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Mammasaurus Rex: Moving Shenanigans Part 2

2020.09.19 00:20 aspienonomous Mammasaurus Rex: Moving Shenanigans Part 2

So, where I last left off in this preposterously absurd tale, it is September. Rex is of the mindset, assuming she has a mind where she can set her thoughts in place, remains debatable and borderline questionable at the best of times, that it's not that big of a deal. She has offered every kind of help a person in my situation could only dream of, simply to have those hopes bludgeoned over the head with plutonium, just in time for reality to sink in. She Is also assuming that I’ll break up with my then fiancé and she’ll morph into the antichrist and save me from homelessness. Rex has been trying to push me out of the house for months and is now triangulating between me, Hubs and 2 of my brothers, both are narcissists and my sister in law, who also just so happens to be…. gaaaaassspppp…...a narc.
Not long after Rex’s visit we get a group text from SIL, saying that their family is moving to a far off magical land in November, but they are keeping their house here for when they come and visit at XX dates and times. What on this beautiful blue orb, coasting through this shimmering candy bar galaxy could I have fucking done to win this jackpot of infinite sanity paid out in dividends!!! When NO ONE responded with oooooos and fucking aaaaahhhs she doubled down and went full fucking blown crocodile tears about how they’ll miss the fucking faaaaaamily. Rex started sending over the top “we’re crying in our beer” texts at an alarming rate. After about 5 minutes of that shitshow, I removed myself from the group. Go fucking drown yourselves in your goddamn beer, bitches.
Two hours later, Rex texts me.
Rex: Hey let’s just be honest. You’re living with Hubs. Bro1 and SIL will need to stay at our house this fall before they move in November. We will need to use your room. Are you still wanting to keep your bed? You can get a storage unit since y’all can’t fit everything in your house yet.
OP: Your ability to interpret reality is fucking astonishing! You know I live with Hubs. You’ve even BEEN TO OUR GODDAMN HOUSE. I’ve also told you at least ten times we can’t afford nor will we spend money on a storage unit, so please stop fucking suggesting it. If y’all want to help, we’ll get it done faster. I am thoroughly bewildered though, because Bro1 and SIL are keeping their house. Exactly why do they need a single room for a five person family?
Rex: I’m not sure what’s going on. It changes from day to day lol
OP: That sounds more like a tentative situation based on what you just said.
MR: I just need you to move your things out.
OP: Yeah, I got that.
The next day Rex called and I’ve mostly been avoiding her, but I know if I didn’t answer, she’d just kill my soul slowly with hundreds of guilt tripy texts. So, I put her on speaker with Hubs next to me.
OP: I only have a few minutes.
Rex: *proceeds to kill my soul slowly anyway*
Essentially, she tells me that Bro2 who’s now going to be moving into my room until November. Why he can’t fucking move back into his own goddamn room is beyond my comprehension, but who am I to question this fuckery. I now have Rex shoveling faaaamily propaganda down my throat and told to move out ALL of my shit from my room THIS FUCKING WEEKEND, as in FIVE DAYS FROM NOW! I was also instructed, as well to take the couple pieces of furniture and the 2 boxes of kitchenware out of the garage OR I could…… GET A FUCKING STORAGE UNIT. Jesus Fucking Christ and a threesome with a donkey, woman! How many times do I have to tell you? I need to wait to do that with Hubs and I’m NOT getting a storage unit! I asked what happened to Bro1 and SIL needing my room for the fall. She says she doesn’t know. Oh yeah, you cunt? Really? That's your answer? Don’t you mean to say that they never needed it in the fucking first place and you’re full of horse shit scraped up off the cobblestones dated all the way back to the 1860’s?
At this point Hubs signals to me he wants to say something.
Hubs: She needs help. Period. Full stop. You can’t expect her to do any moving until I have some free time. I’m currently working 18hr days, so I’m sure you can understand why this issue is one that we need to solve as a team. If Rex, Dad, and Bro2 want to help, we could possibly have it done this weekend. Would you be willing to help her? I’ll also clearly remind you that we already said we don’t want the bed frame or the mattress, so you can move them out of the room to speed up the process. We will not be moving ANY of the furniture this weekend. We will most likely be by Sunday and move as much as we can.
Hubs has his very own sadistically narc mom, so when she tried to guilt him, he shut that shit down.
She said just as long as it’s out by “fall” she’ll be happy. I remind her that she’s been saying that for the past 4 fucking months and it’s September. It’s already “fall.” She said by November will be fine. FUCKING NOVEMBER!!!! Ok, cool, so just in the nick of fucking time for when all the siblings no longer need to use my goddamn room. Fuck you. I tell her I have to go bash my head in with a 2x4 and she said she does too, but then she spends the next several minutes going into an unrelated work story. I don’t give an ever-loving shit about your life, bitch! Shut the fuck up! Thankfully, Hubs talks over her and ends the call.
My head is spinning like Michelle Kwan at the winter Olympics and I'm trying to make sense of this shit. Every single part of that bullshit was contradictory and a load of insane clown posse. Hubs and I both agreed that from this point on, even though it's MY family and it should be MY circus, that we'll discuss ahead of time what our decisions would be and he would take any phone call or text conversation because they don't know him. They wouldn’t dare lower their shield of perfection. So, my demi-god of a husband wants to be my personal meat shield because we're a united front with what we decide on. They lose any possible grasp of power and control of the situation when I'm ejected from the fucking equation.
At the time, we were struggling financially. I have a decent education, but due to trauma, I don’t remember jackshit. You could tell me I have two BS degrees and one BA degree and I’d argue with you that your fucking mom dropped you on your face as an infant. On purpose. I have zero memories of college. The jobs available to me now are limited and I had to get creative in order to pull myself out of this gaping financial hole I created for myself. Spoiler alert: I TOTALLY DID! BY TOTALLING MY CAR! Now I wouldn’t have chosen this path, nor recommend it (LMFAO), but the equity paid off my debt.
I used to be disappointed that even though Rex has been nagging and nagging about getting my shit out and she would “help” me, she wouldn't lift a dainty manicured pinky to do anything of the sort. Those boomers are booming loaded. My inheritance is substantial, but at this point in my life, I honestly don’t fucking care. LIES!! I tell lies!! It really boils down to a fucking balance of how much bullshit am I willing to put up with so me and Hubs can live out our future fantasy where we own hundreds of acres, the nearest neighbor is at least five miles away, on a ranch with heards of goats, alpacas, horses, Great Danes and Golden Retrievers. A utopia where we can live out our misanthropic pipe dream.
That night during dinner, we were discussing this coming weekend and that we agreed to go and move out as much of my shit as we can, just to avoid the future manufactured and incoherent drama. The following week was full of insanity and lots and lots of alcohol. I’ll leave it here and since I’m officially on vacation and have begun the fucking awesome tradition of day drinking, I’m sure part 3 will soon follow. I just have to add all the sweary bits.
See ya!
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2020.09.15 08:46 TheCrowsNestTV Another idea woo

George starts dating a woman he really likes, but learns she's actually a trans woman and becomes confused about how he should handle it. He wants to get advice, but is afraid of being called a transphobe.
Kramer discovers Insane Clown Posse and starts identifying as a "Juggalo" and wears face paint, much to the annoyance of everyone else. He is eventually beaten up at the Gathering of the Juggalos after he calls someone a "Juffalo", which turned out to be one of the members of the band.
Elaine creates an OnlyFans account to start making more money on the side, but is pushed to the sidelines by a prettier co-worker. Elaine then tries to sabotage the prettier woman.
Jerry starts dating a woman and he's "Gaga" for her, until everyone starts calling him a "Simp" and a "Cuck". It later turns out the pretty woman that Elaine is competing with is the woman Jerry is dating.
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2020.08.17 17:07 READMYSHIT The Creep Dive Episode Guide

Date Title Cassie Sophie Jen Sidebars and guest stars Creep of the Week
1 12/12/2018 Canoe Believe It?? Alan Rickman never read Harry Potter John Darwin faked his own death in a canoeing accident Seamus on ket with Mary McAleese (Twitter thread)
2 12/12/2018 GP-OH My God who is SHE Samantha Azzopardi pays a visit to Ireland. One of many as she scammed her way around the world An outtake from This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor. Woman eats placenta (or blood clots)
3 12/12/2018 A Tale Too Tragic Tania Head, woman who claimed to be a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11 The Juggalos (Insane Clown Posse) Christians in disguise Reddit Guy meets the Devil. Black Mercedes Cassie reveals she used to be Born Again Christian. Jen's personal Angel, Happy Acres
4 11/01/2019 The American Dream or The American Peen What Ever Happened To: Lorena and John Wayne Bobbit. (Wife cuts off husband's dick after he raped her) Swiss cheese Pervert. Man would like a cheesey wank
5 11/01/2019 11 Lies and Counting Warrior Eli. Epic catfish story of a supermom who turned out to be teenager, Emily Dear Sinead O'Connor and Prince had a pillow fight. Prince takes it too far Jen first reveals she was a catfish/troll
6 11/01/2019 A 17 Year Old Mystery Solved by Sleuths Mystery of Lyle Stevik's suicide solved by DNA Doe Testing Ray's Death Documentary (admission of murder). Lady of the Dunes
7 25/01/2019 A Story Blown Wildy Out of Proportion Jimi Heselden segways into the afterlife. Rebba Burger maimed and killed from a whipped cream thing Lambo. Weird radio book review, hosted by Gay Byrne in which Gery Ryan allegedly kills a lamb A man fashions a flying saucer with helium balloons and sends his son flying off for attention
8 01/02/2019 An Unholy Hypocrite, The Dungarvan Angel of Death Travis the Troubled Teen David Matheson, former gay conversion therapist, comes out as gay Fr Michael Kennedy fakes an AIDS epidemic in Waterford. Gets the attention of Princess Diana Travis, the chimp and Creep Dive mascot (a classic!)
9 09/02/2019 The Greatest Writer that Never Was James Frey, A Million Little Pieces (fake memoir) Story of JT LeRoy (racoon penis) Dan Mallory (fake memoir)
10 15/02/2019 The Randy Mr. Hands How Joe Manuella Found Love, Robert De Niro impersonator Mr. Hands! Guy gets killed from bottoming a horse Ellen Coyne and Cassie become friends via Twitter
11 22/02/2019 The Curious Case of Crack Addict Jimmy(part 1) The Girl Who Predicted Her Own Death Tickling endurance competitions funded my some omnipotent millionaire (who obviously has a fetish)
12 22/02/2019 The Curious Case of Crack Addict Jimmy (part 2) That time the Washington Post had a Pulitzer briefly. Janet Cooke and the 8 year old heroin addict
13 01/03/2019 The Fine Line Between Exoneration and Execution The story of Cameron Todd Willingham (a innocent man sentenced to death) Pissing and menstrating in the Stuart era (not Victorian, Jen)
14 08/03/2019 The MSN Murder Mystery Momo: Online Suicide Game MSN Murder. Girl kill herself after online bullying, turns out to be a neighbourhood mom Elizabeth and Theranos
15 15/03/2019 Who Let the Cat Out The Noid, the Domino's mascot that led to a murder Mary Bale: Cat in the Wheelie Bin Topsy the Elephant: Tesla vs Edison
16 22/03/2019 Oyster Man, A Salacious Sausage Fest and A Con Confidence (Creep Live #1) Nicholas Barclay AKA Frédéric Bourdin (missing child imposter) Armin Meiwes, German cannibal Oyster Man (Dublin creep!)
17 01/04/2019 A Haunted Hormonal Teen, A Slender Bender, A Mother Love to Death (Creep Live #2) Dee Dee Blanchard murder by her daughter, seemingly incapacitated, Gypsy Rose. Enfield Haunting, poltergeist in a North London council house Slenderman possee
18 05/04/2019 Who is Timmothy Pitzen?? Disappearance and reappearance (???) of Timmoth Pitzen Christine Chubbuck, suicide on live TV Ford has a horn for Edison
19 12/04/2019 The Beautiful Lie Florida Man, pancake guy Belle Gibson, noted scammer Coco the Gorilla: artist, photographer and communicator
20 21/04/2019 There's a Catfish in the Water Lincoln Lewis catfish, Lydia Abdelmalek The most awkward book club of all time Girl with no vainga gets impreganted from a knife
21 27/04/2019 A Sasquatch, A Tinder Date With a Cannibal and The Life and Ruin of Anna Nicole Smith The Anna Nicole Smith Story Sasquatch Origin Story
22 04/05/2019 Friends From The College Cult Larry Ray: Creepy Dad Cult Whatever Happened to Baby Tyler?
23 11/05/2019 A Love As Deep As The Sea, A Shared Twinsanity and Better The Catfish You Know? Sabina & Ursula: Murderous Swedish Twins Suicide of Megan Meier Some people really love dolphins
24 18/05/2019 The Cat’s Out of The Bag for The Internet’s Maddest Man A Catfish Love Triangle (that ends in murder) The Luka Magnotta Story Jeremy Kyle
25 27/05/2019 The Secret Russian ‘Super Army’ and A Fertility Doctor Who Took Things Into His Own Hands Dr. Cline, fertility doctor who takes matters into his own hands Russian science experiment to create super humans (humanzee) Belle Gibson update (ep. 19)
26 01/06/2019 Larry and The Lawnchair of Dreams The eponymous Larry, an instant classic creep (that is not creepy at all) Moby
27 07/06/2019 The World’s Worst Baby Snatcher and The Ill-Prepared Cannibal Another Catfish Love Triangle and Baby Heist Isa Sagawa: A Cannibal in Paris
28 15/06/2019 Why You Should Never Let Granny Do The Ouija Board Story of Anna Delvy, epic swindler Ouija Board Murder Whale dick tentacle and the guy who honours a dead murderer (Twitter Thread)
29 21/06/2019 A Dead Man, A Cipher, a Mystery Somerton Man: Mystery Australian Man and an Undeciphered Code Ariel Castro kidnappings Delivery Man Haunts Cabin Groom kids on brides dress
30 28/06/2019 It’s Never Plain Sailing The Disappearance of Brian Swanson (into another dimension?) #blueball A shark buffet Juliane Koepcke, the sole survivor of a plane crash that left her stranded in the Amazon Rainforest Boris Johnson
31 07/07/2019 The Lost Family, The Last Eunuch and the Lust for the High Life Tromp Family Road Trip. Australian family collectively lose their mind A Philanthropic Couple with a Secret in the Attic Sun Yaoting; the last Eunuch of China.
32 11/07/2019 A Trio of Clones, Coercion and Courtship A shitty first-date The McDonald's-Nude Heist The phenomenon of a group of self cloning crayfish
33 19/07/2019 Brain-Eating Zombies, The Boy Who Tried to Blow Up Bjork and a Beary Bad Idea Story of Björk's would-be assassin Timothy Treadwell: Bear Enthusiast Furries and Brain eating zombie fungus Grunting man in a gimp suit
34 27/07/2019 A Priceless Love Affair and Something of a Pickle Debbie Montgomery Johnson get defrauded millions in an online dating scam Peeing and pooping in space. Creepy nudes escalates quick (to murder)
35 04/08/2019 Jen’s Solo Ghost Story the tale of Dear David, a creepy child ghost who has been haunting the hallways of illustrator Adam Ellis Horse Girl
36 11/08/2019 When a Dream Life Turns Into a Weird and Creepy Nightmare Dream House goes sour with letters from an ominous writer called, The Watcher Mystery Stripper Jen has the inside scoop on Area 51 Scout's arrival! Woof Canadian Serial Killers
37 18/08/2019 The Hero Who Didn't Know His Name and a Real Life Dr. WHO?? Story of Jean-Claude Romand: Murderer and Imposter Creep Dine With Me: Megan and Hazel. The story of Steven Stayner
38 01/09/2019 Don't Bookmark Your Murder Tips and a Real Life Mission Impossible How to not get away with murder (Daniel Brophy) Personal creep with creepy neighbour and a never ending gift exchange A missionary who get murdered by the Sentinelese
39 09/09/2019 A Twist in The Tale, The Devil Down Under and A Wild Slide A Catfish With a Happy Ending Mysterious Death of Phoebe Handsjuk Deal the Devil Downunder,Story of Michael Atkins and Matthew Leveson
40 13/09/2019 Move Over Travis, There’s a Bad Badger in Town and The Sad Tale of The Sorry Cannibals Caroline Calloway content! Alive: The reluctant cannibals The antics of Stoffel the honey badger
41 20/09/2019 British Fairies, Irish Con Artists and Asian Angels Cassie's Personal Creep and Misadventure in Berlin (featuring Moe) An Irish Kidnapping The Cottingley Fairy Hoax
42 28/09/2019 When a loving Christian family inadvertently adopt a 22 year old sociopath with violent tendencies The tale of Natalia Grace, a Ukrainian Orphan with dwarfism #childdeception Helen Bailey: Author who penned her own death Jacob Barnett, Child Prodigy
43 06/10/2019 The Girl...Who Laughed...As A Man Got Sewn Into The Body of a Horse Story of Nathan Carman and a Sunken Boat A Runaway Bride Countess Elizabeth Báthory, World worst female serial killer? Carl Beach, Richard Madely
44 15/10/2019 What Happens When You Exorcise a Mild Mannered Michael? (Creep Live #3) Ireland's Own Bermuda Triangle An exorcism gone wrong Goose on the Loose! A goose named Andy
45 21/10/2019 A Guest Ghost Story and The Haunted Spots of Dublin Dutch Family in a Basement (and assorted ghost stories) Creep Dine With Me: Fainche. A Dublin 8 Haunting
46 26/10/2019 The Tragedy of the Triplets A tragic tale of triplets and a social experiment Haunted Nazi Dummy
47 31/10/2019 A Catfish Convict, Dawn of The Ed and a Goat Gets Giddy for Piss - It’s our Halloween Spooktacular! Rape Ads, Fake Sonograms, and a Catfisher’s Web of Lies Ed Gein, his mother and the inspiration for Psycho A goat with a penchant for piss (human piss)
48 12/11/2019 An Amuse Bouche of Creep Catch Ups AND The Human Baby Zoo Update on Belle Gibson (ep. 19) Canadian Quintuplets (Human Baby Zoo) Update on Ukrainian Orphan (ep. 42) T.I. (obsessed with daughter's hymen)
49 17/11/2019 The Greatest No-Show-Man and the Mighty Meaty Murderer Threatin, metal band on world tour (with no audience but great hair) Joe Metheny: a mighty meaty murder #serialkiller Donegal Creeps caught climbing a hospital to ouija
50 25/11/2019 Oh No! Where Did Moe Go? Moe Davis: Another chimp fiasco. Travis 2.0 (ep. 8)
51 03/12/2019 A Haunted Galway Baby, a Mystery Man in Sligo and The Spine Tingling Story of the Sleepless Russians (Creep Live #4) Peter Bergmann, a mystery man in Sligo reminiscent of Somerton Man (ep. 29) #blueball Haunted Galway baby #haunted Russian sleep deprivation experiment (this is pretty harrowing) Harry meets the Creeps for the first time Dick Dicker: Unabomber meets Mr. Hands
52 06/12/2019 A Life Heavy on Lies, Light on Lols Jennifer Pan, a Vietnamese-Canadian teen kills her parents (well one of them) Dave, the randy duck
53 17/12/2019 The Woman Who Accidentally Solved Her Own Mystery Disappearance Netty Nance accidently solves her own kidnapping (spoiler: it was her own "mother") Carlos Mariotti and a novel idea to save his mangled hand (spoiler: it doesn't work) Public Universal Friend. First recorded case of non-binary person? Mommy blogger swindles Shauna Sex Síopa!
54 05/01/2020 The Cannibal Cop and A January Assortment of Creeps Cassie tricks a girl into think she's going to Disney Gilberto Valle, the cannibal cop, caught via chat room #cannibal People used to post their kids around! Jeffrey Epstein. German ladies who set a zoo ablaze and killed 20 primates
55 10/01/2020 Too Many Mothers, Too Much Motherly Love and A Small Town Scandal with Massive Consequences Creep Live #5) Bobby Dunbar went missing but when he reappeared to mothers came forward to claim Barbara Daly Baekeland gets murdered (and fucked?) by her son #murder #incest The mysterious Circleville letters #murder #blueball Jen gets send a video of a man fucking a chicken Tiny Indonesian man convicted of the most amount if rapes
56 17/01/2020 Three Cheers for Murder Dying killing to be popular. Cheer leader murder! Karla Homolka, Canada's only female serial killer (this was just an off the cuff creep) One of our very own creepettes has their dog fucked by some local scoundrel :( Cork Christmas Party Shenanigans!
57 25/01/2020 Your Mother Sucks Creep In Hell True Stories behind the production of The Exorcist Jen creeps her own parasite which she definitely didn't get in Centra Parcs Terry McMahon goes on a tirade by his feminist daughter
58 31/01/2020 You Can't Make A Dick Out Of The American Penal System Steven Jay Russell, amazing story of the man who escaped from prison multiple times Andrea Mara; the man who faked his MIL out the car window, armchair sleuths and just how dire your Google search history gets when you kill fictional people for a living Belle Gibson update! She's Muslim now (ep. 19)
31/01/2020 The Creep Hive #1 Jen helps her housemate pee in New Zealand Tampon Girl!!
59 07/02/2020 Who’s side are you on? Story of Ursula Hermann: the German equivalent of Madeleine McCann. Epic creep Sophie admits she ate a raw rasher thinking it was parma ham Some people have non-verbal thought (mini Twitter thread) Graham Linehan (Glinner)
07/02/2020 The Creep Hive #2: The Casualties of The Swan The Sur-jury, The Swan and other horrific reality shows
60 14/02/2020 A Prince and a Perfect Murder Chris Benoit Canadian wrestler. Double murder suicide Shawna from Sex Siopa to share a big juicy salacious royal affair. A lot of creeps reported their mothers fed them raw sausages
15/02/2020 The Creep Hive #3: Schofe's done a runner Cassie discusses her sexuality and everyone cries "Showgirls came out at a very key point in my life" Phillip Schofield literally does a runner
61 21/02/2020 The world’s most badass backpacker, Ireland’s biggest ever manhunt and hotdog handjobs (Creep Live #6) Brendan O'Donnell: Ireland's Biggest Manhunt #serialkiller Kari Ferrell: Hipster Grifter. Gets employed by Vice and exposed Salt Creek Kidnapping. Backpackers take revenge #violence All dogs and the Dublin guy faked an abduction of an elderly person
22/02/2020 The Creep Hive #4: Never trust a Murphy Bed Dead tired, people who've died in Murphy beds!
62 28/02/2020 And it was all cum and paper mâché (Creep Live #7) Gerard John: some local prisoners pose as a young woman and blackmail and fragile young man. Alex Malarkey goes into a coma after a car accident. When he wakes he claims to have met Jesus in Heaven... Man struggles to keeping his wife suitably embalmed Jen discusses laying eggs Katie Hopkins getting the CUNT award
01/03/2020 The Creep Hive #5: Hope Springs Terminal Duffy was kidnapped :( Psychologist hides camera on women with Munchausen Jen says I brought poppers to a live show but it was Cool Swan. Twitter thread about guys pissing in their mouths Sarah, the creep transition year student tells us about Hope Ybarra, Munchausen mom Carlow Judicial System. 73 year old mad jailed for ramming car parked on path
63 07/03/2020 Hike Life Nightmare and The OG Love is Blind Sun Myung Moon and the Church of Unification. It's the Moonies! A Russian Misadventure. 9 hikers die mysteriously in the northern Ural mountains Youtuber faked his girlfriend's death. 21 year old Stephanie impersonates her granny (after she's murdered)
07/03/2020 The Creep Hive #6: Joint custody Cassie meets LeBron James Joint Custody. John Wood mummifies his own leg. The ultimate creep craft.
64 13/03/2020 The OG Disease Spreader: It's Typhoid Mary Sherry Pie turns out to be a super creep (in a really bad way) and has now caused an editing nightmare for producers. Typhoid Mary, famed asymptomatic carrier Putin brings in a new law so he can rule for forever.
13/03/2020 The Creep Hive #7: CAVERN OF PUSS Cassie worked in a residential care home. Patient double dosed a suppository which "activated" as Cassie helped her into a wheel chair. PERI-RECTAL ABSCESS. Arguably one of the most disgusting creeps of all time
65 20/03/2020 A mad story about a mad (cow) disease, a smooth criminal and an underground mission with hilarious consequences Dan Cooper Hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the northwest of the US; jumps out with thousands of dollars and is never seen again Mad Cow Disease and Doctor Daniel Carleton Gajdusek who goes to "help" Papua New Guinea and turns out ot be a paedophile School boys finds a secret warren under their school... A misadventure ensues
20/03/2020 Creep Live Online #1: A Town of Ticking Teenagers, Serial Turder and Mayhem at The Spa Mystery illness takes over town in North New York Sophie's top 3 getting stuck in toilet stories Woman gets naked and lost in spa
27/03/2020 Creep Live Online #2: The most haunted creep of the year
66 29/03/2020 Crafting conspiracies, cult clans and the game show killer Big Crafting is actually a Russian Propaganda Machine Rodney Alcala serial rapist, killer and gameshow contestant Taina Licciardo-Toivola: Annoying Aryian Cult family on YouTube
67 07/04/2020 The long (penis) and short (life) of your favourite covid meme and the mighty Michael that would not die Michael Malloy, the sturdy Irish fella in New York who proved to be un-murderable (well, almost Wardy Joubert, everyones favourite (well-endowed) naked covid meme (who's dead) Harry offically appointed alpha creep!
68 12/04/2020 More Tiger King, a YouTube Doll Debacle and Did Sophie Find D.B. Cooper? Inspired by recent haunted dolls on the hive, Cassie dives into internet sensation, Venus Angelic The Stars of Tiger King: An Epilogue
69 19/04/2020 Snitches get stitches and when internet comments destroy lives Would you provide an alibi for a loved one? Trevor Hardy - The Beast of Manchester (and his brother) The Inception of FaceBook Commentary: tangled history of internet smear campaign Kelsey Grammar maybe into pegging "It's very unfortunate for the mens. Their G-spot is up their ass hole and they're just going to have to get over it." -Cassie Delaney Eamon Holmes (5G) and the gardaí (posting photos of sun bathers)
70 26/04/2020 In The Shadow of the Truth Lies the Statue of Liberty Bling Water! Your water is dead, you fools Lisa helps Sophie with a follow up to Molly from Sophie's previous creep The Mandela Effect. Are we all in hell/purgatory/multiple dimensions/simulated world This episode has more filler than actual creeps but was no less enjoyable. Sophie, my handle is @Harry_birdboy. Cassie, I'll hug you! Gemma O'Doherty
71 06/05/2020 Shipman the shit man Crimes that happen in the virtual world that cross over into reality and suicide pact community killer Harold Shipman, world's most prolific (and boring) serial killer Gemma O'Doherty again (but she gets owned by Dublin airport on Twitter)
72 12/05/2020 Beta Theta Pi? More like Beta Theta Die and the Glow Up with Deadly Consequences Beta Theta Pi, Penn State University. Hazing ends in death :( Sophie loves horror. Tells the real life story behind Scream. (Impromtu creep!) Radium Girls!
73 19/05/2020 Walk like a reincarnated Egyptian also that time a squirrel ate some guys nuts Dorothy Eady, the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess.Cassie is mean to her mother Creep Confectionary is now a thing. Sophie seeds the idea for a Toast Podcast. Sophie presents a gaggle of gals cat-fishing some terrorists Man gets balls eaten by squirrels Jen and Sophie want to host their own Most Haunted. Cassie protests, as usual Camilla and Prince Charles talk dirty
74 26/05/2020 Don't anger a Karen, canal creeps and the parents who put the kid in kidnapping Shannon Matthews, Karen Matthews has her own daughter kidnappped while she plays Xbox Belle Gibson update! She is now Oromo (an Ethiopian ethnic minority). Katherine Knight and her human pelt Riding in a tent on the canal
75 02/06/2020 Freezin’ people ain’t easy, the genuinely geriatric mother and the biggest creeps of the week ever The YouTubers that rehomed their son The oldest woman in the world to give birth (oyster woman). 40 year old stone foetus! Jen finally gets to tell her cryogenics story. Multple strands See Cassie
76 09/06/2020 No name, No luggage, No labels, No answers 1.) In a room at the Oslo Plaza Hotel, a young, elegant woman is found dead, with a gun shot wound to the head. Why did she check in under a false name? Why are the labels removed from her clothes? 2) Death in Ice Valley The gals are reunited!
77 16/06/2020 Guilt or grief? The dark story of Casey Anthony Via Reddit/Sarah. Creepy MSN guy and possibly related swindler Casey
78 23/06/2020 Slumber Murders and The OG Moby Dick Sleep killers The OG Moby Dick
25/06/2020 Creep Hive Sophie's Cock Along! Denis Nilsen:ScottishSerial Killer (and middle child)
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2020.07.28 11:12 PilotSpiderman Insane Clown Posse calls out Ethan Ralph for dating teenage girls fresh out of highschool

