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2020.10.31 23:01 jxssss What to do about women always either not replying or replying with things like “hey” “haha” and “ok”

I don’t know if men do this too, I’m just a straight dude and whenever I’m on a dating app like tinder and match with a girl, I’ll naturally have to be the one to say hi first or else we’ll never talk. Whenever I do, I either don’t get a reply back or I get “hi” or “hey” and then no further attempt at conversation no matter what I say afterwards. I’m 90% sure there’s nothing I’m doing wrong cause if I can even get far enough I ask questions about them, show a lot of interest and stuff but it just doesn’t seem to work. I don’t think I’m that undesirable of a guy or that much of a loser, and even if I was, why the hell would they be matching with me then? Is this just a form of texting that doesn’t really mean anything? Do I need to be more overtly masculine and demanding? If I send a corny pick up line or something, that’s the case where I don’t get any reply back. I’ve deleted my accounts on tinder specifically like at least 5 times by now because it just kills my self esteem. Also I’m in a unique position in life where I can’t really go out to places to try to somehow meet a woman and I can’t go to bars or clubs or anything cause I’m 19. I just see a lot of guys who have no problem hooking up with women all the time and dating and having funny conversations and it makes me wonder if that’s even real
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2020.10.31 22:56 Throwaway_chippacket (SA) Ex gf issues: Verbal abuse>vandalism>theft>trying to have cops rough me up>attempted extortion>stalking to find my new address>Changing Netflix usernames to insults>convincing ex wife to not let me or my family see my kids (have been served)>hiring hacker to get into my phone etc

As above this is a timeline of her escalating behaviour after our split. I went to the police as one of the girls I've been casually seeing who she texted after the initial attacks sent me a screenshot of the conversation her number clearly visible where she admitted to the hack. But police just got angry with me even when I gave a run down of everything. They said we aren't going to do anything and even with admission we can't say for sure it was her so won't do anything about that.
She has signed an affidavit for my wife mostly lies some things like "his car AC stopped working, terrible parenting" some like "he is visibly exhausted after he has kids for Tuesday night dinners" yeah because I've been on the tools working like a mad man to make school pick up and have to drop trailer back before that so I can get a park so work at 5x speed rush to pick up rush home to get kids settled, rush to cook dinner then rush to meet deadline for drop off.
I digress, what can I do? It is clearly escalating and not letting up. The split was about 3 months ago and she has not abated or shown signs of moving on. My concern is that she next tried to destroy my business as she has access to that info post hack I assume or it turns violent and she sends people over as she clearly doesn't mind breaking the law lacks a moral compass and due to stalking found my address.
All advice is greatly appreciated.
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2020.10.31 22:55 ermahgerd_bfast 36F, married with kids, looking for like-minded friends

So, listen. COVID ruined all my chances to make new friends here in NC. Even though I've lived here for 6 years now. This was going to be the year. I'm sure of it. Maybe.
I thought about striking up conversation with a neighbor, but the thought of breathlessly shouting "wanna be friends?" as we speed walk past each other is less than appealing.
Maybe that's not the best approach, I don't know.
I'd love to find someone to eventually play some tabletop games with us, but maybe we chat online for awhile to see if we click.
I'd be great to meet someone with kids, so maybe our kids could play together while we did adult stuff, like...also play games, but more strategic ones. Mine are 7 (girl) and 4 (boy). If you don't have kids, that's cool too as long as you're cool with mine. The boy speaks at a volume suitable for an airport tarmac and the girl says more words in 30 seconds than I've said all day, so that'll be a thing to put up with if we ever meet. (They are good kids though, I promise).
We like stuff on the nerdy side, I guess. Fantasy books, a bit of gaming, sci-fi/fantasy movies. We can chat about anything though.
Sent me a chat or DM and get things rolling!
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2020.10.31 22:52 floraa999 Question for the males out there

If you were unreligious single male in your 30s, which is a suitable age to be seriously committed to someone. You saw a girl( 24yrs old) with her friends at a bar, thought she was cute and took her number.
Later on you found out she’s not a virgin, you decided to sleep with her.
Would any of the points i mentioned above ( meeting a female at a bar, not being a virgin, sleeping with you) automatically remove her from being perceived as a serious relationship material??
Would you not marry a girl because she’s not a virgin? Or because she slept with you? Or because you met at a bar?
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2020.10.31 22:50 pegmeifuwant My gf broke up with me but I still can't continue on having any other relationship

