for the big regulations changes that were planned for the following year, Fernando would have probably retired from Formula 1 at this point.
The new regulations in 2017 were met by a new McLaren team. With Ron Dennis being replaced by Zak Brown, and the team returning to some traditional orange colors for their livery, the team opted for a fresh restart hoping to get back challenging for podiums and wins. The season was a disaster however. With Honda having gone backwards, Fernando was not the only one criticising the engine at this point, as McLaren were also (not so) subtly implying that they were being held back by their power unity as their chassis had great performance compared to the top teams through the corners. With Honda being severely underpowered and very unreliable, Fernando took the liberty to explore other racing categories, announcing that he would take part in the Indianapolis 500 that year which meant that he would be missing the Monaco GP. His race was going pretty well, until ironically the Honda engine at the back of his Indycar suffered a failure near the end of the race.
McLaren meanwhile had lost its patience with Honda. With the feeling that the chassis was being held back by the Power Unit, they made the decision to switch to Renault engines for 2018. Fernando always praised the car stability and handling in 2017 and was confident McLaren would be much more competitive in 2018 with more power from the Renault. And that was the general expectation from the paddock as well, however Fernando and McLaren were in for another disappointing season..
2018 started with high expectations from Fernando and the team. They were initially targeting RedBull as their reference point, but come testing they were immediately hit with nasty problems which prevented them from completing their whole testing programmes. Although the first race showed signs of hope for the team with Fernando finishing fifth, it would turn out to be the highest point of the season for them. The car suffered from a fundamental flaw which saw the team struggling for performance the whole season, particularly in the second half in which other midfield teams were upgrading their cars while McLaren was unable to because none of their upgrades were delivering anything on track. Disappointed from the team performance, Fernando again took the liberty to entertain himself with other series in motorsport. He took on the Le Mans challenge with Toyota and won it, giving him 2/3 of the triple crown of motorsport which Fernando set as a goal for himself considering he was unlikely at this point to challenge for another title in Formula 1. Having lost patience and confidence in McLaren he retired from Formula 1 at the end of 2018 looking for other challenges in his life.

~~ And that's all. I tried to keep this as short as possible, but it's nearly impossible to cut out too much in such a long and eventful career as Fernando's. Fernando might have not displayed the most likable traits in a man throughout his long career, however few can deny his outright speed and talent that he showed in the sport. I hope that in the future people will look past his controversial moments and remember him only for his on-track battles and emotions that he gave to so many people, including me.
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