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2020.06.17 18:04 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jun. 3, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
  • We start with more on the death of Davey Boy Smith, including a full-length super long obituary, because apparently 2002 is nothing but people dying. I feel like I've done nothing but recap obituaries since starting back with 2002. Anyway. in the wake of Smith's death, the reaction has sadly not been one of surprise. Anyone who saw Smith in the last 4-5 years pretty much saw it coming. The cause of death, pending toxicology results, was ruled a heart attack caused from prolonged steroid use. But until the toxicology results are back, the belief among his friends and family is that there was probably more to it. Dave talks about the staggering number of wrestlers who have died under age 40 in recent years, with upwards of 20 of them being due to drug issues.
  • Smith died while on vacation with his girlfriend Andrea Hart, estranged wife of Bruce Hart. Despite that, Smith was actually on good terms with most of the Hart family, although Andrea is not. The Hart family believes Andrea knows more than she's letting on about the circumstances of his death, but she's not talking to anybody. Andrea's children (that she had with Bruce) were also there and they each apparently have different accounts of how he died (he was sleeping! he was in the pool! he was eating!) but they all pretty much agree he collapsed doing whatever he was doing. Andrea told the press that she believed Smith had overdosed, but Smith's dad did his own interviews and denied it, saying his son had stopped using drugs and was clean when he died. Needless to say, most people aren't buying that given his track record. Smith's father decided against having the body cremated and instead ordered it sent back to England for examination to make sure he wasn't murdered. "I cannot believe his death was natural," he said. "If they find drugs in his body, then he didn't put them there. Davey was clean." (Eeeeeeehhhhh....) Shit got even messier when Andrea and Smith's ex-wife Diana Hart each tried to claim the body. Despite her book (in which she accused Smith of drugging, abusing, and raping her), Diana played grieving widow in the media even though they're divorced. It may not have been an act though. Some in the family believe Smith and Diana were trying to reconcile, and they were on good terms at the time of his death. Andrea claimed to be his common-law wife, even though she's still legally married to Bruce. She later claimed Smith had proposed to her 2 weeks before his death and said they were engaged, which was the first anyone had heard about that. Smith's father claims in their last conversation, Davey Boy had told him he was planning to break up with Andrea after their vacation. So who knows. Anyway, both Diana and Andrea planned their own separate memorial services, while Smith's dad is planning his own 3rd service. Smith's body wasn't at either of the Hart family memorial services because, as mentioned, it was sent back to England where authorities are launching an investigation at the behest of Smith's father.
  • Andrea's service was said to be small and simple, just a few dozen people, and she seemed sincere in her sorrow. Diana's service was larger and more public, with hundreds of attendees and press, along with several WWE names. Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart (who attended both services), Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, and others all attended and several of them spoke. Diana's eulogy featured a professionally produced video featuring Davey Boy footage from WWE that had never aired on television before. She thanked Vince for trying to help Davey with his addiction issues. She never acknowledged everything she wrote about him in her book last year. Smith's children as well as Stampede wrestler TJ Wilson gave speeches as well. 16-year-old Harry Smith was composed and gave a great speech about teaming with his father in his last matches. And then Ellie Hart got up there went about how you'd expect. She started ranting about Andrea and blaming her for not giving the family the answers they wanted and it started to turn into some drama, but the minister gently interrupted her and got things back on track. And finally, Bret Hart gave a speech, directly addressing Smith's children and saying that Davey Boy and Owen would want the children of all these Hart family members to get along with each other better than the adults have. From here, Dave gets into the actual meat of the obituary, recapping Smith's life and career. As always, an excellent read but very long to recap.
  • WWE Confidential, the new show the company is producing, aired its debut episode this week, focusing on the Montreal Screwjob. Dave once again talks about how Vince McMahon tried to downplay the incident recently, giving an interview just a couple of months ago calling the Screwjob a minor incident that almost no one cares about. Vince went so far as to say he could count on one hand the number of people who even still care about that old news. Turns out one of those must be Vince because this week, they dedicated the premiere of this new show to the story and highlighted it as the most controversial night in the history of wrestling. The hook of the show was Shawn Michaels revealing publicly, for the first time, that yes, he was in on the screwjob and knew about it in advance. Dave says this isn't really a secret. Shawn denied having any knowledge of it that night but as soon as the day after Survivor Series 97, he was bragging to friends about it. Vince McMahon also later confided in Undertaker that Shawn knew ahead of time. So it was kind of an open "secret" that Shawn knew but this is the first time he's admitted it publicly. Triple H still denies knowing about it ahead of time, but Dave is pretty skeptical there too (and indeed, it's later revealed that yes indeed, Triple H also knew). Dave thinks lots of people had to know. Even the guy who cued the music had to know, because Shawn's music was queued up and ready to play the second Vince ordered the bell to be rung. Pat Patterson always claimed not to know and Bret has said he wants to believe it, because he likes Pat, but the way Pat interrupted the match-planning conversation and specifically suggested the sharpshooter spot to them makes Bret question it (I think Patterson still denies it to this day, but I have my doubts there too). Anyway, the show recapped the history of the Screwjob and if you know Dave, you know he's about to poke a whole bunch of holes in WWE's revisionist bullshit. Here we go...
  • The story of the episode was WWF was close to going out of business due to the WCW war and couldn't afford Bret anymore, so Vince nobly allowed Hart out of his contract so he could negotiate a better deal with WCW. Actually, Dave says, Vince first talked to Bret about deferring some of his contract to later on but that was a couple months earlier. At the time, WWF really was having some financial struggles, but it's an exaggeration to say they were almost driven out of business. They were never even close. But regardless, that's irrelevant because in Sept. 97, they raised the price of PPVs by $10. That added revenue, which was nearly $1 million per month in pure profit, was easily enough to get them out of financial trouble. By the time Survivor Series 97 rolled around, WWF was doing just fine, money-wise, and were only a couple months away from catching fire and getting nuclear hot. So no, they did not need to get rid of Bret's contract. And in fact, in October, a couple weeks before Survivor Series, Vince changed his mind and asked Bret to stay, saying that the financial situation had turned around. But by this point, Hart's negotiations with WCW were full speed ahead and Vince allowed Hart to continue negotiating. But after talking to both sides, it was clear Vince had no real plan for Bret and he didn't really seem like he wanted to keep him, so Bret took the WCW deal and the rest is history. But of course, none of that is mentioned in this show. The episode also claimed Hart refused to drop the title to anyone (again, not true. Only Shawn. Bret even offered to lose it to Brooklyn Brawler if they wanted. In fact, Dave breaks down all the different scenarios that were presented here, and Bret was willing to lose the title to anyone other than Shawn, anywhere other than that show in Montreal, at any date before or after the PPV. They had actually presented Bret with dozens of different scenarios, all of which he agreed to, only for Vince to keep coming back around to Shawn at Survivor Series, which was the one and only thing Bret wouldn't budge on). They also tried to paint the picture that Bret could have taken the title to WCW the night after Survivor Series. In fact, Bret's WWF contract didn't end until Dec. 1st, and he was booked on more than a dozen house shows after Survivor Series and had even agreed to work the early December PPV because Bischoff had given his blessing. There was zero chance Bret was going to show up with the belt on Nitro. There was concern that Bischoff would go on Nitro the next day and announce he had signed Bret, and Dave says it's true that Bischoff certainly was planning to do that. But Bret had also asked Bischoff to hold off on the announcement and Bischoff had agreed. Vince knew about that too, but in recorded conversations with Bret (from the Wrestling With Shadows documentary), Vince didn't seem concerned since the word was already out and everyone knew Bret was leaving already. This just goes on and on. We all know the story already. Anyway, TL;DR - interesting show, but WWE's version of the story is bullshit. But we all knew that.
  • At the latest NJPW show, Antonio Inoki came out and cut a promo. He talked about being in attendance recently at the World Cup and said wrestling needs something like that. Inoki claimed he had put together a deal with WWE for a joint NJPW/WWE show to take place later in the year. Dave doesn't know if there's any truth to that story, but this is the first he's heard of it and he doesn't think it makes any sense for WWE so he's skeptical.
  • Usually in Japan, TV-Asahi airs the finals of NJPW's G1 Climax tournament live. But this year that may not happen, as they're looking at airing one of Inoki's MMA shows instead. This is a direct result of the terrible rating the recent Tokyo Dome show drew when it aired live. This company is struggling mightily lately.
  • Random news and notes: Inoki recently recruited a 23-year old Brazillian MMA fighter named Lyoto Machida to come to NJPW (he never really does anything in NJPW other than train at the dojo, but he had a long career in UFC and still fights for Bellator to this day). Dusty Rhodes is the new co-host of Turner South's Atlanta Braves pre-game show called "Hey The Braves Are Next!" Scott Hall will be working Insane Clown Posse's upcoming Gathering of the Juggalos event. Former WCW wrestler Evan Karagis recently filmed a role on the soap opera "Passions."
  • In the main event of FOX's Celebrity Boxing show, Chyna lost by decision to Joey Buttafuoco. Chyna's mystique of being a woman who only wants to compete with men got pretty much obliterated here, as the larger Buttafuoco manhandled her with ease for much of the match, which probably makes all those big tough wrestlers who sold for her feel kinda silly. But Buttafuoco came in as a hated heel to the audience and despite how she got pummeled, many people felt Buttafuoco was fighting dirty and cheating, so Chyna wasn't too hurt by it. She talked about wanting a rematch and Dave says if PRIDE really wants to break into the U.S. market, they could throw it onto one of their cards. Hey, this show did a really strong TV rating, maybe a rematch would be just the kind of freak-show attraction needed for PRIDE to get attention in the U.S. Nothing else they've tried has worked. Dave also suggests NWA-TNA could book it, but a worked wrestling match between the two probably wouldn't get as much media attention.
WATCH: Chyna vs. Joey Buttafuoco - Celebrity Boxing Match (2002)
  • Big Dick Dudley's ex-wife, former ECW valet Elektra, did an interview talking about his death. She said he'd had stomach pains all week and couldn't urinate. But didn't go to the doctor because he didn't think it was a big deal. Then at one point he got up to go to the bathroom but collapsed on the floor and died there on the spot. Jeez. At the time of his death, he had lost over 100 pounds from his peak weight of 320 in ECW several years ago.
  • Vince Russo is going to be writing a book about his time in WWF. Due to legal reasons and the ongoing lawsuit, it won't include much about his WCW tenure (I think he's written a book or two, but I've never read them, so if anyone has any insight, feel free to share).
  • Shaun Assael's book "Sex, Lies, & Headlocks: The Real Story of Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation" will be published next month and is getting strong early reviews. Dave has talked to several of the people who spoke with Assael for the book and some of them expect it to be good while others feel that Assael fell victim to the cons and charms of wrestlers who were working him. We shall see, says Dave.
  • The debut NWA-TNA PPV will feature some sort of tournament to crown a new NWA champion. Dan Severn is no longer the champion after not agreeing to work the show (he already had a prior MMA booking for that date in New Mexico). As a result, the NWA (which is now working with TNA) just stripped him of the belt, which is convenient because they didn't really want to use Severn anyway, so now they can do whatever they originally planned to do with the belt without having to book an excuse to get it off him. The Jarretts and this new promotion now have full control over both the NWA world and tag team titles.
  • Mike Tenay has been named the lead announcer for the new NWA-TNA promotion. They're also trying to get Lex Luger to appear for the debut show, but Dave thinks its unlikely since Luger is financially set for life and has shown no interest in doing any wrestling since WCW folded.
  • Jeff Jarrett had talks with Bret Hart about coming in to do a Team Canada gimmick. Latest Dave heard is that Hart isn't interested, but they may bring in some of the new generation of Harts for it. There's been talk of bringing in TJ Wilson, Harry Smith, and Teddy Hart as a new version of the group. Smith is still only 16 and it's way too early to put him on the national stage yet and in a lot of states, he wouldn't even legally be allowed to perform. Wilson is also a teenager, from a bad home who pretty much grew up as an honorary Hart member in the Hart household. And Teddy Hart is a natural in-ring performer who would already be in WWE if not for the fact that during his two training camp tryouts, he had behavioral incidents both times. But they're all talented and will likely be big stars in the future. Last time WWE was in Calgary, Vince McMahon personally requested to meet with all 3 of them for a private tryout, but it didn't amount to anything.
  • Little bit of a change in the WWF writing teams. Brian Gewertz is now the official head writer for Raw, while Paul Heyman is the lead writer for Smackdown. Stephanie McMahon will continue to oversee creative for both shows and, of course, Vince still has final say on everything. Dave expects this to result in Raw being a more comedic show while Smackdown will be the more serious in-ring product (pretty much, yeah. And thus, we have the official beginning of Heyman-era Smackdown and soon we'll see the birth of the Smackdown Six).
  • Notes from Raw: show opened with Chris Benoit making his unannounced return to a huge pop. Dave still expects Benoit to eventually be managed by Arn Anderson, which has been the plan for months (and never happens). That was actually the original plan before the NWO was brought in. If Benoit was healthy in time (which, turned out he wasn't so it didn't matter anyway), the original idea was Benoit vs. Austin at Wrestlemania 18 with Anderson managing Benoit. But that obviously all changed. Anyway, what else? Dave once again mentions that Jeff Hardy looks physically awful. He seems to know about Hardy's drug issues and seems to be hinting about it without saying it. Tommy Dreamer continued his gross gimmick by drinking Undertaker's tobacco spit. Lesnar beat Bubba Ray Dudley but had to sell a ton in the match and Dave doesn't get it. For a guy that they so clearly want to turn into a Goldberg-like star, selling for midcarders every week isn't how Goldberg got over. Jim Ross went on and on about how Lesnar has never been pinned, which Dave says is an insult to all the fans who have seen Lesnar do jobs at house shows. RVD beat Eddie Guerrero in a 20+ minute ladder match and Dave says it's the longest match on Raw in at least a year. Dave gives it 4 stars and considering how messy and sloppy it was, that shows you how good it was. Lots of dangerous spots, some botched moves, and most notably a moment when a fan ran into the ring and knocked over the ladder while Eddie was climbing up. Eddie and Earl Hebner started stomping the fan until security dragged him out. Still an awesome match though. And finally, Benoit returned at the end of the show and turned heel on Austin. Dave says Benoit actually isn't ready yet and isn't supposed to be back in the ring until July, but the company is so desperate for anything to give them a shot in the arm that they may have pulled the trigger on this angle early.
WATCH: Fan shoves Eddie Guerrero off the ladder
  • Notes from Smackdown: the only thing Dave talks about is the Hulk Hogan retirement angle they did and he's got mixed feelings on it. First the positive: he gives Hogan credit for being an absolutely incredible performer when the heat is on. And Hogan gave a tremendous performance in this and Dave doesn't let it go unrecognized. But then the negative: in the promo, Hogan talked at length about when his dad was dying, he was basically expressionless except for Monday and Thursday nights when he'd watch WWF and his face would light up. So Hogan said his dad's last words were he wanted to see his son return to the WWF. So that's all sweet and nice, right? Weeeeeell....Hogan has told a different version of this story in the past. In previous interviews, Hogan said his dad was disgusted by what wrestling had become and he wanted Hogan to "clean it up." The idea that he was laying in the hospital and only coming to life when his beloved WWF was on doesn't exactly jibe with what Hogan has said before. And no matter what the truth is, Dave is uncomfortable Hogan using his dead dad as a way to get this storyline over, but hey, he ain't the first and won't be the last.
  • WWE's first show in Hawaii in probably 15 years is scheduled for later this month. Rock is scheduled to work the show and tickets sold out 2 hours after they went on sale. While we're at it, the Australia show in August also sold out the 47,000-seat Colonial Stadium in Melbourne in only 4 days. Once they scale the stadium for production, they plan to open up more seats.
  • It's "basically a sure thing" that Hogan vs. Vince McMahon will be one of the top matches at Summerslam. How they get there seems to change weekly. There's been talks of having Hogan take time off after King of the Ring and return for the Vince match at Summerslam. There's also been talk of him sticking around through the entire summer. So who knows? (Ended up being a mixture of both: Hogan stuck around the entire summer, but then he did an angle to get written off TV right before Summerslam. And he didn't come back until early 2003. And, of course, we got the Hogan/Vince match at Wrestlemania)
  • More info on the incident from a couple weeks ago where Kevin Nash and X-Pac reportedly threw a fit and got the script changed. They were told by writer Ed Koskey what the plans were for them on the show. Nash and X-Pac didn't like it, especially X-Pac since it involved him doing 2 jobs during the same show. X-Pac said he was quitting and told Nash he'd meet him in the car. Nash told Shane McMahon he'd go calm X-Pac down and straighten everything out. Nash and X-Pac came back, had meetings with Shane and Jim Ross, and then later with Koskey and Brian Gewertz (who wrote the show). They managed to convince the writers to change it more to their liking. Nash was also upset about how Ric Flair went on TV and said he'd fired Scott Hall. Nash didn't like the idea of Flair on TV being able to hire and fire people from their NWO, because that kinda takes away from the idea of the NWO as an autonomous, outsider group that doesn't play by WWE's rules. So that's why Nash was able to go out on TV on this night and cut the promo about how Flair doesn't control the NWO. Of course, Hall is still gone, so I guess he still does. Anyway, both Nash and X-Pac were pissed over all this and caused a scene, especially X-Pac, to the point others in the locker room wondered why they weren't disciplined instead of being given their way. But if you wonder that, you clearly ain't been paying attention to Nash over the years. Anyway, X-Pac still did the job in the Hardyz match, but not in the second match.
  • Random news: house shows in Alexandria and Baton Rouge, LA were both canceled this weekend due to low ticket sales. Shit's selling out in record time in Australia and Hawaii, but they can't give tickets away in Louisiana apparently. Undertakers hips were both banged up after the Hogan match at the PPV but he continued working, although he was limited (and years later, he'd have to get major surgery on both those hips). At Raw in Edmonton, Ric Flair was getting huge pops and "woo!" chants for him before the show started, so they filmed a backstage segment where he told Arn Anderson how much he hates Edmonton so they would boo him when he came out live. Lance Cade won the HWA title from Johnny the Bull down in developmental. WWF was pushing the city of Edmonton to present Benoit with the key to the city on Raw, but Edmonton wasn't so keen on the idea. And finally, during a bikini contest at the house show in Winnipeg, Ivory's top got pulled down, exposing her boob, much to the delight of many in the crowd.
  • Remember how MTV's The Osbournes was the only show routinely beating Raw in the cable ratings? That's changing. The Osbournes is over for the season, but this week, Raw fell to #4 behind the Lakers/Spurs NBA playoff game and 2 different episodes of SpongeBob. Patrick's a draw, brother.
  • Raven has been doing commentary on Sunday Night Heat, but he recently asked to be removed from it because he feels like it hurts his wrestling character. Dave thinks this is pretty risky. Raven as a wrestler is probably nearing the end of his shelf-life and lord knows WWE hasn't shown any desire to push him. And he was actually pretty fantastic at commentary. So giving up a safe job that he was excelling at for one that WWE doesn't really seem to see any value in him for seems like a good way to find yourself on the chopping block next time they decide to get rid of some people (yup, he'll be gone from the company in another 7 months or so). For what it's worth though, this isn't the first time Raven has been in this situation. Back in the 90s, he was a manager and commentator in WWF then too, under the name Johnny Polo. But when they weren't interested in using him as a wrestler, he quit the company and reinvented himself in ECW as Raven. Sometimes you gotta bet on yourself.
  • Jim Ross has a weekly article where he usually just shares all the latest injuries everyone has. This leads Dave on a bit of a tangent when Ross wrote about how Triple H has a fractured patella. The injury was diagnosed by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham and Andrews told Triple H to be careful with it, but he could continue wrestling as long as he can take the pain. Basically one of the world's top sports doctors saying, "Yeah you've got a broken knee, but throw some dirt on it, you'll be fine." It's no wonder so many of these guys end up on pain pills rather than getting the medical treatment they need.
  • Also in his article, Jim Ross admitted that the WWE is not doing a good job lately of providing a product the fans want to see. Dave thinks that's just about as strong a statement he's heard on the current state of WWE from someone so high up within the company. Ross admitted they need to create new rivalries, elevate new young talent, and effectively introduce new stars. However, Ross also blamed the economy and the abnormally high number of injuries everyone is dealing with right now for part of the problems too. Dave says the economy may play a small role in the declining live event and PPV numbers, but usually when the economy is in the toilet, TV ratings go up because people are staying home more. Not the case here. Injuries, yes that's a problem for sure. But the core of all WWE's problems right now comes down to the simple fact that the show pretty much sucks. And at least someone high up in the office seems to finally be publicly admitting it.
  • Tough Enough 2 is down to the final four. Dave talks about how Jackie Gayda is now the sentimental favorite because she tore her ACL during the show but has still refused to quit, which opened a lot of eyes on her. Speaking of Tough Enough, in a WCW-like comedy of errors, they aired a promo for next week's episode before the current episode was finished, thus spoiling who the final 4 were going to be, before it was revealed on the show people were watching.
  • The WWF Forceable Entry album has sold around 364,000 copies total since its release. But it's actually considered a pretty huge failure because WWF had to pay so much money in fees and up front advances to the various artists on the album, and they're nowhere close to recouping that cost. (The album eventually sells over 500,000 and goes gold but still a flop).
NEXT WEDNESDAY: A look at the dismal state of WWE in 2002, Tough Enough II finale, Riki Choshu's departure from NJPW, Dave reviews several new wrestling books, and more...
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2020.06.11 16:26 Evilmentalhamster The Gang Deserves Better