Hello, The title is a little vague but if you read what I am about to write you might understand more.
Anyways I am 18 years old and here is my story. It will be long but I am sorry if it is too long because backstory would be needed so you do not misunderstand what I am asking here.
Up until now I never had a gf that I thought I really love because I could not grasp the concept behind that feeling but I met a girl (17 yrs old) almost a year ago and fell so much in love that I could not think straight.
She was perfect for me and she had everything that I could have wished for and we had a lot of fun but big problem were her overprotective father and her step-mother.( I wont go over too much detail on that)
I was infuriated and losing my mind over her dad and step-mom and trying to help her with her anxiety and stress because those dumbass wannabe parents would not let her out of the house if it is not with family members, made her work a lot, clean the house alone and take care of her baby step-sister.
I tried helping a lot, talking with her, going out even if it was once a month I would give advice, hug her, kiss her and tell her it will be alright. Yet I was powerless since it is not my job to meddle in family affairs of another family.
Then all of a sudden I overthought everything and every day Id ask myself what if I am not enough, am I helping enough, what if she leaves me.
After 6 months of a relationship going without as much of a scratch she dumped me because she said her dad wont change in his behaviour and she doesn't want me to suffer anymore.
I was heartbroken and the break up hurt more than her dad's behaviour.
I did not expect myself to start emotionaly distancing myself from meeting new people and losing all will to be with anyone else because she was the perfect one for me.
And now Im stuck inbetween of two thoughts: -If it is meant to be it will happen again, I will wait and
-Nobody is gonna wait for me, why would I wait for someone I gotta pull myself together.
But honestly I got no motivation for that. She was the perfect one yet I fucked up somewhere.
I know I may not be the only one expiriencing this but if anyone can give me any sort of advice I would really appreciate it.
I am so sick of thinking I won't be able to find anyone again because I am scared of going through so much happiness just to lose it again.
If you did read this to the end thank you and I appreciate that you would read this post of mine and if you have any advice write it in the comments.
Thank you once more!
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2020.10.31 22:48 ReadyLead3978 How to cope with being cheated on in different relationships?

I've had 3 relationships, I'm 24F (soon 25F).

The first one was when I was 20 and lasted only a few months, the girl (I'm a lesbian) I was dating was 6 years older and used me as a rebound. She was on tinder looking for hookups etc, it was horrible and broke me for a long time.

The second girl I dated when I was 21, we lasted 2 years. It went fine until our relationship went downhill in the last 3 months, she went on a holiday with friends and hooked-up with someone else.

The last relationship I had lasted 7 months. Started in February of this year and ended in September. Honestly seemed like a great relationship, the girl seemed to have everything, she was very affectionate, loved everything about me, told me often how I had "no flaws', how I was the first girl she imagined a future with. There were no problems, sure she was often away and was irrisponsible sometimes (drinking and driving, comparing me to her ex both in good and bad decisions) but it was all great. I met her family who adored me, her colleagues, friends.
She was still friends with her ex but I didn't mind, respected them calling for hours each day (the ex had someone else). When I heard a former fling of hers would play in the same soccer team as her, I was supportive, told her to be kind and cordial, this girl had always had a gf even when my now ex and her talked.
In the end, I discovered my ex had been forwarding sexual messages to that girl, how she wanted to meet up with the girl. They flirted, my ex told her how happy she was with me but they still flirted, were engaging in sexual messages, making fun of me.

I was devestated, ex said I was 'collateral dammage', how this 'girl ruined everything', how it was 'no big deal', and told me I was the love of her life. In the end I tried to forgive her but I couldn't, she made it difficult, started complaining to me about meeting the SO of that girl in the supermarket.

She broke things off with me because 'I was too distant since it happend and she wanted the person I was before back', she told me I was perfect and had done everything well, but things were going too fast and she wasn't ready. Funny, since SHE wanted everything to go fast and she was pissed when I didn't want to go as fast as she wanted.

I feel useless. It's not easy to find lesbians and I thought I had found my match. How am I supposed to overcome this...again? I feel like I am not good enough and I'll never be. If they cheat on me when I am 'perfect' what will they do when I'm not.

I feel like something broke in me and that I will be forever alone
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2020.10.31 22:37 popcorn8860 Meeting online crush...before thoughts.