I've just discovered that Netflix UK have removed "Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth" presumably because of Black Lives Matter. This saddens me and I'll explain why.
As I'm sure you are all aware, the Always Sunny guys are some of the most intelligent, woke and kind celebrities out there. To take down this episode is insulting and unhelpful. By taking this action, Netflix have actively removed a piece of satire that supports black people and their struggles against racism.
Perhaps Netflix needs a reminder of what satire actually is? Well, here's the definition: the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticise people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
Every episode could be studied in depth for satire and how it critiques modern life but I don't have time for that unfortunately so here's a brief look at Always Sunny's fantastic satirical comedy:
Season 1, Episode 1 - The Gang Gets Racist: Straight from the get go, you get an insight to how these guys are going to work. The very title tells you that this is satire. To be 'racist' you are defined as someone who shows prejudice and discrimination; you are fundamentally shown as someone who is wrong and is judging unfairly and incorrectly. The show is informing the viewer that the characters in this comedy are not people to look up to or aspire to be. This is important for the first episode of a tv show because it sets out its stall and tells you what sort of show it will be. The episode itself plays with the theme of white and straight privilege. It breaks down how straight, white people have historically used communities for their own gain but also studies the awkwardness in which straight white people behave around the communities too. Crucially, the episode shows how this privilege also shuns these communities when they feel that they have nothing more to gain from it.
- Dee feigns interest in Terrell's promoting skills so that she can have sex with him. When she finds out that he is gay and that she can't benefit from him, she turns on him and plots to ruin his influence. - Mac, who is uncomfortable with his own preconceptions of other communities, also plots with Dee to ruin Terrell's success. - Charlie uses Terrell's sister, Janell, to try and prove that he isn't racist which, in itself, is a form of racism. -Dennis exploits the new homosexual cliental only to renege on this when he actually ends up having a homosexual encounter.
None of these characters are set up to be heroes to the audience. You can look at one and think they are less reprehensible than the other but you cannot look at them as the paragon of human life. Straight away, we know that these characters are satire.
Season 2, Episode 2 - The Gang Goes Jihad: A highly critical and satirical episode about anti-semitism and terrorism. To know this is satire, all you really need to read is this bit of information from The Always Sunny Wiki: "This episode makes many references to tensions between Israel and Palestinian people, particularly in the plotline involving an Israeli telling someone else that he owns land that the other people had been occupying for a long time. In real life, Danny DeVito (whose own politics are probably the complete opposite of Frank's) has been a spokesman for the OneVoice Movement, which seeks a peaceful, negotiated settlement to the issue of Palestinian statehood."
Season 3, Episode 9 - Sweet Dee's Dating A Retarded Person: Another look at prejudice and how people skew their own feelings and opinions because of how other people judge them. The whole crux of the episode is Dee dating the rapper, Lil Kevin, and how, through Dennis's judgement, it comes to end. The other members of the gang also show their vanity and hubris as they decide that they are better than Lil Kevin because of their own preconceived ideas of him and therefore chase a music career because surely they can do it if he can. This episode is a fantastic example of obvious satire because it categorically shows you that the gang were wrong in their actions. Lil Kevin gets the last laugh on all of them as he destroys their attempts to perform to a crowd and also shows Dee how judgemental and wrong she was.
Season 6, Episode 1 - Mac Fights Gay Marriage: An episode that drips with hypocrisy from Mac as he tries to break up the marriage of his ex Carmen and her husband. You know that every argument he makes is redundant because of his previous affiliations with Carmen. As a viewer, you are firmly put into the position of siding with Carmen because every one of Mac's attempts to disprove their love is shutdown. Context of Rob McElhenney's life also lends to the satirical nature of this episode. He happily grew with two mums and his character fights gay marriage... Satire.
Season 6, Episode 9 - Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth: The episode that's been taken down... By now, it is very well established that this show is one of satire and the characters are not people to follow or believe. They are caricatures of how real people exist and function. The elephant in the room here, and the whole reason that Netflix have chosen to remove the episode is because of the use of black face. Now, I will explain a little bit later why this is purely reactionary and is dripping with fake care but for now, let's just breakdown why this episode is important, why this episode isn't racist and why, most importantly, it is anti-racist. I'm going to do this in a slightly different and more detailed way to how I discussed the other episodes:
  1. Dee Reynolds is clearly established as someone who should not be 'Shaping America's Youth' because she has been consistently shown as crass, selfish and racist (her characters like Martina Martinez feed into the argument of the show being anti-racist). Even if you hadn't seen the show before, she is established as rude and unfit for a learning environment right from the outset with how she speaks to guys on the phone. Because we, as the audience, know that she shouldn't be 'Shaping America's Youth' we know that whatever she does with her class will be wrong and, even if she has the best intentions, she will have a negative effect on the young people.
  2. Charlie is shown to be popular as an employee in the school but again isn't shown as someone who should necessarily be trusted or looked up to. One of the first things he does is to take a piece of fruit out of the bin and, along with comedic effect, this is used to show you that he isn't a perfect person. So when he protects Richie from the bullies we can appreciate that as a good act but also recognise that he isn't someone who will necessarily change Richie's life for the better (something that is proven at the end of the episode).
  3. Mac & Frank argue that black face is something that is acceptable and that there are many great forms of it. This is very cleverly done and importantly sets the context around what we will see next in the episode. We know, from their arguments, that both black face and their understanding of black actors in the industry is wrong. Both of them create their own truths to wilfully ignore black representation in media. Frank's comments are more obviously racist as he talks about shoe polish and making the 'lips funny'. These comments aren't said for the audience to laugh and agree with him. The joke isn't aimed at black people and how black people look. The joke is aimed directly at Frank and his horrible misconceptions of black face. There is also a clever line showing white privilege over black actors as Frank is convinced that James Earl Jones is a white man because of Darth Vader. Instead of believing that a black man could be such a significant pop culture icon, Frank whitewashes it by simply believing that James Earl Jones was the man revealed to be under the mask of Darth Vader. Mac's comments serve to undermine black actors basically with the claim that white people may be better actors. He likens white people acting as black people to Ian Mckellen acting as a wizard. This comment is obviously ludicrous but, to help solidify the ridiculousness of this comment, he makes a homophobic comment about the actor shooting laser beams up 'his boyfriend's asshole'. Mac is shown to be a judgemental bigot and not someone to be trusted. Both characters are shown to be wrong with their opinions about putting black face on white actors. This is clear.
  4. Dennis is shown to be obviously against the idea of black face but this doesn't mean that he is shown to be completely right in his opinions of the industry as his use of voice shows. Yes, Dennis is correct that black face shouldn't be used but he too ultimately ignores that black people are underrepresented in media because he willingly stereotypes them for his own gain. Because of Dennis's use of a stereotypical and caricatural voice, he too is shown to be someone who shouldn't be trusted.
  5. All 5 main characters have now been shown in one single episode to be untrustworthy and satirical in some way. The previous episodes and seasons aren't required to know that the show is laughing at them and not with them.
  6. When Dee phones up the guys to play her class a film (something again showing her as irresponsible because she's going to do so in a bar), the guys railroad her to use children in their debate. Again, they are shown to be foolish and reprehensible because they plan to use other people for their own gain and self-interest.
  7. When the film is on, they have chosen to show their own film which is clearly shown to be bad and indecent. Frank's sex scene really nails down how inappropriate the entire film is. The fact that the students enjoy the film doesn't prove anything about the use of black face because, like modern cinema and media, sex and violence becomes the sole focus of the film. Even the gang forget about their debate because they become consumed with the story in the film instead of the controversy surrounding it. All they care about now is that people are enjoying their film and that they're getting recognition for it. They do not care about the debate of exploitation anymore because it has brought them perceived success. Again, this is a criticism of the media using people for success without any thought of repercussions.
  8. The episode ends showing the negative effect that the whole gang had on Richie's life and how they have influenced him to do something wrong. Even if Dennis, Mac and Frank are unaware of it, they have created negative repercussions because of their actions. The Principal, who acts as the voice of reason, highlights that there is a direct correlation between their film and Richie's following actions. It is acknowledged by every character at that point that the black face was wrong and that it has resulted in something negative. I think it's a good point here to note the irony of Richie moving from being a Juggalo to someone doing black face. I don't know a whole lot about the Insane Clown Posse but I do know that they are very politically minded against racism and bigotry. It was definitely not a mistake that the gang influenced someone away from something that stands for good into something that stands for bad. The whole episode is about how the gang are wrong in what they think and what they do, with a wider emphasis on systemic racism in media and how it can negatively effect youth.
Always Sunny is a tv series about satire. I've gone through a few of them above but there are SO MANY more examples of satirising and highlighting bigotry and prejudice in modern society. They have covered racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, elitism and more but have always done so with the absolute best intentions and have always satirised bigoted views.
I know Netflix have been reactionary here and I know that they don't actually care about Black Lives Matter in this instance or about any other causes for equality. If they truly cared then they would know what Always Sunny stands for and why it has lasted as long as it has. This is a purely reactionary move without any thought because they are scared of being displayed as racist or uncaring but, the irony is, they are showing themselves as just that. The irony here is that Netflix are doing the exact thing that the Always Sunny guys would satirise and mock so brilliantly. Netflix are currently pulling off a 'The Gang Desperately Tries to Win An Award' by being fakely woke and wrongly making assumptions about what people think and want about their media.
The Always Sunny guys aren't racist, Netflix, you are.
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2020.03.04 04:15 anonymous9384 AITA for telling my mom that my stepdad was playing ICP in the car?

My stepdad was driving me (15M) my sister (17F) and my brother (6M) to school. A bit of history: my sister and I have always had trouble getting along with our stepdad. He was a bit of an asshole when we were younger, and we never fully got over it. Aside from being a chainsmoking alcoholic, we don't mind him much nowadays, but we still have some beef with him, so we usually rat him out if he does something bad.
During the ride to school, my stepdad said he wanted to play a song on my sister's phone (we always have her phone connected to the car's Bluetooth.) We decided to let him. Apparently, he wanted to play Dating Game by Insane Clown Posse. With my little brother in the car. Who's in first grade.
My stepdad would try to drown out the cuss words by screaming when they were said, but you could still hear the words, and it just added stress to what had already been a stressful morning (we got out of the house later than usual, and my sister and I thought we might be late to school.) Additionally, even without the cuss words, the lyrics were definitely not appropriate for my little brother to hear.
My sister ended up grabbing her phone and turning off the song after a short while since it was too inappropriate for out little brother to hear. My stepdad thought that was a bit of a buzzkill, but we were all uncomfortable. He didn't make us turn the song back on, but he wished we had let it play all the way through.
After school, when my mom picked us up, I told her about what happened. I know I could've just let it slide as this was the first time he'd done this, but I wanted to say something about it. She talked to my stepdad about it and he was upset. He tried to argue and defend his actions, but my mom told him that songs like that were completely inappropriate to play with my little brother around. He tried reciting some of the lyrics, and my mom said "Yeah, that's really not okay."
My stepdad obviously wasn't happy about it, and he was pretty bummed that he couldn't play ICP anymore. He acted like he was betrayed and we took away the fun.
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2020.02.23 21:27 Panopticon01 What are some pet names for your Warriors?

So after binging several dynasty games and samurai warriors, I bit the bullet and got the Ultimate Deluxe Super Edition© and after hours and hours of grinding couldn't tell who from who with so many characters so I decided to just start calling them by my made up names.
Ma Chao - Ma Champ
Lu Bu - @#(*& BULLSHIT
Athena - Bae Blade (Helmet on, always!)
Orochi - Edgy boi
Orochi X - Xtra Edge
Zhao Yun - Vanilla Rice
Yukimura Sanada - Hiro Protagonist
Nobuyuki Sanada - I'm also in this game
Naomasa Ii - Flying Spear Guy
Yoshihiru Shimazu - Hammer time
Cao Pi - Edgelord Supreme
Odin - Nihilist Goth
Zeus - DYELB? (Do you even lift bro?)
Hades - Bishi Bro
Masamune Date - Gunsword
Kojuro Katakura - Masamune's Husbando
Kotaro Fuma - Insane Clown Posse
Guo Huai - Smokers Cough
Zhang Jiao - Black Tri-Star Head
Dhong Zuo - The Blob
Hanzo Hattori - The Shredder
Mitsunari Ishia - Fan Favorite
Ares - I played all of this for this guy?
Kai - Whip Bae blade
Munishige Tachibana - Generic Knight
Ginchiyo Tachnibana - Less good generic knight
Fu Xi - Fuck Yeah!
Nene - Ninja Milf
Zhang Liao - RIP best character from DW4
That's just a few, I won't name them all but I would like to know if you guys have your own interpretation.
Edit: Ii not Li apparently.
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2019.12.28 04:25 AngusBeefBorgor AITA For Continuing to Listen to Music my Girlfriend Doesn’t Want me Listening to?

I f(24) have been listening to the Insane Clown Posse since I was 10 or so. I don’t see myself as a Juggalette or anything. I am the opposite of a stereotypical Juggalo/Juggalette.
I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now. We moved in together about 4 months ago.
I like laying on my bed and playing music on my phone without headphones. Not at full blast, just to where I can hear it. I only do this when my girlfriend is gone or in another room.
The first time I did this, she was in the room next to the one I was in. I was playing ICP songs. After about 15 minutes, she asked me to either turn it down or find something else to listen to. I turned the volume down and then played other music (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc). Later she told me she was uncomfortable hearing the music as she didn’t like the lyrics. I completely understood and was not upset at all.
The next day, she was in another room and I was alone in our room. I decided to listen to some music, ICP. I had the volume almost all the way down, so I could just barely hear it. The headphones were in another room and I didnt feel like getting up. I had fallen asleep after a while.
I guess she walked in while I was asleep and caught me listening to it, because after I woke up and went to go see her, she seemed pretty upset. She said something like, “I told you I didn’t like you listening to that music, stop it” or something. I didnt recall her telling me not to listen to it, just her saying she didnt like it. I told her that I wouldn’t make her listen to it and I’d keep it quiet, but I can listen to any music I want to.
I’ve continued listening to ICP, quietly or with headphones, but she still “catches” me here and there and is obviously not happy about it. So AITA?
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2019.12.20 01:57 TheWanderingDisciple ANNUAL AFTERSHOCK 2020 PREDICTIONS THREAD (updated regularly)

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!! The time where we pointlessly speculate on who's going to be playing at Aftershock next year. Using other accounts, I've been responsible for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 speculation threads, respectively. Every single year, I’ve been able to predict at least a handful of bands who are on the lineup.
UPDATE 3/23: Big news today from Danny Wimmer Presents. All of the spring festivals - including Epicenter, Welcome to Rockville, and Sonic Temple - have officially been CANCELLED.
As for Aftershock's lineup announcement: "The full lineups for Louder Than Life, Bourbon & Beyond and Aftershock will be announced in the coming weeks."
You can read the full statement here.
UPDATE 3/20: Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, and Ice Nine Kills are most likely OUT since they'll be in another part of the country during the weekend of Aftershock.
UPDATE 3/12: As of today’s date, Live Nation and AEG have cancelled all major concerts until the month of April.
Meanwhile, California governor Gavin Newsom is pushing for all public gatherings with more than 250 people to be cancelled for the rest of month.
This is inevitably going to have a domino effect on the rest of the year, with countless bands and concerts being rescheduled for a later date and time. Coachella have already announced they will be rescheduling for Oct. 9-11, the same weekend as Aftershock.
In light of recent events, Aftershock’s lineup announcement will almost certainly be pushed back to a later date, until this whole situation winds down.
The question on everybody’s mind is: Will Aftershock be cancelled? Have the other festivals been cancelled?
The answer is: Not yet. You can read the official statement from Danny Wimmer himself.
Stay tuned for more updates. As of right now, I have no other information.
UPDATE 3/2: This is a bit of a stretch, but TENACIOUS D will be touring the east coast at the beginning of October. Their last scheduled date is Oct. 9 in New York, which means - if they were willing to make the journey - they could play at Aftershock, most likely on Sunday the 11th.
Tenacious D were originally scheduled to play Aftershock last year - before the official admat was released - but dropped out for undisclosed reasons. Perhaps this could be a makeup show. How would you feel about seeing them at Aftershock this year?
UPDATE 2/26: Once again, I'm hearing multiple rumors that the lineup will be announced next week. Allegedly, the lineup was supposed to be announced this week, but had to be pushed back because of the situation with James Hetfield.
If anybody has an official source for this, it would be much appreciated. In the meantime, I cannot emphasize this enough: This is only a RUMOR. Do not believe anything until Aftershock makes an official statement.
UPDATE 2/24: Judas Priest and Sabaton are now OUT since they already have tour dates booked the weekend of Aftershock.
UPDATE 2/10: Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium, and In Flames are officially OUT since they’ll be in another part of the country during the weekend of Aftershock. Sorry folks, this one’s a real bummer.
UPDATE 2/6: I'm hearing multiple rumors that the full lineup will be announced on Wednesday, February 26. Keep in mind these are only RUMORS. Don't believe anything until you hear it straight from Aftershock.
UPDATE 2/4: Despite already playing in Sacramento this year, it looks like THE USED are going to be opening My Chemical Romance's fall tour, making them a very strong contender for Aftershock as well.
UPDATE 1/29: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE CONFIRMED AS SATURDAY HEADLINER. Time to bust out your skinny jeans and tell your mom it's not just a phase.
UPDATE 1/28: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING TOMORROW. I will keep everyone posted on the details. Thanks to a cryptic video, fans on the MyChemicalRomance subreddit are deciphering that Sacramento is on MCR's upcoming tour itinerary.
Disturbed – UPDATE 1/27: Looks like Disturbed are already hitting the Sacramento region in September with Staind and Bad Wolves. The chances of them hitting the same market again, the very next month, is slim at best. Right now, I'm counting them OUT from this year's festival.
The Offspring – Also coming out with a new album.
Deftones – UPDATE 2/11: Current itinerary very suspiciously skips over Sacramento. It’s highly unlikely they would come out with a new album this year and then not play in their hometown, especially since the album was recorded right here in Sacramento. At this point, they’re a strong contender for Aftershock.
Mastodon – Also coming out with a new album.
Alter Bridge
Anthrax - Also coming out with a new album.
Hollywood Undead – Also coming out with a new album.
Sick of It All
Agnostic Front
Volbeat - Current tour itinerary skips over Sacramento.
David Lee Roth
Jinjer – Recently came out with a new album.
Evanescence – Also coming out with a new album.
Sublime with Rome
Cypress Hill
Suicidal Tendencies
Power Trip - Also coming out with a new album.
Brass Against
Ego Kill Talent
The Darkness - Current tour itinerary skips over Sacramento.
Royal Blood - Also coming out with a new album.
Machine Gun Kelly
The Legendary Wu (feat. members of the Wu-Tang Clan)
Limp Bizkit
The Pretty Reckless – Playing DWP festivals in the spring and Blue Ridge Rock Fest in the Fall. Also coming out with a new album.
Sevendust - Also coming out with a new album.
Wage War
All That Remains
Suicide Silence - Also coming out with a new album.
Them Evils
Light the Torch - Also coming out with a new album.
Static-X – The new lineup hasn’t played Sacramento yet. Also coming out with a new album.
August Burns Red - Also coming out with a new album.
Gemini Syndrome - Also coming out with a new album.
Body Count - Also coming out with a new album.
Every Time I Die - Also coming out with a new album.
Drowning Pool
Green Day
Breaking Benjamin
Theory of a Deadman
Guns N Roses – Headlined Louder Than Life last year. Haven’t played Sacramento since 2017.
Avenged Sevenfold - RUMORED to be headlining/co-headlining DWP festivals in the fall. Possible contender for co-headliner.
Asking Alexandria
Deep Purple
Foo Fighters
In This Moment – Current tour itinerary skips over Sacramento.
Protest the Hero
The Acacia Strain
Nine Inch Nails
Queens of the Stone Age
Red Hot Chili Peppers
My Dying Bride
Stitched Up Heart
Metal Church
The Cult
Three Days Grace
The Plot In You
Cannibal Corpse
Arch Enemy
AC/DC – Also coming out with a new album.
Rage Against the Machine
Motley Crue
Pearl Jam - Also coming out with a new album. Current tour itinerary skips over Sacramento.
My Chemical Romance - CONFIRMED
Faith No More - UPDATE 2/18: Already coming to the Sacramento area in August with Korn and Scars on Broadway. Looks like they are OUT this year.
Mercyful Fate - UPDATE 1/30: MF's Facebook page has said their show at Psycho Las Vegas will be their only North American appearance this year. This was more wishful thinking than anything, but it looks like MF are officially OUT of any American festival appearances.
The following bands are already playing Sacramento in 2020: Pennywise, The Used, Queensryche, Anti-Flag, Ozzy Osbourne, the Airborne Toxic Event, Sepultura, Amaranthe, Lynch Mob, Skillet, Pepper, Refused, We Came As Romans, Fit For a King, Swallow the Sun, Flotsam and Jetsam, Falling in Reverse, Tech N9ne, Crobot, American Head Charge, Powerglove, Between the Buried and Me, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Switchfoot, Code Orange, Sleeping with Sirens, the Amity Affliction, Stray from the Path, Disturbed, Bad Wolves, Sammy Hagar & the Circle, Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Foreigner, Europe, Journey, the Pretenders, Testament, the Black Dahlia Murder, Municipal Waste, Palaye Royale, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Attila, Action Bronson, Blue October, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Insane Clown Posse (yes, they do play festivals), Faith No More, Scars on Broadway, Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, Hed PE, Darkest Hour, Adelita's Way, Eyes Set to Kill, Doll Skin, Rehab, Amorphis, Nile, Entombed AD, Pvris, Tesla, and Buckcherry.
As we've seen in the past, however, some bands will return to play Aftershock later in the year.
UPDATE 12/26: Now that Swanfest has been announced at Papa Murphy's Park, we're also going to exclude the following bands: Dance Gavin Dance, Animals as Leaders, Knocked Loose, Movements, Crown the Empire, Issues, The Fall of Troy, I See Stars, Veil of Maya, Hail the Sun, and all the other bands that are playing there.
UPDATE 2/25: Papa Murphy's Park have announced another festival, called "Sad Summer Festival." We're also going to exclude the following bands who will be playing there: All Time Low, The Story So Far, The Maine, and Grayscale.
We’ll also assume that none of the bands who played last year will be returning in 2020. This means no Slipknot, no Tool, no Manson, no Korn, etc.
This list will be updated as the year goes on. When the Louder Than Life lineup is announced at the beginning of April, we’ll have a better idea about who’s going to be touring in the fall.
What bands do YOU think will play at Aftershock this year? Who would you like to see play? What would your dream lineup be? Sound off below!
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2019.10.03 23:21 Lezbelle666 Discriminated against as homeless transwoman by Chico California police.

As if it's not bad enough that, almost one year ago on October 7th 2018 and 4 days after my car got impounded - the car broken down and made even worse by a couple of shady-tree mechanics, to make matters worse, I had my freaking purse stolen. stolen, by a bunch of white supremacists haters associated with the Butte County gangstas, Chico idiot Clown Posse I mean insane Clown Posse, juggalo losers as many know, and possibly the chico Norteno. All of them in on this, so I was told by a friend also homeless and utilizing services at Chico California's Jesus Center, the incident began with a threat by a woman I then knew, casually, only as "DD" or "Dee Dee"; at least until the Butte County California victims advocate office of dukes County Superior Court contacted me. Defendant Christy Hughes aka Dee Dee ( a name I learned from an unnamed source, a woman working at a local laundromat, the name referred to her then Double D breasts and was given to her by prisoners, at a California State penitentiary.
That same laundromat employee at Bubbles Laundry warning me to "stay away from these people as they would get me, if they had NOT already done that" ( around February 2018, ON A NEVERENDING, DAILY BASIS for as long as eight hours a day ( They, with their USUAL CREW OF EQUALLY TRANSPHOBIC, HOMELESS REDNECKS at the Jesus Center; each and every one of them and it's specially the main culprit, Endlessly calling me faget. Not only that but talking about anal sex as if that had anything to do with my life. It does not and never has!!
Needless, I sitting, STRANDED, in my disabled vehicle ( still NOT FIXED due to mechanic problems close by shady tree mechanics, one who couldn't do the job and the other who was a thief), my mom said after the incident around the 1st of October 2018, Butte County victims advocate office sent me a letter in the mail.
That letter asking me if I wanted to prosecute on an incident happening September 2, 2018, at the time I didn't think of it. However, I soon learned DD's legal name; Christy Hughes. Last known permanent address Paradise, California!! I WAS THREATENED BY THIS WOMAN. THREATENED, IN THE RESOURCE OFFICE ROOM UPSTAIRS AT THE JESUS CENTER, 1297 PARK AVENUE IN CHICO CALIFORNIA. Her exact words as I remember them being, " if you don't stop I promise you I will make your life a living HELL!!! Understand me?"
The aforementioned threat, yes it was a threat and apparently was in reference to my mansion, to that very same cop Sergeant Ratto, that he ought to do his goddamn job and go after the thieves in the homeless community, rather than railroad me into more 5150, psychiatric commitment horse manure that, to a free spirit such as myself, is useless I make suicide seem like a very viable option. ( Having kept that piece of mail, some five months later after I left Chico, frightened, early in December of 2018 after seeing that same Christy " Dee Dee" Hughes at the chico overflow shelter held at First Christian Church UCC, she now threatening my friend, Rhonda, a tough, and SMART, outspoken cisgender woman like myself, runs originally from Maine, apparently, she was standing up for me against these bigots! She also being sort of a hillbilly because she grew up in Bangor, Maine and lived there most of her life ( Rhonda only in town because her daughter had been kidnapped, by the former husband, and taken to Oroville, California on the other side of the country - without her permission, the reason she attacked these people was simple. I would be able to live my life and be a human being, and a legally female transwoman as I am and have been since October 4th 2006 when I still lived back in Connecticut, Rhonda was second by the way these people were attacking me.
As for their reasons for attacking me? It began when I first came to Chico, California; having already been here, homeless, for 7 weeks and staying at the Torres City shelter between January and early March 2010, believe me, I knew Chico had... Shall we say, its dregs of society. As my father used to call them. in other words, it had its rednecks, in many ways Butte County, California has more in common with places in Southern Alabama like IHOP, in River falls, then it does with what most people think of when they think California!! Ridge runners, the woman at the laundromat called these trailer dwelling, interesting excuses for human beings. Having stood up to this ignorant, dumb is a dead tree stump - as I used to say when I lived in Orlando, Florida for 13 years, hillbilly granny type-one who felt privileged to define woman for the simple reason that she was born cisgender. In other words, able to reproduce and/ or breed. IT ALL STARTED WHEN I STOOD UP FROM MY RIGHT, TO LEGALLY USE THE WOMAN'S ROOM. THE BATHROOM I WAS ABLE TO USE, LEGALLY, SINCE GETTING THAT CONNECTICUT DRIVER'S LICENSE CHANGED, I HAVING A NEW MEXICO DRIVER'S LICENSE AT THE TIME, I pulled it out immediately.
" I don't use men's rooms!! that and I am legally entitled to use this bathroom, I sit down to pee just the same way you do behind that closed stall and it is none of your business; I am of no threat to you and you need to stay out of my business!! Also, California is a transgender rights state. The same as Connecticut, New Mexico, it is not Texas, out in the Hill country and someplace like Cesspool gulch, Texas!!"
I currently being what you would call half op transgender woman, this very same woman and her pack of vicious human coyotes constantly spewing out the word faget, making anal sex references and other disgusting, misogynistic, sexist pig comments directed at me on a daily basis, need I say that this was driving me to the point that suicide often seemed like the best option; IT TASTES A NOTE THAT I HADN'T THOUGHT ABOUT KILLING MYSELF SINCE I CAME OUT, WENT ON ESTROGEN AND HORMONE REASSIGNMENT THERAPY, FIRST BY MAIL ORDER PHARMACY FROM THAILAND BEGINNING MAY 28TH 2006, and later, from the callen-lorde community health clinic on West 18th Street in New York City-Manhattan.
Killing off that worthless, testosterone-driven and pushing me to the point of several suicide attempts already, beginning in the early 1990s when I live as the adult child, with my elderly parents in Florida outside of Orlando, I had two choices after being assaulted. THAT ASSAULT PROVING THAT I NEVER WAS GOING TO BE THIS STUPID MAN CREATURE BASED ON A STUPID DISGUSTING PART, a worthless stupid fleshly protrusion that was good for absolutely nothing. Nothing besides making me realize that I would have been better off dead, so my mother said in the letter she wrote about the handicapped child she was raising with learning disabilities and emotional problems, to every single parent on tulip Avenue, in Baldwin, New York on Long Island where I lived as a child till chronological age 12.
I already knew that I was a loser by the time I was six. Expelled after just 10 days of kindergarten, at Steele School - the local public elementary school all the kids went to, soon being placed in a special school for the emotionally disturbed, BOCES, everyday when I got off that station wagon School bus, I'd hear everything from retard, faggot, fairy, and " gay", 2 comments about how I "threw like a girl"!! I never had the coordination for team sports. I never had the interest for it either. Macho Man games were stupid!! War was stupid! The military was stupid, despite the fact that I highly respected my late brother, Joe, who was in the air Force for 3 years. He having died of cancer in 2007.
That OBVIOUS THREAT-partly because I don't fit in in normal adult society with people my chronological only age, plus the fact that I'm not all Polly Prissy Pants-I do not fit the stereotype, nor do I dress and act like some tired middle-aged soccer mom worn out raising three or four Rugrats, is this educationally challenged above the 12th grade, ignorant and rather pathetic excuse 4 Christians-aren't they supposed to be forgiving and non-judgmental, after nearly a year and a half of endless harassment, NOT TO MENTION THEFT, OF MY POSSESSIONS, the cops coming around and asking questions from one of the thieves shortly after I gave her first name - the only thing I knew about this mortal enemy-another one of my harassers, on the overnight between 10:30 p.m. Saturday, and 7 a.m. Sunday October 7th, my worst nightmare happened. Someone STOLE my purse ( October 7, 2018 in the alley between E 13th, and E 14th St. Just off Park Avenue where the Jesus Center is located.) I HAVE THEM TO THANK for the information. NOT.. the chico police and Sergeant Paul Ratto-Ratto, the investigating officer who filed the report. The " good cop" as he calls himself, believe me, he is just as transphobic, bigoted like the rest. He being one of the four officers on Chico Popo Target team, their mission is to Target the homeless. Railroading the most vulnerable a non-conforming among them, in situ that sludge filled OVERFLOWING CESSPOOL full of psychotropic meds used to solutions better known as the American psychiatric system!!
" I've been through all this before. Believe me, all medication does is make suicide even more desirable; I have a moron sister who basically became a right-wing Republican numbskull; an essential idiot who takes her anti-depressant, effexor, and watches Fox news as if it were the second coming of Jesus Christ as told by pastor John hagee, televangelist!! I already went halfway by taking matters into my own hands. doing what I needed to do because MediCare, at the time, something which I get being on disability and have since 1989, because I couldn't deal with the pressure common or work fast enough to hold a stupid job. I had absolutely no self-esteem and hated myself to the point that I wished I was dead oh, my mom remembered in that letter to the parents she wrote when I was five, since the time I was 4 years old.
I hated my body. Particularly that disgusting " lemur"!! I hated the role it prescribed; the simple act of standing up to pee - as I was taught because that role expected that of me, NEED I SAY THAT IT DISGUSTED ME SO MUCH, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, I WAS AFRAID TO USE BATHROOMS. I always used to feel embarrassed. Telling myself, " I am so ashamed of that disgusting monkey sound peeing into the water makes; I am embarrassed because the women probably hear me through the door".
Right around the time I was 13, hearing my father yell about that miserable SOB child who couldn't "Aim right like the moron it is", that fear went away the moment I began sitting down to pee. By this time, I used to secretly listen outside locked bathroom door; this every time a woman relative, my sister, aunts, etc right down to my brothers future wife ( age 13 then), FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE I WAS COMFORTABLE IN MY OWN BODY.
Why? Something felt right instead of wrong!! I still remember pulling at the crotch of my pants, this from the age of five till almost 13, the resulting therapy exercise when I was about age 8 or 9 with the therapist and I pulling up pants down and comparing to prove "we were both the same. That there was nothing to be ashamed of." A highly unorthodox, not to mention illegal nowadays sing for any therapist, licensed psychologist as dr. Rosenthal was, to even think of doing, he did this because my father was complaining how "the moron was acting like an animal. Pulling at the crotch of its pants in public.
" I can't stop oh, Dad. Something feels extremely uncomfortable down there and it keeps rubbing against my pants, and it's annoying and makes me feel miserable and want to die!!" By this time I was running into traffic throwing temper tantrums, jumping on neighbors cars during those temper tantrums; no psychologist or psychiatrist able to figure out what was the problem.
My father moving the family to Newtown, Connecticut when I was 12, his hopes for me being able to be a normal child like the rest was never destined to happen!! Puberty - A puberty of the wrong mental and emotional gender that was purely physical, and nothing more, would soon make the gifted child who was smart but socially awkward, essentially not care about school, or anything else in life. Not only that, but I would be in trouble with the law. Always trying to prove that I was this tough gangsta because I came from Baldwin, New York ( a Suburban town in Nassau County where we had so called high School fraternities that were actually Suburban street gangs using College fraternity lettering, in their graffiti or tags on Railroad Bridges and stuff, I wanted to prove myself.
However, some people, particularly the custodian who worked at Edmond Town Hall theater in Newtown, saw me as a whiny little girly boy. " That denim skirt fits you better than who used to try to be. Don't think I didn't look and you outside that window. Smoking your cigarette and trying to act like this tough Gangsta from Bridgeport or New York City. However, everyone in town knew you were just a big pussy!!" This being told to me by Francis Hidu, I told him he was right!! He accepted me, even though he didn't understand. He having died a year later, he was honored for nearly 60 years of service working for Newtown, by a memorial statue featuring an American bald eagle, on the lawn in front of what used to be Edmond Town Hall, but now has just that $2 second run movie theater, and a few remaining town offices.
I have to admit and I'm not ashamed. I did not come out of the closet, legally change my name and gender on the Connecticut driver's license, because I wanted to be a sex worker, drag queen like RuPaul, or any of the other stereotypes used by these ignorant, to use Dad's term, dregs of society. " I always knew you would end up with the dregs of society", dad constantly vocalizing to his loser of a teenage, "moron son who did not know how to act right", dealing with all the transphobic bigotry and hate spewing out of these educationally challenged homeless people's minds in Chico, soon after returning in February 2017, myself being the downstate New Yorker and standing up for myself only serve to make matters worse.
They had their scapegoat. Overhearing me use voice to text, on my cell phone, something which I find easier then typing - which, for me, is difficult because of numbness in my ring fingers, not to mention lack of coordination, I posted something on my own Facebook page, about my sister. This in response to these, transphobic, BIGOTED to the max, Christian redneck hillbillies.
A culture clash; they hated me because I tend to be egocentric, not mature in the sense of being the typical hard-working, bill paying, adult who was capable of supporting herself. I learned to be this way because of the bullying. That and having to pretend to be this little boy, later an adult man, that I would never, ever be anytime before the day I was lucky enough to die in an automobile accident!!
I was 42 years old, in the physical sense, in 2006 when I came out as the transgender woman!! However, the first love relationship of my Life, One only online and via phone, with a girlfriend 20 years younger then me and still a senior in high school, in Northeast Florida, when that fell apart 2 months later, I went ballistic.
Something which I always did every time one of the rare dates, with a woman, ended up being nothing more than the big waste of time and disappointment I had already expected it to be. Gay men came onto me, however, I never was attracted to penises, nor even to MEN in a sexual type of manner!
For these people, none of whom had even live with one single day of my long difficult life, as the M thing that had been expected of me based on a stupid part, to even insist I might be confused about whether or not I was a man or a woman, was nothing more than complete horse manure!!!
Gay men don't hate themselves when they stand up to pee, in a public restroom, at a urinal. Same as straight men. Neither of whom would, as I did since 1989 when I was chronological only age 27, deliberately drive 10 miles off the next exit on the freeway because they did not want to use a men's room, and found it embarrassing!!!"
Transexual women trapped in the wrong body, one not correlating with how their mind works, their emotional state of being, feelings, etc, they feel embarrassed. Embarrassed, not to mention ashamed and frightened, because, to them, they feel like a woman. Most women sit down to pee. They too do not feel comfortable, unless, they are able to fully be themselves.
I never gave it much thought until transition. However, having attempted Community College while living with my mother in Connecticut, I felt no motivation or desire to even pass my classes, at naugatuck Valley Community College. A school I had attended in the past when it was Waterbury State technical, I blamed women for all my problems. I could not be what was expected; not only that, but I did not understand the rules of mixed company, pretending to be the polite Don Juan by refraining from using profanity, because that was the way a lady should be treated.
It was this way since before high school. I wasn't looking for someone I had to flush money down the toilet on to pay for a date, and then also be expected to hold doors for her, pull the chair out, basically treat her like she was an invalid and incapable I was doing anything by herself!! On Social Security disability since 1989, I also hated being expected to have an apartment of my own, full-time job, you name it, the whole shebang associated with that Don Juan role in life.
I was looking for an equal. A woman who could pay for herself on a date! Dutch treat, as my mother called it; it didn't make sense, from my perspective, to "pay for the privilege of having a woman, like the John at the brothel would, for a prostitute at the house of blue lights, but not be guaranteed any sex." That or my favorite statement; " you don't pay for a big Mac without cheese and onion, and not expect McDonald's to make that big Mac to your likings. You expect a big Mac for the price you paid. It does not make sense to pay for a date that is NOT guaranteed to lead to anything more than pure disappointment as usual!!"
"That's like buying a Powerball lottery ticket that has less odds of winning the jackpot prize, and the actual Powerball ticket itself from the New Mexico lottery!!" I told many that, as the M thing I had to be based on a part and nothing else,was my common reply. o that entire " male" role in life
The incident?
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2019.09.25 20:58 ccn1886 2020 Best Rap Album Grammy - Eligible Albums and Analysis

“Fuck the Grammys.” I know, I know.

But last year’s official nomination post generated 2.9k upvotes and 2k comments, so at some point we’ve just got to admit to ourselves that, at some level, we care about who receives these awards. And so with nomination voting for the 2020 Grammy Awards beginning today, I’m going to present all the eligible albums along with my own analysis of who I think is most likely to receive a nomination.

I made this same post last year when the eligibility period ended and it generated some decent conversation so I figured I'd do it again. You can read that post here. I did okay in my predictions. There were some factors I didn’t properly take into account and we now have a larger sample size of the new nomination procedures, all of which I’ll get into later. For now, let’s look at which albums are going to eligible.

Eligible Albums

Album Artist Billboard 200 Highest-Charting Single First Week Sales Metacritic
Championships Meek Mill 1 6 229K 77
Igor Tyler, the Creator 1 13 165K 81
Death Race for Love Juice WRLD 1 27 165K
Father of Asahd DJ Khaled 2 21 136K 59
Skins XXXTentacion 1 16 132K 44
I Am > I Was 21 Savage 1 12 131K 81
So Much Fun Young Thug 1 26 131K 78
Drip Harder Lil Baby & Gunna 4 4 130K 76
The Search NF 1 60 130K 56
The Wizrd Future 1 43 126K 70
Revenge of the Dreamers III Dreamville 1 4 115K 77
The Big Day Chance the Rapper 2 58 108K 71
Not All Heroes Wear Capes Metro Boomin 1 38 99K 78
Quavo Huncho Quavo 2 48 99K 60
WRLD on Drugs Future & Juice WRLD 2 26 98K
Drip or Drown 2 Gunna 3 56 90K 76
Hoodie SZN A Boogie Wit da Hoodie 2 27 90K
Rap or Go to the League 2 Chainz 4 75 89K 82
Father of 4 Offset 4 39 89K 72
Dying to Live Kodak Black 1 2 89K
Street Gossip Lil Baby 2 46 88K
A Love Letter to You 3 Trippie Redd 3 52 84K
Bad Habits Nav 1 72 82K 52
Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2 Lil Peep 4 13 81K 79
Crash Talk ScHoolboy Q 3 55 81K 69
Port of Miami 2 Rick Ross 2 39 80K 67
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Logic 1 5 80K 65
Ginger Brockhampton 3 - 78K 72
7 Lil Nas X 2 1 77K 57
We Love You Tecca Lil Tecca 4 4 68K
Dummy Boy 6ix9ine 2 3 66K 38
Control the Streets, Volume 2 Quality Control Music 3 24 63K 58
Shelby Lil Skies 5 39 54K
TM104L The Legend of the Snowman Jeezy 5 - 54K
Evil Genius Gucci Mane 5 11 51K 78
! Trippie Redd 3 64 51K 59
Stokeley Ski Mask the Slump God 6 87 51K
The Last Rocket Takeoff 4 55 49K 82
Harvard Dropout Lil Pump 7 6 48K 46
Love Songs From the Streets 2 Lil Durk 4 24 44K 73
Realer YoungBoy Never Broke Again 15 43K
The World Is Yours 2 Rich The Kid 4 80 42K 67
Save Me Future 5 87 42K 63
TrapStar Turnt PopStar PnB Rock 4 91 42K
Cuz I Love You Lizzo 4 1 41K 82
43va Heartless Moneybagg Yo 4 - 40K
Hotel Diablo Machine Gun Kelly 5 - 39K
Die a Legend Polo G 6 11 38K
4Real 4Real YG 7 49 37K 70
Perfect Ten Mustard 8 23 36K
Delusions of Grandeur Gucci Mane 7 - 32K
Some Rap Songs Earl Sweatshirt 17 29K 86
Fever Megan Thee Stallion 10 36 28K 81
Dime Trap T.I. 13 27K 81
Signed to the Streets 3 Lil Durk 17 27K
The Lost Boy YBN Cordae 13 25K 81
Mudboy Sheck Wes 17 6 24K 76
Eyrs Jaden Smith 12 24K 58
Legendary Tyga 17 24K
The Lost Tapes 2 Nas 10 - 23K 58
K.R.I.T. Iz Here Big K.R.I.T 16 22K 69
mono. RM 26 22K
Northbest Lil Mosey 29 21K
Still My Moment Tee Grizzley 29 21K
Baby on Baby DaBaby 7 7 20K
Bandana Freddie Gibbs & Madlib 21 19K 87
We All Shine YNW Melly 27 19K
Trunk Muzik 3 Yelawolf 28 19K
Everythings for Sale Boogie 28 18K 82
ZUU Denzel Curry 32 17K 85
2009 Wiz Khalifa & Currensy 35 17K
FM! Vince Staples 37 16K 81
Long Live Mexico Lil Keed 26 16K
N9NA Tech N9ne 34 16K
Still Swervin G Herbo 41 16K
DiCaprio 2 J.I.D. 41 15K 80
Members Only, Vol. 4 Members Only 23 15K
Bumps & Bruises Ugly God 46 14K
Dirtbag Blueface 48 13K
Bawskee 3.5 Comethazine 53 13K
Floor Seats A$AP Ferg 50 12K
Sensational Yung Gravy 52 12K
Grey Area Little Simz 91
Eve Rapsody 76 90
Fetti Currensy & Freddie Gibbs - 86
Brandon Banks Maxo Kream 68 - 84
Nothing Great About Britain Slowthai 84
Diaspora GoldLink 77 82
Everything's Corrupt Ice Cube 62 79
Hoodies All Summer Kano - - 79
Still Summer in the Projects 03 Greedo 79
Ignorance Is Bliss Skepta - 78
Eden Cupcakke - 77
Arizona Baby Kevin Abstract 53 76
Malibu Ken Malibu Ken 176 76
Injury Reserve Injury Reserve - 75
Czarface Meets Ghostface Czarface & Ghostface Killah - 72
Let Love Common 118 70
In My Defense Iggy Azalea 50 39
Nuthin' 2 Prove Lil Yachty 12 91
Fully Loaded Shy Glizzy 35
Fearless Fred Fury Insane Clown Posse 44
Creed II: The Album Mike Will Made It 49
Generation Nightmare Twiztid 51
Gangland Landlord Mozzy 57
MihTy MihTy 60
Bawskee 2 Comethazine 61
The Sailor Rich Brian 62
Girl Code City Girls 63 26
Practice Makes paper E-40 65
Creeker II Upchurch 66
Fly Times Vol 1: The Good Fly Young Wiz Khalifa 70
Poison Swizz Beats 73
Ain't No Going Back Yella Beezy 76
I Wanna Thank Me Snoop Dogg 76
Icy Saweetie 89 21
Sincerely, Tokyo MadeinTYO 98
Antares Kris Wu 100
El Capo Jim Jones 114
The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story Jaden Smith 117
The One Trina 126
GloToven Chief Keef & Zaytoven 153
Immigrant Belly 169
Pieces of a Man Mick Jenkins
A Short Story About War Shad
White Bronco Action Bronson
Leave Me the Fuck Alone wifisfuneral
Hood Baby Lil Gotit
Mega EP Cormega
Big Dreez Dreezy
Sincerely, the P People Under the Stars
Crazy But It's True Lil Gotit
Vernia Erick Sermon
TrillStatik Bun B & Statik Selektah
Hybrid Collie Buddz
Keith Kool Keith
The Fifth Obie Trice
Big Bad… Giggs
Return of the SP1200 Pete Rock
Misunderstood Yung Bans
Shout out to Chriscftb97 for making it easy to find all these first week numbers thanks to his posts.
Before we move on to which of these albums are most likely to be nominated, it’s important to look back at who and how the Grammy’s have chosen to nominate. So below are the results of the 2012-2019 Best Rap Album nomination field, along with some key metrics about each album.