So ummm. I met this guy a little strange lol. So I'm 18, I had a dating app, I was talking to someone I added from the dating app to snapchat, eventually we just stopped talking and one day the person randomly texted me on snapchat, telling me how he met a girl on a dating app whos really cool and into conspiracies and thinks we would get along so im into shit like that, so she adds me on snalchat after a day, and I add her back, she starts telling me about what im looking for then goes to explain, the guy told her that I was also looking for a friends with benefits. I never said anything like that to the guy from the dating app, I was a little mad why he would just lie to both of us like that. She was pretty blunt and cool so we just kept one another added on snap, eventually add one another on instagram. We both agree to stop talking to the dude who lied to us, I blocked him and im not sure about her. Eventually we dont talk and just once in a while talk about a bit about Amy random stuff. As time goes by, one day she reacted to one of my instagram posts, and I start dramatically telling her how I'm going to die single lol. I was obviously kidding but she started asking questions about what I look in a guy and she then told me she knew a guy who was looking.... so I said sure, I didnt really think anything of it tbh. So hes 23, im 18. We started texting, we lived 1 hour and 50 minutes away, he has a DUi so he cant drive, doesn't have money to really be ubering. I dont have a job so I dont have a way to really meet him. So we kinda just talk for a bit. Then I start falling for him, he actually is a really goofy and cute. Plus smart. Eventually the vibe dies for a bit, I tell him its not going to workout, he agrees with me and says there's many reasons why we won't workout. After a week of not texting, Eventually the girl texts me, asks hows things going . I tell her we stopped talking and she starts talking about how she just talked to the guy and he said he told her were still talking and he still likes me, I ask her for proof, like a sceenshot or something. And after a couple of hours she sends a screenshot where he's just ranting about me about how he doesn't even know what I fully look and stuff. Talking about me like im a whole strange. So then I found out the guy felt exactly how I did, but the girl would tell us both to take advantage of the situation, and that we both secretly like one another so we just have to try, so then I feel like a whole clown, I block the chick, and have the guy added and im telling him how I feel made fun of, yet he doesn't understand. But we manage to settle things and just talk as friends Since he's really chill and I enjoy talking to him, so we actually get along way better than we did before, its like we were tolling so tight to something before that didn't let us be our actual self, and now we can just talk about anything really. Its way much more comfortable. So eventually we get a little naughty and he tells me about how maybe he can get s ride since he cant drive because of his DUI, maybe he can get a ride from his cousin who lives closer to me, Nd they can pick me up and take me to his place, and I just kinda don't say anything. I understand he doesn't have a car but its a bit awkward with his cousin there. Feeling like a girl getting picked up by bang bros lol....... had to. So maybe werks go by. And I start talking to someone since its not going to workout with him, its just hopeless, so then he tells me he actuslly wants to talk to me and he gets upset because I started talking to someone, so I give it a try with him again, I asked him we have to meet in person to see the vibe first, so I asked what are you going on Halloween? 2 days ago. And he says nothing. So I tell him, I told my mom there's going to be a little gathering over there and im invited so.... yeah. So my mom is really strict and it sucks. She wants to be protective but man its annoying. So she asked who's gathering and I told her its a friends, he wants to meet up over there, and well she says its cool but she wants to see the guys ID... 😅 so im used to this. Its so embarrassing and this is why I dont hangout with no one until I have no friends. So as embarrassing as it is..I told him what my mom said, a picture of his id just in case he decides to kidnap me.... :') He gets all weirded out lol ofc. He said sure. He got me. That was 2 days ago. The day is today and he hasn't really said anything. I wonder how weird it is. But then again ive never met this guy in my life. No matter how much I like him. Ive never seen the vibe. Maybe he has other intentions. So that's why I decided to come on here and type this story out. Idk. I started thinking to myself yesterday what if he has dark intentions so he made up all this story how he has a DUI and stuff just so he can pick me up in a car with his cousins. Yesterday night his cousins arrived at 3am to spend the night. He texted me that they're still at his house and its already Halloween, 2:33pm. In reality there's no party over there or gathering. It was just gonna be me and the guy chilling. Getting to know each other in person, we texted a bit ago and he said his cousins are still at his house just sleeping ...I dont think ill go if they stay there. But id like to hear what do you guys think? Is it safe meeting him? Am I a little paranoid? Am I over reacting? Does it seem stupid? Please just be blunt! There's not much time. I might really go see him in a couple of 2 hours.
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2020.10.31 22:36 kassisbassis Questions for LCC’s

I am au pair in California, and something really sad and disturbing happened today. But here is a little background for you to understand better:
I joined my current host family in January when they lived in WA and we moved to CA shortly after my arrival...HM and I have been going through a series of events which I believe to be the cultural shock and compatibility. We worked things out and had meetings with our lcc a couple times. During these meeting our lcc was always enforcing that “if I wanted a rematch, it would not be approved and that aren’t many families looking for aupairs (that was back in April and then August)... and if a rematch is not approved I’ll have to go back to Mexico and pay for my own flight (which I know it is in contract)...but I don’t see why my rematch wouldn’t be approved... it all sounded like she wanted to terrorize me..maybe she thinks that I lived in poverty in MX and that I want to stay forever in the US? It might just be my impression. Because of that I decided to stay a year with my host family, and also because I became attached to the girls and besides all the issues with my host mom, I have a very good relationship with the girls, they make my days brighter. It almost feel that I live with two different host families if that makes sense.
I decided to extend for a second year with another family and finished my application for the extension and I am technically available for interviews. I said technically because once you pay the fees and filled up your application and receive an email, you’re available.
In my preferences I said that I’d like to move to the other part of the country that is not too grey and cold on summers and I like warmer weather. So I selected, SoCal, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, or Texas. Since my profile became “Extension Au Pair” three weeks ago I’ve been interviewing with families from MN, WI, OH, TN and nobody from areas I prefer so far. Asked my LCC about it and she said that there are not many families looking and that I should consider an extension with my current HF...I do not consider staying as a option as much as I love my host kids to death, I just can’t. So I reached out to aupairs in my areas of preference asking for referrals and here is the funny thing: NONE of the families of my preferable areas can see my profile as “Extension Au Pair” all they see is my profile not updated, and as “In-country aupair and my days left in the program”... ok, I thought it could be technicalities issues...
One of the aupairs who went to the training week with me is leaving in January to get married. I talked to the host family and they really liked me and I liked them as well and I said they could talk to my host family for references, and HM said it wouldn’t be necessary because she trusts her au pair and had a good feeling about me and that wanted to move forward and she was going to contact the agency and request a match today. Her au pair and I have teaching background, we were both Montessorian teachers in MX and have solid English skills.
Few hours later I received a text from this same HM saying that she found a better fit and wished me good luck... I was in total disbelief and confused. So I called her aupair who said that HM called the agency requesting the match, and few Minutes later she got another call and after this call she decided not to procede with our match and all she did was to apologize to her au pair and said that it wouldn’t work out... and that she hasn’t talked to any other aupair today other than me. Is this just me or my LCC could be behind this? to make things go wrong for me? Why?
It couldn’t be my current host mom because she out on a 4 hour drive with the girls to spend a week at grandparents house and she wouldn’t talk anything bad about me because I am a good and aupair... and not in front of her 10 year olds.. and also I didn’t pass along her phone number... I can only think of LCC... How is it possible? How can families see one type of profile and other families see a totally different profile. And Can LCC be this mean?
If you’re a good LCC please, talk to me.
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2020.10.31 22:36 AsianBoyNoSkill 23 [M4F] Anywhere - Please help me figure out why my plants keep dying!!

Hey ya'll, I don't get it, I read they need something called 'sunlight', is this true?

Well, let me start off by giving a little info on me! My name is Zack, I am a 23 year old, Korean, livin' the dream in the good ol' yeehaw state (Texas). I am currently enrolled in college for computer science (i know, original). I am also working full time as a quality assurance agent at capital one auto finance cooperate offices, working fully from home until AT LEAST march! I play PC games and watch anime, you know, the boring stuff, playing semi-professional league of legends with my 7 light up keyboards because i have a problem with saving. I love to travel, but i have only done it once lol. I went to japan in January of this year, right before the whole lockdown thing, if i had planned his trip a MONTH later, i would have been in lockdown there, so close! Also, heres some pictures of what I look like.

A little more trivial stuff about me: I just bought an iPhone for the first time since the iPhone 5, switching from an android, its been a rough transition so far, but i really like the face scanner, except when it doesnt work 55% of the time. I have a pretty decent car, but, i have bombarded it with anime stickers on the back windshield and windows, it gets a lot of attention at car meets, and some funny looks from old people at Walmart (dont judge me based off my stickers pls its kind of a car club thing and i can take them off if i HAVE to, i just like to be a lil different). I have a small Pomeranian, her name is Lucky, shes the cutest little girl and i will DEFIANLY send you pics of her.

Now, a small touch up on what I am looking for. Recently, I had my heart fairly broken, things just didn't pan out ideally, and i guess it was a fairly mutual decision. I wish her nothing but the best and I know shes doing good right now! I really am up in the air for anything, i won't put anything off the table, relationship or not, I mean, I ain't getting any younger here! If we did get into a relationship though, I have our plan already thought out, check it: Okay so first, you start a youtube channel, name it some real cute shit, start posting videos on it of vlogs or gameplay of our games and title them something like (ME AND LDR BOYFRIEND I WISH HE WAS HERE) and post those for a few months, make some small money from the 60k views those get, after that, i fly to see you and make the big reveal video "ME AND LDR BOYFRIEND FINALLY MEET *CRYING EYES EMOJI*" AND RACK UP 4MIL VIEWS, ADD NO MUSIC THAT COULD GET IT DEMONETIZED, we are golden, we then have a happy relationship and have the youtube money to buy a house. Its a genius plan and pls dont steal i spent like 45 seconds coming up with that. I mean come on, dont let a boyfriend with this big brain go to single forever!

Lastly, i'll tell you a story that some of you may type "LOL" as you do that little breath out of your nose that resembles a small chuckle. When I was in Japan, keep in mind, i am quite a bit taller than the average there, like, almost a foot taller. Bathroom stalls were a struggle for me there. So, one day i was in a mall type thing there, and really had to use the restroom. Well, public restrooms are small, and i went into one, and i had to go to a stall, and small restrooms typically mean smaller walls inbetween stalls. Turns out, the walls were very small. I could see over every stall when i stood up and the people in those stalls looked at me with the most terrified look i have ever seen, i felt like godzilla, and i broke the toilet seat on accident trying to open it because it opened inward and i had to stand on the toilet seat to get it open. I am thankful for my normal sized bathrooms here now.

If you are a psyco and actually read my 12 page MLA format essay OR a normal person who skimmed and read straight to the end, message me either your favorite anime (or if not an anime fan) your favorite fruit (since i am allergic to most fruits and cant eat them)! Thanks for reading (or skimming) I hope you all have a great night!
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2020.10.31 22:31 Ezraviews Is this appropriate to send to a women I am interested in?

So I have been talking to a girl from high school for a couple of days now. We have both graduated from college and have started good careers. We have a mutual friend that I asked to gauge her interest in me and it was decent enough that she gave me a chance. My question is this message is appropriate, and also how would you take it.
“Hey I hope this doesn’t hit you out of no where. I assume you know why I messaged you in the first place, wanting to get to know you. I know you are busy with your job, but I would love to take you out so we can see if there is anything here or I / we move on. If not, no worries we could continue talking for a bit if you would like to postpone us meeting up. Or if you aren’t for that at all you could let me know, I won’t take it bad in any kind of way. “
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2020.10.31 22:30 camomiled 23 [F4R] UK - Looking a caring accountability buddy and maybe more.

Hey everyone! I'm a 23 year old girl from the UK who's currently temporarily resident in Spain but returning in June.
I'm looking for someone who I can chat to about my progress on implementing the lifestyle changes and routine that I've set for myself. It'd be online for now, with a view to maybe meeting in the future.
I've had a pretty rough time with my mental health over the years and have been hospitalised once. I know change comes from within and I've come very far, but I feel like I'd like to talk to someone about the transition from simply functioning to thriving, as I define it, which is where I would like to be.
I would also like to find someone I could be with long term, but that's not the main concern. I have a lot of work I want to do on myself first before I know I could be the kind of partner I would want to be. I've been officially single for almost two years, which I'm fine with, but I do have a drive to find a meaningful connection with someone.
A bit about me:
English, white/Caucasian
5'8/11st/Normal build imo, have been described as curvy
Pale skin, dark red hair, green eyes
Currently studying at university, but working as part of my course. Will graduate 2022.
Bisexual, but barely any experience with girls.
Want to be interested in homemaking (not as a housewife, but for myself & the mental benefits that come with a nice space), yoga, language learning, exploring, philosophy, music, film and art, but right now I'm spending most of my time lying in bed endlessly fantasising.
If you're interested, PM me with an introduction.
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2020.10.31 22:29 ThereAll_Is_Aching Am I crazy for moving baby between 2 locations?