Album Artist First Week Sales Billboard 200 Highest Charting Single Metacritic Rating
Invasion of Privacy Cardi B 255k 1 1 84
Astroworld Travis Scott 537k 1 1 84
Daytona Pusha-T 77k 3 65 86
Swimming Mac Miller 66k 3 33 78
Victory Lap Nipsey Hussle 53k 4 - 80


Album Artist First Week Sales Billboard 200 Highest Charting Single Metacritic Rating
DAMN Kendrick Lamar 603k 1 1 95
4:44 Jay-Z 262k 1 23 82
Culture Migos 131k 1 1 79
Laila's Wisdom Rapsody 17k 125 - 87
Flower Boy Tyler, the Creator 106k 2 87 84


Album Artist First Week Sales Billboard 200 Highest Charting Single Metacritic Rating
Coloring Book Chance the Rapper 38k 8 43 89
And the Anonymous Nobody... De La Soul 23k 12 - 77
Major Key DJ Khaled 96k 1 13 67
Views Drake 1040k 1 1 69
Blank Face LP ScHoolboy Q 74k 2 40 81
The Life of Pablo Kanye West 94k 1 34 75


Album Artist First Week Sales Billboard 200 Highest Charting Single Metacritic Rating
To Pimp A Butterfly Kendrick Lamar 324k 1 39 96
2014 Forest Hills Drive J. Cole 371k 1 36 67
Compton Dr Dre 295k 2 - 82
If You're Reading This It's Too Late Drake 535k 1 26 78
The Pinkprint Nicki Minaj 244k 2 2 70


Album Artist First Week Sales Billboard 200 Highest Charting Single Metacritic Rating
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Eminem 792k 1 1 72
The New Classic Iggy Azalea 52k 3 1 56
Nobody's Smiling Common 24k 6 - 78
Because the Internet Childish Gambino 96k 7 64 64
Blacc Hollywood Wiz Khalifia 90k 1 43 54
Oxymoron ScHoolboy Q 139k 1 38 78


Album Artist First Week Sales Billboard 200 Highest Charting Single Metacritic Rating
The Heist Macklemore 78k 2 1 74
Nothing Was the Same Drake 658k 1 4 79
Magna Carta Holy Grail Jay-Z 528k 1 4 60
Good Kid, M.A.A.D City Kendrick Lamar 242k 2 17 91
Yeezus Kanye West 327k 1 56 84


Album Artist First Week Sales Billboard 200 Highest Charting Single Metacritic Rating
Take Care Drake 631k 1 7 78
Based on a T.R.U. Story 2 Chainz 147k 1 24 55
Food & Liquor II Lupe Fiasco 96k 5 71 70
Life is Good Nas 149k 1 - 81
God Forgives, I Don't Rick Ross 218k 1 71 70
Undun The Roots 48k 17 - 88


Album Artist First Week Sales Billboard 200 Highest Charting Single Metacritic Rating
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Kanye West 496k 1 12 94
Lasers Lupe Fiasco 204k 1 9 57
Watch the Throne Jay-Z and Kanye West 436k 1 5 76
Pink Friday Nicki Minaj 375k 1 3 68
Tha Carter IV Lil Wayne 964k 1 3 60

From the creation of the Best Rap Album category until the 2017 Grammys, the nominations for the award were selected by a standard vote of all eligible members. Whichever albums received the most votes also received nominations. As anyone can see, that worked…poorly. All to often, the nominations did not represent the best the genre had to offer.

That is why, starting with the 2018 Grammy’s, the Recording Academy create a Rap Nominations Committee. For the past two years, members of the Academy have voted on all eligible albums and then the nomination committee takes those votes and chooses the final nominations. You can see the process visualized here. The Senior VP of the Recording Academy talks about it in an interview with Variety here.

“For Rap, and the other categories to a degree, a lot of their argument was kind of similar — it was going more to big-name folks and felt like more of a popularity contest. That’s not to say that someone who’s very famous can’t put out a fantastic track or album, but maybe some younger up-and-coming folks deserve that spotlight.”

You can see that change reflected in the past couple years of nominations and get a sense for the type of albums they like to choose.

The committee now places much more emphasis on critical success and being, you know, and actually good album rather than commercial success, name recognition, or past Grammy success; this becomes evident with Drake, Eminem, and Kanye all being shut out of the category last year. Before last year, the average Metacritic score for an album receiving a Best Rap Album nomination from 2012-2017 was 74, with one-third of the nominated albums being below a 70. Since the change, the lowest Metacritic rating for a nominated album was Mac Miller’s Swimming which received a 78. Between 2012-2017, 58% of nominations had a score below 78.

So, although we can still complain about who ultimately wins the award, the process for selecting nominations has become much better. The committee seems to select a healthy mix of well-received, commercially successful albums, along with one or two albums that were less commercially successful but highly regarded by critics and the hip-hop community. So now let’s look at the albums that fit these criteria.

It’s worth noting that last year I included the number of previous nominations and wins in my assessment of which albums were likely to be nominated. The thought was that Grammy voters had patterns and favorites that needed to be taken into account. Now, with the nomination committee having final say, I’ve decided to remove those categories as I feel they’re no longer relevant.

Commercial and Critical Success


Before last year, an eligibility period’s highest-selling album had never not received a nomination. That changed last year with Scorpion. With only two years of data on the new nomination committee it’s impossible to know whether this is the new norm or an anomaly. What we do know is that Meek Mill’s Championships was much more well-received than Scorpion. As a whole, Meek has a ton of good will within the industry at the moment. His incarceration and political activism has made him into a champion of criminal justice reform and a figure to be celebrated. That celebration could very well lead to a Best Rap Album nomination.


The committee have already nominated Tyler once before in 2018 for Flower Boy. Tyler returns in 2019 with Igor, an album much more ambitious than his previous. However, that ambition could end up working against Tyler here.
For last year’s Grammy’s, Post Malone was disqualified from the Rap categories. You can read the reasoning here.
Malone was also a hot topic at the Grammys meeting for his recent album, "Beerbongs & Bentleys," which was kicked out of the rap category and pushed into the pop genre, the source said. Best rap album nominees must contain 51 percent or more of rap music, and the Grammys rap committee felt "Beerbongs" leaned more toward the pop genre with its the production, sound and melodies. The diverse album also includes singing, elements of R&B and rock and veers outside of rap with songs like the guitar-tinged "Stay." The person said the larger Grammys committee listened to the entire 18-track album — which includes the No. 1 hits "Rockstar" and "Psycho" as well as "Better Now," currently No. 4 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart — and voted that it would compete in pop instead of rap..
Best rap album nominees must contain 51 percent or more of rap music…
Is Igor 51 percent or more rap music? Honestly, it’s hard for me to say. What exactly counts as “rap music”. I don’t know. But there is a chance that Igor befalls the same fate as Beerbongs and Bentleys.


21 Savage’s I Am > I Was titled proved to be true. The rapper’s second album became more commercially and critically successfully than his debut Issa Album. The rapper showed growth in his flow and subject matter. People that had written him off as nothing more than a gangster, mumble rapper began to come around and appreciate the artist’s output. Furthermore, 21 was being held in ICE detention during last year’s ceremony. Having him sitting in the audience having received a nomination would be a great storyline for the awards show.


That’s right, Young Thug is actually, legitimately in contention to receive a Grammy nomination for an album. The rapper who opened last year’s award show with a performance with Camila Cabello, may very well be sitting in the audience this year hoping to hear his name called. Young Thug finally submitted to a normal album rollout and it paid off in spades, as his first week sales soared to a level that all but the most ardent fans thought impossible for the artist. While not Thug’s most well-received album, So Much Fun is by far his most relevant, and in that regard makes him more likely to receive a nomination than ever before. The committee may also take into account the vast influence Thug has had over the genre without receiving much at all official recognition and decide to rectify that themselves by nominated his newest album.


At this point in his career, 2 Chainz has become an elder statesman of hip-hop. Rap or Go to the League reflects that. It is by far Chainz most mature album to date. Maintaining his signature charm and charisma on the mic, 2 Chainz dives into more serious subject matter on the type of production we’re not accustomed to hearing the artist formally known as Titty Boi rap over. This is the type of successful, yet still overlooked, album that the nomination committee has chosen to award in the past (see Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap)


Out of every eligible album, Cuz I Love You is the most likely to receive a nomination. White, suburban moms love Lizzo. New thinkpieces praising Lizzo are written every day. She’s got the #1 song in the country at the time of voting. Her album has been steady in the top 6 of the Billboard 200 for months. It also bears stating that the two years the committee has been in place have feature albums by female MCs. There’s no way to know whether this is intentional or not, but it is a trend and trends are worth paying attention to. Now, that’s not to say that either Rapsody or Cardi’s album were unworthy of receiving a nomination, because they both were. And by all accounts Cuz I Love You is worthy too.

Critically and Moderately Commercially Successful


Bandana would be the first collaboration since Watch the Throne to receive a nomination. It is no doubt deserving though. Freddie Gibbs has a long history of producing high-quality music, and Bandana received the highest Metacritic rating of his impressive catalogue. Bandana’s nomination could be a culmination; a recognition of the years of work Gibbs and Madlib have both produced and a rewarding of their best work to date.


ZUU represents a step up both commercially and critically for Denzel Curry from TA13OO, if only moderately. Still, with an extra year of credibility to his name, the committee may be more likely to give Curry a nomination than with his debut album.


This may be the most inaccessible and shortest album to ever receive a nomination if it were to be honored. But, hey, it could happen. Other former Odd Future members Tyler And Frank Ocean are no stranger to the Grammys and Some Rap Songs is the highest-rated album of Earl’s career…so why not.

Only Critically Successful


Eve is both more commercially and critically successful than Laila’s Wisdom, which received a nomination in 2018. What’s unknown is how willing the committee is to nominate the same artists multiple times. While in years past the nominations would be filled with same names year after year after year, the committee was specifically created to give other artists a chance at a nomination. How will they go about fulfilling this duty? By spreading nominations out among a multitude of different artists that would’ve otherwise been snubbed, or by simply rewarding the most well-received albums no matter the names attached? It’s yet to be seen.


Maxo Kream is still relatively unknown to the hip-hop and music community at large. However, the committee could use Brandon Banks as his introduction to the masses.
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2019.08.28 18:09 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Dec. 24, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001 1-22-2001
1-29-2001 2-5-2001 2-12-2001 2-19-2001
2-26-2001 3-5-2001 3-12-2001 3-19-2001
3-26-2001 4-2-2001 4-9-2001 4-16-2001
4-23-2001 4-30-2001 5-7-2001 5-14-2001
5-21-2001 5-28-2001 6-4-2001 6-11-2001
6-18-2001 6-25-2001 7-2-2001 7-9-2001
7-16-2001 7-23-2001 7-30-2001 8-6-2001
8-13-2001 8-20-2001 8-27-2001 9-3-2001
9-10-2001 9-17-2001 9-25-2001 10-1-2001
10-8-2001 10-15-2001 10-22-2001 10-29-2001
11-5-2001 11-12-2001 11-19-2001 11-26-2001
12-6-2001 12-10-2001 12-17-2001
  • WWF developmental wrestler Russ Haas passed away this week from an apparent heart attack. It's the first death of an active WWF-contracted wrestler since Owen Hart. If you recall, Haas suffered a previous heart attack back in September following a match with Prototype (John Cena) at an HWA show. Following that heart attack, Haas had been cleared by his cardiologist to return to wrestling a couple of weeks ago. But WWF wanted to remain cautious and refused to let him return to the ring until he was cleared by a second cardiologist. Haas suffered this second, fatal heart attack just 3 days before he was supposed to meet that doctor. Haas reportedly felt great and was itching to get back in the ring and had already resumed weight training at the time of his death. Russ, along with his brother Charlie Haas, were seen as an up-and-coming tag team with a lot of potential. According to Russ' wife, they had some friends (other HWA wrestlers) over to their place after a show and they all hung out till the wee hours of the morning. At that point, his wife went to bed while Russ stayed on the couch in the living room watching TV. When she woke the next morning, she went into the living room and found him still on the couch, and it was clear he had been dead for several hours. Charlie Haas arrived soon after, as he had planned to pick up Russ for an HWA Christmas party they were going to attend, and when he arrived, the ambulance was already there, which is how he learned of his brother's passing. HWA went ahead with their TV taping the next day, dedicating the show to Haas and it was done very similar to the WWF's Owen Hart show. HWA promoter Les Thatcher ran a card with straight matches, no angles or gimmickry, and they did the 10-bell salute and played videos of Russ throughout the show. On WWF Raw, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross spoke about Haas' passing, even though most of the national WWF audience didn't know who they were talking about. As for Charlie Haas, he has been told to take as much time off as he needs and word is he was considering quitting wrestling at first, but decided that would be the last thing his brother would want right now. He's expected to return to the ring in January.
  • I was hoping to find the HWA tribute show they did for Haas but no luck. However, I did find the match between Haas and Cena that took place just a few hours before Haas suffered his first heart attack. So here's that. It's Russ Haas' final match. Dude was hella-talented. I know Team Angle was fun and all, but it's a shame we never got to see the Haas Brothers as a team on the main roster.
WATCH: Russ Haas vs. Prototype - Sept. 29, 2001 (Haas' final match)
  • WWA announced plans to do a live PPV in Las Vegas in February. This leads Dave to talking about the companies springing up since WCW folded (WWA and XWF) and the fight they're likely going to have over available talent. The main star everyone wants is Sting, who interestingly enough doesn't seem like he even wants to return to wrestling. Sting's WCW contract expires at the end of the month and XWF and WWA are both said to be putting together big offers for him to work a limited schedule. Sting has had talks with WWF but he apparently isn't interested in whatever they're offering. Then there's the other big stars: Randy Savage reportedly wants so much money that nobody is even bothering to waste time talking to him. Hulk Hogan is playing it safe, not wanting to align himself with a promotion that isn't established and he's probably just hoping WWF calls soon. Kevin Nash is leaning towards WWA because he has a bunch of heat with the Nasty Boys and they're heavily involved behind the scenes of XWF, so they don't want him. WWA has made big offers to Nash, Hall, and Scott Steiner. WWF claims to not be interested in any of those 3 but that can obviously change given that Vince McMahon changes his mind on this sort of stuff on a near-hourly basis (yup, all 3 of them would end up in WWE in 2002).
  • Anyway, Dave thinks that WWA attempting to run a PPV in the United States makes zero sense right now because they have no television exposure. And they're not going to set the world on fire with Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg as their main top stars. Speaking of, Road Dogg and Grandmaster Sexay are both still using their old WWF names and gimmicks in WWA. As long as those shows are happening overseas, WWF doesn't seem to really care. But if they try to do a show in the U.S., Dave suspects Road Dogg and Sexay would be hearing from WWF's lawyers pretty quickly. And even if they do manage to bring in guys like Nash and Sting, Dave doesn't see this PPV doing well. Those guys weren't even drawing last year in WCW when they did have television exposure and they also had Hogan, Goldberg, Flair, etc. The only combat sports promotion in history to run successful PPVs in the U.S. without television exposure has been the UFC and that's only because they were presenting a new and unique product that people wanted to see. WWA, which is basically just WCW 2.0 with a lower budget and the same Russo-esque booking, doesn't stand a chance in the U.S. without TV. Speaking of Russo, there's rumors he may be secretly involved in booking WWA right now, but he's actually not supposed to be involved in any pro wrestling at the moment on advice from lawyers since he's still in the midst of a lawsuit with Hulk Hogan. Dave also talks about how Russo refuses to accept that his booking methods were a complete failure in WCW and continues to point the blame at everyone else.
  • Back on track, this PPV is a bad idea. Dave thinks the only non-WWF promotion that has even a prayer of doing a profitable PPV show in the U.S. right now would be CMLL or AAA. Both those promotions have TV shows in the U.S. on Spanish stations and if they decided to run a PPV in a heavily Hispanic market, they could probably draw and maybe do enough business to turn a profit. But aside from that, anyone else trying to run PPV right now with no TV is insane and is just begging to go bankrupt (in case you're wondering, WWA did indeed run a PPV in Las Vegas in Feb. 2002 and as predicted, it was a disaster. Flopped on PPV, flopped at the gate, a bunch of wrestlers no-showed and tried to hold up the promoter for money, etc. They never ran in the U.S. again).
  • Kazuyuki Fujita's torn Achilles tendon injury has completely wrecked plans for Inoki's New Year's Eve show and NJPW's Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome event and both shows are scrambling to put together new cards. Fujita was scheduled to defend the IWGP title at the NJPW show against Yuji Nagata in the main event, in a match that has been built up for months. That was already risky enough, since both Fujita and Nagata were scheduled to work shoot MMA fights against K-1 fighters at Inoki's show 5 nights earlier. Instead, NJPW will have Pro Wrestling NOAH's GHC champion Jun Akiyama facing Nagata instead, in a non-title match. Politically, it's interesting. NOAH can't afford to let its world champion lose to another promotion's star. Nagata is still scheduled to face K-1 fighter Mirko Cro Cop at the Inoki show and who knows how that's gonna go (spoiler: very badly for Nagata). Anyway, this leads to Dave talking about the long history of wrestlers vs. shoot fighters in Japan and running down the card of the Inoki show.
  • AJPW Triple Crown champion Keiji Muto is pushing NJPW to let him win the IWGP title that Fujita is expected to vacate at the Tokyo Dome, with the idea that he would be the first man to hold both the AJPW and NJPW top titles. Muto has almost single-handedly kept AJPW afloat the last few months with an incredibly successful run as Triple Crown champion and he's had a bit of a career resurgence from it. Dave talks about how decisions in NJPW are slow to be made because it's booked by a committee of several wrestlers and office employees. And once they all agree on something, they still have to take it to Inoki for approval before it can happen. And at any given moment, Inoki is liable to scratch their hard-thought plans in favor of putting all the titles on a kickboxer or some such dumb shit.
  • Tokyo Sports in Japan had their annual awards (which is voted on by all of the major sportswriters in the country) and to absolutely no one's surprise, Muto was named the MVP of wrestling for 2001 in a landslide. Dave notes that the awards are often very political (for instance, a foreign wrestler can't win the MVP award, which is something Kenny Omega was pretty outspoken about the last couple years he was there). Otherwise, the awards are pretty similar to the Observer Awards, same categories for the most part. Dave breaks down all the winners.
  • Dave breaks down the list of all the top-selling wrestling books on that website where everybody buys books these days. The rankings vary greatly and seem to change hourly, with Kurt Angle's book spending most of the time at the top of the list. But Dave's own "Tributes" book has been at the top of the list a few times as well. The real success story is Missy Hyatt's "First Lady of Wrestling" book which got pretty bad reviews, but is doing strong sales.
  • Kenta Kobashi announced that his return match will take place in February after 13 months out of action. Kobashi has been out since January of this year after getting multiple knee surgeries (Kobashi does indeed return in February for this match....and immediately blows out his left knee again. He then misses another 5 months before returning for real in July).
  • Oh yeah, speaking of Kazuyuki Fujita's injury, he had surgery on his right Achilles tendon and is expected to be out for anywhere from 6-12 months. He suffered the injury while training in Thailand earlier this month. Naoya Ogawa is expected to replace Fujita at Inoki's New Year's Eve show in a matchup against a K-1 fighter. The network airing the special insisted on someone of similar star-power to replace Fujita, and Ogawa is pretty much the only person that fits that role. The problem is, Ogawa doesn't want to risk a legit shoot because a loss would wreck his aura and drawing power. So the two sides are kind of at an impasse right now (Ogawa doesn't end up working the show at all).
  • Jushin Liger is pushing to bring in Eddie Guerrero to help give some name value to the junior heavyweight division (he works a handful of shows there in March before returning to WWF).
  • After the controversy from their last match, Shinya Hashimoto officially won the NWA title from Steve Corino at a show in McKeesport, PA. It was a sellout crowd...of 250 people, in near-freezing conditions. The temperature inside the building was said to be around 40 degrees and you could see the steam rising from the wrestlers' bodies. After the match, a masked Dan Severn ran in and attacked Hashimoto, to build to a match between them. The following night, Hashimoto worked a 4-way match with Corino, Gary Steele, and Dylan Night that was said to be a great match, but it only took place in front of about 100 fans (I can't find video of the Hashimoto title victory but I do have this 4-way match. It's not really newsworthy but I only mention it because maaaaan this crowd is tiny, in a little shitty warehouse. It's interesting to see Hashimoto in this atmosphere considering how many sold out Tokyo Dome shows he's main evented just a year or two before this).
WATCH: Shinya Hashimoto vs. Steve Corino vs. Gary Steele vs. Dylan Night - 2001
  • Remember the story last week of Randy Savage challenging Hulk Hogan to a match and talking about donating the proceeds to a local children's hospital? Well, as mentioned, Hogan was completely unaware of this. It's just Savage trying to stir some shit up on his own. The story got picked up by the local newspaper in St. Petersburg. Hogan appeared on the Bubba The Love Sponge show and addressed the issue and tried to be diplomatic about it. He said Savage's heart is in the right place, but he's going about it the wrong way by trying to put him on the spot like that. He also said he has prior commitments on the day Savage challenged him for. BubbaSponge wasn't as good humored about it, trashing Savage and saying he shouldn't be using children's hospitals for publicity stunts. Savage responded and went on a different local radio show and said he and Hogan could raise millions for the hospital by having the match broadcast on PPV and said HBO and Showtime were also interested in airing it ("now he's really getting delusional," Dave says). Savage also said he was challenging Hogan to a shoot, not a wrestling match because they've had issues with each other for awhile and he wants to settle it like men. Savage predicted their match could raise $10 million or more for the hospital. Aside from Wrestlemania 17, there hasn't been a pro wrestling event this year to generate even close to that kind of money, and Dave kinda questions Savage's sanity and thinks this whole thing is just sad and desperate (we're still 2 years away from the rap album but yeah, Savage was deep into his mid-life crisis at this point).
  • Comedy Central has reportedly purchased the entire AWA tape library from Verne Gagne and seem to be interested in running some sort of wrestling show. Dave can't imagine what they have in mind with that idea and a collection of AWA footage (pretty sure Dave got some bad info here. From what I can tell, WWE ended up buying the library from the Gagne family in 2003, so it doesn't appear Comedy Central ever bought it).
  • Chyna filmed an episode of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" that is scheduled to air in March. She also appeared on "The Last Word" with Jim Rome this week and he pressured her to say whether wrestling was sport or acting. Chyna said it was both, and Rome just couldn't comprehend it. He also talked about bitter ex-wrestlers and asked Chyna if she was bitter towards WWF. She said she didn't agree with everything that was done in regards to her departure, but refused to knock Vince. She also said she made more money from her latest Playboy spread than she did in her 6 years in WWF combined. All in all, Jim Rome was basically a dick who hates the business and was trying desperately to get her to trash professional wrestling, and she wouldn't play along.
  • This week's National Enquirer has a story about Triple H and Chyna's breakup and while it's sensationalized a bit (because it's the Enquirer), the story is basically accurate. Chyna suspected Triple H was cheating on her with Stephanie and there were rumors in the locker room saying as much, but he denied it. One day backstage, they had an argument and he stormed off, at which point Chyna snooped through his briefcase and found a bunch of love letters Stephanie had written him, some dating back more than a year. She said she confronted Stephanie and Vince, with Vince claiming that he thought Chyna and Triple H had already broken up. Dave says this actually rings true to him. Dave makes it a personal policy to try not to know about people's personal relationships like this unless it affects business, but he says even back in mid-2000, he was hearing people whisper about Triple H and Stephanie having something going on and Dave also thought Chyna and Triple H were already broken up by then. But apparently not, or at least nobody bothered to tell Chyna. Anyway, a week after Chyna discovered the letters and confronted everyone about it, she was gone from the company. Chyna has been careful not to blame that on the reason her contract wasn't renewed, but you'd have to be pretty naive to believe it didn't play a part.
  • CZW ran a show at the old ECW Arena and packed the building, with one of the largest sellout crowds for an indie show this year. The show got mixed reviews, starting an hour late and running until almost 2am. They also ran a CZW vs. ECW angle, with a bunch of ex-ECW stars showing up but word is most of them showed up out of shape, didn't take it seriously, and the whole thing came off embarrassing. After the main event (which saw Justice Pain and Wifebeater take a huge bump off a scaffold on top of a cage), Rocco Rock, Gary Wolfe, Blue Meanie, and Tod Gordon came out wearing ECW shirts. Gordon cut a promo saying the fans turned on the ECW guys and then Sandman came out to seemingly be the hero, but he took off his ECW shirt to reveal a CZW shirt. Insane Clown Posse was booked to work this show, but it was announced that they had no-showed, leading Dave to ask why anyone even bothers trying to book them anymore considering how many times they've burned promoters. And in the weirdest side note of this whole thing, legendary boxer Joe Frazier was in attendance at this show.
WATCH: Highlights from CZW Cage of Death 3 at the ECW Arena - 2001
  • Jacques Rougeau has booked a huge show at the Molson Center in Montreal that has sold nearly 6,000 tickets so far at press time, which is insane for an indie show. But Rougeau is a big name in Montreal and the show is mostly built around all the Rougeau family members teaming up for the first time in years. Sid Vicious, who hasn't appeared in pro wrestling since breaking his leg at that PPV back in the dying days of WCW is scheduled to be a referee on this show, because he's nowhere near ready to actually wrestle yet (I can't find any footage of it, but it's worth noting that a young Kevin Steen also worked this show).
  • RF Video's new promotion Ring of Honor is scheduled to debut in February and has announced a double main event. First is Eddie Guerrero vs. Super Crazy. And the other is a three-way match with Christopher Daniels vs. Low-Ki vs. American Dragon.
  • Bill Goldberg still has no interest in going to WWF but said he would love to run his own independent PPV and have matches against Steve Austin or The Rock when their WWF contracts expire. Needless to say, that's a pipe dream. Goldberg has been talking more about wanting to do MMA than return to wrestling and seems interested in going to fight for PRIDE. But Dave says there's almost no upside to that. If he wins, cool. But he's already rich and a big star. And if he loses, it pretty much destroys his aura and kills his drawing power in the future. Dave thinks it would be a bad idea.
  • Eric Bischoff is now working with K-1 and has been trying to get them a TV deal in the United States as well as talking with tour promoters to run shows here. Dave doesn't seem to have much hope for this, and Bischoff has tried several times this year to get TV deals for other wrestling and MMA ventures, with no success (yeah after the WCW/Fusient deal fell through, Bischoff spent the next year desperately trying to get pretty much anything off the ground but had no luck).
  • Remember last week how it was almost a certainty that WWF would be splitting the rosters and doing a brand split on the Jan. 7th edition of Raw? Well, once again, that's looking to be in doubt. As of press time, the company is wavering on whether to do it then or delay it again and Vince has reportedly changed his mind on it a million times. That Raw is going to be at Madison Square Garden and Triple H is expected to make his return on that show.
  • Notes from Raw: Dave says they had so much pyro during the opening that he thought they were trying to blow up the building. Austin did a promo and the crowd went crazy with the "what?" chants. Dave thinks it's probably fun for those in the building, but it makes for really annoying television (yuuup). Whole show was built around Booker T running from Austin, hiding in a church, shit like that. It was lame and ratings reflected it (plummeting throughout the show, 3rd lowest rated Raw of the year).
  • Notes from Smackdown: mostly a boring show aside from Booker T and Austin brawling in a grocery store, which was entertaining at first but Dave thinks it went on for way too long (Dave is wrong and should be ashamed of himself). They also did a Merry Christmas thing with Hugh Morrus who, in storyline, was fired last month when the Alliance lost to WWF at Survivor Series, but now he's back with no explanation and they're forgetting it ever happened, which is some WCW-level attention to detail. Jerry Lawler is still temporarily announcing both Raw and Smackdown and he's reaching a point of self-parody. Lawler has been a great announcer, but now he's just the guy who yells "Puppies!" multiple times per show and it's annoying.
WATCH: Steve Austin & Booker T brawl in a grocery store
  • Shawn Michaels met with Vince and Jim Ross last week, when he was brought in to appear on the Saturday night Excess show. Excess is a call-in show with pre-screened questions. Michaels was, of course, asked if he was ever going to return to the ring and he was non-committal and mostly avoided giving an answer either way. He said his top priority in his life right now is his son, not wrestling, and said he'd need to talk to his doctors before even considering it. Earlier this year, Shawn was scheduled to return and interfere in the Triple H/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania, but the week before, he showed up at Raw whacked out of his mind on pills and passed out backstage and that ended that. But the tension seems to have died off and Vince and Jim Ross were both receptive to the idea of Shawn coming back (yeah, at this point in his life, Shawn had finally started getting his shit together). Michaels hasn't wrestled in WWF since Wrestlemania 14 in 1998, although he did work one match for his own TWA promotion back in 2000.
  • Triple H has pretty much been living in Birmingham full-time since May when he tore his quad, only going to his real home a few times this year. He's been rehabbing full-time and has been on the road with WWF at TV events, hanging out backstage.
  • Zagat's Restaurant Guide, which is essentially the bible of New York restaurants, gave WWF New York a terrible review. It got the lowest score in Zagat's history for quality of food and one of the lowest for quality of service as well (the restaurant limps along for another year or so before they finally close it in 2003).
  • Prototype and Shelton Benjamin are going to go on the road in January and start working main roster house shows so the office can get a better idea of how they're progressing. Dave thinks Shelton Benjamin has all the in-ring tools to be a star, but he needs a lot of work on the other stuff. In particular, his promos aren't good (have they tried zooming in close on his face while he darts his eyes back and forth silently? Surely that's a winning gimmick). As for Prototype, his in-ring skills still need work, although he has improved a lot since coming to OVW. Out of everybody in developmental, Dave thinks Prototype has the most potential to become a superstar because he's got charisma and promo skills that are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else, including a lot of main roster guys. In fact, if he came up to the main roster today, Dave thinks he'd be a better promo than all but maybe 4 or 5 WWF stars currently on the roster. Randy Orton is a better in-ring worker, but Prototype just has "it" and Dave predicts big things for him. Leviathan has a great presence and charisma but his in-ring work is still pretty rough. But Dave thinks both he and Lesnar also have a lot of potential to be big stars.
  • Rock has to re-shoot scenes for Scorpion King so he won't be working much in January so they can get the movie finished in time for the April release date. He'll still work TV and PPVs, but very few house shows.
  • listed Vince McMahon as a candidate for "Unsportsman of the Year." For, well, lots of reasons. The XFL flop, the Costas interview, the Kiss My Ass club stuff, etc. Forbes also listed him as the 13th "Most Fascinating Business Tycoon." Vince is also #364 on the Forbes 400 richest people in America.
  • There was a situation at an HWA show that got out of hand this week. It happened during a 6-man match with Rikishi & The Island Boyz (Umaga and Rosey) vs. Russ McCullough, Haku, & Elix Skipper. During the match, McCullough was holding Rikishi for Haku to kick him and the idea was Rikishi would move and Haku would kick his partner by accident. Except McCullough didn't let Rikishi go while holding him and it resulted in Rikishi accidentally taking a stiff kick to the head from Haku. Infuriated, Rikishi grabbed a plastic chair and started beating the absolute shit out of McCullough with it as hard as he could, legit, and started cursing him and challenging him to a shoot. If you recall from the last issue, McCullough was told last week that he was being released when his developmental contract expires this month. So he only had a week left in the company when working this show and he knew it. So he just said, "fuck this," and left the ring mid-match and went back to the locker room, never to return, leading the confused referee to call for the bell since Rikishi obviously got DQ'd. Going into the match, McCullough was already unhappy since he was booked to do the job and take a stinkface from Rikishi, neither of which he wanted to do. Following the match, Rikishi and McCullough got into a shouting match backstage. HWA promoter Les Thatcher went ahead and told McCullough that he could leave a week early, so he's officially done with the company now. As for Rikishi, there's a lot of people feel he could have handled the situation better, since he's the veteran who should know not to lose his temper and derail a match because of a blown spot and also because he's supposed to set an example for the developmental wrestlers on how to handle things like that. Giving a guy a receipt for stiffing you is one thing, but many felt that Rikishi went way too far by assaulting McCullough with a weapon and causing the match to get scrapped before they could do the planned finish (no video of this that I can find anywhere).
  • Speaking of HWA guys who were let go, Kid Romeo and Evan Karagis were also told their contracts wouldn't be renewed last week and rather than stick around for their last few weeks, both guys just quit, never to return. Allan Funk (formerly Kwee Wee in WCW) was also released by WWF and Les Thatcher has been pretty outspoken about that one, saying he wishes he could have kept him. Meanwhile, Tough Enough winner Maven is still working here for now and he's....not good. He's extremely charismatic and has been getting huge pops at all the shows because fans know him from Tough Enough. But when the bell rings, he's said to be so green that under normal circumstances, he wouldn't even be allowed in the ring yet. But because he's so popular, they're sticking him in tag matches to hide his inexperience and are still using him.
  • Following the interview with former referee Billy Silverman last week where he detailed the bullying and hazing he suffered in WWF, there's been a lot of talk about "ribs" in pro wrestling. Sometimes ribs are fine, just harmless pranks to break up the monotony of guys living on the road. For instance, Owen Hart was notorious for pulling funny, but ultimately harmless ribs. But sometimes, you get sadistic assholes (coughBradshawcough) who take it too far, doing things like shitting in people's bags, cutting up their clothes, and things like that. Actually, I don't know why I'm cough hinting at it. Dave outright names Bradshaw as the primary person who bullied Silverman right out of the company. Silverman has since threatened a lawsuit against the WWF over all this while also adding that he was harassed about being Jewish (he's actually not, "Billy Silverman" is just a stage name, but still). It's noted that Silverman did report the hazing to talent relations. WWF has an HR department, but he didn't report it to them at the time because he was smart enough to know that if he did, the bullying would have only gotten worse and he would have been shunned from the locker room for being a snitch. Regardless, Dave hopes this whole thing can maybe be an eye-opening experience that this sort of stuff isn't funny (nearly 20 years later, JBL still works for WWE and as Mauro Ranallo can attest, he hasn't changed a bit).
  • There's a TON of letters this week, and most of them are people complaining about how the WWF product has become totally stagnant and shitty in the last 8 months since WCW folded and how Vince McMahon refuses to listen to the fans who want something different. The more things change...
FRIDAY: The end.
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2019.06.21 03:32 Lezbelle666 13 years legally fucking female, as a transgender woman how much longer do I have to listen to "he, him, his" and every other wrong pronoun, before I take my fucking life in quest of sheer happiness???