So I’m a FTM with a 2020 covid baby, born in July, currently 14 weeks. I spent the second half of my pregnancy self isolating in my apartment with my husband. We live in NYC and had a friend come down with a very severe case of covid in March who almost didn’t make it. We decided to take this about as seriously as you can. We didn’t see anyone except my midwives. Not my mom, not my brother, no friends, no one.
The plan was my mom, stepdad, brother, SIL and their two kids (who all live in the same town about 30 min away) would isolate by our rules and once baby girl was born, we’d come stay at my mom’s so everyone can meet the baby, we can have help and we can also get to socialize a bit.
We came when she was 2.5 weeks old and stayed for 6 weeks. While it was very nice to be reunited with my family again, very quickly it became so stressful to not be in our own space while figuring out how to be parents to a newborn. My mom is a kind hearted person who is very generous with her time, but also a very poor communicator and is not emotionally available for me. Not a good combo for me during that vulnerable time. Baby girl had some bad witching hours and my mom didn’t seem to get that that’s pretty normal for some babies. Little things started to feel pretty irritating for my husband and me. That’s probably normal in most situations like this.
We’ve since come back to our apartment a couple of times for a week or two and it’s been so nice to be in our own space, set our own rules, feel like I have some control in a very not controlled time. It helped ground me in being a mom. Baby is also getting out of that fourth trimester phase so she’s possibly just getting easier bc of time. I’m hoping that will make staying at my mom’s a little easier.
We’re currently on day 1 back at my moms for a week to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Baby girl became overtired bc she didn’t get a good nap in the car and started scream crying in a way I haven’t heard in a long while. My mom feels offended bc I want to calm her down myself. Her cries are like nails in chalkboard to me. I’m worried she’s upset bc of the new environment, doesn’t recognize my mom and I should maybe be doing something differently when we come back here.
Anyway, my question is: am I crazy for moving my husband, myself and my baby back and forth between two locations? The plan is after this week, we will stay for much longer periods of time in our apartment between coming to my mom’s for a week to visit.
Is that adding unnecessary stress to our lives baby-wise? Just curious if anyone has any insight on if this would affect a baby’s temperament/mood/sleeping?
We are still taking this pandemic very seriously so I’m not sure how else we would really see them. It makes the most sense for us to come here (not vice versa) and staying for just a day sounds stressful too.
TL; DR Because of pandemic, we decided the best way to still see family was to stay with my mom for a week at a time. Curious if anyone has experience moving a baby between 2 locations during the first year and if that created a negative outcome for baby or not? Tips, advice, insight very welcome!
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2020.10.31 22:29 Pinheadflippy [Update] Should I fight for this love or is it time to let go? (18 M&F)

Update: We talked today for about three hours. I talked most of the time about how she had been treating me, stuff she did that felt like she didn't care about me, and gave her a letter I wrote saying how I felt about her. She responded by saying she was too busy for a relationship, she hides her emotions because of her parents and keeps herself busy so she doesn't have to deal with her feelings. She also said she hadn't felt the same way about me for a while. We ended the relationship.
She said we could still be friends and to take my time to reach out to her. But honestly, I don't think I will reach out to her for a while or maybe ever because of just how little emotion she showed today while we talked and how little she talked about the whole situation. I don't deserve to have someone in my life who treats me like that who knows what I've been through and put me through it all again. She said there might be a chance for us in the future and I said I would wait a bit but not forever.
This whole situation has sucked but I'm glad to have it over with and have time to focus on myself and improve my physical and mental health. I've been exhausted for a while now and glad I have her out of my life at the moment.
Original: Let me start off by saying I would do anything for this girl. She means a whole lot to me and always make her a priority in my life. I’ve felt like I’ve been fighting for her love and affection for a little bit now as she has trouble showing her emotions.
She is a sweet and caring goal but has recently been very neglecting of me and really shown no empathy towards me about how I feel in certain situations (like her guy friend confessing feelings for her and they kept talking). I tried to talk about it with her a few times about how certain things make me feel and how she could help and maybe put a little more effort in since I do a lot. Like I said she has trouble showing her emotions at times cause she is afraid I will hurt her but I would never hurt her. It in turn hurts me more.
We are meeting this weekend to talk about how we feel and what we want to do. I asked for a break no cause I want to break up with her but because I needed time to focus on myself and try and get my mind back to where it was. I was relying too much on her to make me happy and that was something I shouldn’t put on her or do to myself.
I originally had the break till thanksgiving break but decided 3 weeks in I didn’t need that long and reached out to shorten or end the break. We texted for a bit and settled on meeting sometime this weekend. I don’t know when exactly.
Anyway, I want to stay with her because she is one of the best things that has happened to me this year but at the same time, she hasn’t really shown me she hasn't cared that much. My friends and family keep telling me it’s best to end things and maybe we’ll meet again in the future. But my other friends have told me to wait it out and fight for her cause she does care about me but has a hard time showing it.
I really want this future with her but I don’t know if should continue to fight or leave and see if she comes back.
Any advice or help for me? I’m just completely lost at this point.
TL;DR: I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a while now and recently decided to take a break to focus on myself and see a therapist to help me. We are meeting this weekend after cutting the break short to talk. I want to stay in this relationship but friends and family have been telling me to end it or keep fighting. I don’t know what I should do and have no idea what she is going to say this weekend.
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2020.10.31 22:27 JenCJen NPD ex living the dream with his new girl.

We have kids together so I can't ghost him, but he is all over me everytime I see him and needs me to tell him everything about what I am doing with my life or he won't let me leave the house after dropping of the baby. He has a girl who meets his needs and I just tell him to fuck of with that shit but he won't. Does he just find it funny to harass me?
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2020.10.31 22:25 lj1515 Queens of the World: Fantasy Season 3 Episode 1 "Spooky Queens"

The Southern Bela has arrived!
Bela CF: My name is Bela C. Tella, I'm 23 from North Carolina. My drag is very Broadway queen, I love to act, sing and make people laugh.
Herbie Hynd is here to make a statement!
Herbie CF: I'm Herbie Hynd, I'm 32 years old from Santa Ana, California! I think I'm a pretty well-rounded queen, I've always been good at making people laugh and I love to perform.
Both queens are introduced to each other.
Bela CF: I've heard of Herbie before, she's gonna be some big competition.
Don't stay single forever, try Polly Gamee!
Polly CF: My name is Polly Gamee, I'm 42 years old and I'm from NYC! My drag is very old school, and compared to today's queens, it's very unique.
Polly greets the others, who are both shocked to see someone as well-known as Polly here.
It's time to cha cha real smooth... And turn it out!
ChaCha CF: My name is ChaCha Relsmuth, I'm 23 and I'm THE dancing diva of Puerto Rico. At my shows I will perform the house down. I can dance, do a little improv and I'm very excited to be here.
The girls all welcome ChaCha, who is quite loud and boisterous. Polly seems unimpressed by her.
It IS fashionable to love me!
Larissa CF: Hi!! I'm Larissa Love, I'm 24 years old from LA. I'm known for my sewing skills mainly, but I'm also a pretty strong lip syncer.
Compared to some of the other larger personalities, Larissa seems to blend in more, which may be a bad thing.
The bitch is hereeee!!
Nikky CF: My name is Nikky Fox, I'm 22 from Slovenia. I'm very confident in my abilities to win this competition. These queens probably don't know me, but I know they'll be threatened!
Get ready to hate me!
Soshi CF: I'm Soshi Sochic, I'm 22 originally from South Korea but I now live in NYC! I feel like I can easily adapt to any environment I'm in and I'm known for my killer performances in NYC.
Polly and Soshi both seem very happy to see each other.
Polly CF: It was nice to see a familiar face here.
Hey boys, meet a real woman!
Cher CF: My name's Cher A. Sloth, I'm 27 years old from LA. I'm a singer and a great actor, I know I'm real competition to some of these queens.
Did somebody call for Broadway?!
Anastasia CF: My name is Anastasia Foxx, I'm 33 from NYC! Anastasia is a loud, Broadway dame with a big personality.
Anastasia and Polly know each other well from New York, they've performed together and are both friends.
That's three New York girls now! Says Soshi.
Yeah I'm sweet and sour!
Honey CF: I'm Honey Lemon, I'm 21 from Tokyo Japan. My drag is very unique, especially compared to some of these queens.
The queens greet Honey who seems very judgemental and held back, but her and ChaCha instantly start to connect.
Honey CF: Might as well start trying to make some "friends" now, this competition is all about how you play the game.
Coming through uglies!
May CF: My name is May B. Not, I'm 23 from LA. I'm very fashion forward and pretty well-known in California.
Yes! We got another LA queen! Shouts Cher.
Polly CF: I'm looking around the room and a lot of these queens are very young, I don't think they'll last very long...
Hola ladies! Make room for some Latina spice!
The queens all cheer and clap when they see the last queen to walk in.
Larissa CF: Holy shit, she's here!
Fernanda CF: My name is Fernanda, I'm 25 years old from Barcelona. I'm very well-known on social media for my amazing looks, I know these queens are probably thinking "shit, she's here"...
The girls are all gagged to see Fernanda, but Nikky doesn't seem too impressed...
So are you just a social media queen or can you actually perform? She asks.
Let's just say you don't want to get into a lip sync with me. Fernanda says.
We'll see... Nikky replies.
Before anything can go any further, the queens are interrupted.
Welcome my queens, for the first mini challenge of the season, you will need to take part in a photoshoot with the pit crew, but you'll have to model while having water thrown at you!
The winner is... Soshi Sochic! Now, onto the main challenge. For your first main challenge, you will need to walk the runway in your best Halloween drag. No one wants to be the first to go home.. So remember, don't fuck it up!
Fernanda CF: I can't wait for this challenge, my looks are legendary.
Some queens don't seem so confident, especially Polly Gamee.
Polly CF: I'm looking around the room, and all of these girls have some really good looks, mine's a little more simple. Hopefully it's enough to keep me safe...
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2020.10.31 22:23 svenssonnm Are there people here who were never in a relationship and whose families never accepted them?