Having been pepper spray maced to the fucking face by some cisgender woman about as dumb as a dead Live oak stump submerged for 10 years in a Florida swamp, need I ask how much more I've got to put up with? I already know that I don't fit the definition of the traditional woman. I don't fucking want to; in fact, I can't stand the soccer mommy types and other kinds of breeders. I don't even give a flying fuck for my own niece, a breeder married to some cop in Oregon for something like 15 motherfucking years. Honestly, I have no interest in family. To me it is fucking boring to the max.
And so I told my mother when she asked me the following question when I first came out back inl 2006; " I still don't know what made you want to change like you did? I am convinced it has something to do with some banging your head around when they go salted you, and nearly killed you in that pot deal gone bad. The one where the southbury police framed you as the bad person instead of going after that bunch of young thugs." ( You could use that word again. Now that I remember they were members of ICP or Insane Clown Posse, xenophobic white wannabe gangstas into "white power" and shit like that. Like the obviously corrupt southbury Popo, they simply saw me this some sort of "faggot in the closet" or something like that.)
My mother had a point, I haven't lived with her most of my life I never really grew up and became this boring adult type person. You know, the job, the marriage, all the fucking bullshit, and yes, the little brats running around the yard. Not that I really give a flying fuck because , as " It", that was never, ever going to happen. I simply didn't have any "gold" to offer some gold digging heterosexual bitch; that said there was never any fucking God damn man thing. All there was was a piece of motherfucking DOGSHIT; something I tried to kill off but probably chickened out at the last minute back in 1996. The time when, working some stupid Goodwill job that almost made me lose my fucking Social Security I've been getting since 1989-for a WORTHLESS SHIT JOB that ain't even worth getting up in the morning for, I ran across Interstate 4 freeway just south of Orlando, Florida and just for the hopes of going to the land of promises!!!
The assault occurring years later after I first moved to upstate New York, to a place called East Meredith (in hopes of going to college at State University of New York Delhi College), and then back to southbury, Connecticut where my mom had moved, it made me finally realize that I never was going to be that male monkey thing I was expected to be. something based upon a WORTHLESS " part" attached to my body and nothing fucking else in life, mind you.
The answer I gave my mother? " I wanted to outfits the bitches, hos, and CUNTS. All the corporate soccer mommy's crazy looking pretty for the same old rooster still find them appealing after five thousand years of marriage!!!"
Actually right about that time I began reading a transsexuals diary online is some transgender site called tuxwerx. She being from San Jose, California I identified with many of the same feelings. The only difference being that unlike me, she grew up as the m thing kind of went to college, became a software engineer at Siemens, and yes, got married and had four children. the other thing different Dean that she went into the air Force during the Vietnam war to hopefully "masculinize herself"; something with your friend of mine, Warren, from West Hartford Connecticut had a bisexual man, also did back in the 70s. He instead becoming a nurse after they decided that he was mentally unfit for combat. ( Need I say that it was in the US Navy that he began to realize, more and more to himself oh, so he was more gay than straight?? As he said to me many times, " if you're looking for semen enlist in the US Navy. You'll find 20 of them there!!!" )
Nevertheless, I'm not fucking " GAY"; HAD THAT BEEN THE CASE I WOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS 35 CHRONOLOGICAL FUCKING YEARS AGO!!! A time when, sting bicurious and dating some gay man, I used to stay over his house, only to watch porno videos of women peeing in the toilet. videos that were obviously taken without their consent, mind you, I bought a couple of films while up in New York City and brought them back to Florida where I live with my parents, as it, at the time. This being right around 1986 when I used to go to a lot of AA meetings and other 12-step groups.
right now, the only thing I give a fuck about is getting back to California, and yes, getting what the fuck I need. #MEDICAREGRS and #MediCalGRS. I've been working with the gender Health Center in Sacramento, California the last three years, almost, homeless and living in Chico until I finally left after getting my purse stolen along with several identity documents including us total valid till November 2020 New Mexico driver's license I was about to exchange for the California driver's license.
Something which, without my knowledge obviously ended up online and used to traduce destroy my chances of getting what the fuck I need to have a reason to stay alive, mind you. there was a reason I burned every one of those fucking baby pictures, as well as every childhood picture when my mother asked me if I wanted them; at which time I replied, " YEAH. I'M GOING TO TAKE THEM AND BURN THEM JUST LIKE I DID THAT BIRTH CERTIFICATE AFTER I GOT THE NEW ONE WITH MY LEGAL NAME ON IT, I'M GOING TO BURN THEM IN THE TOILET BOWL AND THEN FLUSH THEM DOWN SO I'LL NEVER HAVE TO REMEMBER BEING THAT WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT ANYTIME BEFORE THE THE DAY I DIE AND 3 DAYS LATER WHEN I AM RESURRECTED!!!"
And that is the way I wanted it. Not to be profiled as some gay puto, sex worker, or whatever the fuck out these morons who stole my ID, a boost more likely than not initiated by a certain redneck pile of white supremacist shit in the chico homeless community named Christy " Dee Dee" Hughes. Her redneck piece of shit husband as well.
all because they interfered with my life, and got all upset when they overheard me voice to texting, as I am doing right now, into my cell phone and posting something on Facebook about how much I hated my fucking sister, Linda Hayduk; a Republican corporate bitch who later became a right wing, Repugnant wing of the American Republican party Fox News enthusiast. That and the fact that I also posted about how annoying I sound it when somebody says Merry Christmas to you, and yes, the fact that I am honest enough to reply " thank you but I don't celebrate the holiday anymore. I don't believe in Jesus Christ, but you have a wonderful holiday yourself!!"
Christian redneck is the word to describe these fucking cretins!!! The problem is this. I'm too smart to believe in slang tooth fairies in the sky as the answer to all of life's problems. I figured out the meaningless and that many years ago, thank you very much. Doing so stock around age 12, shortly after that stupid confirmation my mother made me go to just to please my Aunt Rita. My so-called "godmother" in the fucking Catholic religion I was raised in, but never really forced to adhere to. sometime around age 18 after listening to that iron maiden song, 666 the number of the Beast, I became interested in atheistic and agnostic satanism. having moved to Florida with my parents so I couldn't afford to support myself, as "It"-a name I now use to describe my former life, because I don't even want to remember that old fucking name for the simple reason that it never fucking represented me another was going to represent me until long after I was fucking finally dead, I could not even hold a full-time job.
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Sexually speaking I had sex with one woman, one time in my life. Actually four times in the same week. This fact and September of 1984. The first semester I ever spent in college; I was at Norwalk State technical college, now called Norwalk Community College in Norwalk, Connecticut. I'm at this married but legally separated woman who simply wanted sex and nothing else. I being the co-dependent relationship addict at the time oh, naturally, I wanted more. I was looking for somebody to make life worth living; however, every time that chance ever came, I would blow it!!
the gay thing? I never took to it. It just wasn't me. however, the first time I had sex in that one week, out of the four times with that married but separated woman, I was just interested in fucking her that I was in being able to pee just like she did. Since the age of 13 I had been secretly sitting down to pee as it was; also being the voi are, I would listen to the sound of women peeing through the bathroom door in both my house, and when waiting in line at the 12-step groups to use single-use, unisex restroom.
Something I thought was a ": fetish", but I later learned in 2002 at a Peace flag meeting I was attending in support of a gay man I knew from another emotions Anonymous meeting in West Hartford, Connecticut after moving back North, was actually called TRANSGENDER.
That's said, in May of 2005 I bought my first SKIRTS at Kmart IN SOUTHBURY, CONNECTICUT. MAY 28TH 2006, USING AN ONLINE PHARMACY FROM THAILAND, I BEGAN TAKING BOTH FEMALE ESTROGEN AND THE POWERFUL ANDROGEN BLOCKER BETTER KNOWN AS SPIRONOLACTONE. the latter being something that kills off former life sex drive in similar fashion to chemical castration of a cat, let's say, finally I was able to have respect for women.
Not that I did not in that former life. I was always attracted to butchy femme lesbians!!! Finally I was free to be the woman I was inside, legally changing my name August 22, 2006, and yes, the gender on my Connecticut driver's license October 4th, 2006; y'all going to callen Lorde in February of 2007 come on West 18th Street in New York, New York and getting my hormones legally, going to a gay and lesbian bar called a duplex, on 7th Avenue South and Sheridan Square, when the gay guys told me I should learn more how to sit like a lady and everything from the women downstairs, and then warned me " so most of them being lesbians, you're not going to really learn how to be a lady from them!!", I was like, lesbians? Downstairs? I always liked those kind of women anyway; women who didn't sacrifice themselves to be some princess Diana type lady creature or Westport, Connecticut Valley girl."
Having dated one man when I first came out, a man who had other transgender women as girlfriend's but consider themselves straight, I knew it wasn't right for me right then. This, despite the fact that he was a really nice Black man home everybody said, did not act like those in New York City typically act. From coatesville, Pennsylvania in the Amish country near Lancaster in Lancaster County he had southern-style manners. that and he was a writer, he wanted to go back to Germany to live with this trans woman who was a professional, had her own flat and a good job; I was definitely into women. Just like I was before I came out of the closet. The only difference being I could not relate to women on a woman to woman cases instead of trying to pretend to be some fake robotic creature as the goddamn M-thing I had existed as for 42 years!!!
No, I'm not going to kill myself quite yet. Rather, next month I plan on going back to fucking California because I could get my transgender health coverage there, including that fucking surgery I want!! I don't really give a flying fuck about housing right this very moment. I held off rushing into that and Chico, by the way, for the simple reason that I did not want to be around cretans like what I was dealing with with that bitch Christy Hughes. Her name, how can we put a sights on WHO this " Dee Dee" was, I learned from the Butte County crime victims advocacy. NOT from Chico Popo officer Ratto, who showed up at the scene, I only read ready to Railroad me in the more 5150 fucking worthless mental Health bulshit rather than doing this goddamn job that should have been expected!!
I mean what the hell did I do wrong? Hate my own sister on a fucking Facebook page? Which, naturally, was their excuse they used to attack me; " you can't be a woman because women don't hate their sisters with such vicious language like you said about your own sister. Women love their sisters."
basically a crock of white supremacist Christian redneck bulshit if I ever heard any, however, the mostly bigoted Chico police, both #blackphobic and #transphobic, the latter which was proven by the shooting of mentally ill twenty-five-year-old #DesmondPhillips on March 17th, 2017 what I first got to Chico come about a month later, need I even wonder after the fact that they sided with these SHITBIRDS??
To which I'm planning to possibly sue the chico police for this transphobic discrimination; I mean I didn't kill my fucking sister. Nor did I threaten her in any way. I unfriended the bitch something like 6 years ago on Facebook; back when I was still at New Mexico State University Dona Ana Community College branch and she told me that she didn't like all the swear words I used on Facebook. That she had other family members, to which I told her, learn Mexican Spanish the easy way, today's words being chinga tu madre, it means the same as vaffanculo in Italian!! Make that chinga tu madre muerte, what you mean FUCK YOU and YOUR DEAD MOTHER, LINDA!!"
no I don't give a flying fuck about my sister anymore. she having strange me three years ago, I did say some nasty things. Stuff like how I wouldn't give a shit if she got killed by a train after sliding off the platform on icy pavement and much more, including a healthy auto accident on the Interstate 495 Long Island freeway. This, and retaliation to her saying, I don't care. Call your niece Jamie in Oregon, maybe she cares?
and I don't. I knew the family was fucking dead once my mother died; I know, straight up I told my sister got our mother was dead. that I no longer believed in the Catholic fairytale that Mom was up in heaven some place looking down upon me and only proud of me when I accomplished something great. For example, that one time I was on the honor roll the very first semester I started at Dona Ana NMSU. Admitting that I no longer had any use for flying tooth fairies in the sky, that's the Easter Bunny actually made Easter interesting and still does for children to this day!!! Easter being one of the three most boring, meaningless holidays I have ever seen, should I say that I never saw the sense in celebrating some dead Jew the guard about 2,000 years ago??
guaranteed national minimum income, single-payer healthcare, free college education for all students both matriculating, and non matriculating, transgender healthcare including full coverage of the surgical procedures as is done in more advanced countries in the first world, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and France being just a few of those countries, that does more to help the homeless then believing in flying fairies in the sky or the ghosts of such flying fairies!!!
As I said already, I am an agnostic Satanist. Remember, at least online because there are no chapters in my area, of the satanic temple, after reading Anton szandor LaVey's most famous book, The Satanic Bible, back when I first moved to Florida and was sick and tired of all the born-again Christian idiots coming into the AA and NA meetings and preaching their Jesus as the only solution to "spirituality", more and more, I decided to dig deeper beyond that song by iron maiden. 666 the number of the Beast.
That said, I don't even know my family anymore. They all grew up, sold out, became a bunch of children raising BREEDERS and are busy living still lives list of families. The same old sit, stand, stand kneel Catholic bulshit being passed down from generation to generation; the same old lies that we, as teenagers, we're all rebelling against, they sold out and bought into.
Thus bringing me to this. I am glad I didn't become a sell-out. I'm glad I never grew up and became an adult, unlike the rest of my pathetic generation!! my psychologist at the Time, dr. Michael Scott Johnson was in office in Danbury, Connecticut having told me, right about the time he was working on the letter for a Connecticut DMV to do the gender change, Legally, must I say, he had told me the following. " I already knew that you were never going to have a successful male to female relationship as you desired. Simply because you were too angry at women to even be able to get along with any woman; now you seem different after starting the hormones."
He was right. That and the fact that I identified with women who were often femme-butch lesbians; I was seeking a woman who could climb up my castle walls and rescue ME from my "evil stepmother". Not the other way around. I was looking for a woman who could out swear our very own parakeet on her shoulder; "Polly the parrot says go fuck yourself!!! Totally, I am sure!!"
You get the idea now. What people don't understand is des. I am egocentric. I worry about myself first before devoting my time to other people. That's why I don't believe the whole Christian fairytale thing, Anton LaVey was right what he said none of it is natural to the human animal in his or her natural state.
That said, I'm pursuing the #vulvoplastyGRS, at which time I will make up for lost time, and believe me, go out and play the lesbian field as if there were no end to it. I'll probably end up going back to school too. After all, what else am I doing with my life? go back to school to learn to myself. Not for some stupid fucking job and some stupid fucking corporation that wants me to learn groupthink horseshit so I could be a better team fucking player which I never was oh, I never ever want to be!!!
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2019.05.29 16:06 eventbot What's happening around town (Wed, May 29th - Tue, Jun 4th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


  • Concerts in the Park (Hafer Park - Edmond) Thru Thu, Aug 15th Hafer Park transforms into concert central Thursday evenings in the summer. Head to Edmond for the weekly Concerts in the…
  • Hicks and Booneshine (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Nov 25th Live talk show with Spencer Hicks and Kristy Boone.…
  • Horseplay (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jul 14th See Tom Lovell's sketches and studies of horses in the latest Horseplay exhibit at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage…
  • Support Local Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th Start Time: 6:00pm SUPPORT LOCAL ART SHOW. More details to TBA

Wednesday, May 29th

  • Andy Hedges in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Songster, storyteller, and guitarist Andy Hedges stops at The Blue Door in Oklahoma City for a special evening of…
  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • Because It's Wednesday Band (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Join us on Hump day and rock out with the Because It's Wednesday Band!
  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE Yoga (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:45pm Botanical Balance FREE YOGA presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays, 5:45 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Check in at the Visitor Center and find out location which changes depending on the season Instructors provided by This Land Yoga Bring a mat, water, and an “open mind”…
  • 🍴 Dope Poetry Night (ICE Event Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Every Wednesday night at the Ice Event Center Sports Bar and Grill located at the heart of Oklahoma City! Sign ups begin at 7pm and show begins at 7:30pmish. Free Admission! Free vendor set up! Bar Restaurant
  • Free Team Trivia Night (Othello's of Norman - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm Join us every Wednesday for FREE Team Trivia Night at Othello's hosted by Challenge Entertainment! FREE to play! Play solo or bring your friends and play...
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Andy Hedges is a songster, reciter, storyteller, guitarist, and collector of cowboy songs and poems. The son of an Italian schoolteacher and a rodeo cowboy turned preacher, Andy was born in Lubbock, Texas, in the spring of 1980. He grew up in the small community of Tokio, Texas, where his family paid rent on an old farmhouse by looking after a…
  • 🎓 Managing Stress (Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center - Edmond) Start Time: 6:30pm Being stressed is uncomfortable. When you know why stress happens, you will know how to deal with it and how to antidote it. The trick is to learn the essential tools that stop stress happening.
    Regardless of its origins, stress drains our physical, emotional and mental energy.
    Several myths exist about the causes of stress and the most…
  • Reading Wednesdays, Ages 2-5 (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:30am Reading Wednesdays Every Wednesday, 9:30 am The Garden Classroom FREE Best for ages 2 to 5 Bring your youngster for story time each Wednesday at 9:30 am. Books are nature-themed and selected based on the season. We’ll begin with an interactive song and children will enjoy creating a small craft after the story. Join us the last Wednesday of…
  • 😂 Shang (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jun 1st
  • SINGO Wednesdays (Lower Bricktown - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Beat the midweek hump with the new bar game that everyone is talking about! SINGO is a new and exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music. Enjoy 1/2 price domestic drafts & discounted appetizers! Plus we will be giving prizes each night to the winners.…
  • 🏆 Wild Wednesdays (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Enjoy more winning every Wednesday in May when Wild Wednesdays get started from 6 to 10pm. Just play the Remington Park Casino games while using your...

Thursday, May 30th

  • Art Adventures (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) Start Time: 10:30am
  • 🎓 Blast Off to Summer! Summer Kick Off (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 10:30am Join Purcell Public Library as we kick off our Summer Learning Program with some out-of-this-world fun! Kids are invited to sign up for the challenge,...
  • 🎭 The Comedy Magic & Mentalism of Max Krause 13+ (Max's Magic Theatre - OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:15pm 13+ Ages
  • Disney Trip Tips (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm A trip to Disney is a financial investment in family time. We want to help you save some time and money on your next trip to Disney. Come hear tips...
  • 🎓 Family Workshop: Twig Engineering (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 2:00pm Thursday, May 30, 2-3pm The Garden Classroom and Garden Grounds Member $6; Nonmember $8 Best for ages 8 to 11 Register by Friday, May 24 REGISTER HERE Calling all future scientists, engineers and foresters! Kids will use their imagination and STEAM skills to create twig boats out of natural materials. We’ll discuss ideas for successful boats…
  • Johnnyswim in Concert (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Head to The Jones Assembly in Oklahoma City for an evening of storytelling with Johnnyswim. Married couple and musical…
  • JOHNNYSWIM MOONLIGHT TOUR (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm To purchase tickets for this event, please visit our partner website HERE ! Doors at 6:30. Full bar and walk-up food window available. Rain or shine event. No re-entry. No refunds. No smoking. Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Support acts are subject to change without notice.
  • 🎓 Kharma (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Kharma with Exit Strategy and OTM This show is all ages. $10
  • Music to Meals: An ABLE Benefit (The Depot - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Local musicians Ken Pomeroy and Brother Heywood and will be providing the entertainment for our kick-off to summer concert, benefiting ABLE Community Based Services. Both musicians recently performed at the Rodeo Opry, in the historic Stockyards City in OKC. Hors d'oeuvres will be provided, courtesy of, and a cash bar will be available from El…
  • Navy Southwest’s 32nd Street Brass Band performance (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am Thursday, May 30, 11am and then again at 7pm Bandshell and The Devon Lawn FREE Bring lawns chairs, have a picnic In celebration of Navy Week (May 27-June 2) the Navy Southwest’s 32nd Street brass band will present two concerts in the Gardens. A short performance at 11am followed by a full brass band performance at 7pm. This band, stationed in…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • 😂 Shang (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jun 1st
  • Sick Ride // RedWitch Johnny (Blue Note - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm Sick Ride -- disco death rock outta Lafayette, LA RedWitch Johnny -- fuzzy rock & roll from Stillwell, OK...
  • Toadies in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Catch grunge band Toadies live as they take the Tower Theatre stage in Oklahoma City. With seven studios' worth of…

Friday, May 31st

  • 🎨 Connect:Collect Print as Object (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Connect:Collect “Connect:Collect” is a print exchange and exhibition which will introduce emerging and mid-career printmakers from Oklahoma to artists...
  • Food Truck Fridays (Moore Central Park - Moore) Sample a variety of tasty, creative eats served up fresh from food trucks on hand. At Food Truck Fridays in Moore, line up…
  • H&8th Night Market (Elemental Coffee - Oklahoma City) Once a year, gourmet food trucks, musicians and local businesses come together for the annual H&8th Night Market in…
  • Layers of Pink (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎭 Line Dance Your Way to the Stars (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us as we blast off into summer with a boot scootin' good time! Adults and teens will move their celestial bodies to the tune of Country and Western...
  • Live @ Legacy: John Calvin and Camille Harp (Legacy Park - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🎨 Meeting Gorbachev (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm In this absorbing new documentary from the most mercurial master of the form, Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams), we witness Soviet...
  • Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic (Central Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 2nd Dedicate your weekend to food, fun, fuel and entertainment at Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic, a three-day cycling…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • 😂 Shang (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • Street Noise, Johnny Manchild, & Limp Wizurdz (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Presenting one of OKC's newest pop-punk/indie rock bands: Street Noise! Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards and Limp Wizurdz will also grace us with...
  • Struggle Jennings - Meet & Greet (Your Mom's Place - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Headliner: Struggle Jennings Main Support: Brianna Harness Big Buzz The Stixxx
  • Summer Celebration Series: Weather (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Friday, May 31, 10 am-2 pm Children’s Garden Member $5; Nonmember $7 Join us for the first of three Summer Celebrations in the Children’s Garden as we explore the thunderous topic of weather! Demonstrations, hands-on activities, experiments, crafts, games and more will be available for families to learn about cloud types, storm formations…
  • 🍴 Teen YouTube Night (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 6:00pm This will be a fun filled night of trying not to laugh as each participant tries to get the audience to crack up. Snacks available. The City of...
  • 🍴 Tony and Tina's Wedding (Chester's Party Barn & Farm - Piedmont) Start Time: 7:00pm Due to the overwhelming interest, we have added another weekend to come and see and be involved in this immersive dinner theater show. State Door Theatre, in conjunction with Chester's Party Barn have created a dinner theater experience like no other.
  • What She Said Duo (Redrock Canyon Grill - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Wild Rumpus Summer Reading Kick-off with the Navy Brass Band (Edmond) Start Time: 6:30pm Help us celebrate the start of our Summer Reading Program in this event for the whole family! Our Wild Rumpus will feature a performance from the Navy 32nd Street Brass Band live from the stage in Shannon Miller Park. Bring your own lawn chairs and picnic blankets, we'll provide the lawn games, popcorn and water! Snow cones will be available for…

Saturday, Jun 1st

  • Betting On A Cure (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Help us Celebrate 10 Years of Betting on a Cure, Horsemen Helping Horsemen. Join us for an evening of exciting Quarter Horse Racing which includes the $1...
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE Yoga (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am Botanical Balance FREE YOGA presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays, 5:45 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Check in at the Visitor Center and find out location which changes depending on the season Instructors provided by This Land Yoga Bring a mat, water, and an “open mind”…
  • Central OK Heart Walk (Bicentennial Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am The 2019 Central OK Heart Walk in Oklahoma City is a great way to have fun while staying healthy. Heart Walk encourages…
  • 🏆 CMSA Mid Central Regional (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Start Time: 8:00am Cowboy Mounted Shooters take on the Lazy E Arena for the Mid Central Regional.
  • 🎭 The Comedy Magic & Mentalism of Max Krause - Matinee Show (Max's Magic Theatre - OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 1:45pm Ages 5+
  • Dance of the Seasons (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Celebrate spring with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic's Classic Concert Series. Dance of the Seasons features violinist…
  • Edmond Electric Touch-a-Truck 2019 (Edmond) Start Time: 9:00am Touch-A-Truck is a fundraising event that provides kids of all ages with the opportunity to experience life-size vehicles and interact with community...
  • 🎓 Epic Charter Schools Graduation (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 3:00pm
  • 🎓 Essentials of Raja Yoga Meditation- a day course (Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center - Edmond) Start Time: 12:00pm Taking time out has always been a vital part of improving the quality of life, refreshing our understanding of events and re-charging the spirit. A day Retreat is an opportunity to step off the conveyor belt of life and spend time in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere, reflecting upon and exploring the important factors governing our…
  • 🎓 Families Explore: Constellations (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 11:00am Families are invited to come enjoy books and activities exploring the vast night sky and our constellations! Registration is required for these free...
  • Family Fishing Derby (Griffin Community Park - Norman) Start Time: 7:00am
  • Edmond Farmer's Market (Festival Marketplace - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00am
  • Granger Smith in Concert (Starlight Amphitheater @ Frontier City - Oklahoma City) Spend the day splashing in the Renegade Rapids or screaming on the Silver Bullet at Frontier City Theme Park before relaxing…
  • Insane Clown Posse in Concert (Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City) Join the gathering of Juggalos and Juggalettes in Oklahoma City this June as hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse headlines at…
  • Junk Utopia (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am Search through someone else’s trash for your next treasure at the Junk Utopia Show in Oklahoma City. Whether…
  • Morgan Horse Association Showcase (Purcell Expo Center - Purcell) Day 1 of 2 Come watch riders compete at the Sooner State Morgan Horse Association seasonal showcase at the McClain County Expo Center…
  • 🏆 OKC Energy FC vs. LA Galaxy II (Taft Stadium - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Experience the excitement of major league soccer in Oklahoma as the Oklahoma City Energy Football Club takes on LA Galaxy II…
  • Oklahoma Route 66 Corvette Round Up (Hafer Park - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00am Browse rows of impressive classic cars at the Oklahoma Route 66 Corvette Round Up in Edmond. This event celebrates historic…
  • Oklahoma Senior Follies Show (Kirkpatrick Auditorium - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Oklahoma's greatest senior talents will take the stage for a delightful Oklahoma Senior Follies Show. Pick up tickets to…
  • Plant Slant Cooking (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 11:00am Adults, do you want to learn how to make healthy food and eat a more plant-based diet? Come and join us for some exciting new ideas! Registration is...
  • Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic (Central Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Dedicate your weekend to food, fun, fuel and entertainment at Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic, a three-day cycling…
  • Red Brick Nights (Oklahoma Ave & Wentz Ave - Guthrie) From May to September, look forward to Guthrie's monthly Red Brick Nights, the town's food truck and live…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • Repticon Reptile & Exotic Animal Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 The Repticon Reptile & Exotic Animal Show at Oklahoma State Fair Park in OKC features vendors with reptile pets,…
  • Route 66 Triathlon (Lake El Reno - El Reno) The 12th annual Route 66 Triathlon held at Lake El Reno will host the sprint distance high school state championship, and…
  • 🏃 Run For The Dream (Stars & Stripes Park - Oklahoma City)
    Beautiful Dream Society will host its 7th annual 2K Fun Run, 5K, and 10K races to raise funds and awareness for victims of human trafficking and to help the fight against modern day slavery in Lesotho, Africa and in Oklahoma.
  • Saturday for Kids: Cowboy Life (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Cowboy life was not all about taking care of cattle. Out on the range or on long cattle drives, cowboys also had to take care of themselves. Discover how they cared for their day-to-day needs and what they did for entertainment. Free for children and accompanying adults. Available while supplies last.
  • 😂 Shang (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • 🏆 Speedhorse Graham Paint & Appaloosa Futurity-G1, Trials (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 12:00pm The $100,000 (added) Speedhorse Paint & Appaloosa Futurity-G1 will be ran at Remington Park on June 1, 2019. View a list of entries here:...
  • Star Spangled Salute Air & Space Show (Tinker AFB) Day 1 of 2 Performances by:
    • F-16 Viper Demo Team
    • U.S. Navy Blue Angels
  • Touch-A-Truck (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Pack the kids into your car and head to the University of Central Oklahoma for the annual Touch-A-Truck event. Children are…

Sunday, Jun 2nd

  • Morgan Horse Association Showcase (Purcell Expo Center - Purcell) Day 2 of 2 Come watch riders compete at the Sooner State Morgan Horse Association seasonal showcase at the McClain County Expo Center…
  • Oklahoma Senior Follies Show (Kirkpatrick Auditorium - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Oklahoma's greatest senior talents will take the stage for a delightful Oklahoma Senior Follies Show. Pick up tickets to…
  • Oklahoma Victory Dolls Bout (Star Skate - Norman) Catch the buzz as the Oklahoma Victory Dolls put on an electrifying dance of athleticism and grace when jammers and blockers…
  • Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic (Central Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City) Last Day Dedicate your weekend to food, fun, fuel and entertainment at Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic, a three-day cycling…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • Repticon Reptile & Exotic Animal Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 The Repticon Reptile & Exotic Animal Show at Oklahoma State Fair Park in OKC features vendors with reptile pets,…
  • Star Spangled Salute Air & Space Show (Tinker AFB) Day 2 of 2 Performances by:
    • F-16 Viper Demo Team
    • U.S. Navy Blue Angels
  • Steve Martin & Martin Short (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Don't miss Steve Martin and Martin Short at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall. Together, the two Martins will…
  • Sunday Twilight Concert Series (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Bring a lawn chair, a picnic and the whole family to the Sunday Twilight Concert Series on the Myriad Botanical…

Monday, Jun 3rd

  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…

Tuesday, Jun 4th

  • Chisholm Creek Rooftop Hop (Chisholm Creek - Oklahoma City) This summer, prepare for ample live music opportunities. Each Tuesday night, head over to Chisholm Creek to enjoy Happy Hour…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Sacramento River Cats (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Thu, Jun 6th Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Sacramento River…
  • Luis Miguel - Tour 2019 (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:30pm Grammy Award-winning artist Luis Miguel is headed to the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. Known for his…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • Wheeler Criterium (Oklahoma City) Once the weather starts warming up, gather your crew and head south of the Oklahoma River for the Wheeler Criterium each and…

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2019.05.25 17:40 grassycheesecake What it means to be Bard of Rage (thoughts on the epilogue and the Rage aspect)

Hey y'all, I posted one of my long theories/analyses on here a while back and it sparked some interesting conversation, so I thought I'd repost the other one I wrote from my pillowfort as well.
Thanks to the epilogue, I think I finally have an understanding of the Rage aspect and what the fuck Gamzee's classpect is supposed to mean.
(warning for epilogue spoilers if that wasn't obvious)
Throughout the history of the homestuck fandom and classpect analysis, I think I can say with fair certainty that Rage has always been the aspect least well understood. Neither canon rage player ever goes God Tier or really does much to directly show their powers, and the personality quiz summary just brought up more questions than answers. I mean, okay, we know that a Rage player would rather have anarchy based on truth than peace based on falsehood, but how does that translate to literal rage or to, y'know, actual powers? I've been trying to figure it out for a while, and thanks to watching Gamzee's role in the epilogue, I think I finally have answers.
Rage is the aspect of absolute truth and righteous anger. Thanks to the really poor explanations we've been given by official sources, I think that Rage is best understood through its role as a foil to hope. Hope is, among other things, the aspect of belief. Through the power of Hope, the unbelievable becomes believable. Thus, as the foil of Hope, Rage must be the aspect of truth. Rage players boil reality down to what it is, nothing more or less, and they are filled with anger when that truth is challenged. And based on the discussion of truth and canon in the epilogue, it seems likely to me that Rage players are also connected to canon.
Through this interpretation of Rage, the Makaras finally start to make sense. Gamzee is the Bard of Rage, the one who invites the destruction of truth and destruction through anger, and he fulfills this role perfectly.
There are three instances in canon in which Gamzee's presence as the Bard of Rage has a visible effect. The first occurs on the meteor, when he steps outside of his role as a passive player and fulfills a more Prince-like active destroyer role. In this part of the story, Gamzee acts out the most literal interpretation of his class. He is a destroyer and a Rage player, so he destroys in a fit of Rage. I mean hell, we even call the state that he works himself into in that section "rage mode." And with regards to the less literal sides of the aspect, the rage of his outburst is initially a reaction to Dave making fun of his religion. And as absurd as it is, Gamzee's religion is very much rooted in truth. To quote the comic, his religion "foretells of a BAND OF ROWDY AND CAPRICIOUS MINSTRELS which will rise one day on a MYTHICAL PARADISE PLANET that does not exist yet." This sounds pretty damn stupid, but it's true. One day on Earth, a planet that does not yet exist at Gamzee's time and that was meant to be a paradise planet for the game winning trolls, the Insane Clown Posse will one day exist. And so Gamzee's Rage, fueled by righteous anger at the dismissal of his most closely held truth, is his tool for destruction.
Then, later in the series, Gamzee falls more neatly into his role as a passive conduit for the destruction of truth. A more subtle example of this can be seen in how Gamzee effects the pre and post-retcon timelines in the comic. In the doomed timeline, Gamzee is an active agent. He doesn't do a whole lot of his own volition except for date Terezi and then attack her in a rage once he's free from mind control, but his mere presence is enough. He seeds chaos through his presence on the meteor and is used by Aranea to wreak havoc. One of the changes to the timeline in the post-retcon route is his elimination, and this might be the most important change of all. With Gamzee locked in the fridge and out of the picture, the characters can go on to win the game and become the alpha versions of themselves. This is because Gamzee's presence as the passive destroyer of truth has been negated. If he's there, then the story cannot be true.
In essence, Gamzee’s presence in the doomed timeline facilitated the destruction of its truthfulness, and without this truthfulness (one of Rose’s three pillars), the timeline that he was active in was doomed to not be canon.
A similar effect can also be seen in the epilogue’s candy route. Here it’s John’s choice that dooms his timeline to be non-canon, but Gamzee’s presence makes things so much worse. Once freed from the fridge, his presence eats away at the truth (at canon), sending the plot spiraling and confusing the characterization of those around him. Not only does he obscure the truth of the narrative as he gains power in the epilogue, but his presence also erodes the truth (canon) of the people who spend too much time around him.
The most obvious example of this can be found in Jane. She spends more time with Gamzee than anyone else in the candy route, and her truth is the most destroyed as a result. Meat route Jane isn’t a good person; she’s power hungry, cold, and xenophobic, not to mention being manipulated by Dirk. However, she isn’t genocidal. She has a misguided view of right and wrong with regards to trolls, but she’s not a sociopath. I’d like to think that our Janey, no matter how warped, would have to draw the line at outright genocide. With Gamzee by her side, however, all that goes right out the window. His presence destroys her truth, and so she drifts from her canon self in the candy route, becoming nothing more than a caricature of her worst aspects.
In short, Gamzee’s role as Bard of Rage is one of passive corruption. He has his moments of active violence fueled by righteous anger, as any rage player would, but his main purpose is to simply exist as a conduit for the destruction of truth, and thus the destruction of canon.
TL;DR absolute truth is one of the big things under a Rage player's purview, and it's Gamzee's job as the Bard of Rage to obscure it. This is one of the reasons that the candy route is so utterly fucked.
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2019.05.20 06:35 charliegriefer Things to Do This Week in Phoenix (May 20 - May 26)