Most of the gay people I know here in Bulgaria are in relationships and their parents accept them and their partners, which makes me feel even worse about myself. I've never had a real relationship and my dad will never talk to me again if he knew I am gay.
I feel like I am the black sheep of the gay community. I've tried literally everything I can think of to meet a guy who doesn't want to just fuck for one time but I've never met one. Guys are just not interested in me.
I get a lot of attention from girls and absolutely 0 attention from guys, even for sex. I feel like I am gonna die all alone. In the meantime many guys around me somehow manage to find each other.
Being gay sucks so much.
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2020.10.31 22:17 Rxlarky 26 [M4F] #London - Quick, discreet, no strings fun before the next BLOODY lockdown? 🇬🇧 😅 📸 🍆

The thought of going into another lockdown and months more of pent up sexual frustration is just something I cannot deal with right now!
There must be some equally horny, orgasm deprived ladies out there who would be up for quick and dirty nsa meet up?
I have a couple of NSFW pics in my post history - won’t let me put the links in the post but they’re worth the extra click ;) I promise.
About me: 26 white, athletic body in good shape browny blonde hair, stubble (see pics ;) 5’10’’ VERY suckable cock... (I’ve been told...up to you to confirm this one 😉) DDF & clean
Would love to chat to girls who are interested!! Send me a message and let’s get to know each other a bit better.
R x
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2020.10.31 22:11 Madmonkeman Really conflicted over something - need objective advice

There was this girl who I was friends with who had flirted with me while she was 19 and I was 16 and then also flirted when she was 20 and I was 17 and I definitely embraced it and flirted back. Technically that’s illegal but it was also clear that she wasn’t trying to have sex with me or do anything malicious because she never asked for personal information, never asked for pictures, and also never even suggested we should meet up. Even when I turned 18 she still didn’t do that. From that it didn’t seem like she was actually trying to have sex. And also most of our conversations were not sexual or romantic at all.
Even with that there’s part of me that feels like I should report her but the thing is I don’t want her in jail because I was also trying to help her with issues and I’m sure that’s the last thing she needs right now. Basically I want her to be redeemed and come to God after her difficult life instead of condemning her as a criminal.
Right now what I’m thinking of doing is giving her a warning that I could send her to jail right now but I won’t because I want her to use this mercy and change, but that if I catch her going anywhere near the line again I won’t hesitate to report her. I don’t know if this is the best idea because I don’t want to risk her doing something predatory but I also don’t want to send her to jail over just flirting with me.
But I also know that I probably can’t see this from an objective viewpoint because of our experiences and am probably blinded by emotions. Any advice on how to handle this situation?
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2020.10.31 22:03 rainbowmustache9 Friend (36F) ignoring my (37F) messages for 2 weeks

Been close friends with this girl for 15 years across countries and continents after meeting on college study abroad program. This year her dad was diagnosed with cancer. I know this should just end any doubts about her responding to messages, as it's an awful burden to bear.
I've been checking in with her regularly to ask how things are going, with not much response from her, which I understood even though it didn't feel good.
She finally resurfaced not long ago to say sorry for being MIA and also she's dealing with a toxic "friend" who's being aggressive and immature. And that her dad is doing much better.
Two weeks ago my partner had surgery so I killed two birds with one stone with a message asking how her how things are going but also letting her know about the surgery, just thinking she wanted us to be in touch and share things again. Total silence on her end though, not even a quick response or a tiny shred of concern. I've been on an emotional roller coaster with her long silences but I accepted it more while her dad was sick. Plus I hear dealing with a sick family member makes you reevaluate your life.
Just wondering if I should even bother letting her know I feel hurt. I don't want to add extra stress to her life, but it bothers me that she isn't reciprocating any concern and also that she willingly spends time and energy on a "friend" she knows is toxic while ignoring me. And yeah, I've checked her "last seen" and read receipt so I know she's seen my message. The petty side of me wants to just delete the message. I've been weighing whether to let the friendship fade if that's the natural course, but I'd hate to abandon her in such a dark time.
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2020.10.31 22:01 Galaxy_gal Meet Misty! She was an abused chihuahua who was used in a puppy mill and forced to breed. She's a scared girl. She's scared of people especially men. She's 8 years old. More in comments!

Meet Misty! She was an abused chihuahua who was used in a puppy mill and forced to breed. She's a scared girl. She's scared of people especially men. She's 8 years old. More in comments! submitted by Galaxy_gal to Chihuahua [link] [comments]

2020.10.31 22:00 chiliehead Monogatari Series 2020 Novel Order Rewatch - Bakemonogatari Season Discussion

Bakemonogatari Full Season Discussion

Previous Episode [Next Episode]()
Rewatch Index and Schedule Daily at 5 PM EST* Watch Order Post Overview, Rating Sites & Legal Stream Search
* mind Daylight Savings Time


"A hundred percent of my gratitude to all of you out there who aren't me.?"

  1. Rank the OPs or tell us your favorites
  2. Your favorite characters so far?
  3. Favorite and least favorite arcs?
  4. For First Timers: How was Bakemonogatari and did it meet expectations; was it worse or better than expected?
  5. Rewatchers, did your perspective on arcs and characters change?

Surveys! The poll stays open, but results are in

Favorite OP -> Renai Circulation with 40%, followed by Staple Stable and Sugar Sweet Nightmare with 25% and 20%

Best Girl -> 54% voted for Hitagi Senjougahara, the other girls seem to need their time to shine


Trivia collection comment

First Season Afterwords - Spoiler Free if you just read the Bakemonogatari parts
Bakemonogatari left a huge impression on the book reviewers; I recommend checking that video out, they talk about Bakemonogatari and about Food Wars at 9:20. They come back to it over the whole video though. People need to make them read on and read Nisemonogatari. It's a peek into the non-anime fan's mind.

Spoiler Policy

Keep the subreddit policy in mind and don't hype future episodes or future character development and don't tease First Timers too much.

Don't hype future arcs beyond "this is my favorite arc, I'm looking forward to it". Events of the current episode or past episodes do not have to be spoiler tagged. If in doubt, break up your comment into a safer part and one just for rewatchers and rather tag too much than too little
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Even the MAL synopsis and pictures for later seasons can have spoilers.
Furthermore, some Arc names are spoilers. That's why EdoPhantom's guide blacked them out and I recommend not looking them up on your own.

Different voices keep the discussion alive. Remember that the Downvote Button is not a Disagree Button.

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2020.10.31 21:59 Blood-Filled-Pelvis I finally brought up a little of why I am NC with my egg donor to my father and I am confused by his response

I missed my dad’s birthday.
We’re LC but still, I should have called.
Since we were already past the point already, I texted happy belated birthday.
Turns out him and my egg donor were the first on the scene of a girl that lost control of a car on the hwy, ran into a tree and died.
My dad is not the type to say how he’s feeling but I’ve (31) been in therapy for 2 years and saw my cousin die when I was 17 so I was curious; i said:
‘Omg, are you okay? I know that that might seem ridiculous to ask because you werent the one physically in the accident but seeing that stuff Effects a person. Are you okay? That’s so traumatic.’
Dad: Mom was with me. We are ok. Ur right, very traumatic. Was a very sickening feeling, still is. Found out she was only 21 years old, from Waupaca. The accident was by Boyd. Hopefully she hugged her Mom and Dad before she left home that morning.
I’ve been NC with my sister and egg donor for over a year and they’re still married so, apparently, my dad cant even meet me half way to hang for a sec. We used to do that all the time. Now, honestly, I couldnt trust him to not bring his wife.
I said eventually: Im sorry i cant separate from the abuse i experienced and saw from the people you guys want to be and probably are now. I feel really bad for Phil. He's such a good person and deserves empathy (my elder brother is mentally impaired and my father loses his tempter often on him but he does t see how he treats ppl sometimes. I wanted to get i to his head to be nicer) I dont mean for that to sound like i blame you, though, either. We're all just trying to elevate suffering
Dad: I have no idea what ur talking about. What abuse?
He’s a long haul truck driver so only home about 2 days out of the week growing up. But he also backed my mom up when he was home with blind rage. Threw a raw hide huge ass big bone at my head when I wanted to vacuum in a little bit and not right at this moment like my mom told me when I was 14. They had 3 children and we definitely talked about how dad hit harder when we were super young. He was scarier. He also was the only one who played with us. Yes, men have more muscles but was it even more scary because he was the one I liked out of the two growing up yet his moods were more unpredictable? He was the fun one. But he also ruined every christmas because of how angry he was all the fucking time when he was doing what he didnt want to be doing. What did he want to be doing? Who tf knows - not like he would talk about it.
Anyway, I dont know how to take what he said.
Is it genuine not knowing? Is it because he was abused and beaten when he was little? He was always told that he was a mistake but as he got older, his parents would say that he was the best mistake because he was the one that stuck around to take care of them and the farm the longest. Then my mom took care of them whilst he was on the road.
Did he say what he did because he truly does not believe anything wrong happened? Again, he does have an inability to see what he does to others but recognizes when other ppl are being unreasonable. Lacks context?
Or, I mean, I dont want to tell him that his father did what ever he wanted to me when I was about 5 to whenever my egg donor realized that they didnt feed us.
It’s probably a combination of all these things.
I think I’m going to take some time to put a response together. Lay things out.
I still have the letter I wrote to the doctor’s board at the last institution I was at when I basically Pleaded with the doctors to help me (suicide idealization. I have a psych and a therapist. I also have a super good friend that keeps things in check). It was short but just descriptive enough. I’ll use that as inspiration. But I feel like I have to keep it pertained to his wife and eldest daughter (ppl I am NC with).
When I told his wife, she told me she didnt believe it because, if anyone, it would have been my elder sister.
I havent talked to her since.
I had a dream that she died and a coworker gave me a green puppy.
I’ll take it as a hood sign because I mostly forget about her existance.
The dreams are the things that drive home her forms of emotional, mental and physical abuses she would inflict for 30 years.
I’ve been diagnosed PTSD, MDD, anxiety and BPD.
I’m working suuuuuuuper hard though. Seriously. I check myself every day and I want to be better. I want to treat people fairly and have emotional regulation. I want to be so good!!
I’ll answer my dad eventually.
But it’s hard to read a person through text.
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