Week of: May 20 - May 26
This is a weekly thread of some of the goings-on in and around the Phoenix metro area. Feel free to subscribe to our public Google Calendar of meetups and events as well.
This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. Such a list would be large and unwieldy. If there is an event that you don't see posted here, please add a comment below. In the comment, include the event, date, time, cost (if any), and location. A brief description would also be dandy. Please upvote people who share good/interesting events, even if it may not be something you will attend.
Don't see anything of interest? Click on any one of the dates to be taken to a comprehensive listing of events for that day over at the Phoenix New Times' web site.
If you organize or know of a meet-up that you'd like to promote, please PM the mods and we'll look into getting it added to the calendar. We'll post these events up to six weeks out. At that point, we ask that you ping us again. This just helps to ensure that the events stay fresh and no defunct events appear on the calendar.
With that said, the moderators of Phoenix (including but not limited to their families, friends (ha!), pets, and possessions) are not responsible for errors in these listings. Please take the time to verify the date, time, location, and cost of an event before you head out.
Monday May 20
Tuesday May 21
Wednesday May 22
Thursday May 23
Friday May 24
Saturday May 25
  • 🎤 Comedy
  • 📛 Community
    • Ultimate Frisbee @Royal Palm Park, Phoenix 9:00AM
      Our weekly games regularly have 20+ people in attendance. Even if you see just a few RSVP's, we're guaranteed to have more than enough for a full game. Usually enough for two games on the same field!
      All fitness and experience levels welcome - Friendly relaxed game with plenty of socializing. Brunch afterward.
  • 🎵 Music
  • Other
  • 🏆 Sports
Sunday May 26
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2019.05.10 18:01 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 19, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001 1-22-2001
1-29-2001 2-5-2001 2-12-2001 2-19-2001
2-26-2001 3-5-2001 3-12-2001
  • The future of WCW is looking very questionable all of a sudden. As of press time, the company only has 3 shows remaining on the schedule: the Greed PPV on 3/18, Nitro on 3/19 and the spring break Nitro a week later in Panama City on 3/26. It's eerily similar to ECW's situation just a couple of months ago. There's no shows scheduled for April and nobody seems to know what will air in the Monday/Wednesday time slots for Nitro and Thunder during that month. There were plans for a PPV in May in Las Vegas (though no arena is booked yet) and Bischoff has reportedly been planning that as the launch date of the new WCW. Advertising for that PPV is already out and as of yet it hasn't been cancelled. But Bischoff has been waiting for months for this sale to go through and it hasn't yet, which has forced them to postpone major storyline plans (like the temporary 3 week shutdown that was supposed to happen last month). Word is the deal is still alive but both Eric Bischoff and current WCW head Brad Siegel were on vacation last week, which raised a lot of eyebrows. Since it doesn't really seem like the most opportune time for 2 of the major players in this time-sensitive deal to be taking vacations. Dave notes that Bischoff was in Hawaii and had no involvement at all with Nitro this week. (Unbeknownst to anybody at this point, WCW's fate has already been sealed. Bischoff later revealed that he was on the beach in Hawaii with his family when he got the news that Time Warner had decided to cancel the Nitro and Thunder TV shows, which ultimately killed the deal. So at the time Dave is writing this, Bischoff already knows it's game over. Side note, I'd really like to ask him about this. Why did he and Siegel both decide to just say "fuck it" and go on vacations at such a critical time?)
  • There have been snags in the negotiations between WCW and Fusient in recent weeks. Fusient originally agreed to purchase the company for around $70 million but then lowered their offer to $50 million when WCW's financials for January came in, which were even worse than last quarter. WCW is losing an estimated $5-7 million each month. If the deal does go through, Bischoff still plans to shut down the company for several weeks. They hope it goes through soon so that they can shut down as soon as the upcoming Greed PPV. But as of now, they still plan to have a Nitro on 4/2. There's a building on hold, but it's not finalized and nothing has been announced. And at this late date, even if they do announce a Nitro for 4/2, it will be damn near impossible to get advertising out for it to promote, put tickets on sale, and draw a crowd in such a short time frame. A house show scheduled for next week in Mobile, AL was also cancelled this week.
  • If Bischoff's planned shutdown happens, it's unknown how long it will last. They still have the 5/6 Big Bang PPV on the books, but if that PPV gets scrapped, there's been talk of shutting the company down for months and maybe relaunching in the fall, with a whole new look, new wrestlers, gimmicks, etc. The idea would be to run 9 shows a month out of one location (8 TV tapings and 1 PPV) and the TV tapings would air on tape delay rather than live, at least at first. Las Vegas is still the most likely location. Bischoff has been insistent on doing Nitro and Thunder tapings separately because the crowds for Thunder have been pathetic at the joint tapings because half the crowd leaves the building when Nitro ends.
  • And then there's the other possibility: the sale doesn't go through and WCW could fold after the 3/26 Nitro. That could actually have potential upsides and downsides. If Fusient still wants to get into the wrestling business, they could still launch their own company without having to honor existing WCW contracts, which would allow them to rebuild the company's salary structure to something more reasonable than what it is now. Of course, that would depend on signing those people to new contracts, and if WCW folds, everyone becomes free agents and WWF will likely sign away all the best talent, leaving Fusient with a bunch of scrubs that WWF didn't want. The other major downside is that they wouldn't have the valuable prime time TV spots on TNT and TBS and they would have to try and cut a new deal with a new TV network. Wrestling is cycling downwards, with even WWF doing significantly lower ratings than they were just a year ago, and TV execs are very aware of that. A new company, with a bunch of WCW cast-offs, trying to get a TV deal are going to have a difficult time finding one unless they have someone like Hogan or Savage on board. But then, Fusient would be forced to make those guys the focal point of the company to appease the network and, well, shit like that is partly what got WCW into this situation to begin with. But that all depends on whether Fusient even wants to stay in the wrestling business if a WCW deal can't be made. If Fusient decides to pass, and WCW folds, that will leave a lot of talent on the market that WWF could sign for bargain basement prices. And hey, if another new promotion decided they wanted to launch, there would be a lot of available names. But any new company attempting to compete with WWF and produce television will have to be able to afford massive start-up losses. And with the wrestling business going the way it's along, with the current economic climate in America (this is right when the dotcom bubble was bursting and America was heading towards a bit of a recession), that's going to be more and more difficult as time goes on. But hey, it could probably be done, right? (side-eyes Jeff Jarrett)
  • Dave got a tape of the debut of Shinya Hashimoto's Zero-One promotion to review. He says it was a good show (though not as good as WWF's No Way Out PPV the week before) but what next? The show was built around guys from other companies, mostly NOAH and NJPW doing inter-promotional matches. But both of those companies have no plans of working with NOAH full time, which leaves Hashimoto as the company's only real star.
  • Interesting note on TV ratings. WWF is obviously beating WCW but the margin is actually more than people realize. TV ratings are determined by the number of households the shows are available in and viewers per household and yada yada. Point being, the gap in actual viewers between WWF and WCW is bigger than people realize because TNN and TNT are available in a different number of households. TL;DR - WWF is winning this war by more than ratings percentages would lead one to believe.
  • Good news for XFL ratings! The Saturday night game on NBC actually increased slightly over the previous week's number. It was still one of the 5th or 6th lowest rated shows ever in the history of network prime time television. But still better than last week!
  • Still more ratings news: last week's Raw segment with Vince having Trish Stratus strip and bark like a dog did a pretty big rating and was the highest rated segment of the show. That's the good news. The bad news is, as soon as it was over, more than a million viewers (19% of the viewing audience) changed channels and most never came back and the main event of the show ended up being one of the lowest rated Raw main events in years. Which means people either were so disgusted by the controversial segment that they turned off the show or they loved the Trish segment and then didn't care enough to see anything that came after. Needless to say, neither is a good thing. And the people that left didn't switch channels to WCW, because it wasn't on. They just stopped watching wrestling that night entirely.
  • Perro Aguayo is scheduled to face Universo 2000 in a hair vs. mask match at CMLL's upcoming big PPV event. Aguayo is telling people it will be his final match but you know how that goes. There was a time in the not-too-distant past that a real Aguayo retirement show would have sold out a stadium. Now Dave's skeptical if it will sellout Arena Mexico. There's been talk that Aguayo is already lining up bookings for April and is telling promoters to keep it quiet until after the CMLL show in order to protect the "final match" hype of this show. CMLL head Paco Alonso has said that Aguayo signed a contract promising to retire at this show and that legal action would be taken against him if he ever wrestled in Mexico City again, although they wouldn't be able to stop him from wrestling outside of the district. Dave's not buying it (turns out Aguayo was serious this time. He did come out of retirement several years later and worked a few more tag matches, including one in Mexico City in 2005. But for the most part, this was essentially his last real match).
  • Scott Hall headlined NJPW's 30th anniversary show in a tag match. Hall looks to be in good shape for a 42-year-old guy. A little pudgier than usual but in far better shape than most 42-year-olds. But facially, he has aged significantly in the year since most fans last saw him on TV. Dave says he looks like one of those grandpa bikers in his 50s. He's lived a pretty hard and fast life the last year or so. Dave notes that Hall has also been wearing trunks with the word KLIQ on them.
  • Lionel Tate was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Tate was the 12-year-old kid who ended up killing a 6-year-old girl and they tried to blame it on wrestling moves gone wrong. But the girl's injuries didn't match up with that story and it was reported that she had sustained a prolonged beating that had left her with multiple internal injuries that couldn't be explained by a kid just doing wrestling moves. Tate was only 12 at the time of the murders and just turned 14 recently and there's been a lot of national controversy over handing down a life sentence with no parole to someone so young. The case made headlines early on when Tate's lawyer tried to get The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Sting to testify and then the PTC used the Tate case as ammunition in their war with the WWF. In response, the WWF later sued the PTC and Tate's lawyer. That lawsuit is still pending.
  • An Insane Clown Posse show was recently cancelled after a bomb threat led to a mini-riot in Shepherdsville, KY. Some religious group was protesting the show and after the bomb threat led to the show being cancelled, ICP fans began to riot and caused a bunch of damage. It took more than 50 police officers and a bunch of tear gas to clear the area. Vampiro was also at the show.
  • March 11th has come and gone and the planned ECW Living Dangerously PPV obviously didn't take place. The show was originally announced back in January but everyone has known for weeks that it wouldn't happen. A few days before, ECW's website quietly posted an announcement that the show was cancelled. In its place, most PPV providers ran a replay of January's Guilty As Charged PPV.
  • Notes from Nitro: just another show with the company stalling for time and waiting for something to happen with the sale. It was mostly written by Ed Ferrara and as mentioned earlier, Bischoff had no input into this episode at all. They were piping in fake crowd noise during some of the matches which Dave found annoying and distracting. Stacy Keibler returned and is now managing Shawn Stasiak. Dave thinks Stacy has charisma and she's got potential to be a star so at least they're using her for something. But he sure wishes she was paired with someone other than Stasiak. For some reason during the show, they were still promoting a 3/25 house show in Mobile which, as Dave mentioned earlier, has already been cancelled. (Only 2 more Nitros left...)
  • Various other WCW notes: Crowbar was released by WCW. He was told it was because his contract was too high (he was making a little more than $100,000 per year). Several developmental wrestlers (nobody of note) and referees were also released. It's believed there's still more housecleaning to come, as WCW continues trying to cut the budget. Kid Kash from ECW and AJPW wrestler Jackie Fulton got tryouts at the latest tapings. Bart Gunn was backstage looking for work at Nitro. Arn Anderson's suspension is up but he still wasn't at TV this week. On Thunder, during the Lance Storm/Konnan match, you may have noticed them cut away to a crowd shot when Hugh Morrus ran in. That's because he slipped on the ring steps and busted his ass during the run-in, so they edited it out on TV. Vampiro is cleared to wrestle again and is still under WCW contract but isn't being brought back right now because he has a ton of heat for all the stuff he's said about the company while he was out.
  • Time Warner is attempting to settle WCW's outstanding lawsuits as quickly as possible before the sale. Nasty Boys member Jerry Sags had a lawsuit against the company stemming from a chairshot he received from Scott Hall a couple of years ago that he says ended his career. If you don't remember the incident, Sags went into the match already concussed and warned Hall not to hit him in the head during the chair spot. Hall did it anyway. Sags then attacked him during the match and ended up busting up Hall's face so bad that he needed oral surgery to fix the damage. Sags has never wrestled since and later sued the company. But anyway, WCW settled that suit recently.
  • There's some heat on Ric Flair because he's not making things easy for WCW with Sonny Onoo's racial discrimination lawsuit. A few weeks ago at a house show, during a match with The Cat, Flair called him "sambo" (look it up if you don't know) and then this week on television while jawing with fans at ringside, Flair threatened "I'll jap slap you!" Needless to say, Onoo's legal team picked up on all of that.
  • Buff Bagwell signed a 2-month extension on his WCW deal. His contract was up and WCW isn't signing anyone to long-term deals right now until the sale goes through, so that's why it's a short-term deal. And the reason it's still with WCW is because WWF reportedly doesn't have any interest in him.
  • Jerry Lawler wrote a long blog post on his website to talk about his leaving WWF. He said that if you want to know how many real friends you have at work, just lose your job and see who reaches out. He said since walking out, he's only heard from a few people: Jim Ross, Terri Runnels, Michael Cole, Steve Lombardi, Harvey Wippleman and, to Lawler's admitted surprise...Shawn Michaels. Beyond that, no one in WWF has reached out. Lawler talked about his decision to post the phone numbers and email addresses of WWF writers on his website and said WWF lawyers threatened him over it. He talked about fans at Raw with pro-Lawler and pro-Kat signs having their signs confiscated and sarcastically joked about WWF's famous "freedom of expression" policy. Lawler felt like Paul Heyman did a good job in his place and had nothing bad to say about him. And finally, he said he watched Nitro for the first time in a long time and said, "They need help." Needless to say, WCW is an option for Lawler but they're still in a holding pattern right now and Lawler is too, since he hasn't yet gotten his legal release from WWF yet. Word is he and Jim Ross have talked frequently over the last 2 weeks and it's said that if Lawler would be willing to return without Stacy Carter, there's a good chance they would take him back. But so far, he's not budging and isn't willing to return unless they also re-hire his wife, who he feels was unfairly fired.
  • Notes from Raw: Dave loved it. Says he can't say enough good things about this Raw. All the matches were good and 2 of them were great. Shane McMahon's return was a strong angle. They made a serious effort to push Benoit and Angle as top guys. Heyman was great on commentary. Just a near-perfect show all around. It wasn't 100% great though. Jim Ross spent half the show pathetically and repeatedly begging fans to call and write their local TV station to ask for more XFL coverage, because that's where the XFL is at these days. But otherwise, excellent show from top to bottom. Benoit vs. Guerrero was an excellent match. Rock vs. Angle was even better, arguably the best TV match of the year. Angle was DQ'd for refusing to break the ankle lock, but Rock also tapped out to the move which got Angle and the ankle lock over huge as a legit threat. And the show-long build to Rock vs. Austin at Wrestlemania was done perfectly.
  • Various WWF notes: Chyna is resistant to wrestle women and still wants to wrestle men, but none of them want to work with her. Al Snow signed a new 4-year deal and says it's the last wrestling contract he'll ever sign and he's done after that (nope). Rikishi got his ear drum busted from a Steve Austin punch on Smackdown and will have surgery this week. Kane is doing a Stacker 2 commercial. Paul Heyman is already making his WWF presence known by heavily lobbying Vince to push Benoit as a top star.
WATCH: Kane's various Stacker 2 commercials
  • Expect several ECW names to join WWF soon. The most definite is said to be Tommy Dreamer, although Dave doesn't know what they can do with him. He's so broken down, he can't do much in the ring. But there's always a possible backstage role.
  • A national restaurant chain (which Dave has been specifically asked not to name, but says they're well-known, with hundreds of locations in the U.S.) is no longer airing Raw at their locations. Apparently, they always aired Raw every Monday night but last week, the Trish and Vince segment happened and some patrons in the restaurant complained that it was basically the same as showing porn. The chain has made the decision to no longer show Raw on the TVs in all its locations nationwide.
  • Vince McMahon did an interview and discussed the XFL situation. He admitted they had made some mistakes along the way and that the rules still need tweaking. He also admitted he had gone too far with his shit-talking about the NFL. Said the media hasn't been fair to them and admitted that the ratings were a serious disappointment. But Vince still insisted that the XFL will survive, despite rumors going around this week saying there wouldn't be a 2nd season. NBC wants to try to separate the XFL from the WWF to get away from the negative wrestling stigma that the league has. They were apparently the ones who decided Jim Ross would no longer call the NBC games because he's too much of a wrestling-style announcer, so he was replaced this week.
  • XFL also made fun of themselves, with commercials for the Saturday night game on NBC joking that, "Nobody is watching this stuff anymore" and "the ratings are dropping like bricks." It also heavily hyped this week's game featuring a camera going into the cheerleader's locker room during halftime, and in fact, that was all the advertising for the game was about. Dave calls it the first pro football game ever built and promoted around its halftime. The skit saw Vince, in full WWF heel character, ordering a nervous cameraman to go into the cheerleaders' locker room and then knocking himself out and having a dream sequence. Dave says the whole thing was just so, so bad (yeah, this was peak desperation for the XFL and one of their most ridiculed and lowest moments).
WATCH: the infamous XFL cheerleader locker room halftime stunt
  • A longtime friend of Edge & Christian named Nick Cvjetkovich was signed to a WWF developmental deal. He has wrestled under the name Sinn in Memphis (he would later become Kizarny for a little bit in WWE and has worked indies ever since. Also, you know how Lawler quit the WWF because they fired his wife Stacy Carter? Well they later got divorced....and she's now married to this guy).
MONDAY: The Death of WCW, Act I
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2019.04.17 02:26 WackyBruce_ "Forgotten Freshness 6” Available to ALL Fury Fest VIPs!

In just over two weeks, the Insane Clown Posse will embark on their latest nationwide tour that they are calling Fury Fest! If you haven’t been keeping up, this tour is jam-fuckin’-packed! Not only will you see a headlining performance by the Wicked Clowns, but you’ll see the following acts destroying stages throughout the country: Rittz, Mushroomhead, DJ Paul, Kissing Candice, Mac Lethal & Ouija Macc
As with all tours in recent years, a VIP Upgrade Package is being offered for Fury Fest! You will of course get your meet and greet with J and Shaggy, and get onstage for Faygo Armageddon, but one other item has been added that will surely make these packages sell like crazy! Each VIP holder will get a copy of Forgotten Freshness Volume 6!! There’s no word on the track list, but that’s a pretty dope incentive to grab one on top of everything else!

Each VIP pass is $100.00, and you can purchase yours for ANY date of the tour by going to InsaneClownPosse.VIP!
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2019.03.23 12:57 WackyBruce_ Soopa Gathering - General Info

In order to purchase a Car Pass online, you will need to click on the Ticket button found on this website. Online purchases can be made with either a credit card or through PayPal. Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email and then a Car Pass will be mailed out to you starting on 10 June 2019 (please allow a few days for shipping). Car Passes ordered after June 10th will be shipped as soon as they are placed.
A Car Pass will have a special barcode to be scanned once you arrive at the front gate of Shimmer Forest. You will then be presented a sticker, which you will need to stick to the outside of your driver’s side windshield, which should not to be removed. It is good for the entire duration of the GOTJ, starting Wednesday July 31st (at 8 a.m.) until Sunday August 4th (at Noon).
You may purchase Car Passes from this website until 21 July 2019. Car Passes will not be available for purchase online after this date but will be available for purchase at the front gate of Shimmer Forest starting on 31 Jul 2019 at 6 a.m. (unless they’re sold out) All sales are final. Under no circumstances will a replacement ticket be issued for any ticket that has been damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed.

In order to purchase an RV / Trailer Pass online, you will need to click on the Ticket button found on this website. Online purchases can be made with either a credit card or through PayPal. Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email and then an RV / Trailer Pass will be mailed out to you starting on 10 June 2019 (please allow a few days for shipping). RV / Trailer Passes ordered after June 10th will be shipped as soon as they are placed.
An RV / Trailer Pass will have a special barcode to be scanned once you arrive at the front gate of Shimmer Forest. You will then be presented a sticker, which you will need to stick to the outside of your driver’s side windshield and should not to be removed at any time. It is good for the entire duration of the GOTJ starting Wednesday July 31st (at 8 a.m.) until Sunday August 4th (at Noon).
You may purchase RV / Trailer Passes from this website up until 21 July 2019. RV / Trailer Passes will not be available for purchase online after this date but will be available for purchase at the front gate of Shimmer Forest starting on 31 Jul 2019 at 6 a.m. (unless they’re sold out). All sales are final. Under no circumstances will a replacement ticket be issued for any ticket that has been damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Once you arrive on the Gathering grounds with your ticket, you will be able to pick up the items listed above at the Box Office. You will need to do this before you head backstage, so that the staff can process your ticket. You will then be instructed to gather on the right side of the Soopa Stage at 5:45 pm on 1 August 2019, where you will then be escorted backstage. Keep in mind that you will still need to purchase a GOTJ ticket in order to get into the grounds.
You may only purchase the Psychopathic All-Star Experience online by clicking on the Ticket button found on this website. Online purchases can be made with either a credit card or through PayPal. Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email and then a Psychopathic All-Star Experience ticket will be mailed out to you starting on 10 June 2019 (please allow a few days for shipping). Psychopathic All-Star Experience tickets ordered after June 10th will be shipped as soon as they are placed.
You may purchase Psychopathic All-Star Experience tickets from this website up until 21 July 2019. Psychopathic All-Star Experience tickets will not be available after this time. All sales are final. Under no circumstances will a replacement ticket be issued for any ticket that has been damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed.

The following are some good tips that will help you enjoy your GOTJ experience.
  1. Bring plenty of food to last you the entire time.
  2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  3. Wear hats and light-colored clothing while staying in the shade to stay cool.
  4. Bring warm clothing for nighttime (it can get chilly depending on the weather).
  5. Sunscreen is always a good idea even on an overcast day.
  6. When camping, make sure to bring the right supplies (tent, sleeping bag, rain gear, flashlight, bug spray, toiletries, towels, folding chair, etc.).
  7. Bring a cell phone or some way to communicate.
  8. Avoid any kind of substance abuse…know your limits.

The following is a list of key rules to help keep everyone safe and ensure a good time. We ask that you treat everything on the grounds of Shimmer Forest with respect to show proper respect to the owners who have welcomed us into their homes. We also ask ninjas to refrain from showing up early to the Gathering.
  1. No selling of illegal substances or the breaking of any other laws.
  2. No underage or excessive drinking, or substance abuse.
  4. Children must be supervised by adults.
  5. No vandalism or destruction of property.
  6. No cutting of trees, damaging plant life, or hurting wild animals.
  7. The speed limit while on the grounds is 5 mph.
  8. No animals.
  9. No weapons, glass, or dangerous objects.
  11. No spray-paint.
  12. No littering, especially at the campsites.
  13. No selling of food or manufactured merchandise (especially bootlegged merch).

This helpful tent is staffed 24 hours a day by Gathering Representatives in order to assist you with any questions, concerns, or problems you might have. The people working here have the power to either help you directly or get in contact with those who can. The Info Tent also provides the following other services:
Information (including event times) and problem-solving capabilities.
Maps of the Gathering grounds and spare programs (while they last).
Lost and Found – Please drop off any found items here.
Display of the main prizes you can win at the various contests.
Display of the Psychopathic Auction items.
A promotional area to leave flyers and CD’s.
Volunteer opportunities.

This dope market will feature a plethora of rare, offensive, and Gathering exclusive merchandise from Psychopathic Records and its entire roster of artists. You will also be able to find merch from all the other artists performing on the Soopa and Shazam Stages, as well as a variety of other vendors.

There are several ATMs located on the grounds for quick leafy green access. Users are responsible for all transactions as there will be no refunds.

This 24-hour store will strive to meet all your basic needs, by supplying an abundance of useful items. You will find everything from condoms, to disposable cameras, to over-the-counter-medications, and much more.

Several food courts will be located throughout the Gathering grounds, serving delicious food and tasty beverages. So, make sure to stop by to taste some of the delectable treats, such as, Dingleberry Donuts, Nipple Nut Pie, Cheeseburgers, GaryWay Gyros, Pizza, and of course there will be plenty of Faygo on tap to wash it all down.

There are several fill stations spaced throughout the Gathering grounds where you may get fresh drinking water to fill your containers. These are located on the GOTJ map.

These free 24-hour shower buildings (one male and one female) are located within Balla Town for all to use.

The Medic Tent will be staffed by trained medics 24 hours a day to handle any of your medical needs. There will also be an ambulance on hand to transport anyone with a serious medical emergency quickly and efficiently to a nearby hospital.

Anyone who needs to get a hold of security for any reason can either go to the Box Office or the Info Tent. Security personnel will also be located throughout the Gathering grounds and are there to help you if needed. Their purpose is not to restrict people’s fun, but rather ensure everyone is acting in a safe and non-destructive manner while at the Gathering.
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2019.03.14 23:31 WackyBruce_ FAMILY Movie with Taylor Schilling and ICP Set to hit Theaters on April 19th

posted by Scottie D from Faygoluvers:

Holy Shit Juggalos! We finally have a release date for the FAMILY movie that you’ve been hearing so much about for over TWO YEARS! Just today, Entertainment Weekly put out an article with the official trailer, movie description, and a release date!

The date that this movie will hit theaters is Friday, April 19th!

The article states that it will be a limited release, so they are going to rely on the power of word of mouth! You ninjas need to mark your calendars, find a theater close to you that’s playing it, and bring your friends and family there on OPENING WEEKEND! Then, it stands a chance of being picked up in more theaters nationwide!


Taylor Schilling wrangles juggalos and Kate McKinnon inFamilytrailer

Orange Is the New Blackactress Taylor Schilling graduates from prison gangs to the Insane Clown Posse in EW’s exclusive trailer for her upcoming movieFamily.

Directed by first-time feature helmer (andRed Oaksstaff writer) Laura Steinel,Familyfollows the titular dysfunctional clan fronted by Kate, an overworked businesswoman tasked with caring for her absent brother’s daughter Maddie — a socially awkward youngster with aspirations of becoming a juggalo, played by Bryn Vale — while balancing her hectic professional life.

But office deadlines and family tensions aren’t the only thing standing in Kate’s way: Upon moving into her brother’s home, she beckons the judgmental gaze of a band of Lulu Lemon-wearing neighborhood moms led bySaturday Night Livestar Kate McKinnon.

The film seemingly culminates with Kate following Maddie to an Insane Clown Posse gathering, where she must go undercover in black-and-white face paint to retrieve the runaway child.

Also starring Brian Tyree Henry, Allison Tolman, and Matt Walsh,Familyenters limited release on April 19. Watch EW’s exclusive trailer for the film above.

Watch the full trailer here:

I can’t wait for the world to see this! Let us know what you think about the trailer, and we’ll keep you posted on any specifics about theaters around the country!

FAMILY Trailer @
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